Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 265 – Major Cleanup

Chapter 265 – Major Cleanup

Chapter 265 – Major Cleanup

“Old fool, get up now!”

Yu Zihan moved his foot away from Fan Zhongtang’s face, then he grabbed the collar on his back and pulled him up from the ground.

“Kill him!”

“This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, don’t let him die easily! Put him in a cage and throw him into a s.h.i.+thole!”

“d.a.m.n it, many of our men died because of him! Give him death from a thousand cuts!”


All disciples and elders from the Black Sect were extremely angry, they all wished they could jump onto Fan Zhongtang and bite him into pieces. Their hatred toward Fan Zhongtang was fay beyond their hatred for the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect.

The Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect were their enemies, a battle was destined to break out between them and the Black Sect; life and death would then be decided by fate. But, a traitor who betrayed them during the most crucial moment like Fan Zhongtang had done was always held in contempt, and all people hated this kind of man the most.

Daoist Black raised his arm, signaling for everyone to calm down.

“Sect Elder Fan, you know, I trusted you the most. Jiang Chen warned me about you, he told me that something wasn’t right, but I didn’t believe him. My trust in you nearly dragged the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness into an eternal perdition. You’ve really disappointed me.”

Daoist Black was trembling as he spoke. Disappointment, hatred, anger, ferociousness, all sorts of emotions emerged in his eyes. Daoist Black was the one who felt the most pain when Fan Zhongtang betrayed the Black Sect.

Betrayed by one of the people he trusted the most, a man he treated like his own brother… it was a feeling that few could imagine.

“You’re the one who forced me to do this, you’re the one who kept protect Jiang Chen! He killed my grandson, but you still wanted to protect him!”

Fan Zhongtang shouted.

“It was Fan Kun who screwed up first! I even had to give Jiang Chen an explanation for that! This is not enough to justify your betrayal!”

Daoist Black furiously roared out.

“Hmph! Fan Zhongtang, if my guess is correct, you and your grandson surrendered to Nanbei Chao even before Fan Kun did those stupid think. There was no enmity between you and I before that, but Fan Kun still wanted to kill me. He tried to kill me right after the one-year fight agreement with Nanbei Chao was made, and the reason why you two wanted to kill me was so you could claim credit in front of Nanbei Chao for killing me, all so that when Nanbei Chao conquered the Qi Province, you and your grandson would obtain good positions. Am I right, Sect Elder Fan?”

Jiang Chen stared at Fan Zhongtang with a faint smile on his face. He was a wise man, and he knew what was going on behind the scenes long before this. Fan Zhongtang’s betrayal didn’t happen today.

Fan Zhongtang’s expression changed, he couldn’t find anything to say at this moment, he could only stare at Jiang Chen in shock. This expression proved that Jiang Chen’s words were correct.

“d.a.m.n it, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d betrayed us long ago! Who gave him the audacity to take the Black Sect’s resources after having secretly surrendered to the enemy?! He deserves a thousand deaths!”

“f.u.c.k! I bet this old fool has been eagerly waiting for the day where Nanbei Chao attacks the Black Sect so he could betray us and help Nanbei Chao defeat us! He is the real culprit who tried dragging the Black Sect into an everlasting perdition!”

“This is ridiculous! I can’t stand this old fool any longer; we must kill him with at least a thousand cuts!”


Everyone from the Black Sect were furious. This old fool had betrayed the Black Sect, and he was pretending that he was forced to do it because of Jiang Chen and Daoist Black. It now looked like Jiang Chen did a really good job by killing Fan Kun. If he hadn’t, there would be more than one traitor today.

“Sect Chief, can you give me another chance? Regardless of what I did, I did contribute a lot to the Black Sect during all these years… please spare my life!”

Fan Zhongtang’s face turned awfully pale. He knew he had completely lost, been completely defeated because of Jiang Chen. Just like Duan Jianhong, he was a man who was scared of death. Even now, he still tried to use his past relations.h.i.+p to beg Daoist Black for forgiveness.

“Sins of the heavens can be forgiven, but one’s own sins cannot be forgiven. Zihan, kill him.”

Without waiting for Daoist Black to make a decision, Jiang Chen immediately spoke with a cruel tone. He did this as he didn’t want Daoist Black to make the difficult decision. Asking Daoist Black to personally kill Fan Zhongtang was something cruel one could do.


Yu Zihan showed no hesitation. If Jiang Chen hadn’t returned at the right time, he would have been killed by Fan Zhongtang by now.

“Senior disciple Zihan, skin him alive!”

“Yea! Don’t let him die easily!”

All disciples of the Black Sect thoroughly hated Fan Zhongtang.

Yu Zihan slowly raised the sharp longsword in his hand and placed it on Fan Zhongtang’s throat. Under Fan Zhongtang’s frightened stare, the tip of the longsword slowly cut through his throat. Yu Zihan purposely did it slowly, cutting his neck bit by bit, prolonging time so that Fan Zhongtang could slowly taste the entire process of dying.


Daoist Black let out a long sigh, then he just turned around. He didn’t even want to look at Fan Zhongtang’s body.

“Brother Black, everything has finally settled down. From today onwards, the Black Sect will be the Qi Province’s only ruler. The Valley of Happiness doesn’t have many requests, we just want to enjoy our peaceful lives in our original home. Today’s war has caused my sect to suffer serious losses, so I’ll bring all elders and disciples back to the Valley of Happiness, we need to take some time to recover. As for the cleanup regarding the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect, the Valley of Happiness isn’t going to join.”

Granny Feng said. She was a smart person, and this was the smartest decision she could make. As long as Jiang Chen was still here, the Qi Province would forever be the Black Sect’s territory. The Valley of Happiness weren’t interested in sharing that power, they just wanted peace for themselves. As for how the remaining disciples and resources of the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect were handled, the Valley of Happiness didn’t want to put their hands in that. All resources and wealth would go to the Black Sect.

“Alright. I really appreciate the Valley of Happiness’s help this time. Once I’ve settled everything here, I will certainly pay a personal visit to the Valley of Happiness.”

Daoist Black said.

After that, Granny Feng just brought everyone from the Valley of Happiness and flew away. The war had ended, a new structure would soon form, and what remained was of no concern to them.

“Tian Yishan, bring some men to the Heavenly Sword Sect. Guan Yiyun, you too bring some men to the Burning Sky Pavilion. Inform all their disciples; those who are willing to surrender will become disciples of the Black Sect, and those who don’t want to, just dismiss them. If there’s anyone who wants to try fight back, just kill them with no mercy.”

Daoist Black told Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun with a solemn expression. He trusted these two disciples the most.

“Disciple understands.”

Both Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun cupped their fist toward Daoist Black. After that, they brought a large group of inner circle disciples and flew towards the Heavenly Sword Sect and Burning Sky Pavilion.

“Brother Jiang, please have a look at Sect Elder Guo Shan, he was struck by Fan Zhongtang’s sneak attack, and is in a critical condition right now.”

Seeing that everything had settled down, Yu Zihan hurriedly reminded.

Jiang Chen’s expression changed slightly, then he immediately walked toward Guo Shan. He bent down and put his fingers on Guo Shan’s wrist, sending a pure Yuan energy into his body.”

“Jiang Chen, how is Guo Shan?”

Daoist Black was anxious, he felt really guilty when he saw Guo Shan suffering from such a bad injury. If he hadn’t trusted Fan Zhongtang so much, Guo Shan wouldn’t be like this.

“He did suffer a bad injury, but his source is untouched. Compare to Little Yu and Brother Yan’s conditions, he’s much better. This is older brother Guo’s fortune; not only can I save his life, I can make his cultivation improve, as well as his natural endowments.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Buddy, what tricks are you going to use?”

Big Yellow asked.

Jiang Chen raised his head and looked at Daoist Black, “Sect Chief, please bring me the heart of the energy vein underneath the Black Mountain Range. As long as older brother Guo is fed with it, he will be able to quickly recover.”

“What? Heart of the energy vein?!”

Daoist Black’s expression changed, “Jiang Chen, the energy vein is the most important thing and the fortune of the Black Sect, it’s all because of the energy vein that the Black Sect was able to prosper for all these years, and the heart of the energy vein is the essence for the entire energy vein. If we take it out from the energy vein, the entire energy vein will quickly be depleted.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He had expected Daoist Black to say this.

“Sect Chief, the energy vein underneath the Black Mountain Range has been absorbed for so many years, and it’s almost depleted. Even its heart is in a bad condition compared to before. Furthermore, because of today’s war, more than half of the Black Sect’s properties have been destroyed. Instead of rebuilding everything, why don’t we just move? There is a brand new energy vein underneath in Yellowstone’s Redsun Town, I found it while I was killing all the Blood Devils, and I’ve used it a bit. The reason why Yu Zihan and Guo Shan were able to cultivate so quickly was all because they have been absorbing the energy essence from that energy vein.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? There’s a brand new energy vein underneath Redsun Town?”

Daoist Black was even more shocked than he previously was.

“Sect Chief, this is great news for us! If what Jiang Chen said is true, why don’t we just move the entire sect to Redsun Town? The current Black Sect has become a ruined place because of the war, and rebuilding it would be a lot of trouble. Why don’t we just let Jiang Chen use the energy vein’s heart to save Sect Elder Guo Shan, then we move away from here.”

“That’s right. When the Qi Province’s new structure has been established, we, the Black Sect will become the only major power here. After today, a new chapter will unfold within the Qi Province, and since it’s a new chapter, we’ll need to have a new image as well. The discovery of a new energy vein means that the Black Sect has obtained a new fortune.”

Some of the Divine Core elders joined the discussion as well. All of them knew how much a new energy vein was worth, it was definitely not something the Black Sect’s current energy vein could compare with.

“Alright, if this is the case, the Black Sect will move to a brand new place. Jiang Chen is the biggest contributor to the Black Sect’s victor, so not to mention the energy vein’s heart, even if he wanted my life, I would give it to him without asking any question. By finding a new energy vein, Jiang Chen has once again made a huge contribution to the Black Sect.”

Daoist Black said. The more he looked at Jiang Chen, the more he liked him. Having a disciple like this was a really good fortune for the Black Sect.

“Everyone has suffered injuries, take all these healing pills and divide them amongst yourselves. After that, we’ll have a big cleanup. Furthermore, after we take control of the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect, we’ll have to gather all their resources and put them to good use. Their energy veins will also belong to us.”

Jiang Chen said.

Everyone wore excited expressions on their faces. A brand new chapter was unfolding in front of them; there was nothing that could make them happier.