Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 278 – Transformation, Mid Divine Core Realm

Chapter 278 – Transformation, Mid Divine Core Realm

Chapter 278 – Transformation, Mid Divine Core Realm

Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!

The blood-curdling screeches sounded out. The remaining three Qingyi Disciples were killed by Big Yellow. After showing off his invincible mighty, Big Yellow had finally gotten rid of his gloomy mood, and become much more relaxed.

Jiang Chen didn’t show any mercy when killing these people. The Qingyi Sect was a big sect in the Qing Province, he had to kill them all so that there wouldn’t be any witnesses left. If not, they might not be able to leave the Qing Province. Even if they did manage to leave, the Qingyi Sect would definitely keep hunting for them, and they might follow them to the Blissful Island. That would be troublesome.

“Buddy, you’ve gained a lot this time! The Flood Dragon’s blood essence is going to do you a lot of good!”

Big Yellow said, excitement in his voice.

“Let’s go, we need to find a quiet place so I can absorb it. Once my cultivation improves some more, we’ll have more confidence during our trip to the Blissful Island.”

Jiang Chen said, smiling.

Before they left the place, Jiang Chen didn’t forget to take all the Qingyi Sect disciples’ storage ring. All of them were core disciples, so there must be a lot of treasures in their storage rings. They were all dead, so he couldn’t let their wealth go to waste.

Two days later, the trio left the Qing Province. They found a quiet valley somewhere and landed within.

“Brother Yan, Big Yellow, I’m going to enter secluded cultivation now. Help me guard against disturbances.”

Jiang Chen said.

“d.a.m.n you, asking daddy to guard again.”

Big Yellow threw a gloomy glance at Jiang Chen. However, it seemed like Big Yellow had gotten used to guarding Jiang Chen while he was in secluded cultivation. He just liked to complain.

“Little Chen, don’t worry, just focus on your cultivation.”

Han Yan said.

After that, Jiang Chen found a rundown cave and sat down with both legs crossed. With a flip of his palm, the Flood Dragon’s blood essence appeared in his palm. It was emitting a blood red light.

“The Flood Dragon’s blood essence, although inferior to a true dragon’s blood essence, it can still make my Dragon Transformation skill evolve. With this blood essence, I’ll be able to break through to the Mid Divine Core realm, and my foundation will stabilize. I also won’t have to worry about any problems in the near future.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Without hesitation, he immediately swallowed the blood essence.


A ma.s.sive amount of energy erupted from the Flood Dragon’s blood essence. It flowed into every single part of Jiang Chen’s body. No one could really withstand the sudden impact from this violent energy, only Jiang Chen who had an extremely strong body could resist it.


As if having sensed the dragon bloodline contained within the blood essence, the Dragon Transformation skill automatically started circulating. Blood red dragon marks flew out from Jiang Chen’s Divine Core and started swimming around within his body.

Each Dragon Mark looked like a real dragon. The Dragon Marks devoured the energy contained within the blood essence, bit by bit, and used the energy to form new Dragon Marks. This energy wasn’t the most important element, the strength of the bloodline was the most important thing right now.

Following the continuous absorbing of the Flood Dragon’s blood essence, Jiang Chen could clearly feel the Dragon Transformation skill experiencing constant change. The Dragon Transformation skill was an incomparably abstruse skill. Even though Jiang Chen had cultivated it for such a long time, he still hadn’t completely mastered it. What only he knew was, when he reached the skill’s peak, he would have 108,000 Dragon Marks, then he would be able to transform into a dragon and soar through to the heavens. But, he didn’t know how many tiers there were in this skill. If there really were different tiers you could cultivate the Dragon Transformation skill to, the Dragon Transformation skill would level up into another tier upon absorbing the Flood Dragon’s blood essence.

Jiang Chen suddenly moaned. The evolution of the skill brought forth an extremely delighting feeling. He could clearly feel the tremendous transformation inside his body.

His bones were producing cracking sounds, and his blood was rumbling. All his viscera violently pulsating, and every single piece of his was experiencing the highest possible degree of tempering. This caused his body to become even stronger.

A blood red shadowy dragon was swirling around above Jiang Chen’s head. It was the source of his qi and blood, and it had become incredibly strong now.


Jiang Chen suppressed the excitement within his heart. As his foundation rose, as it got stronger and stronger, new Dragon Marks were also forming within his body. With every new Dragon Mark formed, his powerful combat strength would also rise. The total number of Dragon Marks represented Jiang Chen’s true strength.

One hundred Dragon Marks, two hundred, three hundred…

An hour later, a deep, yet subtle explosive sound could be heard from the cave. Han Yan and Big Yellow could both clearly feel an extremely strong aura leaking out from the cave. Because of this powerful aura, all flowers, plants and trees started violently shaking.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s dark hair was fluttering, even though there was no wind, and the white robe on his body was also fluttering. Blood red Dragon Marks hovered around his entire body. Each of them looked like a real dragon, and they all carried a powerful force.

1,600 Dragon Marks! That’s right, after Jiang Chen absorbed the Flood Dragon’s blood essence, the Dragon Transformation skill had changed fundamentally, and under the impact of this change, Jiang Chen managed to form another 500 Dragon Marks, giving him a total of 1600 Dragon Marks, which was the requirement for him to break through to the Mid Divine Core realm. In other words, Jiang Chen was now a Mid Divine Core warrior.


Yuan energy was violently vibrating outside Jiang Chen’s body. After breaking through to the Mid Divine Core realm, Jiang Chen’s confidence reached the peak. With his current combat strength, it would be impossible for him to find any match under the Combat Soul realm, and if he met Nanbei Chao again, he believed he could beat him to death.

Furthermore, with 1600 Dragon Marks and a cultivation base at the Mid Divine Core realm, even if he were to face a Combat Soul warrior, he wouldn’t be so vulnerable like before. And if he really was defeated, he would still be able to escape.

Jiang Chen had a clear understanding about the gap between the Divine Core realm and the Combat Soul realm. In the road of cultivation, the Qi Jing realm, Qi Hai realm, Mortal Core realm, Heavenly Core realm, and the Divine Core realm; they were all cla.s.sified as the Five Foundation Realm. In other words, Jiang Chen was still in the Foundation Realm. The Combat Soul realm was completely different, there was a huge gap between the Divine Core realm and the Combat Soul realm, and it was extremely difficult to step over this gap.

Before a peak Divine Core warrior’s Divine Core transforms into a Combat Soul, there was almost no possible way for the peak Divine Core warrior to be a match for a Combat Soul warrior. Honestly, the difference between the Divine Core realm and Combat Soul realm was like the difference between heavens and earth.

This was why there were so few Combat Soul warriors. A Combat Soul warrior carried a big weight even in the Martial Saint Dynasty.

When Jiang Chen stepped into the Mid Heavenly Core realm, he was able to kill a Divine Core warrior, but it was impossible for him to kill a Combat Soul warrior after stepping into the Mid Divine Core realm.

Although Jiang Chen was an insanely talented man, in order for him to have the ability to kill a Combat Soul warrior, he would have to break through to the peak Mid Divine Core realm, or perhaps even the Late Divine Core realm. Even that was considered extremely terrifying.

The Dragon Transformation skill’s fundamental change greatly impacted Jiang Chen, in a positive way. He could once again form new Dragon Marks by absorbing demon souls and devil souls in big quant.i.ties, without it affecting his foundation.

But, every time his cultivation advanced, the amount of energy required to form new Dragon Marks would increase. Although Jiang Chen still had a lot of demon and devil souls that he had gotten in Inferno h.e.l.l, for now, only Late Divine Core souls could be useful to him. Mid Divine Core soul were worth next to nothing in his eyes, and as for anything below that, it was worthless.


Jiang Chen exhaled. He had just broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm, but he didn’t want to rush and start absorbing soul. He instead took some time to feel the changes in his body.

“It’s too bad the Flood Dragon’s blood essence didn’t contain any innate abilities…”

Jiang Chen pitied within his mind. The Flood Dragon had completed its evolution, and if Jiang Chen could absorb its demon soul, he would certainly inherit the Flood Dragon’s innate ability. Soon after, Jiang Chen threw his glance at Mao Fang’s storage ring.

“This guy was using a combat skill that can unleashed shadowy Flood Dragons, and its potential for attack is extremely formidable. Too bad it didn’t have the Flood Dragon’s blood essence to make it even stronger. That’s why he wanted to get the Flood Dragon’s blood essence and demon soul; he actually wanted to improve this combat skill. I wonder if I can find the combat skill in his storage ring...”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. His Yuan energy shook, and Mao Fang’s storage ring was instantly opened up for him to inspect. Glancing through the ring with his divine sense, Jiang Chen immediately found a golden paper quietly lying in a corner of the storage ring.

Controlling his divine sense, the golden paper instantly appeared on top of Jiang Chen’s palm. The paper was very thin, but its material was not ordinary; it felt nothing was being held in his hand. A faded golden light was emitting from the characters on the paper.

Jiang Chen read through the paper, and he immediately saw four big golden words, “Nine Murdering Flood Dragons!”

There was something remarkable about the level of this combat skill, it was actually a High-Ranked Heavenly Combat Skill!

“Why is there a High-Ranked Heavenly Combat Skill in this tiny Qing Province? Even the Qingyi Sect shouldn’t have a combat skill remotely close to the level of this skill… This Mao Fang’s luck is not small… I wonder where he found this combat skill. But too bad, he was too weak, so he couldn’t unleash the full power of this skill. In order to cultivate this skill, one will have to study how a Flood Dragon fights, and if he can really obtain the Flood Dragon’s bloodline, he would be able to unleash its full power.”

Jiang Chen said. Now that he possessed the Flood Dragon’s bloodline, this combat skill seemed like it was specifically designed for him. He would be able to perfectly unleash the full power of each style.

Of course, with a mere Mid Divine Core cultivation base, it would be really difficult for Jiang Chen to cultivate a High-Ranked Heavenly Combat Skill. Even if he had the Flood Dragon’s bloodline to help him, he could at most only cultivate and unleash the first three styles out of the nine total styles that existed in the Nine Murdering Flood Dragons skill. But, even with this, he was much stronger than Mao Fang. Mao Fang was only able to cultivate the first style, and he couldn’t even unleash the full power of the first style.

The Nine Murdering Flood Dragons was similar to Jiang Chen’s Six Profound Solar Fingers. The First style would unleash one Flood Dragon, the second style would unleash two Flood Dragons, and the last one, and the ninth style would unleash nine Flood Dragons at the same time, attacking the opponent with tremendous power.

Since Jiang Chen had the Flood Dragon’s blood essence, he would be able to unleash the Nine Murdering Flood Dragons with overpowering strength. Even the Six Profound Solar Finger couldn’t compare with it.

Another hour later, a loud roar sounded out from within the cave. After that, three lively Flood Dragons suddenly rushed out from the cave. Each Flood Dragon was 3 meters long and tall, and their appearance was extremely terrifying. The Flood Dragons flew around the entire valley once, then they disappeared; stunning both Han Yan and Big Yellow.