Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 318 – Herbs Everywhere

Chapter 318 – Herbs Everywhere

Chapter 318 – Herbs Everywhere

Nangong Wentian and Jiang Chen had noticed all these warriors as well. Some of them were clearly injured, and it looked like they had experienced dangerous situation back on the paths they had chosen. However, it seemed like the danger they faced was less devastating compared to Jiang Chen. Also, there were some paths where no one emerged from. Clearly, those who stepped onto those paths had encountered great dangers, and perhaps they wouldn’t even be able to leave that place.

As for those warriors who didn’t encounter any dangers, they had long ago emerged from the path, and were hanging around in the sky garden right now. Who knew how many benefits they had gotten so far? It took Jiang Chen and the group two and a half days to leave the path.

Regardless of which path the people emerged from; they were faced with the biggest opportunity in their lifetime. This garden in the sky by itself was a gigantic treasures; each and every single herb here would provide great benefits to those who obtained it.

Therefore, the eyes of the people turned red, and everyone were excitedly yelling and shouting.

“Haha, this Fiery Dragonspirit Fruit belongs to me!”

A Divine Core warrior joyfully started laughing. He stretched his arm forward, grabbing toward the Fiery Dragonspirit Fruit. However, right before his palm could touch the fruit, a light curtain suddenly appeared and stopped the warrior’s hand. At the same time, the man was struck by a backlash, and was forced 3 steps backwards.

On the other side, Big Yellow was drooling like a rabid dog. He tried eating a herb that was in front of him, but he too was stopped by a light curtain. The backlash even made his tooth ache.

“Haha, idiot, all these herbs are protected by a defense mechanism! You won’t be able to put your hands on them without breaking the mechanism!”

“All these newcomers are just idiots.”


Some people started laughing. Those who had arrived here first had discovered how it works.

“d.a.m.n it, there really are defense mechanisms protecting these herbs! This master dog didn’t realize it because of the fl.u.s.ter, but, none of these mechanisms are going to stop this master dog, they are just too weak!”

Big Yellow spat a symbol out from his mouth onto the light curtain covering the herb. Immediately, the light curtain began vibrating, then it shattered right afterwards. Without any hesitation, Big Yellow leapt forwards and devoured the herb.

“This is strange, why are all these herbs protected by defense mechanisms?”

Han Yan glared at the herbs with eyes wide open.

“Without it, do you think there would still be so many herbs here? Not to mention this is only a garden with a 5 km circ.u.mference. Even a 50 km circ.u.mference garden would be emptied in an instant if there were no defense mechanism. Every single herb here is protected by a defense mechanism, meaning we have to break the mechanism before we can get the herb. Also, according to the rarity of the herb, how many years it has grown, and its value, the strength of the defense mechanism will be different as well. For the herbs with higher value than others and who are also old, their defense mechanisms will be more difficult to break.”

Jiang Chen explained with a smile on his face.

Indeed, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian both saw many warriors restlessly working to break the defense mechanisms of those high-value herbs. One of the warriors stood in front of a Glory Lotus King, and his face had turned red. No matter how much strength he used, he just couldn’t break its defense mechanism.

“There are so many herbs here, what are we waiting for? Let’s move our a.s.ses!”

Nangong Wentian raised the gigantic ruler in his hand, and with a smile on his face, he arrived in front of a nearby herb and forcefully swung the ruler toward it. A bright glow could be seen coming from in palm, and in just an instant; the defense mechanism shattered. He just got his first herb!

“Those herbs with weaker defense mechanisms have been obtained by others, and the leftovers are all difficult to break. But, this also mean that these remaining herbs are really precious. Brother Nan, the method you’re using to break the defense mechanism is too clumsy, breaking them by force isn’t a smart thing to do, you’re going to get tired really fast if you try to break a powerful defense mechanism.”

Jiang Chen told Nangong Wentian.

“The f.u.c.k? Sounds like you know a lot, you aren’t going to use force to break them?”

Nangong Wentian wasn’t convinced by Jiang Chen. In his mind, Jiang Chen was an abnormal monster with incredible combat strength, and an amazing alchemist! But, someone like this was usually weak in the field of defense mechanisms.

Jiang Chen’s lips curved upwards. He didn’t say anything, but he turned to a nearby herb, and casually pointed his finger at it. In an instant, the defense mechanism shattered, and as if the herb was summoned by something, it flew onto Jiang Chen’s palm by itself.

Jiang Chen continued walking forwards with vigorous steps. His fingertips were glowing brightly, and every time he pointed somewhere, a defense mechanism would shatter, and all herbs would just fly into his storage bag. He wasn’t using any force at all.

This stunned a lot of the nearby people, including Nangong Wentian and Han Yan.

“This abnormal monster!”

The muscles on Nangong Wentian’s face trembled. Finally, he had witnessed a real abnormal monster. With his eyesight, he could easily tell that Jiang Chen wasn’t using any Yuan energy when breaking those defense mechanisms; he was using another kind of defense mechanism. In order to achieve this, Jiang Chen would have to be an expert in both offensive and defensive mechanisms.

Han Yan could still accept this. He had after all been following Jiang Chen for quite some time, and Jiang Chen’s almighty image had been deeply rooted in his mind. No matter what amazing things Jiang Chen did; he wouldn’t be too surprised.

“d.a.m.n it, are you bullying us?”

“Isn’t that Jiang Chen? Is he a human? Not only is his combat strength incredibly formidable, and his alchemy skill amazing, he is also an expert in defense mechanisms and formations! He’s simply killing us all!”

“Easily breaking defense mechanisms is like his second nature! If he keeps doing this, all the herbs are going to be his! No way, I have to work harder! This garden is a gigantic treasure, it would be a waste if I couldn’t get more out of it!”


The warriors who had come to the garden in the sky the earliest couldn’t stand it any longer. Jiang Chen’s actions was like a slap to their faces.

Putting aside Jiang Chen and turning to Big Yellow; he was actually more brutal than Jiang Chen!

Whenever this dog pa.s.sed an area, that place would become emptied. Whenever he spat a symbol towards a defense mechanism, his mouth would already be wide open, and he would be leaping toward the herb. And, when the defense mechanism was broken, the herb would be in his mouth.

“d.a.m.n it, what kind of dog is this? Can’t any defense mechanisms hold him back?”

“This is insane! Isn’t he scared his stomach will explode from eating so many herbs?”

“I can’t stand it anymore! Daddy can’t even compare with a dog?”


Many people felt like they were going to faint. This dog that appeared out of nowhere was really brutal; he was simply inhuman! Of course, he wasn’t really a human…

Big Yellow swept across the garden and leapt across the herbs he liked, and he didn’t care if there was any warriors standing in front of the herb.

“d.a.m.n dog, f.u.c.k off! This Ginseng is mine!”

A warrior shouted at Big Yellow. This warrior didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the Blissful Island’s trade fair, so clearly had no idea how mighty Big Yellow was.

“Ruff! f.u.c.k off stupid b.i.t.c.h!”

Big Yellow simply unleashed his energy, and the warrior was knocked far away. After that, he immediately devoured the Ginseng.

More and more people arrived at the garden in the sky, and the situation became more chaotic. Many people had started fighting amongst themselves, and because of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, the amount of herbs was constantly lessening. Many warriors had grouped up and were working together, mainly because there were many herbs with strong defense mechanisms, and it was difficult for a lone warrior to break it.

Right at this moment, those disciples from the superpowers were in an advantageous position. They had high-quality weapons, and the teamwork between their fellow disciples was better than that of the lone warriors had temporarily decided to team up. Because of this, they were able to obtain many herbs.


The guy who had spent over two hours trying to break the defense mechanism surrounding the Glory Lotus King couldn’t do it any longer, and he simply fell onto the ground with sweat all over his forehead. It was pretty amazing to see a guy working so hard to get an herb. But, too bad, no matter how hard he worked, he just couldn’t break the mechanism.

A huge dog head suddenly appeared above the warrior. Big Yellow curled his lips and told the warrior, “Hehe, you can’t do this, let this master dog help you!”

Big Yellow simply stepped over the warriors and arrived in front of the Glory Lotus King. This herb was as tall as an adult man, and it glowed like a crystal. Clearly, it had grown for many years. It was a superior and rare herb that couldn’t be found anywhere in the outside world.

Big Yellow was glowing brightly. He spat a symbol out from his mouth which formed into a defense mechanism, and it flew toward the defense mechanism surrounding the Glory Lotus King with tremendous speed.

The two defense mechanisms collided and produced a buzzing noise. Although the defense mechanism wasn’t shattered with this, its light had been weakened.

“Sigh… This defense mechanism is really strong, even this master dog can’t break it with one hit. But, it still can’t stop this master dog. Break now!”

After saying those words, Big Yellow spat out a few mysterious symbols from his mouth. This dog had mastered the Heavenly Book of Source Formations, and he knew all kinds of defense mechanisms underneath the heavens, and was able to create advanced defense mechanisms such as the Spiraling Defense Mechanism. Therefore, no defense mechanism here could stop him, and if he was given enough time, Big Yellow would be able to devour every single herb here.

Those mysterious symbols light floated onto the defense mechanism. In an instant, the defense mechanism started violently trembling, and in the blink of an eye, a shattering sound was heard. The defense mechanism was shattered, and the bright Glory Lotus King was revealed in front of them. The smell made him feel very refreshed.

“The f.u.c.k?! Is this real?!”

When the warriors who was lying on the ground panting saw what happened, he really wished he could just kill himself by slamming his head into the ground. At the same time, he was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger as he looked at Big Yellow. He had worked restlessly for that last two hours, but he still couldn’t break the defense mechanism, and this dog had broken it in such a short amount of time! This made the warrior feel really depressed.

“Wakaka, the taste must be delicious!”

Big Yellow let out a belly laughter. Without any hesitation, he immediately leapt toward the Glory Lotus King, his saliva splas.h.i.+ng all around. But, suddenly, a big hand grabbed the Glory Lotus King with incredibly great speed. The hand pulled it away, and it was instantly stored into the person’s storage bag.

Fire nearly burst out from Big Yellow’s eyes. Even his toe knew who was despicable enough to dare s.n.a.t.c.h his thing!

“Shameful brat! There are so many herbs around, why did you s.n.a.t.c.h the one that belongs to this master dog?!”

Big Yellow furiously stared at Jiang Chen who had suddenly appeared before him. White smoke blew out of his nose.

“Big Yellow, the Glory Lotus King is too powerful, I’m scared you won’t be able to handle it, and will explode.”

Jiang Chen’s expression basically said, ‘I’m doing this for your own good.’

“Get lost! Daddy wouldn’t explode even from eating you alive! Give me back my Glory Lotus King!”

Big Yellow gnashed his teeth in anger. Although he knew that since the Glory Lotus King was in Jiang Chen’s hand, and it was impossible to get it back, he still wanted to threaten Jiang Chen a little.