Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 280 – Demon Lord, a Golden Lion

Chapter 280 – Demon Lord, a Golden Lion

Chapter 280 – Demon Lord, a Golden Lion

Hearing this, Jiang Chen and Han Yan exchanged glances.

“No wonder that the master of the Blissful Manor can occupy such a prominent island in the ocean; he’s actually a demon lord of the ocean!”

Han Yan finally understood.

“The Blissful Manor holds a major trade fair each year, it’s a ma.s.sive event. Many great warriors from different powers in the continent will partic.i.p.ate. Also, many rogue cultivators and demon lords of the ocean will come to the event as well, mainly because a trade fair like this is really rare. A lot of rare and unique treasures can be found. A lot of those treasures found in the trade fair were originally found in the ocean, and similar items can rarely be found in the continent.”

“That’s right. Everyone is taking what they need, and trading for treasures that they need. Who wouldn’t want to partic.i.p.ate in a trade fair like this and try their luck? Also, there will be many Combat Soul warriors in the event as well.”

“Of course, even big powers like the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect will send someone over, and there might even be someone from the Martial Palace and Martial Saint Dynasty. I heard that everyone who wants to enter the Blissful Island and partic.i.p.ate in the trade fair will have to pay a certain fee. Putting aside everything, just the fee alone is a huge amount of wealth for the owner."

“Sigh… this really makes me envious!”


Everything that was said by the people in front was clearly head by Jiang Chen and Han Yan. Just from this short conversation alone, Jiang Chen had gained a basic understanding about the Blissful Island. It had also given him a small hope of finding the Nine Solar Holy Water, which was his main target for his trip to the ocean.

For the next few days, more and more warriors could be seen flying toward the Blissful Island. Most of them came from the different 28 provinces in the Eastern Continent, and the rest were some strange men who lived in the ocean. All of these strange men wore weird clothes, but none of them were weak. The majority of them were Divine Core warriors, and the rest were Heavenly Core warriors. All of these people were heading in the same direction for a single purpose; the trade fair!

The ocean waves were rumbling, wave after wave, and the occasional furious roars of the demon lords. When those demons who were causing trouble in the ocean sensed the powerful auras above the ocean surface, they immediately hid underneath the ocean surface, not daring to show their heads.

The group pa.s.sed a lot of islands along their way. Some of the islands had splendid sceneries, and looked like paradises on top of the ocean. Of course, most of the islands were just desolated islands where nothing except rocks could be found.

“The ocean’s scenery is really amazing, and the natural Yuan energy is rich as well. Not a bad place to stay and cultivate.”

Han Yan was amazed.

“Not only this, the special environment of the ocean has also produced all kinds of special and rare treasures. However, compared to life on a continent, the life in the ocean is just too boring, and the environment is pretty standard. Definitely not as exciting as a continent.”

Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan were flying at incredible speed. Early morning one day, the both finally saw an island floating on the ocean far into the distance. Under the sunlight’s s.h.i.+ne, the entire island was glowing brightly.

Since they were still far away from the island, the island looked like a mirage to them. Floating above the ocean’s surface, with Jiang Chen and Han Yan’s extraordinary eyesight, they could see white fog hovering in the sky above the island.

“We’re here, that’s the Blissful Island.”

Big Yellow said.

Soon, the trio arrived near the Blissful Island. This was an island with a beautiful scenery. Jiang Chen could see the entire island from where he stood. It was an enchanting scenery; lofty and strong pine trees stood everywhere, there was a magnificent waterfall constantly pounding the rocks underneath, and white fog covered the entire ocean, causing the island to look like a paradise on top of the ocean. Just the scenery alone pleased their spirits and made their hearts feel relaxed.

“d.a.m.n, the master of the Blissful Manor really knows how to find a perfect spot! Just living here will allow anyone to live a long life without even cultivating.”

Han Yan couldn’t help but praise.

“Indeed, this place is truly an amazing place to live.”

Jiang Chen praised as well. The man who picked this island is truly someone who knows how to enjoy life.

Right at this moment, more than a hundred people had gathered around the island. They all hovered above the surface of the ocean in small groups, and there were more people arriving.

“What are these people doing here? Why don’t they just land on the island?”

Han Yan curiously asked.

“Where did this idiot come from? Doesn’t he know the rules of the Blissful Island?”

A warrior heard what Han Yan said, and he immediately threw a look of despise at him.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, watch your mouth! Are you courting death?!”

Big Yellow cursed. Although he had been quarreling with Han Yan a lot during their journey, when there was an enemy, he would stand together with him.

“f.u.c.k, where did this dog come from? How dare you talk like that to your grandpa?! I think you’re the one who is courting death!”

The warrior was really arrogant. After speaking, he immediately stretched his arm and grabbed at Big Yellow, completely ignoring Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen raised his palm and slapped the warrior’s face. The tremendous force knocked him far away. There were simply too many people who had no idea who they were provoking when they took action. Not only was this warrior ignorant, he was also annoying.

“Brat, how dare you slap me?!”

The warrior instantly became furious. He pointed his finger at Jiang Chen and shouted at him. At the same time, two men arrived next to him. Clearly, they were his helpers.

“The reason I slapped you was to save your life.”

Jiang Chen indifferently said. He spoke the truth though. If he hadn’t slapped that warrior away just now, one of his arms might have been bitten off by Big Yellow. Jiang Chen didn’t want any trouble before landing on the Blissful Island, but that didn’t mean he was a coward. If this warrior provoked him anymore, he didn’t mind killing him right here.

“What did you just say?”

The warrior was extremely angry. Just before he did something again, a man suddenly appeared right in front of him. It was the man he had scolded as an idiot, Han Yan.

Han Yan clenched the warrior’s throat with his palm like an iron fist. Felling extreme danger from the palm, the warrior’s soul started trembling.

“If you don’t want to die, you better keep quiet in front of me.”

Han Yan said, slowly. He stared at the warrior with sharp eyes, causing the warrior to lose his courage to stare back. The warrior didn’t feel like he was facing a young man, but a bloodthirsty devil king. He had no doubts that if he tried to fight back, he would instantly be killed by this young man.

“A misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding! Brother, please forgive us.”

“My friend is too impulsive, I apologize for him.”

The warrior’s friends hurriedly apologized on behalf of their companion. None of them were idiots, with their experience, they could easily tell that this young man in front of them was really strong, and was not someone they should mess with. Having mighty strength at such young age, he might be a genius from some big sect. There was no way they could afford to offend a man like this. If they really p.i.s.sed him off and got killed here, their entire lives would go to waste.

“You should be glad I decided to spare your life.”

Han Yan pulled away his palm. In an instant, the warrior felt like he was going to collapse. Cold sweat covered his forehead. Although only a few seconds had pa.s.sed, it felt like it was a few years for the man. The aura leaking from the young man’s body caused his soul to tremble.

“I suppose you two young masters are here for the first time? If that is the case, it makes perfect sense that you don’t know about the Blissful Island’s rules. The island will only open for the public when the trade fair starts, and before that, no one is allowed to step onto the island. The trade fair starts in three days, and those who arrived early will have to wait.”

Someone explained the rules of the Blissful Island to Jiang Chen and Han Yan with a smile on his face. He didn’t dare leave anything out.

“I see.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. If that was the case, he would just wait here like the others. He was here to partic.i.p.ate in the trade fair, so he didn’t want to get too much attention.

Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…

During the next days, more and more people arrived. Regardless of where they came from, none of them dared break the rules set down for the Blissful Island. Before the trade fair started, no on would step onto the island.


All of a sudden, a loud explosive sound could be heard from behind. A figure appeared in the sky above like a sudden clap of thunder. When everyone threw their gaze at source of the lightning like sound, they could see that it was actually a quite majestic figure.

This man looked to be in his forties, and he had a majestic 2.5 meter tall body, and his golden hair made him look somewhat ferocious. A golden armor covered his majestic body, and it glowed brightly under the sunlight.

What was even more shocking was the man’s cultivation, he was a Combat Soul warrior!”

“That’s Golden Lion, a demon lord! I never expected to see him here.”

“This Golden Lion is the overlord of the Golden Lion Mountain in the Liang Province, he isn’t a human, but a rare lion demon. He has a mighty cultivation base, and no one dares challenge him. Even those powerful sects in the Liang Province have to show him some respect.”

“The Blissful Island’s trade fair is too attractive, even a Combat Soul warrior was attracted. I’m sure the Golden Lion isn’t the only Combat Soul warrior here, those big sects in the Eastern Continent will definitely send their Combat Soul warriors here as well. Some powerful rogue cultivators might emerged as well.”


Everyone were discussing amongst themselves. They were actually whispering to each other, because they were scared that if they spoke too loud, they might offend the Combat Soul demon lord in some way. A Combat Soul demon lord was not someone they could afford to offend.

The Golden Lion’s appearance was imposing, he didn’t even look at the crowd; he just walked toward the Blissful Island.

“This Golden Lion is so arrogant! How dare he ignore the Blissful Island’s rules? The trade fair starts in only two days, but now he’s actually entering the island.”

A man from the crowd said.


Right after the man finished speaking, the Golden Lion coldly harrumphed. Without even turning his head, the Golden Lion casually stretched out its hands and grabbed the warrior like it was grabbing a chicken. No matter how much the warrior struggled, he just couldn't escape the Golden Lion’s grasp.

“No rules applies to me, the Golden Lion!

The Golden Lion was extremely ruthless. Without any hesitation, he killed the warrior and dumped the body into the ocean. After that, he continued walking toward the island.

“What an unfortunate man. If he didn’t know the rules of the Blissful Island, why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut? A Combat Soul demon lord is extremely brutal, his life was wasted by offending him.”

“Right! The waiting rule does not apply to Combat Soul warriors, they can enter the Blissful Manor whenever they want. Not only that, the master of the manor will personally greet them. We just can’t compare ourselves to them.”

Many people shook their heads and let out sighs. The death of the warrior was not considered a fair one. A Combat Soul demon lord’s approach was extremely ruthless, and none should challenge their dignity.