Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 271 – Nine Heavenly Devil Waves

Chapter 271 – Nine Heavenly Devil Waves

Chapter 271 – Nine Heavenly Devil Waves


Jiang Chen unleashed the True Dragon Palm and tore Eldest Mang’s attack to pieces. As for Han Yan, he unleashed a black beam looking like a devilish dragon that carried a tremendous devilish energy. It was so powerful that even the air started vibrating. With just this single attack, the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang’s formation was almost completely broken.

“d.a.m.n it, where did these abnormal monsters come from? These two brats’ cultivations are obviously weaker than ours, so how can they possess such powerful combat strength?”

Mang Fourth said in a slightly depressed manner.

“The enemies are incredible, but we still have to avenge seventh brother. Let’s attack together, kill this trio at the same time.”

Eldest Mang had a gruesome look in his eyes as he spoke. A huge silver blade appeared in his hand, and it was glowing with a deadly s.h.i.+ne. At the same time, the other five weirdoes took out their own combat weapons. With their flawless synergy, they were able to perfectly combine their combat strength.

“Brother Yan, let’s attack with the cornering formation; we’ll use our strongest skills to break their formation.”

Jiang Chen told Han Yan. There was a light of determination in his eyes. With the combination of himself, Han Yan and Big Yellow, he was going to cripple these Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang.

“Got it.”

With a sway of his body, Han Yan moved to the back of the group. His Ancient Divine Devil bloodline had completely awakened, and with a cultivation base at the peak Mid Divine Core realm, it was a time where Han Yan felt proud of what he had. He was actually going to find someone he could test his combat strength on, and these Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang had come at the perfect time.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen, Han Yan, and Big Yellow positioned themselves on three separate spots, cornering the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang in the center. It was supposed to be a scene where the six weirdoes surrounded the trio, but the tables had now turned.

But the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang had no feat at all. They had been working as a team for many years, and had gone through a lot of battles. They had now met their strongest opponent yet, and they were confident that with their flawless synergy, they would be able to defeat the trio whose cultivation was weaker than theirs.

“Let’s attack!”

Eldest Mang was the first person who attacked. With a loud voice he shouted, “Mountain Ripping Blade!”


Eldest Mang swung the huge blade in his hand toward Jiang Chen with tremendous force. The strike carried an incredibly strong force, and it nearly sliced the s.p.a.ce around them. A powerful buzzing sounded out, so powerful it seemed like it alone could rip a mountain to pieces.

“Rapid Thunderstorm!”

Mang Second struck at the same time with the longsword in his hand. With a swing of his sword, he unleashed countless sword lights toward Big Yellow.

“World Shaking Seal!”

“Thunderous Sword!”

“Raging Inferno, Prairie Fire!”

“Devilish Lute Tune!”

The other four weirdoes unleashed their strongest attacks at the same time. At this moment, devastating attacks and colorful energies could be seen everywhere, wreaking havoc in the entire area.

The amazing thing was, although the six of them were unleas.h.i.+ng their own attacks, they could actually transfer their yuan energy amongst each other and completely combine the strength of all six attacks into one.

Although the strength of all their attacks was combined, they still did have their respective targets. The Mountain Ripping Blade and Devilish Lute Tune were going toward Jiang Chen. The Devilish Lute Tune was really powerful, but this woman dared not use it again Big Yellow anymore, because Big Yellow could just eat all her attacks. This frightened her. Still, she didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could also withstand here devilish tune.

The Rapid Thunderstorm sword skill and the World Shaking Seal was targeting Big Yellow, and the Thunderous Sword and Raging Inferno, Prairie Fire were cras.h.i.+ng toward Han Yan.

“The six of them has flawless synergy, but it’s the six of them versus three opponents. It’s really difficult to have anyone under the Combat Soul realm be their match. But, with Brother Jiang and Big Yellow’s abilities, they shouldn’t have any problems handles this. What surprises me is that young man called Han Yan, he’s actually very strong as well. I didn’t expect a peerless genius like this to exist in the Black Sect.”

Xuan Ye stood far away with both arms crossed in front of his chest. There was a hint of praise in his eyes when he looked at Han Yan.

“So frightening! These six freaks are really frightening!”

“If it was a one on one fight, none of these six weirdoes would be a match for senior disciple. It’s because of their flawless synergy that their combat strength is so high.”

“Don’t worry. With the abilities of senior disciple Jiang and senior disciple Han, these six weirdoes will be defeated soon. They will see the same ending as Mang Seventh; killed by senior disciple Jiang!”


All the disciples were watching the battle in a serious manner. For them, watching a high-level battle like this was a rare opportunity. Not only would they be able to learn something from it, watching a battle like this would also help improve their cultivation.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. With his full strength, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm. Every time he formed a new Dragon Mark, every time his cultivation progressed, the True Dragon Palm would become stronger. The gigantic blood red dragon claw grabbed the blade light unleashed by Eldest Mang, and shattered it in the most formidable way. After that, Jiang Chen unleashed the Sonic Hawk Cry. The tremendous sound-waves immediately cras.h.i.+ng into the Devilish Lute Tune, causing a huge amount of sparks to emerge when the sound waves collided.

Clang… clang… clang…

On the other side, Big Yellow was even more formidable. He was covered in countless sword lights, but he kept pus.h.i.+ng forward with his head, shattering all sword lights. After that, Big Yellow leapt forward like a snake, and crushed the World Shaking Seal with his head.

His hard head caused many people to feel speechless and helpless.

“Nine Heavenly Devil Waves!”

Han Yan was like a devil king as he covered himself with steaming hot devilish energies. Layers of waves pushed forwards in a seemingly invincible way, completely crus.h.i.+ng all the opponents’ powerful attacks.

“d.a.m.n it, how can these three be so strong?! They just dismissed all our combined attacks!”

Mang Fourth kept cursing while attacking.

“f.u.c.k his dad! My Devilish Lute Tune has never failed, not once! Whenever I used it, all enemies will be frightened to death… Why did I have to b.u.mp into two freaks today?!”

The woman carrying the flute was so mad she nearly threw up her blood. Sound-wave attacks were really difficult to defend against, and under normal conditions, no warriors would want to fight those who could attack with sound-waves, let alone sound-wave attacks unleashed through combat weapons, as the force would increase significantly.

When the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang were mentioned, everyone knew that there was a Lute Devil amongst them. But today, this woman had suffered a huge blow. Not only had she found a dog who could devour her sound waves, there was another young man who could also attack with powerful sound waves, and he even destroyed her sound wave attack.

“This Jiang Chen is much stronger than we imagined. Let’s focus our strength, don’t let the attacks be dispersed.”

Eldest Mang reminded everyone with a solemn expressed. He was starting to regret coming here without learning more about the real situation. Not only was Jiang Chen’s mightiness beyond his expectations, the other two had also made him speechless with their formidable strength.


The Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang repeatedly attacked, attempting to find an opportunity to kill one of their opponents. Furthermore, with Eldest Mang’s warning, all six of them became extremely careful, and dared not disperse their strength. They all knew how strong their opponents were, and once their combat strength was dispersed, they would immediately become weakened, and each of them would be killed by their opponent.

Jiang Chen, Han Yan and Big Yellow were also crazily attacking. At this moment, the entire battlefield was violently shaking. Powerful energy waves formed into countless dark clouds, while dazzling and colorful energy ripples swept across the scene.

The combat skills’ radiance was gorgeous, but behind these gorgeous radiant lights was devastating forces. If anyone jumped into the center of the battlefield, he would immediately be shattered into pieces.

“So brutal! This is the first time I’ve witnessed this kind of battle!”

“Yea! Six Late Divine Core warriors, not once in the history of the Qi Province have there been so many Late Divine Core warriors! Senior disciple Jiang Chen, senior disciple Han Yan, and Big Yellow are fighting them by themselves, and they don’t seem to be in a disadvantageous position at all!”

“It’s because those six weirdoes have flawless synergy, which gives them extremely powerful combined combat strength. Without that, none of them would be able to match senior disciples!”

“Just keep watching! Senior disciple Jiang is going to destroy their synergy sooner or later, and he will kill them all!”


Excitement filled these disciples. Witnessing a battle like this was really exciting.

“Hmph! Let’s destroy them!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. He was finally angry. He pointed his finger like a sword, then he unleashed the Six Profound Solar Fingers. In an instant, all six huge fingers merged into one bright gigantic finger. The finger destroyed all attacks coming towards him, and it kept pus.h.i.+ng forwards.


Big Yellow let out a roar that sounded like a dragon’s cry. A golden barrier immediately covered his body. Like a mad bull, he sprinted forward with his head in front, shattering all the powerful attack coming his way. Big Yellow who was in the center of the battlefield was not affected at all.

“Nine Heavenly Devil Waves, Seizing Life!”

Han Yan was angry as well. With his dark hair fluttering around because of his mighty devilish energy, he really looked like a mighty devil king. At this moment, he seemed like the source of all devilish energies. Waves after waves of devilish energies burst out, and each wave was stronger than the previous one. The powerful attack resembled an endless ocean’s waves as they crashed toward the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang.


Under these brutal attacks, the Six Weirdoes of Mount Mang finally couldn’t hold on any longer. The attacks unleashed by them were all destroyed. The combined attack from Jiang Chen, Han Yan and Big Yellow was simply too formidable, and it crashed toward them in an unavoidable manner.

Bang bang bang…

With such brutal and formidable attacks, the six weirdoes’ formation was finally broken. The six weirdoes were sent flying in six different direction, and each of them had pale white faces. It looked like they had all suffered pretty bad injuries.

“Kill them.”

Jiang Chen said in a cruel manner. His eyes were even crueler than his voice. With a sway of his body, he arrived in front of the woman who carried the lute. His sudden appearance shocked the woman, and when she tried to raise her lute to fight back, Jiang Chen s.n.a.t.c.hed it away with lightning speed.

Before the woman could respond, Jiang Chen took the opportunity to punch out with lightning speed. His fist landed right on the woman’s forehead, and in an instant, the woman’s skull shattered and turned into a blood mist.