Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 3038 - I am the Father of God Who was Known as Tian Ji

Chapter 3038 - I am the Father of God Who was Known as Tian Ji

Chapter 3038

I am the Father of G.o.d Who was Known as Tian Ji

Translated by Sean, Soya

Edited by Lifer, Fingerfox

Jiang Chen got the picture at that moment. There was no doubt that he had benefited greatly from the Dao Essence of Immortal Execution. Otherwise, he might need a longer time to attain the Dao of Heavenly Domination completely. Even though he reached the Hierarch Realm, he might not be able to become enlightened. However, the Dao Essence of Immortal Execution Great Emperor helped him in understanding and attaining his Dao within a short period of time. Although Jiang Chen would be able to attain his Dao in the end, it might take a bit longer without the help of Immortal Execution.



A terrifying roar of dragons was heard, reverberating in his ears. Jiang Chen looked down upon the living beings and stared at the shadows of the nine dragons coldly. They were accompanied by countless thunder and lightning. At this moment, nine Heavenly Lightnings emerged from the nine dragons. It seemed like they were going to destroy Jiang Chens Dao.

Even Immortal Execution Great Emperor did not expect Jiang Chen to create a new path to attain his Dao in such a short period of time. Even though his Dao had begun to take shape, time would be required to attain it entirely. Hence, Jiang Chen was undoubtedly the greatest person that Immortal Execution Great Emperor had ever met. Jiang Chen was a force that could not be overlooked, his talent was stunning and unparalleled.

The shadow of dragons were complicated but radiant at the same time. Thunder and lightning were surging powerfully. Thunder rumbled ferociously and the Heavenly Lightning roared fiercely in the cloud and mist. The nine dragons accompanied by nine Heavenly Lightnings blocked Jiang Chens path entirely and surrounded him on all sides. The thunder was overwhelming and deafening. The dragons were circling overhead and Jiang Chen might be struck by the thunder at any time. The Heavenly Lightning were exceedingly terrible and destructive, approaching Jiang Chen aggressively.

Jiang Chen looked serious at the moment. He knew that he had to attain the Dao immediately. Otherwise, his efforts would be wasted. No one could hold him back since the great Dao had taken shape, but he had to achieve it as soon as possible. Or else, he would not be able to attain Dao successfully.

It is their breath

Immortal Execution murmured under his breath. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen could not hear it as he was immersed in attaining his Dao and was not aware of the outside world.

It has been a long time since we last met. They are here again

Immortal Execution Great Emperor looked agitated. No one knew who he was talking about but he could hardly contain his excitement. Apparently, Jiang Chens Dao of Heavenly Domination could make them feel frightened. The Dao of Heavenly Domination was against G.o.ds will, it would not be easy progress and Jiang Chen was going to undergo another misery.

Time has pa.s.sed, the journey of attaining Dao begins with one step. A Divine King who was trying to attain his Dao, Immortal Execution had never heard of such a thing.

Jiang Chen was facing the nine dragons while the Heavenly Lightning were rumbling loudly. He had no alternative but to move forward. This was the only way to attain his Dao completely.

No one is going to stop me from attaining Dao!

Jiang Chen glared at the nine dragons coldly, his eyes filled with anger. The Heavenly Lightning continued to thunder at Jiang Chen ferociously. Jiang Chen was ready for a fight, standing arrogantly with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. His hand was full of the terrifying sword Qi and he was surprised that his Limitless Sword had made a big leap at the moment.

Jiang Chens sword was trembling violently and buzzing loudly. It was the first time Jiang Chen felt the agitation of the Heavenly Dragon Sword. The sword had undergone tremendous changes.

The Limitless Sword was forged by the Sword Saint, Fang Bi. Jiang Chen had eventually found the Great Dao with the sword. That unbeatable swords intent had experienced a series of enhancements and transformations. The Seventh sword, Eighth Sword and Ninth Sword the swords intent was matchless. There was a great stir in Jiang Chens heart. The combination of the Dao and sword and the collision of the spirits and swords intent had made Jiang Chens journey of attaining Dao easier and smooth!

Tenth Sword!

Eleventh Sword!

Twelfth Sword!

Thirteenth Sword!

The sword was getting better and stronger. Jiang Chens Limitless Sword was greatly enhanced and its sword intent was unbeatable and irresistible. The sword intent had brought the Heavenly Dragon Sword to an incredible level and merged together with the Limitless Sword. The whole world was stunned by the edge of the sword.

The moment that the Thirteenth Sword was struck out, all the dragons were exterminated at a blow and the Heavenly Lighting in the void turned into sparkling starlight.

Jiang Chen soared high into the sky with the sword. Due to the improvement of his Dao Essence and sword intent, his Great Dao was gradually taking shape. Jiang Chen gave a hasty glance at the sky, he failed to trace the direction of his Dao and he could not find the end. However, it seemed like his Dao was almost formed!

No matter who you are, no one could stop me from soaring into the nine heavens. I swore to keep moving forward, even though the journey is full of difficulties and obstacles. I am bound to go against the world!

Jiang Chen looked arrogant and overbearing, his eyes were blazing with anger. The nine dragons were defeated eventually and bright colors painted the sky colorfully. Not only that, there was a light above him suddenly. It seemed like his Dao but he was not sure about it.

At that moment, Jiang Chens spirit was enhanced rapidly once again while the dragon marks on his body were multiplying so fast. There were almost five million dragon marks on his body. He had successfully broken through the Divine King Realm and advanced to the Hierarch Realm. He eventually attained his Great Dao. The changes in his strength was extraordinary, he had transformed into a Hierarch Realm expert by attaining his Great Dao, he was a real invincible Hierarch expert at that moment!

There were four Dragon b.a.l.l.s in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. It was five in total including the one that Bing Yun gave him previously. Jiang Chen embedded the Dragon b.a.l.l.s in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and the dragon marks on his body changed tremendously. However, it did not make Jiang Chen stronger as the power of the Dragon b.a.l.l.s were absorbed by the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da entirely. Jiang Chen looked confused and doubtful. At the moment, the ninety-first floor of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was opened.

Jiang Chen was astounded with the opening of the Ninety-first floor as he could only find an Azure Stone Jade Slip on this floor.

This is

Jiang Chen stretched out his arms and held the Azure Stone Jade Slip tightly in his hand. There was a Divine Sense that jumped into his mind and he was filled with astonishment. Surprisingly, this was a Seal Symbol Art with miraculous powers.

I am the Father of G.o.d, also known as Tian Ji. This is the Heavenly Derivation Seal that travels through the nine heavens and the first seal in the world, Sui Tian Seal!

The words on the Azure Stone Jade Slip had made Jiang Chen completely stunned. The Father of G.o.d and Tian Ji? He wondered if they were strong experts. He knew nothing about this Shui Tian Seal. But he was curious to know who was the person who left the Azure Stone Jade Slip here and who were the strong experts that it mentioned.