Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 267 – The Rise of a Brilliant Genius

Chapter 267 – The Rise of a Brilliant Genius

Chapter 267 – The Rise of a Brilliant Genius

The Earth Devil’s devil soul was emitting a dark devilish source energy, and it was producing a constant buzzing sound. Jiang Chen’s eyes could be seen glowing. Without hesitation, he pushed the devil soul into Han Yan’s body.


Immediately, violent buzzing sounds began sounding out from Han Yan’s body. Threads of devilish energies overflowed from his body and covered the entire secret chamber.


Jiang Chen could hear a deep yet subtle roar come out from Han Yan’s body; it was the furious roar of the Earth Devil, and it sounded like it was coming from the deepest abyss. It carried a strong unwillingness to accept what was happening.

Before this, Jiang Chen hadn’t used the True Dragon Flames to purify the devil soul. This was because only the strong devilish characteristic from the source could awaken the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline in Han Yan’s body. Only with that would Han Yan be able to wake up.

Jiang Chen stared at Han Yan who was currently lying on the floor, preparing himself for anything unforeseen. However, what happened next allowed Jiang Chen to know that his worries were useless. The Ancient Divine Devil bloodline in Han Yan’s body was much stronger than he expected.

The devilish energy overflowing from Han Yan’s body was getting stronger, and much more intense. Because of that, Han Yan’s body began to tremble.

At the same time, an aura carrying an ancient sense, an extremely n.o.ble aura could be felt from Han Yan’s body. This aura was like the Earth Devil’s aura, but Jiang Chen could feel that the aura belonged to a king amongst all devils, just like the Earth Devil.

It was as if this aura had just awakened because of the challenge and provocation of the Earth Devil’s aura, and it was waking up fast!

“This is the aura of Ancient Divine Devil.”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed into a serious one.

The Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline had completely awaken. Right as this aura awakened, the Earth Devil’s aura showed signs of fear, and tried escaping. But because of the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline, there was no way it could escape from Han Yan’s body.

“Perfect, the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline is really powerful, it’s actually the ancestor of all devils! With this Divine Body, Brother Yan will definitely become a mighty devil king who will shake the world in the future. If everything goes smoothly, the Ancient Divine Devil will completely devour the devilish source energy contained within the Earth Devil’s devil soul and become part of Brother Yan’s body.”

Jiang Chen had a surprised look on his face. Judging from the current situation, it looked like the Earth Devil’s devil soul would help Han Yan greatly.


The secret chamber was filled with intense and chilly devilish energies, and claps of thunder kept sounded out from within. The devilish energies overflowing from Han Yan’s body had a sense of n.o.bility to them, it was not something that ordinary devilish energies could compare with.

A dark beam formed entirely from devilish energies suddenly shot up into the sky from Guo Shan’s mountain peak. It was so powerful that the entire Black Sect shook because of it.

“What is that? What a strong devilish energy!”

“I can feel a supreme aura from it, it’s as if a mighty devil king has just descended from the heavens! My soul is trembling just from sensing a tiny amount of the leaker aura! The beam is coming from Sect Elder Guo Shan’s mountain peak, I’m sure it’s from Han Yan!”

“In the Black Sect, only the Little Devil King, senior disciple Han Yan possesses the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline! He suffered severe injuries because of Fan Kun, and was in a critical condition. It looks like senior disciple Jiang Chen just saved his life. Not only that, he also awakened the strong Ancient Divine Devil bloodline within senior disciple Han Yan’s body. The Black Sect is going to have another amazing genius!”


All the disciples were first frightened by the devilish energy beam, but in the next second, all of them became rejoiced with wild excitement. In the Qi Province, first there was Jiang Chen, now there was Han Yan. Both of them were geniuses from the Black Sect, and this caused these disciples’ pride to be a part of the Black Sect to grow even bigger.

Within the secret chamber, the devilish characteristic had been completely devoured by the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline, and everything had been merged into Han Yan’s body. The Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline was smoothly circulating within Han Yan’s body, especially in his viscera.

Crack… crack…

Cracking sounds could be heard from within Han Yan’s body. His bones, his flesh, everything within him was experiencing a complete transformation right now, especially the destroyed internal organs that were being reconstructed by the bloodline.

“This is truly what I call a complete transformation; change into a new self.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Rebuilding one’s self was a painful process. Following the beginning of the reconstruction of his body, Han Yan’s face began twisting because of extreme pain, and his body was trembling even more violently.

Two hours later, bright beams started shooting out from Han Yan’s body. Jiang Chen knew that these bright lights didn’t come from Han Yan’s devilish energies; these glorious lights represented a newborn Han Yan.

Those who survived a great disaster were destined to have good fortune eternally after. Han Yan’s affliction worked out as a blessing for him; he had now welcomed his new life.

Han Yan’s vitality had completely awakened, and he had regained his consciousness. He didn’t have time to pay attention to what was going on around him, or even who stood next to him. All his attention was focused on the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline and the ma.s.sive amount of energy within his body.

It was the ma.s.sive energy brought to him by the Earth Devil’s devil soul. The vast amount of energy was not something any ordinary man could withstand, so Han Yan couldn’t help but focus all his attention on absorbing these energies within the Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline.

“Looks like it will take Brother Yan two days to completely absorb all these energies. In two days, another brilliant genius will be making his debut.”

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. He pushed open the secret chamber’s door and left. With Han Yan’s current condition, there was no need for him to keep staying beside him. Han Yan would be able to handle the energies in his body with the help of the Ancient Divine Devil bloodline.

After leaving Han Yan’s secret chamber, Jiang Chen threw his glance to another room. His eyes instantly became gloomy while the gentleness in his eyes became stronger.

Jiang Chen slowly walked toward the tightly shut door. With a gentle movement, he pushed the door open so as to not wake the sleeping beauty. In his mind, Yan Chenyu was just sleeping.

It was a finely decorated room with a soft bed placed in its corner. This told Jiang Chen that Guo Shan took serious care of Yan Chenyu.

A young girl in pure white clothes was quietly lying on the soft bed. Although her face looked a bit pale, she still looked like a sleeping beauty, like a snow white princess. When though she was lying there without moving, her beauty still caused anyone who looked at her to suffocate.

Jiang Chen slowly walked over to the bed. A sudden pain struck his heart. He reached out his hand and gently stroked Yan Chenyu’s face.

Jiang Chen could still remember how he patted his own chest and promised Yan Zhanyun he would take good care of Yan Chenyu; he wouldn’t let anything harm her. But now, Yan Chenyu had been lying here for a few months. This was the first time Jiang Chen felt like he had failed to keep a promise.

Furthermore, Yan Chenyu was the girl he loved; the only girl that had touched his heart both in past and present life.

“Little Yu, once I’m done with the matters in the Black Sect, and after Brother Yan wakes up, I’ll go find some Nine Solar Holy Water. Big Bro Jiang Chen will definitely wake you up as soon as possible. After that, I will never let anyone hurt you again, no matter who it is.”

Jiang Chen said with a soft voice.

After being fed with the Profound Six Solar Pill, Yan Chenyu had entered a stable condition, and she would be able to fully recover once Jiang Chen found the Nine Solar Holy Water.

After returning from Inferno h.e.l.l, Jiang Chen’s next goal was to go look for the Nine Solar Holy Water. He didn’t care what price he had to pay, he was determined to make Yan Chenyu fully recover.

Furthermore, searching for Firethorn Savage’s demon soul, the Earth Devil’s devil soul, or even the Nine Solar Holy Water was a really good way for Jiang Chen’s cultivation to progress. From Firethorn Savage to the Earth Devil, Jiang Chen had experienced a tremendous growth in the process of fighting them, and the benefits he received were extraordinary.

For the next two days, Jiang Chen just stayed inside the room, accompanying Yan Chenyu. He didn’t pay any attention to what was going on outside. After all, he had no interest in anything related to the sect right now.

Within these two days, the entire Black Sect was busy. Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan had taken control of both Burning Sky Pavilion and the Heavenly Sword Sect, and they didn’t face any resistance. They had finally consolidated the entire Qi Province.

With the help of all sorts of healing pills, all those disciples and elders who had suffered from different degrees of injuries had nearly recovered. Even Daoist Black had emerged from his secluded cultivation. Now, the Black Sect was in its post-war rest and reorganization state. He, as the Sect Chief, he to stand out and manage everything.

After getting Jiang Chen’s approval, Daoist Black personally brought a few elders and disciples to Yellowstone’s Redsun Town. It was a troublesome matter to build a new home base for the Black Sect, and they were going to have to do it carefully.

Guo Shan’s mountain peak had become the calmest place within the Black Sect, and it had also become the center of attention as well. On the second day, Guo Shan had fully recovered.

Guo Shan walked out from his room. A powerful energy could be sensed from his body. With the help of the energy vein’s heart, not only did he have a surge in his cultivation and break through to the Late Divine Core realm, his const.i.tution had improved as well, which gave him an ever brighter future. Now, he would have no problems becoming an advanced alchemist. His value had skyrocketed.

“Sect Elder Guo, it looks like misfortune came to you as a blessing in disguise. Congratulations for breaking through to the Late Divine Core realm!”

Yu Zihan immediately cupped his fist toward Guo Shan when he saw Guo Shan emerge from his room. For an entire day, Big Yellow had been telling him about what happened back in Inferno h.e.l.l, and Yu Zihan had been listening to him with great interest. He kept imagining himself being in the story, thinking about how exciting that would be.

“Where is brother Jiang? What kind of amazing pills did he give me? They actually made me go through such a tremendous transformation!”

This was the biggest question in Guo Shan’s mind.

“Old man, knowing Little Chen is your greatest fortune. What he gave you was the heart of the energy vein underneath the Black Mountain Range, as well as some healing pills. If not for that, do you really think you’d be able to see such a huge transformation?”

Big Yellow said.

“What? Heart of the energy vein?”

Guo Shan was thrown into a fright at once. The heart of the energy vein was the Black Sect’s foundation.

“That’s right. Brother Jiang asked Sect Chief to take out the energy vein’s heart. After that, the entire Black Sect will move to Redsun Town, and the future Black Sect will be built in Redsun Town. That will be the strongest place within the entire Qi Province.”

Yu Zihan said.

“Where is brother Jiang?”

Guo Shan asked.

“He is in Little Yu’s room now. I think it’s best not to disturb him right now.”

Yu Zihan said.