Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 303 – Nangong Wentian

Chapter 303 – Nangong Wentian

Chapter 303 – Nangong Wentian

Three Combat Soul warriors, and all of them were Sect Elders from superpowers in the Eastern Continent. All of them attacking a Mid Divine Core junior at the same time was indeed an act that would cause them to lose a lot of face, but none of them care about that at all. Their hatred of Jiang Chen had reached a level where they couldn’t care less about their face.

In Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong’s minds, losing face meant nothing at all, because they had already suffered huge blows to their faces. In fact, in order to regain some of the face, they had to kill Jiang Chen and tear that dog into a thousand pieces!

“d.a.m.n it, these three old fools are really shameless, they really want to attack us together!”

Big Yellow cursed.

“Brother Yan, stand back, let me and Big Yellow fight them.”

Jiang Chen told Han Yan.

Han Yan was really angry at the Combat Soul trio, but he still moved aside. He was only a peak Mid Divine Core warrior, he had yet to reach the Late Divine Core realm. Although he had the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline, there was no way he could be as formidable as Jiang Chen was. If he was a Late Divine Core warrior, he might be able to fight a Combat Soul warrior, but for now, he was completely no match for them. Therefore, there was no room for him in this fight.

But Big Yellow was different. After he devoured the Flaming Stallion’s demon soul, he broke through to the Late Divine Core realm. With his mighty Dragon Horse bloodline, he now possessed the ability to fight ordinary Combat Soul warriors.

Three powerful Combat Soul warriors attacked at the same time; three formidable attacks charged at them from three different directions. It looked like they were trying to crush Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in an instant.


On the other side, Old Man Ling Shan also cursed. Even the Golden Lion felt shame for the trio. But, Old Man Ling Shan didn’t help directly. After all, there was no one from the Eastern Continent who really wanted to offend superpowers like the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, and Old Man Ling Shan was just a rogue cultivator.


Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s auras connected to each other, and both attacked at the same time. The duo unleashed incredibly powerful energy. Jiang Chen attacked Mao Sheng using the Nine Murdering Flood Dragon, unleas.h.i.+ng three lively Flood Dragons towards him. At the same time, Jiang Chen also unleashed the True Dragon Palm, which grabbed toward Ye Xiao. On the other side, Big Yellow was also dauntless. A golden beam rushed out from his head, and he charged toward Shangguan Chong.

“That’s my grandson’s combat skill! Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m going to cut you into pieces!”

Mao Sheng’s eyes both turned red. He recognized the skill unleashed by Jiang Chen, it was Mao Fang’s, his grandson’s combat skill. This really p.i.s.sed him off and made him feel an urge to vomit blood. He could only release his fury after killing Jiang Chen.


Three Combat Soul warriors attacking two Divine Core warriors! Facing these combined attacks, even Jiang Chen and Big Yellow who had monstrous abilities couldn’t defend themselves at all. Their attacks were destroyed in an instant. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were both knocked at least 30 meters away before they could regain their control. Under such ma.s.sive power, they had suffered quite a huge shock, causing their qi and blood to roll over and over.

“d.a.m.n it, these three old fools are so ridiculous! How can they attack us together?!”

Big Yellow gnashed his teeth in anger.

“We don’t have any reason to a fight a one versus one fight, but with all three of them attacking us together, it’ll be really difficult to win this fight.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow felt gloomy, but they had no idea how shocked the trio was, especially Mao Sheng. Mao Sheng had fought Jiang Chen a few days ago, and Jiang Chen was absolutely no match for him at that time. But now, Jiang Chen’s incredible cultivation progress had really shocked him.

“d.a.m.n it, I never thought this despicable puppy would be so strong as well! I wonder what species this dog is, he already has the strength to fight Combat Soul warriors! I’ve underestimated him.”

“This is insane! Not only was that man and dog not killed in an instant while fighting three Combat Soul warriors at the same time, they also look like they still have the strength to fight back!”

“We’ve witnessed Chen Jiang’s incredible strength, but I never thought this dog would be so frightening as well! But, the man and dog duo… why is this giving me a familiar feeling?”


A lot of people were shocked by what they saw. This duo was incredibly formidable, even three Combat Soul warriors couldn’t kill them! Such an insane duo was extremely rare, and some even began feeling like they knew this duo from somewhere, but they just couldn’t relate them to anything.

“That guy and dog aren’t easy to deal with. Let’s attack together with full force and kill them as soon as possible.”

Ye Xiao said in a cold tone.


Mao Shen shouted. He became to first one to dash toward Jiang Chen. At the same time, Ye Xiao and Shangguan Chong unleashed their mighty energy and followed behind.

The trio’s current attack was much fiercer than the previous one. This caused Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s faces to darken.

Right at this moment, a dazzling beam shot out from the Blissful Manor. It was a beam unleashed by a combat weapon, and it looked like a giant ruler.

When the beam appeared, a man dashed out from the manor at the same time. Under the eyes of the crowds, a young man dressed in black flew towards the scene while holding a nearly 3 meter long gigantic azure ruler in his hand.

The young man in black didn’t say anything. He raised the gigantic ruler in his hand into the air, and forcefully swung it at Mao Sheng, who was the first one to dash toward Jiang Chen.


A swoos.h.i.+ng sound was heard from the gigantic ruler. Mao Sheng didn’t dare neglect this attack, he quickly blocked.


The ruler carried a formidable force, and Mao Sheng was knocked back a few dozen steps before he could stabilize his body.

After knocking Mao Sheng back with a single attack, the man arrived next to Jiang Chen. Right at this moment, everyone were staring at him as his dark hair and clothes danced in the wind. He was about 2.6 meters tall, his face was pure like jade, and he had two bright tiger-like eyes; he was exceedingly handsome.

“Where did this young man come from? He looks so overbearing!”

“He has such formidable energy! Although he is only a Peak Divine Core warrior, he just knocked back an Early Combat Soul warrior! He’s a rare genius!”

“What’s going on today? Why are there suddenly so many geniuses? This man looks like he is helping Chen Jiang! What a daring man, he actually dares fight three superpowers!”


The sudden appearance of the man in black gave rise to yet another uproar. Everyone stared at the man in black, admiring his overbearing energy.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were also looking at the man in black. They didn’t know this guy, but since was helping them at a critical moment, he had left a good impression on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

This man in black looked incomparably upright, and he wore a resolute expression. He was like a genius who came from a sect following the righteous path. [1]

The man in black swept his eyes over the scene. After that, with a loud and clear voice, he said, “f.u.c.k your mothers! Three old farts bullying a junior? This is ridiculous!”

Oh heavens!

The crowds immediately felt a dizzying sensation. Before the man in black talked, he had actually given them an impression that he was an overbearing peerless genius; a man who walked the righteous path! But after he talked, the impression he had given them was immediately shattered.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes as well. The words that came out from this guy’s mouth completely reversed his image.

“The f.u.c.k? He’s actually a man similar to us!”

Big Yellow staggered and nearly fell down from the sky.

“Who are you? I advise you, you better not put you hand in the Myriad Sword Sect’s matters!”

Ye Xiao stared at the man in black and said. He could tell how extraordinary this young was. In the entire Eastern Continent, there was only a handful of geniuses who could knock a Combat Soul warrior back with mere Divine Core cultivation bases.

“Daddy’s name is Nangong Wentian! I don’t know who the Myriad Sword Sect is, but this Chen Jiang is my friend, and I won’t let you kill my friend!”

Nangong Wentian replied in an imposing manner. The giant ruler in his hand was dazzling like the stars, giving an impression that there was no one who could pa.s.s him.

After saying that, Nangong Wentian turned to Jiang Chen and cupped his fist, “Brother Chen Jiang, thank you for the Nine Soul Restoration Pills, you’ve saved my life! From no onwards; you are my friend!”

Nangong Wentian said with a voice that was loud and clear. After he had witnessed Jiang Chen’s performance in the auction hall through the crystal ball, he had decided to befriend Jiang Chen. It wasn’t only because Jiang Chen had concocted the Nine Soul Restoration Pills and saved his life, but also because Jiang Chen’s style really suited his taste.

Hearing what he said, everyone finally understood. This young man was the man who took out the three Nine Solar Holy Water drops and exchanged them for three Nine Soul Restoration Pills.

“Where did this Nangong Wentian come from? Why have I never heard of him?”

“I too have never heard of him in the Eastern Continent before. Supposedly, a genius like him should be pretty well-known.”

“The Nangong name is pretty rare in the Eastern Continent. I’ve never heard of him before, but this guy sure has amazing strength!”


Nangong Wentian immediately became the center of attention upon appearing. This also mean Jiang Chen got another helper. With this, it wouldn’t be easy for Ye Xiao and the other two Combat Soul warriors to kill Jiang Chen.

“Humph! Another reckless guy! Since you insist, we’ll kill you as well!”

Shangguan Chong coldly harrumphed. He was consumed by extreme killing intent and even the strongest person wouldn’t be able to stop him. Furthermore, Nangong Wentian might have more Nine Solar Holy Water! If Shangguan Chong could kill him, not only would he be able to obtain three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water from Jiang Chen, he might even be able to get more of them from Nangong Wentian.

“Kill them!”

Ye Xiao furiously shouted. He waved both his hands and attacked Jiang Chen. At the same time, Shangguan Chong and Mao Sheng attacked as well.

“Big Yellow, don’t hide anymore, let’s fight them with all our strength!”

Jiang Chen was already angry because of the attack. Since he had Nangong Wentian’s help, he could finally fight them one at the time.


Big Yellow let out a wild roar toward the skies. His tiny puppy body suddenly expanded into a big majestic golden dog, making him look like a mighty adult bull. With his head pointed toward Shangguan Chong, he immediately rammed toward him.

Big Yellow’s transformation stunned a lot of people. But soon after, someone finally managed to relate the duo in front of them to that legendary group!


1: Righteous Path - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/n.o.ble_Eightfold_Path