Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 3046: I Believe He Will Come Back

Chapter 3046: I Believe He Will Come Back

Chapter 3046: I Believe He Will Come Back

Sister Zhu, why are you

Yu Qinglong was staring at Jiang Zhu doubtfully. He did not expect Jiang Zhu to burst into tears like a child at this moment. Jiang Zhu kept crying without answering him, even Yu Qinglong was stunned and seemed at a loss of what to do.

Jiang Zhu was astonished, filled with anger, happiness, and agitation. She had mixed feelings about it. The moment Yu Qinglong mentioned Jiang Chens name, she nearly broke down. She had been waiting for him for years, and finally she heard the news about him. She might have taken her own life if he did not show up again.

She dared not to mention the name again, she was afraid that she could not bear the pain of longing. She could not help but think of him. In the boundless Divine World, she did not know where to go and where to find Jiang Chen. She was at a loss what to do but she believed that they would meet again one day if their hearts were connected.

Time flies like an arrow, a hundred years have pa.s.sed. Her spirit was mortally wounded, being at deaths door. She thought she would never be able to meet Jiang Chen again and the world was going to abandon her since no one could share her worries, loneliness, desperation and longing. The moment that Jiang Chen left the Immortal World, her heart had decided to follow him wherever he goes. She realized that it was absolutely painful and cruel after she entered the Divine World.

She had been living with a profound conviction, and she was determined to find her Little Chen, the only person she cared about.

Apparently, she was Wu Ningzhu, the person who was head over heels in love with Jiang Chen.

At the same time, she was also known as Jiang Zhu who had been thinking about Jiang Chen all the time!

Jiang Zhu suddenly stopped crying. She felt agitated and dared not to confirm with Yu Qinglong again. She did not know what to do if the person was not Jiang Chen. There might be thousands of people who share the same name in this vast world. Even though she had a strange foreboding that the person Yu Chenglong mentioned was Jiang Chen, she was afraid that she might end up suffering a big disappointment once again.

He is using a sword. The sword moved like a dragon at lightning speed, so it is called The Heavenly Dragon Sword.

Zhu Ningzhu said in a low voice.

He must be the person youve been looking for.

Yu Qinglong took a deep breath, and said with a dignified look. Although it sounded like a coincidence, he believed it. He even thought that only those unparalleled and talented geniuses like Jiang Chen deserved this incredibly perfect and matchless beauty.

An elegant and talented girl and a formidable and unbeatable hero, there is no doubt that both of you are a perfect match. Hahaha.

Yu Qinglong shook his head, he could hardly believe it. However, he knew well that he did not deserve Jiang Zhu.

Thank you for telling me about this, Brother Yu. My real name is Wu Ningzhu.

Wu Ningzhu said.

Its such a wonderful name.

The G.o.d of destiny really makes a fool out of people. If I told you his name earlier, perhaps you guys would have reunited early. However, I am afraid that it is impossible to happen now.

Yu Qinglong said.

A resurgence of grief welled up in Wu Ningzhu once again. She asked immediately, full of anxiety and grief.

Why is it impossible?

There was a secret mission which was offered by the Profound Connection Divine Palace previously. I heard that it was a spiritual training in strictest of confidence, but Dan Elder told me that they were going to explore a Great Emperors tomb secretly. Five years have pa.s.sed and none of the disciples have come back safely. Tremendous changes might have taken place during the training but it is difficult to jump to conclusion at the moment. Five years is definitely not a short period of time, after all.

Yu Qinglong explained with a dignified look.

Im sure that he will be back!

Wu NingZhu said while gritting her teeth.

Her bright eyes were charming and stunning like the fairy in heaven. Yu Qinglong realized that the fairy would leave him one day as he was just one of the visitors in her life. He wondered if Jiang Chen was coming back soon.

The streets in Jile City were bustling with noise and excitement. As the interchange city with the Profound Connection Divine Palace, the growth and prosperity of Jile City was beyond everyones imagination. Jiang Chen found it even busier and crowded.

Jiang Chen was going to refine the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill and the situation allowed no delay. If he could refine it successfully, he might have a profound advancement in his strength. But if he failed, all of his previous effort would be wasted. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At the moment, the Great Emperors skeleton, Flower of Spirit and Purple Devil Taro were already prepared. He had to find some additional ingredients but Jiang Chen was not in a hurry since all the ingredients required could be easily found. Once he gathered all of them, he was going to focus on refining the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill with rapt attention.

The Soul-Leaving Sects palace hall in Jile City, there was an elder who looked gloomy and cold, talking to two subordinates in a low voice.

Hurry up, go and inform the Sect Lord now. We must not let him off this time. He is the murderer who killed the young sect lord previously.

Yes, Master.

The two subordinates did as they were told, heading towards the Soul-Leaving Sect directly!

Jiang Chen had been staying in Jile City for three days, he brought together all the ingredients eventually. However, he was not going to refine the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill in Jile City as it would make a stir since those powerful experts tended to gather around him and covet his treasures. Besides, once the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill was refined successfully, it would definitely cause a great stir in Jile City. At that moment, Jiang Chen would not be able to conceal it. Hence, it was necessary for him to find a remote and inaccessible mountain to start the refinement of the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill.

It seems like the medicinal pills that youre going to refine are extraordinary this time.

Xue Liang said.

I think it is impossible to make it in Jile City as I could hardly focus on refining the pill if someone notices.

Jiang Chen said with a faint smile. They found a remote and mysterious mountain which was surrounded by dead woods, even birds and beasts could rarely be found. For thousands of miles around, there are no signs of human habitation. Jiang Chen found a suitable cave and concentrated on refining the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill with profound attention.

Dont worry, monkey. I will definitely save you from the torment of h.e.l.l and I swear to kill the second Palace Lord and the Third Palace Lord in order to avenge you. In this world, no one could defend my brother! Profound Connection Divine Palace, I am bound to exterminate you.

Jiang Chen was holding the Myriad Qi Caldron in his hand tightly. The Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill would play an important role in deciding success or failure! He would gain great confidence to fight against the Profound Connection Divine Palace if he succeeded.

Even though rescuing Dragon s.h.i.+san was urgent and he should carry out the plan without delay, a foolproof plan was also extremely important. Otherwise, he would risk his life to no purpose. No one was going to save Dragon s.h.i.+san if he was knocked down eventually.

Are you sure about it?

Yes, Palace Lord. I have been watching his every move for some time, I am sure that guy went into the cave. It seems like he is going to make a significant breakthrough.

A tall man with a large figure was standing on the top of the hill, staring at the hundred miles of mountain. His glance was full of resentment and grief. His only son was killed, no one could understand the pain of losing a son. He had been looking for this person for a hundred years but he had never heard any news about him. However, he finally got some news about him and swore to cut him into pieces and turn him to ashes!

Soul-Leaving Sect was considered as one of the greatest sects in Jile City. The death of the young Palace Lord buzzed through the community previously and the affairs remained unsettled since they failed to find the murderer. Unfortunately, you can never hide an elephant in a mousehole. The Soul-Leaving Sect had noticed the emergence of Jiang Chen, he was the murderer who killed the young Palace Lord!