Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 320 – Fight Alone

Chapter 320 – Fight Alone

Chapter 320 – Fight Alone

“They are so strong, even a genius Combat Soul warrior was knocked back by their attack? How can these few guys be so formidable? Shangguan Yilei is not an ordinary Early Combat Soul warrior, his combat strength is much more than that of ordinary Early Combat Soul warrior!”

“You know nothing, he is that Jiang Chen!”

“So he is Jiang Chen, he is the one who killed all those warriors in the desert… but he looks so young! What a ferocious man! But, no matter how strong they are, they are only Divine Core warriors, I don’t think they can match Shangguan Yilei. He hasn’t really used any mighty skills yet either.”


Many people started discussing amongst each other. Some didn’t know who Jiang Chen was, and were shocked by Jiang Chen’s formidability.

Many warriors here were from different superpowers of the Eastern Continent, and there were a few warriors from the Qingyi Secy. They too hated Jiang Chen to the core, but they still didn’t have the courage to attack him.

“So, you are that Jiang Chen?”

Shangguan Yilei’s sight landed on Jiang Chen’s face, and he asked while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger. That’s right, he was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth! The dead bodies of those from the Shangguan Clan were still lying in the desert, and this young man in front of him was the reason why. Shangguan Yilei had promised the Shangguan Clan’s Elder before he came here that if he found Jiang Chen, he would humiliate him and make sure he dies in the most miserable way possible. And now, the person he was looking for was standing right in front of him. What caused him to be even angrier was that another b.a.s.t.a.r.d had just killed their sister, Ling. The enmity between the two sides had become even worse now.

“That’s right, I’m Jiang Chen. You guys from the Shangguan Clan are too arrogant, the herbs here don’t belong to anyone, and you guys simply claimed they were yours without even taking the feelings of all the others here into consideration? Even I can’t stand you guys any longer.”

Jiang Chen started laughing as he spoke, and he purposely added some words of provocation. Jiang Chen knew the enmity between himself and the Shangguan Clan couldn’t be resolved, and since that was a fact, he wouldn’t waste his time trying to be nice to them.

“Jiang Chen, you’re extremely daring! Not only did you kill Shangguan Wei, the Shangguan Clan’s Elder in Inferno h.e.l.l, you also killed a lot of people from the Shangguan Clan in the desert! No one underneath the heavens has ever dared do this to our clan! Today, you’re going to h.e.l.l even if you have ten lives!”

Shangguan Yilei unleashed his energy, and his murderous spirit soared.

“I only have one life, but I’m afraid you’re not capable of taking it.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t bothered by the warning.

“Hmph! Jiang Chen, let me tell you this, I wasn’t using all my strength just now. In my eyes, you’re all just tiny ants. If you kneel down before me and kowtow, I’ll consider giving you all quick deaths.”

Shangguan Yilei coldly harrumphed, and his energy was much stronger now than it was before. A Combat Soul warrior had formed a real Combat Soul within his body, and their strength was not something a Divine Core warrior could compare with. Also, Shangguan Yilei was a genius, not some ordinary Early Combat Soul warrior. Although he was knocked back by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow some moments ago, he had fully recovered now. As long as he attacked with all his strength, he would be able to kill these men in front of him in an instant.

“Why does everyone from the Shangguan Clan wear the same s.h.i.+tty expression on their faces? And why can they only talk bulls.h.i.+t?”

Han Yan sarcastically answered.

“Young brat, you haven’t even grown hair down there! Yelling in front of this master dog, really reckless! This master dog suggests you get the f.u.c.k outta here right now, then you mighty perhaps be able to keep your life! If you don’t, you will see that same ending as that b.i.t.c.h lying on the ground!”

Big Yellow’s speech was even wickeder.

“Hmph! You’re all just daring rascals, I’ll be the one to end your lives! Thundercloud Storm!”

Shangguan Yilei was furious, and he didn’t waste his breath any longer. He took a step forwards and turned into a strong wind, then he appeared in front of Jiang Chen and the group. He unleashed a powerful thunderstorm toward Jiang Chen and the group.

“True Dragon Palm!”

“Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants!”

“Nine Devil Waves!”

“And also this master dog!”

The group attacked at the same time! A gigantic blood red dragon claw descended from the skies above. Nangong Wentian unleashed a golden savage elephant as large as a small hill, and it looked really formidable. Han Yan’s cultivation was slightly weaker, but the Ancient Divine Devil gave him mighty strength as well. Devilish energy fluctuated around his body, causing him to look like a Devil King. On the other side, Big Yellow spat out a golden beam, which shot forward with an incredible force.


The four combined attacks collided with Shangguan Yilei’s Thundercloud Storm, and everything in the center of the battlefield was destroyed. The collision caused a shockwave to explode out, and many people who stood close to the battlefield immediately fled the scene with terrified expressions.

The s.p.a.ce surrounding the collision was directly beaten into chaos. Smoke emerged from the center of the collision, and a huge hole was created in the sky garden. Many of the herbs with weaker defense mechanisms were destroyed by this devastating force. It was a real pity.

Once again, Shangguan Yilei was knocked back three steps, and the shocked expression on his face was even thicker than last time. The strength of these four guys was beyond his imagination! He was a Combat Soul genius, but these four Divine Core warriors had just knocked back! This was something that didn’t even happen in his wildest dreams!

Of course, Shangguan Yilei had no idea what kind of abnormal monsters these guys were. Jiang Chen had 2,200 Dragon Marks, giving him the ability to fight ordinary Combat Soul warriors. If he formed more Dragon Marks and reached the Peak Mid Divine Core realm, or even the Late Divine Core realm, he would be able to kill Shangguan Yilei in an instant.

Nangong Wentian had amazing talent, and although it was unclear what kind of physique he had, it was certainly incredibly strong! Although he was only a Peak Divine Core warrior, his combat strength was no less than that of Jiang Chen! He was also able to fight Early Combat Soul warriors like Shangguan Chong.

As for Big Yellow, he was the descendant of the Dragon Horse! Although his bloodline wasn’t fully awakened, its mightiness was slowly being revealed! With just a Late Divine Core cultivation, he was able to fight any ordinary Early Combat Soul warriors!

Han Yan was still a Peak Mid Divine Core warrior, just one step away from the Late Divine Core realm. Compared to Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian, he was indeed weaker. But, his combat strength couldn’t be excluded either. The combination of these four abnormal monsters was more than enough to fight Shangguan Yilei.

“Kaka, young brat, you better go back and train for another two years! With just those abilities, you’re trying to occupy the entire sky garden?”

Big Yellow said with a laugh.

At this moment, another two young disciples from the Shangguan Clan flew up to Shangguan Yilei. One of them said with a vicious voice, “Brother Lei, we don’t have to be nice to them anymore, let us help you!”

“Back off, you guys are not their match. You’ll just end up dying.”

Shangguan Yilei replied to the guy. He and his opponents had exchanged attacks twice now, and he didn’t have the upper hand either time. But, it gave him some basic understand of these four people’s strength. These two disciples were only Late Divine Core warriors, and if they joined the fight, not only would they be unable to provide any help, they might just die in an instant.

Shangguan Yilei looked at Jiang Chen and said, “Jiang Chen, if you have the guys, fight me alone!”


Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders and accepted the challenge without any hesitation.

Shangguan Yilei was startled by Jiang Chen’s straightforward response. He was just probing, and he didn’t expect Jiang Chen to accept his challenge. The current situation was pretty clear, none of these four were a match for him if they fought alone, but they were able to fight him when they worked together. Therefore, only an idiot would agree to fight alone.

In fact, Shangguan Yilei wasn’t even serious when he said those words. But, unexpectedly… Jiang Chen was a real dumba.s.s.

“You really accept the challenge?”

Shangguan Yilei couldn’t believe it, and tried making sure once again.

“Of course. You and me, one versus one; let the Heavens decide our destiny.”

With a refres.h.i.+ng voice, Jiang Chen agreed once again.

“Little Chen, why did you accept the challenge?”

Han Yan furrowed his brows.

“Yea, this guy is really strong. With just you alone, I don’t think you’re his match. But, if we work together, even if we can’t kill him, we can still p.i.s.s him off.”

Nangong Wentian couldn’t understand why someone as smart as Jiang Chen would accept Shangguan Yilei’s challenge.

“Do you guys know nothing? Little Chen is trying to use the pressure from that guy to break through to another level.”

Big Yellow said while wagging his head. If there was one person who knew exactly what Jiang Chen was thinking, it must be this dog!

“Big Yellow is right, I need to break through to the next stage as quickly as possible and increase my combat strength. The geniuses of the Shangguan Clan are here, and I believe it won’t take long for geniuses from the Myriad Sword Sect to arrive, or even those from the Martial Palace. At that point of time, there will be numerous geniuses fighting us, and we don’t even know how many Combat Soul warriors there are. We have too many enemies, but we are currently too weak, making us an easy target for them. The fact is, all Combat Soul warriors who come here are less than 30 years old, and everyone single one of them is considered a genius, not someone Shangguan Chong or Mao Sheng can compare with.”

Jiang Chen focused his eyes and looked around the sky garden. He continued speaking, “Besides, the environment here is on my side, actually. I want to strengthen my cultivation while fighting Shangguan Yilei; it’s going to be a grand feast!”

“Grand feast? You’re going to eat all the herbs here?”

Nangong Wentian asked in a surprised manner.

“That’s right.”

Jiang Chen smiled. All the herbs here were rare natural treasures, and many of them had grown naturally. They contained a ma.s.sive amount of energy, and no one could immediately absorb them, except for Jiang Chen. With the Dragon Transformation skill, there was nothing he couldn’t absorb.

Jiang Chen wanted to use this pressure to squeeze out his potential. With that, he would be able to devour the herbs and absorb their energy without any restriction, and form new Dragon Marks while fighting. If there was an opportunity, he might be able to break through to the Late Divine Core realm! If he could do so, killing Shangguan Yilei would be no different than killing an ant, and he would have the ability to fight the other geniuses later on in this Island of Ice.


Jiang Chen roared out. With a step forward, he appeared in the skies above. The battle between him and Shangguan Yilei was definitely going to be extremely violent, and if he picked the sky garden as the battlefield, countless herbs would be destroyed by them.

“What is this Jiang Chen thinking about? Does he really think he has the ability to fight Shangguan Yilei?”

“Agreed. If the four of them work together, they might still have a change to defeat Shangguan Yilei, but none of them seems to have the ability to fight him alone. This Jiang Chen looks like a smart man, so why did he make this decision?”

“Let’s just continue watching. Jiang Chen is definitely not an idiot, he has a lot of powerful approaches.”