Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 234 – Spiraling Defense Mechanism

Chapter 234 – Spiraling Defense Mechanism

Chapter 234 – Spiraling Defense Mechanism

Leaving Wu Jiu behind, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow started walking toward the defense mechanism. Wi Jiu’s condition had stabilized now, and although the poisonous miasma had caused serious damage to his body, since Jiang Chen had completely absorbed the poison, with Wu Jiu’s peak Combat Soul cultivation base, he wouldn’t have any issues slowly healing.

Besides, Wu Jiu was protected by the True Dragon Flame barrier, he was safe from the poisonous miasma’s corrosion. Together with all the pills, crystal cores and natural essences that Jiang Chen had given him, what Wu Jiu needed to do now was slowly heal himself.

But, since Wu Jiu was trapped here for nearly ten years, all the vital forces in his body had almost been depleted. Even though the poisonous miasma was completely gone, it was no easy task to fully heal. At least not in a short period of time.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow stood in front of the defense mechanism, both with frowns on their faces. These two guys were experts in formations, and they could easily tell how horrifying the defense mechanism in front of them was.

“All formations are formed with layers of defense mechanisms, and as long as there is a formation, there will be a breaking point somewhere. As long as we can find the breaking point, breaking this formation won’t really be difficult. But, in front of us, there is no formation, but an extremely intact natural defense mechanism, it is so intact that there simply is no breaking point.”

Big Yellow said with a frown on his face.

“You’re right. If it’s a formation, we’d still have a chance at breaking it, but this is literally a defense mechanism as a whole. Big Yellow, do you know anything that might break this defense mechanism?”

Jiang Chen said as he looked at Big Yellow.

“In order to break a defense mechanism, there are only two ways. First is to use force, but even that old man couldn’t break it, let alone both of us. The second method is to create a new defense mechanism. I know one type of defense mechanism that will repulse any other defense mechanism once it is created. With this, we might be able to use the repulsive force between the defense mechanisms and force the natural defense mechanism to focus its strength to one point, so that the other part of it will become weaker. Once that happens, we’ll attack the weak spot, and break the entire defense mechanism.”

Big Yellow said.

“Ordinary defense mechanisms are useless to break this natural defense mechanism, I have tried all sorts of methods for the past ten years.

Wu Jiu said.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. In his previous life, he did have some unique accomplishments in the field of defense mechanisms and formations, and he knew at least a few hundreds of them. But, none of them were like what Big Yellow had mentioned.

“All the defense mechanisms you guys know are too low level. In my memory, there is a book called the Heavenly Book of Source Formations, and there are all sorts of ancient defense mechanisms recorded within. There is a defense mechanism called the Spiraling Defense Mechanism, it possesses a spinning force, and once created, it will repel the natural defense mechanism. If we can create this Spiraling Defense Mechanism, we’ll be able to break this thing in front of us.”

Big Yellow explained.

“Heavenly Book of Source Formations?!”

Both Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu exclaimed, especially Jiang Chen. He had traveled everywhere in the Saint Origin realm, but he had never heard about this book before. Also, he didn’t know anything about this Spiraling Defense Mechanism.

But soon after, Jiang Chen felt at ease. The Saint Origin realm was just a lower realm, even if he was the once most powerful and greatest Saint in the realm, there were still many things he didn’t know. The Saint realm wasn’t the peak of cultivation, as there was still the Immortal realm beyond it.

Big Yellow was a Dragon Horse descendant, and he had the complete inheritance of the Divine Beast. He could obtain all sorts of ancient and powerful treasures from his memory. This Heavenly Book of Source Formations was one of his awakened memories.

When Big Yellow was still in the Qi Hai realm, he was already able to break the defense mechanism at the Demon Prison Tower and release a few demon lords. It looked like his knowledge was from the Heavenly Book of Source Formations. Besides, Big Yellow’s amazing treasure hunting ability might also have come from this book.

“Big Yellow, if that’s the case, hurry up and create this Spiraling Defense Mechanism.”

Jiang Chen rushed Big Yellow.

“With my current cultivation level, it will take at least two and a half months to create the Spiraling Defense Mechanism.”

Big Yellow said.

“What?! Two and a half months?!”

Jiang Chen exclaimed. Wu Jiu could still remain calm at this point in time. He had after all been trapped in this place for ten years, so he didn’t really mind waiting another two and a half months. But, Jiang Chen couldn’t wait for so long, he had only been in Inferno h.e.l.l for five days, and the doorway to the outside world would be opened in three months. Now, if Big Yellow took two and a half months to create the Spiraling Defense Mechanism, including some unforeseen elements, even if they could leave this place in two and a half months, they would only have ten days before the doorway to the outside world opened. And until now, he still had no news about the Earth Devil.

“The Spiraling Defense Mechanism is an ancient defense mechanism, even the Heavenly Book of Source Formations has cla.s.sified it as a rare mechanism, and it is really difficult to create one. Two and a half months is the best I can do… Besides, even if I manage to create it, we’ll still be unable to leave this place.”

Big Yellow said.

“Why is that?”

Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu asked at the same time. Wu Jiu’s eyes were blinking, it had been ten years, and he finally saw the possibility to leave this place. Of course he would feel excited.

“Although the Spiraling Defense Mechanism can steal away most of this natural defense mechanism’s strength and cause a weak spot to appear, we still don’t have the strength to break it. Let’s put aside old man Wu Jiu, although he is a Combat Soul warrior, with his current condition, two and a half months won’t allow his cultivation to restore by much. Also, once I create the Spiraling Defense Mechanism, all my energy and spirit will be depleted, so we can only depend on Little Chen to break this natural defense mechanism. But, we need the strong of a Late Divine Core warrior to break it, at least. Therefore, only if Little Chen can break through to the Divine Core realm in two and a half months to break it, we will have the opportunity to leave this place.”

Big Yellow explained. Because of the Heavenly Book of Source Formations, he had a complete understand of the natural defense mechanism, but in order to leave this place, relying on the Spiraling Defense Mechanism Alone would be impossible.

“Alright. I have absorbed a huge amount of demon souls, devil souls and crystal cores, and my cultivation has reached the Heavenly Core realm. I was actually ready to break through to the Divine Core realm. Since we are trapped in this poisonous miasma s.p.a.ce, I can actually utilize the harsh environment to stimulate my potential and break through to the Divine Core realm.”

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirit. He was a man who could keep calm even in the most dangerous situations, and although he was left with only a few days after the two and a half months had pa.s.sed, it was a fate he couldn’t change.

Besides, he had to break through to the Divine Core realm no matter what. If not, even after Big Yellow created the Spiraling Defense Mechanism, they wouldn’t be able to leave this place.

Jiang Chen was going to break through to the Divine Core realm, but he wasn’t going to use any souls, he wanted to break through on his own. Using his own potential and relying on the Dragon Transformation skill’s help to break through to the Divine Core realm, there shouldn’t be any problems with doing this in about two and a half months. Besides, this method of breaking through would help his cultivation base settle down, and his foundation would be much stronger and more solid. Once he broke through to the Divine Core realm, he would be able to continue absorbing souls to form new Dragon Marks.

Without hesitation, Jiang Chen walked and saw down not far from Wu Jiu, then he speedily adjusted himself to his best form. Then, he entered secluded cultivation.

On the other side, Big Yellow had started adjusting his aura as well. Creating a Spiraling Defense Mechanism wasn’t easy, and he couldn’t allow any accidents to happen during the entire process.


After a short moment, Big Yellow raised up his front hoof and drew a link in midair. A bright trail of light appeared and stood still in the air.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

Big Yellow kept drawing and leaving trails of light in the air, which eventually weaved into a gigantic net in front of him.

On the other side, Wu Jiu and Jiang Chen had both entered secluded cultivation. Jiang Chen was going to break through to the Divine Core realm, and Wu Jiu was using pills and crystal cores to slowly restore his cultivation.

One day, two days, three days…

In the blink of an eye, ten days had flashed by. In these ten days, Big Yellow never stopped unleas.h.i.+ng defense mechanisms, working hard in creating the Spiraling Defense Mechanism. Jiang Chen remained quiet in his own special state, sitting silently like a meditating monk, as stable as a mountain. Besides the fire barrier covering his body, no energy ripples could be sensed from him. It was as if he had completely entered a state of tranquility

Wu Jiu was the one who had the most change. In just ten days, his cultivation had been restored to the Early Heavenly Core realm, an incredible speed! Besides this, his outlook had changed tremendously as well.

More muscles could be seen on his once skinny body underneath the robe, and the wrinkles on his face had slowly disappeared. He looked much younger now, and he didn’t look like an old man who was long past his prime.

Burning Sky Pavilion!

The Burning Sky Pavilion was similar to the Black Sect, which was located within a ma.s.sive mountain range. There was also an energy vein underneath the mountain range. Not only did it provide the entire sect with pure natural yuan energy, it also brought them strong fortune.

Right now, within the deepest area in the Burning Sky Pavilion, a young man was sitting on a cus.h.i.+on inside a grand palace. He had an eagle vision and a handsome face, and he portrayed a domineering image from all over his body, as if he was the supreme being of this world.

Opposite of this young man, there sat an adult man who was in his forties. The adult man wore a fiery red long robe, and his aura was no weaker than Daoist Black’s aura. This man was the chief of the Burning Sky Pavilion, Zhao Chongyang, the Qi Province’s true overlord.

“Nanbei, your cultivation base is getting stronger and stronger! After you broke through to the Divine Core realm, your growth became even faster! Looks like it won’t take long before you’re able to break through to the Mid Divine Core realm!”

Zhao Chongyang looked at the young man in front of him and spoke with prideful expression.

This young man was none other than Nanbei Chao.

“I will enter secluded cultivation today to break through to the Mid Divine Core realm. After I break through, the Burning Sky Pavilion will immediately attacked the other three big sects. Before I proceed to the Martial Palace, I want to become the ruler of the entire Qi Province, make everyone submit to me! I, Nanbei Chao will build my own emperor, and become the sole emperor of the entire continent. No matter where I go, I want all people to submit to me!”

Nanbei Chao said word by word with a stern expression. It was an innate overbearing characteristic, a will to conquer everything. The driving force behind Nanbei Chao’s cultivation was to become the most powerful emperor in this world, he wanted every single person to submit to him.

“Alright. With your abilities, once you break through to the Mid Divine Core realm, even I won’t be your match. At that point of time, no one will dare resist when we attack the other three big sects.”

Zhao Chongyang said. He had prepared everything, and once Nanbei Chao broke through to the Mid Divine Core realm, he would attack all three big sects at once, changing the entire structure of the Qi Province.