Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 241 – Overbearing with no limits

Chapter 241 – Overbearing with no limits

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Chapter 241 – Overbearing with no limits

Jiang Chen eagerly wanted to return to Inferno City and find that treasure, therefore he was flying at high speed, and he didn’t spend any time fighting monsters along their way.

“Look at those people!”

“That’s Jiang Chen, and also Tian Yishan and the other men! Jiang Chen is alive, he actually reappeared after having gone missing for two and a half months! Look where they’re going, they’re going to Inferno City now!”

“Something big is going to happen, let’s return to Inferno City as quickly as possible. Right now, all the alliances from the middle area are looking for Jiang Chen, and he will be killed when he returns! Haha, our revenge will be served then!”

“You’re right! That Jiang Chen robbed us of everything we had, causing us to have a hard time surviving in Inferno h.e.l.l. Perhaps only half of the ones who survived that day are still alive right now.”


Jiang Chen didn’t hide his aura or anything, he just flew openly in the sky, that’s why he had attracted the attention of very many people. Among these people, quite a lot of them had been robbed by Jiang Chen, and all of them were shocked to see Jiang Chen. They immediately turned toward Inferno City, because they knew that Inferno City was going to become chaotic because of Jiang Chen’s return.

Jiang Chen could sense the eyes laid upon him and the auras. He just smiled with a carefree expression.

“Junior disciple Jiang, where have you been for the last two and a half months? We thought you were trapped by those Evil Devils and couldn’t leave the place.”

Guan Yiyun asked while healing himself.

“That’s a long story, I’ll tell you all when we have time in the future. I know where the Earth Devil is now, and my purpose of returning to Inferno City is to find the treasure that can restrain the Earth Devil.”

Jiang Chen said.

Hearing about the Earth Devil, all of these men had a change in expression. Jiang Chen had at last found the whereabouts of the Earth Devil, and he didn’t give up his goal of hunting it. But, little did these men know, even though Jiang Chen had broken through to the Divine Core realm, even if he managed to find the treasure that could restrain the Earth Devil, how was he going to deal with the Combat Soul Earth Devil?

“Brother Jiang, who is he?”

Tian Yishan looked at Wu Jiu and asked.

“Since you’re all brother Jiang’s friends, you may address me as Lord Jiu.”

Wu Jiu gazed at Tian Yishan and the other men in a casual manner and spoke with an indifferent tone.


Everyone were stunned, they didn’t expect this old man to be so supercilious. Jiang Chen was addressing him as brother Jiu, and he wanted them to address him as Lord Jiu, this was weird.

These men just gave up on their curiosity and focused on healing up, they didn’t say anything else to Wu Jiu.

Soon after, Jiang Chen and the group had left the Inferno h.e.l.l area, and there was only a thousand miles left until they reached Inferno City. With their speed, they would arrive shortly.

Along their way, Jiang Chen’s appearance had attracted many curious eyes. All of these people just followed them back to Inferno City, they wanted to witness what was going to happen.

“Stop right there!”

Followed by a loud shout, a man appeared not far in front of them. It was a middle aged man, and he wore linen clothes, and he carried a violent killing intent. His body was unleas.h.i.+ng a brutal and cruel aura, which made him look like a serial killer.

Jiang Chen could easily tell that this man was similar to Liu Peng, and he was a Late Divine Core warrior. The reason why he got in their way was obvious.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t think you were still alive, this is perfect! Hand over all your wealth and treasures, then I’ll spare your life.”

The man said out loud. What he said was also similar to what Liu Peng had said. It was as if they had discussed their speech together before.


Just as the middle aged man finished his speech, a gigantic blood red claw instantly appeared above his head. With a tremendous amount of force, it crashed into the man from above.


Under such tremendous pressure, the middle aged man threw up a stream of blood, and his face carried an extremely shocked expression.

“Trying to rob me? I’ll let you all know who the real prey is today! Not only will daddy rob you all, daddy will also kill you all!”

Jiang Chen said in a cruel manner, then he made the True Dragon Palm squeeze, killing the middle aged man. After that, he took the man’s storage ring.

Killed a man in an instant, and he didn’t even take a look at the body. He just continued his journey. Jiang Chen wouldn’t blink his eyes when killing these vicious and wicked men, he wouldn’t feel guilty even when killing hundreds of these men, let alone the man he just killed.

“Oh heavens! Chief Jiang is super strong!”

“So powerful, he killed a Late Divine Core warrior in an instant! Aiya, my eyes are going to go blind because of this glorious moment!”

“So overbearing, so brutal, so ruthless! Daddy loves this so much! There are so many people who want to kill chief Jiang, and I really want to know just how many of them are going to be killed by chief Jiang! Serves them right, since they’re prepared to kill chief Jiang, they have to be prepared to get killed by chief Jiang!”

w.a.n.g Heng, Yang Meng and the other men were incredibly excited. They had long ago witnessed how mighty Jiang Chen was. But at this moment, when Jiang Chen killed a Late Divine Core warrior, it had once again caused a storm to erupt in their hearts.

When the bystanders saw what happens, they could stand there, stunned with their mouths wide open.

“Inferno City is going to see great change! Hurry up, let’s go back and witness it!”

Many people were extremely excited. For the past two and a half months, almost everyone in Inferno h.e.l.l had been searching for Jiang Chen. Since Jiang Chen had no appeared, those warriors who had spent so much time hunting for Jiang Chen would definitely not let him go with ease. But, it seemed like Jiang Chen had become stronger than before, he was actually able to instantly kill a Late Divine Core warrior. Therefore, Inferno City was going to see great change.

The middle area of Inferno City was a gathering place for all Divine Core warriors, and that was because there was a Combat Soul warrior residing right in the center of Inferno City, and no one was allowed to enter that place during normal days. Therefore, if Jiang Chen once again robbed the entire middle area, it meant that Jiang Chen would have robbed pretty much every single warrior in the entire Inferno City. This was unbelievable!

Right in front of the gate to Inferno City, a couple human warriors had just returned from the wilderness of Inferno h.e.l.l. All of them had bored expressions on their faces as they walked into Inferno City. The leader of these six men was a Late Divine Core warrior, and the rest were all Mid Divine Core warriors. They were the leader’s subordinates.

“f.u.c.k, it seems like that Jiang Chen has just vanished from the mortal realm, it looks like he’s dead somewhere. f.u.c.k! We wasted our time searching for him!”

“That’s right, chief. Many alliances from the middle area have already given up their search and have returned to Inferno City. We have wasted our time out there.”

“f.u.c.k! If that Jiang Chen dares come back, daddy will definitely tear him apart! How could he let us waste so much time searching for him? This is outrageous!”


All these men were really bored. They had talked together and decided that before leaving Inferno City, as long as they killed Jiang Chen, all of them would split his wealth equally. But, not only did they not find Jiang Chen, they had actually spent most of their time fighting the monsters in Inferno h.e.l.l.

“I, Jiang Chen am back!”

Right at this moment, a loud shout sounded out from afar. The voice carried a powerful sound-wave, and it rocked the entire place like a thunder strike, causing those who heard it to feel a constant buzzing sound in their ears.

The six bored men instantly turned around, then they saw a group of men flying toward Inferno City with great speed. The leading man was wearing white clothes, he had a handsome and delicate face, and a majestic big yellow dog following next to him. He was none other than Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, he is alive!”

“Haha, perfect! What a small world!”

The leading old man let out a hearty laugh. The six of them immediately flew up into the sky and blocked Jiang Chen’s path.

“Jiang Chen, you really know how to hide.”

The leading old man said while laughing.

“Sorry to trouble you all.”

Jiang Chen said in a casual manner. After that, he turned around and said to Wu Jiu, “Brother Jiu, I’ll let you see how I handle things.”

“Don’t worry, brother. Your brother, I will witness your mightiness today. Just wreck the h.e.l.l out of this place! If you really poke a hole in the skies, your brother will patch it up for you.”

Wu Jiu slammed his own chest and said. He too was someone who had no fear of any trouble.

“Big Yellow, you too just back off, let me do this myself.”

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow’s head. Although Big Yellow wasn’t satisfied, he still backed off together with Wu Jiu. Big Yellow was at the Early Divine Core realm, but he just couldn’t compare with Jiang Chen who was an abnormal monster. It was still quite difficult for him to deal with Late Divine Core warriors.

“Jiang Chen, hand over all your treasures now!”

One of the Mid Divine Core warriors took a step forward and said to Jiang Chen in an arrogant manner.


Right after he finished speaking, a razor sharp sword energy appeared right above his head. The man could only feel a numbness on his head, and before he could let out any screams, Jiang Chen had slashed him in half.

“Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen shouted. Big Yellow immediately understood what he meant, and with incredible speed, he dashed forward and arrived next to the dead body, then he s.n.a.t.c.hed away the storage ring without any hesitation.

“Haha, all the people from the middle area, listen up! If you want to kill me, just come forward!”

Jiang Chen’s voice swept across the place. The powerful sound wave had an incredible penetrating force, causing everyone in the middle area of Inferno City to hear what he said.

“What?! Jiang Chen is back?! He still has the courage to come back!?”

“Hurry up, let’s go and kill Jiang Chen, don’t let other people kill him before us!”

“Faster, this Jiang Chen is a moving treasure chest! If we can get all the wealth he possesses, we’ll be living a good life in the future!”

At this moment, countless men flew out from the middle area of Inferno City like a rain of arrow, crazily rus.h.i.+ng towards the outside of Inferno City.

Back to the scene. The leader and the few other men had finally reacted, all of them stared at Jiang Chen in shock. They never though Jiang Chen would be so brutal, their friend had just said something threatening, and he was immediately killed.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you fight back!?”

The leader let out a furious shout. In an instant, a bright blade appeared in his hand.

“Those who wants to kill me, I will kill! Today, I will kill everyone single one who has wanted to kill me!”

Jiang Chen unleashed his killing intent. As the once greatest Saint in the world, the bones of those he had killed were enough to pile up to be a gigantic mountain. He had killed countless enemies along his way to the top.

If one was his enemy, he would be killed. This was Jiang Chen’s principle. Jiang Chen understood a fact, if the tables were turned, if he was weaker than his enemy, they would definitely not spare his life. If that was the case, why should he want to show mercy?


Jiang Chen raised the longsword in his hand high up into the air. The bright sword aura struck through the air, and with an ultimate momentum, it slashed toward the leading Divine Core warrior.


The Late Divine Core warrior let out a violent shouted. He covered his body with rocking yuan energies and rolling energies. The blade in his hand dazzled with light as it collided with Jiang Chen’s sword in a formidable manner.

Clang! Ahh!

A violent sound of weapons clanging together with a horrifying scream was heard. There was no way the man could match Jiang Chen’s extremely powerful strike. He was thrown down from the sky by the attack, and the blade in his hand was repelled away. Along his way to the ground, blood kept burst out from his mouth. Then, he fell onto the ground, and was stunned by the tremendous force.

The man only felt all his bones dislocating, and he couldn’t control his yuan energy any longer. Just as he struggled to stand up, he saw a hue dog looking at him while baring its teeth.