Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 260 – An Eye for an Eye

Chapter 260 – An Eye for an Eye

Chapter 260 – An Eye for an Eye

“Let the fight tell who the last man standing will be.”

Jiang Chen unleashed his energy, and without any hesitation, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm which crashed toward Nanbei Chao. Jiang Chen dared not show any neglect when fighting Nanbei Chao. If Nanbei Chao was the same stage as him, he could completely look down on him. But, since there was a one stage difference between them, it was a different story. Although Jiang Chen could easily kill any Late Divine Core warriors, Nanbei Chao wasn’t someone those people could compare with.

“Trinity Fist!”

Nanbei Chao shouted as he punched out with a tremendous force. Both men had flown higher into the sky, and were fighting a battle that only belonged to them.

Nanbei Chao was cultivating the heavenly favored Imperious Ruler skill, which made him destined to walk the path leading to him becoming an imperial emperor. The Trinity Fist was one of the Imperious Ruler skill’s terrifying combat skills.


Both of them were extremely ferocious men. When the True Dragon Palm collided with the Trinity Fist, the tremendous energy ripples swept across the entire place, it even covered the heavens above, blocking the sun from sight. The violent energy waves swept across the sky, and the powerful shockwaves caused everyone’s hearts to tremble, as if a dark shadow had been cast above their souls.

After the collision, both men stood still on the same spot, and they looked completely calm. It was actually an equal match.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and threw his razor sharp gaze onto Nanbei Chao, then he thought to himself, “This man is indeed a rare genius, he didn’t disappoint me. If he was born in the same era as me in my past life; his achievements would not be any weaker than mine.”

This was Jiang Chen’s a.s.sessment toward Nanbei Chao. It was an extraordinary a.s.sessment.

But on the other side, Nanbei Chao was shocked; a storm was violently raging within his mind, “What an incredible man! In just half a year, he has actually grown to this stage where he can have a balanced fight with me! Furthermore, he’s only an Early Divine Core warrior… If we were in the same stage, wouldn’t that mean I’d be no match for him?! This is impossible!!”

Nanbei Chao was deeply shaken by this. He was incredibly shocked, and couldn’t accept this reality. In his mind, he was the most talented person in this world, he was the number one genius whom surpa.s.sed the ancestor and dazzled the contemporaries. But now, he was facing a man with greater talent than himself. This really disturbed his mind.

“No one is allowed to stand higher than I, Nanbei Chao! I have to kill him today no matter what! I have to let everyone know that I, Nanbei Chao am a man who is destined to be a true emperor!”

A malicious and wicked look emerged in Nanbei Chao’s eyes. He would never allow anyone to surpa.s.s him in terms of talent; it was unbearable.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve really surprised me, and you’ve earned my attention. But, I’ll have to kill you today. You’re really lucky to be killed by me.”

Nanbei Chao’s energy kept rising like a raging tsunami. He once again punched out with the Trinity Fist. The gigantic mountain like fist flew toward Jiang Chen once again.

“Haha, show me what you got! You want to kill me; I want to kill you. Let’s fight and figure out who the last man standing will be!”

Jiang Chen was incomparably domineering. His pride came from the bottom of his heart as well, and it was no weaker than Nanbei Chao’s pride. Once again, he unleashed the True Dragon Palm and resumed the intense fight with Nanbei Chao.

Bang! Bang! Bang! …

Two mighty and ferocious men had opened up a new battlefield high up in the skies. They were exchanging attacks in the most brutal way, and they nearly destroyed the sky where they fought. Energies swept and raged crazily, it was difficult to find out who had the upper hand.

“They are so strong, amazingly strong! They are truly the mightiest geniuses!”

“The small Qi Province has actually cultivated two mighty men like them, this is really terrifying! I wonder who the winner will be!”

“I’m sure senior disciple Jiang will win this fight! Ever since he came to the Black Sect, he has done the seemingly impossible countless times!”

No one could resist the shock that struck their minds. This was an ultimate fight between two bright stars; none could remain calm any longer.

“How can this be happening, why is that Jiang Chen so strong?! It’s only been half a year!”

Zhao Chongyang nearly cried out. He had lost one arm now, and his combat strength had been greatly reduced. Daoist Black and Granny Feng were fighting Duan Jianhong together.

Right now, the Burning Sky Pavilion’s only hope was Nanbei Chao who was currently entangled in a fierce fight with Jiang Chen, and judging from the current situation, it was still unclear whether or not Nanbei Chao would win in the end.

But the battlefield in front of him was showing him the Burning Sky Pavilion’s doomsday. Those Divine Core warriors who suddenly appeared out of nowhere were all genius warriors, extremely powerful ones. Especially Big Yellow, he was the most brutal existence in the battlefield. He crashed and slammed in all direction in the cruelest manner.


The disciples and elders of the Burning Sky Pavilion were screaming and yelling. The attacks they were facing right now gave them no room to fight back. If this continue, the Burning Sky Pavilion would disappear into the abyss, eliminated.

Zhao Chongyang’s heart was bleeding. He never thought this would happen. According to his plan, defeating the Black Sect and the Valley of Happiness was an easy task. After that, they would be able to rule the entire Qi Province, and he would be the new master of the Qi Province.

But nothing was perfect, the sudden return of Jiang Chen had shattered Zhao Chongyang’s perfect plan, and the tables were now turned. Now, it wasn’t the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness who were facing risk of elimination, it was the Burning Sky Pavilion.

“Arghh! I give up, surrender, I want to surrender!”

A Divine Core elder from the Burning Sky Pavilion who was fighting with Guan Yiyun suddenly shouted. He felt as if he couldn’t fight any longer, the situation had changed too quickly, and he was no match for his opponent. Their biggest hope, Nanbei Chao, was tied up in a fight with Jiang Chen, and it looked like it would be extremely difficult for him to kill Jiang Chen. Even with Nanbei Chao’s strength, by the time he really killed Jiang Chen, everyone from the Burning Sky Pavilion would already be dead.

“Hmph! Who gave you the right to surrender?!”

Guan Yiyun let out a cold snort as he mercilessly attacked. The longsword in his hand penetrated his opponent’s chest in the next second.

“I can’t let the blood of the Black Sect disciples and elders have been shed in vain; an eye for an eye! Want to surrender and keep your life? No way!”

Guan Yiyun had an imposing aura, he never gave his opponent any chance to surrender. He shook his longsword and sliced his opponent’s body in half, causing blood to rain down from the sky.

“Haha, not bad Guan Yiyun buddy! It’s impossible for these guys to surrender, Little Chen would never allow that to happen.”

Big Yellow was laughing out heartily. He extended his head and continued cras.h.i.+ng and slamming in all direction. His path was filled with blood-curdling screeches.

Previously, Guan Yiyun had not been a man without mercy, he would still give his enemies a chance to surrender. But, since he had been in Inferno h.e.l.l for such a long time, he had changed the way he dealt with his enemies. Those who came back from Inferno h.e.l.l were all cruel men, they wouldn’t even blink their eyes when they killed.

At this moment, everyone from the Burning Sky Pavilion had completely lost all their hope. Their opponents didn’t even allow them to surrender. Clearly, they wanted to kill them all.

This was karma. When they were on the upper side and were killing the people from the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness, none of them even furrowed their brows. But now that the tables had turned, no matter how they begged for forgiveness and asked to surrender, their karma had decided that this was impossible.

Although Nanbei Chao was extremely ruthless and arrogant, there was one thing he was right about. At even turning point in history, with every end of an era, blood must be shed. Today was a day of major change for the Qi Province, and the Black Sect’s battlefield was destined to be a h.e.l.l filled with slaughter. Rivers of blood were destined to flow in this battle, and the blood would either belong to themselves, or their enemies. Those who were involved could not escape.

This was the cruel world of cultivation. Life and death and was normal, there were not many rules that applied to this realm, and the thing that mattered the most was strength.

The Burning Sky Pavilion’s army had been completely defeated and had dispersed. The formidable Big Yellow needed no description. Guan Yiyun, Tian Yishan, Huo Yuner; each of them were extremely strong. Even Yang Meng, w.a.n.g Heng and the few others were men who killed without blinking their eyes. The fights they had experienced in Inferno h.e.l.l was a hundred times more terrifying than this.


The miserable shrieks could be heard everywhere. The number of disciples and elders from the Burning Sky Pavilion were constantly reducing. More than half the sect elders from the Heavenly Sword Sect had been killed, and the rest of them were suffering from serious injuries, and were struggling with defending themselves. This time, Duan Jianhong had made a wrong decision. If he had chosen to join the Black Sect and Valley of Happiness, he would not be trapped in this situation.


In the sky above, Jiang Chen and Nanbei Chao were still locked in a fierce fight. Both of them were men with extraordinary talent, and they both possessed all kinds of skills. It was really difficult to determine who the winner would be.

The situation had caused all the men from the Burning Sky Pavilion and Heavenly Sword Sect to completely lose all their hope. Since the beginning of the war, Nanbei Chao was their only hope. But now, it seemed like they couldn’t depend on him any longer.


Duan Jianhong who was fighting Daoist Black and Granny Feng suddenly shouted.

“Daoist Black, Granny Feng, you should know that I didn’t genuinely surrender to Nanbei Chao. Now, with the utmost sincerity, I have decided to have the Heavenly Sword Sect join you. We’ll work together and kill those men from the Burning Sky Pavilion. Let’s turn our hostility into friends.h.i.+p, what do you think?”

Duan Jianhong said. He knew the Burning Sky Pavilion was going to be destroyed today, and if he still didn’t do something, he would meet the same end. Once Jiang Chen was freed from the fight, what awaited him would be certain death.

“Haha, Duan Jianhong, are you out of your mind? I don’t think that’s what you told us just now!”

Daoist Black burst into laughter. He had never laughed with such joy before, this caused all the depression in his heard to disappear.

“Duan Jianhong, it was your own choice, your own decision that pushed the Heavenly Sword Sect into the pit of fire, and now you’re trying to join forces with us? Even if we agreed, do you really think Jiang Chen will let you off?”

Granny Feng said with a grin on her face. Then, she forcefully whipped Duan Jianhong with her whip. In the current situation, there was no need for them to accept Duan Jianhong’s proposal to join forces. Also, they couldn’t accept his personality either, it was better for them to fight him until he died.

“Daoist Black, Granny Feng, you better consider my proposal. Although Jiang Chen is really strong, he is locked in a fight with Nanbei Chao. Both of you are seriously injured, and you’re no match for me even when working together. Currently, no one in this battlefield can defeat me. I didn’t even use my full strength when fighting you two just now, and if you guys really want to enter a life and death struggle, I’ll use my full strength to kill both of you now.”

Duan Jianhong had a cold expression as he threatened.

“d.a.m.n you, show me what you’ve got, stupid fat guy! This dog master wants to see if I can’t kill you with my head!”

Big Yellow suddenly appeared behind Duan Jianhong. His head was glowing brightly, and without any hesitation, he rammed into Duan Jianhong.