Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 292 – Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm

Chapter 292 – Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm

Chapter 292 – Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm

The whole audience became silent. Everyone stared at the auction stage, waiting for Xu Neng to bring out the first auction item.

Xu Neng didn’t disappoint the audience this time, he didn’t give another long-winded speech. With a flip of his palm, a bright longsword instantly appeared. The longsword was constantly producing a buzzing sound, and it was glowing in a cold s.h.i.+ne.

Many people could identify that it was a High-Ranked Combat Weapon, but it was merely an ordinary High-Ranked Combat Weapon. However, for those Divine Core warriors, a High-Ranked Combat Weapon was something really precious.

A Combat Weapon was extremely precious. Usually, due to lack of wealth, it was very difficult for Early Divine Core warriors to obtain a High-Ranked Combat Weapon. There were even some Mid Divine Core warriors who didn’t possess High-Ranked Combat Weapons. After all, for the ordinary rogue cultivators, it was incredibly difficult to obtain pills or resources for their cultivation, and the price of a High-Ranked Combat Weapon was quite high. The most inferior type would cost them at least 100-200 Earth Restoration Pills.

Earth Restoration Pills was the lifeline for Divine Core warriors. It wasn’t enough even for their cultivation, so spending them to buy a Combat Weapon was too much.

“This is a High-Ranked Combat Weapon, and the starting price is 1,000,000 Mortal Restoration Pills. The auction starts now.”

Xu Neng announced a starting price that wasn’t too high.

“1.1 million.”

“1.2 million.”


The audience sitting downstairs kept bidding. Some people had earned quite a lot of money during the trade fair, and they didn’t have a High-Ranked Combat Weapon. Therefore, they wanted to buy one now.

But the special guests on the second floor were all quiet. They didn’t pay any attention to a High-Ranked Combat Weapon of that quality. They knew that the auction had just started, and the items shown at the initial stage would just be some ordinary items. The real deal would appear later.

Master Blissful did after all have to consider everyone’s feelings. If the entire auction was all about rare and precious items, those people downstairs would only be bystanders, and there would be nothing for them to do here. Therefore, the auction started auctioning some ordinary items. It also served to make the atmosphere livelier.

In the end, a rogue warrior from the ocean won the auctioned High-Ranked Combat Weapon for 1.5 million Mortal Restoration Pills. This was basically the standard price for ordinary High-Ranked Combat Weapons. There were after all different qualities amongst all High-Ranked Combat Weapons. For example, the Axe of Thunder and the Bloodthirsty Sword Jiang Chen possessed were both top quality High-Ranked Combat Weapons, and they would cost at least a few times more than this combat weapon.

There was nothing special about the next items, they were all some combat skills and martial skills, and some ordinary pills. The auction continued for nearly an hour, but none of the special guests on the second floor had started bidding yet. On the opposite, the atmosphere downstairs had become heated. All the warriors were yelling and shouting their bids.

“Alright. All the previous treasures were mere appetizers. Next up will be the real deals. Everyone, please hold your breath, try and guess what this is!”

Xu Neng flipped his palm. In an instant, a crystal ball appeared and started floating on the auction stage. Following the appearance of this crystal ball, the temperature in the entire auction hall dropped immediately. Many people could feel a chilly sensation from it.

When everyone looked at the crystal ball, they immediately saw a thumb sized Ice Silkworm floating within. The Ice Silkworm had a transparent body, and it looked like a real crystal as it motionlessly stayed within the crystal ball.

“A Crystalized Artic Ice Silkworm.”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed slightly, and he nearly shouted out loudly. He never thought he’d see this thing in the auction.

“Everyone, hold your breaths. I believe those who are knowledgeable enough has found out what this is! Inside this crystal ball, there is a real Arctic Ice Silkworm! Furthermore, over the years, it has been completely crystalized! The value of this thing, I believe you should know even without me explaining. The starting price is 10.5 million!”

Xu Neng said with a bright and clear voice.

What Xu Neng said brought a storm across the entire audience. Ten million, and it was only the starting price! No one could predict the final price for this Arctic Ice Silkworm.

“Little Chen, why is this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm worth so much?”

Han Yan asked.

“The Arctic Ice Silkworm is a rare creature that lives in the North Arctic. There is a tremendous amount of cold energy within its body, and even now that it’s captivated by the crystal ball, the cold energy can still leak out. In order for an Arctic Ice Silkworm to crystalize, not only does it need an extremely cold environment, it also requires long period of time. A Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm is a real treasure, you can find cold source energy from the Northern Region, as well as a ma.s.sive amount of energy. The starting price is too low, it will soon go up.”

Jiang Chen explained.

“Why does it seem like you know everything?”

Han Yan gloomily rolled his eyes. Still puzzled, he asked again, “But since this item is so freezing cold, it will be very difficult for someone ordinary to even get close to it, let alone absorb it. Who would spend so much wealth to buy it?”

“What you said is correct, the Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm is worthless for ordinary warriors. However, for those with naturally cold physiques who cultivates cold skills, it’s considered an ultimate treasure. If Little Yu is able to obtain this Arctic Ice Silkworm, she will receive tremendous benefits, and it might even make her Nine Yin Body evolve immediately.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Although there were still no news regarding the Nine Solar Holy Water, this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm had actually surprised him. Even though it couldn’t make Yan Chenyu wake up, once she did wake up, this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm would give her tremendous benefits.

“I completely forgot about Little Yu’s unique physique! Looks like we have to get this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm no matter what.”

Han Yan threw his glance at the Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm. His eyes glowed in the same way as Jiang Chen’s did.

“10.6 million.”

A deep voice came sounded out from one of the private rooms on the second floor.

“That’s from the Shangguan Clan.”

Han Yan said.

Jiang Chen’s face darkened. Currently, he was at conflict with the Qingyi Sect and the Myriad Sword Sect, and he didn’t want conflict with the Shangguan Clan. But, the world was really small, the Shangguan Clan were the first ones to call out a price.

“Looks like someone from the Shangguan Clan has a cold physique, or is cultivating some cold skills.”

Big Yellow said.

“10.8 million.”

Someone from another private room bid. It was a rogue Combat Soul warrior from the ocean.

“Humph! 20 million.”

The elder from the Shangguan Clan, Shangguan Chong coldly harrumphed. After that, he bid 20 million.

“25 million.”

The warrior from the private room bid once again, and he increased the bit with another 5 million, causing the scene to immediately become intense once again.

“25 million! Those Combat Soul warriors are filthy rich! I wonder who that person is, he’s so daring to fight with the Shangguan Clan!”

“The Shangguan Clan is super rich, and they will get whatever they want. Although that man is a Combat Soul warrior, he has no idea who he is messing with.”

Many people became excited. It was as if the auction for the first precious treasure had caused them to feel a strong smell of gunpowder.

“30 million.”

Shangguan Chong’s tone became angrier. After calling out his bid, Shangguan Chong continued and said,” Please give a little face to the Shangguan Clan.”

Hearing this, Xu Neng’s friendly smile was replaced with a cold expression, he immediately said, “Attention, friend from the Shangguan Clan, this is a fair compet.i.tion, you can’t disturb other people’s decision.”

The Blissful Manor had to stand firm on this. If they didn’t, with the existence of the two superpowers, Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, who would dare bid after them? If that really happened, all the precious treasures would belong to these two super powers. The Blissful Manor would not allow that to happen.

However, after Shangguan Chong bid 30 million, the rogue Combat Soul warrior didn’t want to bid any more. It seemed like he didn’t want to have any conflicts with the Shangguan Clan.

“The Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm, Shangguan Clan has bid 30 million, will anyone big higher? Anyone? This is the only one we have, if you miss it, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your lives. Does anyone have a higher bid?”

Xu Neng asked. When he found out that no one else wanted to bid any higher, his face instantly darkened. As a qualified auctioneer, he clearly knew that this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm would at least reach 40-50 million. But, because of Shangguan Chong’s threatening words, no one else dared bid further. This really p.i.s.sed Xu Neng off.

“Since no one else is bidding, I’ll now announce; the Shangguan Clan wins this for 30 mill-…“

“50 million.”

Before Xu Neng could finish speaking, a calm voice sounded out from private room number three. Xu Neng was startled for a moment, then he immediately showed a joyful expression.

The 50 million bid brought a storm to the entire audience.

“d.a.m.n! Who is that person? He directly ramped the price up to 500 million, incredible!”

“He clearly wants to fight with the Shangguan Clan. Shangguan Chong asked the man to give them some face just now, but this man obviously wants to slap their face.”

“I think it’s Chen Jiang who bid just now. That man is incredibly overbearing! Not only has he offended the Qingyi Sect and Myriad Sword Sect, he’s now going to offend the Shangguan Clan! I wonder how many lives he has!”


The audience was agitated, especially when they found out that the person who bid was that young man, Chen Jiang. This young man really knew how to offend people, he had completely offended all the super powers.

“Haha, good! Young master Chen Jiang has just big 50 million, the Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm is definitely worth this price! Does anyone else have a higher bid? Anyone?”

Xu Neng was laughing out loudly, and his mood was instantly lightened. His words were actually for the Shangguan Clan, and he couldn’t help but speak with a happy tone.

Within private room number three, Jiang Chen was calmly sitting on the rattan chair. He didn’t want any conflict to arise with the Shangguan Clan. He could let go of anything else, but not this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm.