Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 249 – The Dao of War

Chapter 249 – The Dao of War

Chapter 249 – The Dao of War

The Blood Talisman’s aura was too strong, it would attract the attention of all Evil Devils once it was revealed, and when the Earth Devil sensed the Blood Talisman’s aura, it would certainly hide and put their effort to waste.

“Everyone, be extra careful, that Combat Soul Evil Devil is really powerful.”

Jiang Chen reminded everyone. Then, he took the lead and started flying toward the depths of the place.

Xuan Ye had a serious look on his face. Although he was an Early Combat Soul warrior, no human warrior could gain an advantage when fighting an Evil Devil at the same level. Not everyone was an abnormal monster like Jiang Chen, and not everyone possessed the True Dragon Flame.


Soon, the Evil Devils in the devil cave sensed the human auras. Wild roars sounded out from all direction. Then, ferocious devilish energy erupted all over the place. Countless wicked and strong Evil Devil dashed out from everywhere, towards Jiang Chen and his group.”


Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He had broken through to the Divine Core realm, and he had over 1,000 Dragon Marks in his body. A simple wave of his hand could produce a force carrying ten million jin. His mighty strength was not something these Evil Devils could withstand.

The Axe of Thunder appeared in Jiang Chen’s hand, and it was immediately covered in True Dragon Flames. Jiang Chen raised the axe high up into the air, and with an ear-splitting sound, he chopped it toward the incoming Evil Devils with a tremendous amount of force.


The earth quaked, the mountains shook, and blood splashed all over the place. A deep trenched was created by the ma.s.sive amount of force, and black smoke kept emitting from it. The Evil Devils were howling and screaming as they were being slaughtered. Bits and pieces of flesh could be found all over the place. Jiang Chen’s attack had killed countless Evil Devils.

Jiang Chen threw his hand forward in a grabbing motion. In an instant, all devil souls flew up and entered into his storage ring. With a fearless gaze, he kept sprinting forward while swinging the battle axe in his hand. Each strike would cause catastrophic damage, and no Evil Devils could stop him from marching forward.

“What a vigorous man, I have never seen such an incredible young genius before!”

Xuan Ye told Wu Jiu through his Divine Sense. He couldn’t stop the shock from reaching his mind. Sweeping across the Inferno City, and now this; Jiang Chen was like a mighty warrior killing his way through. No one could stop him.

“Brother Jiang is indeed the genius with the most potential I’ve ever seen. Even those abnormal geniuses who never leave the Martial Palace and Martial Saint Dynasty can’t compare with his potential.”

Wu Jiu replied. This made Xuan Ye feel even more shocked. He knew Wu Jiu really well, and Wu Jiu never praised anyone. This was the first time he had heard Wu Jiu do so.


The turmoil was getting more and more intense, and soon, it had alerted the stronger Evil Devils. Over 5 Late Divine Core Evil Devils dashed to the scene. Each of them were at least 10 meters tall, and they all carried ferocious and bloodthirsty looks in their eyes. Each of these Evil Devils were carrying a creepy devil weapon. When they saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, a surprised look could be seen in their eyes.

Because, they recognized this man and dog. They came to the devil cave around two months ago, and they thought that these two had been killed by their chief. They never thought they would see them here again.


Without saying anything else, five valiant Late Divine Core Evil Devils raised their devil weapons high up into the air, then they unleashed their frightening devilish energies and attacked Jiang Chen and his group.


No fear could be sensed from Jiang Chen. His combat strength was way more powerful than that of these Late Divine Core Evil Devils. Also, his True Dragon Flame could greatly restrain these Evil Devils. Because of this, none of these Late Divine Core Evil Devils were a match for Jiang Chen. With a swing of his battle axe, an Evil Devil was instantly killed.

“Kaka, it’s time for this master dog to show his mightiness!”

Big Yellow’s tail was wagging while a mystical symbol was blinking on his forehead. In the next second, he dashed forward with extremely great speed, slamming into one of the Evil Devils. Big Yellow had just broken through to the Mid Divine Core realm, so he was incredibly confident right now.

“Big Yellow, be careful!”

Wu Jiu exclaimed. Right as he was about to attack and give Big Yellow a hand, he saw Big Yellow using his head to crush the Evil Devil’s head, killing it on the spot.


Big Yellow just killed a Late Divine Core Evil Devil with a single strike. He was incredibly excited, and he kept laughing out arrogantly toward the sky. As a Divine Beast, his strength and incredible talent was not something those ordinary beasts could compare with. Even though he was only a Mid Divine Core beast, it was a piece of cake for him to kill a Late Divine Core Evil Devil.

“What a strong head.”

Xuan Ye and Wu Jiu exchanged glances. Both could find shock in each other’s eyes. They thought Big Yellow’s only ability was the treasure hunting ability, but it looked like they were completely wrong. The man and dog in front of them were the most abnormal beings they had ever met.


It was a violent battle, and ma.s.sive blasts of energies kept rocking the place. When Xuan Ye and Wu Jiu were both startled by what they had witnessed, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had already killed all 5 Late Divine Core Evil Devils. It was a complete defeat, and no one could even withstand a single strike from either one of this duo.

Xuan Ye and Wu Jiu shook their heads. Both of these powerful warriors suddenly had a feeling that they weren’t needed here. Just Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were enough to kill all these Evil Devils.

A man and a dog were killing their way through a path in front of them. None of these Divine Core Evil Devils could slow them down. Soon, they arrived at the vicinity of the Devil Palace


A loud roar sounded out from the Devil Palace. After that, the Combat Soul Evil Devil with a gigantic body darted out. It stared at the group with its wicked eye while carrying tremendous killing intent.


The Evil Devil bellowed out in an unknown devil language. All of a sudden, it waved its gigantic devil claw which was covered with black devil flames, with a tremendous force and incredible force toward Jiang Chen and the group, causing the surrounding air to tremble.


Xuan Ye let out a cold snort. He had prepared for this. He held his palms together, then he unleashed a bright seal and forcefully threw it at the devil claw.


This was a collision from two Combat Soul realm beings. The ma.s.sive impact had nearly torn the dimension apart. Ripples of energies swept across the place and disturbed the airflow in the entire devil cave. The seal unleashed by Xuan Ye was shattered by the Evil Devil, but the attack had successfully blocked the Evil Devil’s attack.

Tap tap tap!

But, the Evil Devil was obviously stronger than Xuan Ye. Xuan Ye was forced back three steps before stabilizing his body.


Xuan Ye was shocked.

“Brother Jiu, I’ll use my True Dragon Flames to restrain it. You and brother Xuan just strike together with full strength.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Haha, I’ll deliver it a sneak attack.”

Big Yellow’s body swayed, and he completely disappeared, as if he had escaped from the scene. Jiang Chen knew that Big Yellow wasn’t running away, he was just hiding somewhere, preparing to sneak attack. This dog had a really wicked mind.


Jiang Chen leapt forward and flew up into the sky. With a loud banging sound, the scorching flame ignited and covered his entire body. The True Dragon Flame turned him completely into a flaming man.

Jiang Chen waved his hand and unleashed pouring flames onto the entire battlefield. In an instant, the battlefield was engulfed in a sea of flames. All the chilly devilish energies hovering around the area immediately swam away, as if they were sneaky mice seeing a fierce cat. The devilish energies that didn’t disappear were burned away by Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Flames.


The Combat Soul Evil Devil let out an angry roar. It hated this flame so much, and now it was trapped by it, causing its devilish energies to be greatly suppressed.


The Evil Devil became furious. It immediately threw out its claw and grabbed toward Jiang Chen. Initially, it didn’t pay any attention to Jiang Chen, and its only target was Xuan Ye. But, it never thought that this young man could actually unleash flames that could restrain itself.

Therefore, the Evil Devil had to kill this young man first. If not, it would be trapped by this sea of flames, and its combat strength would be greatly affected, limiting its ability to fight the enemies.

“Hmph! You have to ask for Lord Jiu’s permission if you want to hurt brother Jiang!”

Wu Jiu let out a cold snort. With mighty imposing momentum, his body swayed slightly, and he flew high up into the sky and arrived in front of Jiang Chen. Under Jiang Chen’s control, the True Dragon Flames wouldn’t do anything to affect Wu Jiu or Xuan Ye. Although both of them were trapped by the sea of flames as well, the flames would immediately move out of their way, and all the pressure was for the Evil Devil alone to bear.

“Weapons of a Chaotic War!”

Wu Jiu shouted out loudly. A golden light could be seen on both his palms, and in an instant, he forcefully struck out his palm. The grandeur of a violent battlefield exploded out, horses were neighing; weapons collided; morale was high.

All sorts of weapons appeared the moment Wu Jiu’s palm struck out, including blades, swords, pikes, halberds and many more. Each of them were extremely sharp and point, and the momentum of slaughter and battle on a chaotic battlefield was showering down on the scene, causing everyone to feel as if they were in a real battlefield.

“This is the energy of weapons, I never thought brother Jiu was an expert in the Dao of War and was able to generate so many kinds of weapons and unleash the exact grandeur of a battlefield. These yuan energies are extremely sharp, it feels like an invincible general is unleas.h.i.+ng the aura of a mighty king.”

This caused Jiang Chen’s opinion regarding Wu Jiu to grow once again. He had learned about the Dao of War before, and he knew this Dao was extremely tough to cultivate. Those who cultivated it must be extremely domineering, and they had to have personally experienced the grandeur of a chaotic battlefield; only then would one be able to unleash it perfectly. If Wu Jiu continued cultivating it, he would definitely break through to the Combat King realm in the future.

Bang, bang, bang…

Wu Jiu’s Weapons of a Chaotic War had transformed into countless razor sharp weapons, and they crashed toward the Evil Devil’s devil claw, tearing the gigantic devil claw into pieces.

This was the skill of a great warrior. Although he had only recovered to the peak Divine Core realm, but since the solid foundation of a peak Combat Soul warrior was still there, even Xuan Ye wouldn’t be his match if they really fought each other.

“Sonic Punch!”

At the same time, Xuan Ye too let out a violent shout and unleashed his ultimate attack. It was a s.h.i.+ning gigantic fist that carried a tremendous force, almost enough to cause the air to explode.

More importantly, Xuan Ye punched out with incredible speed, and he arrived in front of the Evil Devil in just the blink of an eye.


The Evil Devil was restrained by the True Dragon Flames and was being attacked by two great warriors at the same time, causing it to roar out furiously. Suddenly, it opened up its mouth and shot out an eerie black beam which collided with Xuan Ye’s Sonic Punch.

The black beam was formed by the Evil Devil’s source energy, it was extremely powerful.


The Combat Soul Evil Devil was simply too strong. Although it was being suppressed by the True Dragon Flames, its mightiness was still irresistible. The black beam actually penetrated the Sonic Punch without even slowing down.


Xuan Ye let out a cold snort. A silvery white pike appeared in his hand. This pike was a perfect-ranked combat weapon, and its power was far beyond what a high-ranked combat weapon could compare with.