Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 222 – Rivers of Blood

Chapter 222 – Rivers of Blood

Chapter 222 – Rivers of Blood

Jiang Chen just stood there without doing anything, but the pressure he emitted onto these men was huge. It was as if there was a mountain pus.h.i.+ng down on the hearts of these people. The few hundred men became completely silent, none of them dared to talk right now.

A man’s reputation could scare people, and Jiang Chen’s name was living proof of that. Besides, he just killed eight Early Divine Core warriors with just a single strike! Such an aggressive approach just made everyone fear him even more.

“Junior disciple Jiang, these men are here to kill us all.”

Guan Yiyun said with a smile on his face. n.o.body knew why, but the pressure from facing the hundreds of men had become light after Jiang Chen had appeared. The desperate and frightening emotions were completely gone! It was as if Jiang Chen alone could resist and army of thousands of soldiers, this was their complete trust in Jiang Chen. Ever since Guan Yiyun had come to know Jiang Chen, there hadn’t been a single instance where Jiang Chen was defeated.

At the same time, Guan Yiyun explained what happened to Jiang Chen through his divine sense. Learning about what was going on, Jiang Chen almost threw up a mouthful of blood. In an instant, he fiercely began glaring at Big Yellow.

These people were all cruel and merciless men, were they really that easy to rule? Even if they really submitted to Big Yellow, there wouldn’t be more than a few of them who would do so willingly, and that made them impossible to manage. This was the reason why n.o.body has ever tried to rule the entire city, and Big Yellow was just asking for trouble by doing this. However, Jiang Chen knew this dog very well. This dog had just broken through to the Divine Core realm and couldn’t wait to show off his mightiness. In simpler words, the reason why Big Yellow wanted to conquer all strongholds was to show off.

Jiang Chen’s primary target for his trip to Inferno h.e.l.l was the Earth Devil. After he had finished his cultivation, he had decided to proceed to the depths of Inferno h.e.l.l to find out more about the Earth Devil. Therefore, he had no interest in ruling these alliances.

But, although Jiang Chen didn’t want to see trouble, he would never be afraid when trouble came to him. Big Yellow was his own brother, and even if he poked a hole in the heavens, Jiang Chen would still back him up.

“Little Chen, this group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds said they want to crush and kill you!”

Big Yellow said.


Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. With the increase of his strength, his aura had become even more violent.

“So you want to crush and kill me, then what are you waiting for?”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. An intense killing intent could be seen in his eyes, he never showed any mercy to those who wanted to kill him. He didn’t really care about the reason behind this matter, just the behavior of these men was enough to motivate Jiang Chen to kill them all and turn the place into a river of blood.

Those men who were shouting that they wanted to kill Jiang Chen just now had become completely silent. It was easy to boast about killing someone, as it was easier said than done; but when Jiang Chen finally stood in front of them, these men had immediately become cowards.

With just a single gaze from Jiang Chen, fear begun growing in these men’s minds. No matter how many strong warriors stood beside them, they just had a feeling that they were facing Jiang Chen alone. It was like if Jiang Chen decided to kill any one of them, that man would certainly die. The feeling was really uncomfortable.

“Hmph! Jiang Chen, you’re a man with wild ambitions! But, we will not submit to you! Today, by combining over thirty alliances together, we’ve come here to kill you!”

Zhuge Yun said with a loud voice. Right at this moment, he had to stand out and say something. If no one stood out, the spirits of these few hundred people would be destroyed by Jiang Chen’s gaze, as well as the strike just now.

“Initially, I didn’t even have the slightest interest in ruling you all, but since you’ve come to my doorstop, I won’t go easy on you guys. Now, I’ll give you a chance to survive; submit to my brother, Big Yellow! From now on, you’ll have to do everything he says and obey all his commands! If not, don’t even think about leaving alive.”

Jiang Chen said without showing any emotion on his face. Since Big Yellow wanted to show off his mightiness, Jiang Chen could help him fulfill his dream.

“Kaka, good, perfect! Little Chen, you’re such a good friend! You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, if you can serve me splendidly later on, once master dog becomes happy, I’ll reward you with limitless benefits!”

Big Yellow was laughing out heartily while bouncing up and down.


Zhuge Yun let out a cold shout. The anger on his face was becoming more and more apparent, “Jiang Chen, how dare you insult us with a dog?!”

Jiang Chen’s words made everyone feel extremely angry. If Jiang Chen said he was the one who wanted to rule them all, at least that meant he somewhat respected these people. But now, Jiang Chen actually wanted them to submit to a dog. Asking so many Divine Core warriors to serve a dog, he was a f.u.c.king bully! This was an outrageous insult to them!

“Haha, so what if I am insulting you? I, Jiang Chen will do whatever I want to do! All of you formed an alliance and intruded my stronghold, determined to kill me! And yet, you won’t allow daddy to insult you all? Let me tell you this, if you guys can’t accept this, don’t ever think about leaving this place alive. As long as I am happy, I won’t even frown if I slaughter all living beings in Inferno h.e.l.l, let alone you few hundred people.

Jiang Chen let out a loud laugh, he was portraying a peerless domineering aura from all over his body. When the greatest Saint I the world wanted to kill someone, he wouldn’t need any reason to do it, and he would never show any mercy to those who wanted to kill him.

“d.a.m.n, chief Jiang is extremely overbearing, daddy’s blood is boiling now!”

“Awesome, this is what a man should be like; look down on the entire world, disregard everything, kill all who gets in the way! Daddy’s blood is boiling!”

“d.a.m.n it, let’s kill them all!”

Yang Meng and the other men’s blood had started boiling because of Jiang Chen’s domineering behavior; they were ignited by just a few of Jiang Chen’s words. All of them were brave men, and Jiang Chen seemed unstoppable as he looked down upon the entire world.

Tian Yishan and Guan Yiyun also couldn’t restrain themselves, they looked at Jiang Chen with admiration. Jiang Chen’s dominance had no comparison; a man like this would certainly become someone great in the future.

“Brothers, you heard it for yourselves, this Jiang Chen clearly state that he won’t spare our lives! Today, either he dies, or we die! All Mid Divine Core warriors, attack together! I don’t believe Jiang Chen alone can handle so many men!”

Zhuge Yun folded his folding fan as he shouted toward the crowd.

“Kill, let’s slaughter this Jiang Chen!”

“That’s right, there are so many of us here, we can crush Jiang Chen into meat paste with ease!”

“He’s just a Heavenly Core warrior, he can’t be strong than us! Let’s strike together!”

All the chiefs from the different alliances started shouting. Their expressions became ferocious ones, and they were eager to strike. However, none of them dared strike first, because they all knew Jiang Chen was no tame sheep, but a fierce tiger. The first person to strike would most likely be the first one to die.



Looking at the situation, Jiang Chen let out a laugh filled with ridicule, “Since none of you have the guts to strike first, I’ll be the first one to strike!”

After his words left his mouth, Jiang Chen immediately unleashed the True Dragon Palm, he grabbed towards the man who stood closest to him.

Jiang Chen was too fast, the man didn’t even have a chance to react before the True Dragon Palm completely covered him.


Jiang Chen had powerful killing intent. The dragon claw forcefully clenched, and in the next instant, a popping sound could be heard mixed in with a horrifying scream. The Mid Divine Core warrior’s body exploded and turned into a blood mist. He was killed by the True Dragon Palm without any ability to resist.

A storm swept across the scene, everyone had a dramatic change in expression. This was terrifying! A Mid Divine Core warrior was just killed with a single strike, this was not something a Heavenly Core warrior would ever be able to achieve! In their minds, their opponent was not a human, he was simply an ancient barbaric beast!

“Brother Jiang has become even stronger!”

Only Tian Yishan’s mind shook; only he himself knew how big of a shock this was! He could clearly feel that Jiang Chen had become much stronger compared to three days ago when he fought Yang Shuo. After just three days, anyone who faced this peerless monster would feel a ma.s.sive pressure coming from him.

“d.a.m.n it, buddy has become stronger! Looks like my dream of getting revenge is gone once again…”

Big Yellow’s lips twitched, and he felt somewhat depressed. He had been thinking about fighting Jiang Chen and defeating him ever since he had broken through to the Divine Core realm, but he hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would have a surge in combat strength once again.


While the men were still stunned by what they had just seen, a longsword resembling a poisonous snake suddenly appeared in Jiang Chen’s hand. Without any effort, he impaled the chest of a Mid Divine Core chief. It was Yang Shuo’s Bloodthirsty Sword.

“Can’t even withstand a single blow.”

With a kick, Jiang Chen send the man’s dead body away, retrieving his storage ring at the same time. All these men were chiefs from different strongholds, they were men with vast resources. Obviously, Jiang Chen wouldn’t let their storage rings slip from underneath his nose. There were no moral principles in Inferno h.e.l.l, everyone here were thieves, and it was normal to kill someone and rob that person of everything he has.

Besides, Jiang Chen wouldn’t even furrow his brows when killing these men. All of them were expelled to Inferno h.e.l.l because they were vicious and wicked men in the outside world. He wouldn’t feel guilty about killing any of them.

“Attack now!”

Zhuge Yun roared out. In an instant, countless golden beams were unleashed from his folding fan, heading toward Jiang Chen. At the same time, the rest of the men dared not hesitate any longer. In just a blink of an eye, two men had been killed by Jiang Chen. If they kept delaying, no one would know how many men would be killed. This Jiang Chen was really formidable.

“Do you believe you can kill me all by yourselves?”

Jiang Chen seemed incomparably glorious, 750 Dragon Marks had given him a gigantic surge in combat strength, and it was incredibly powerful right now, allowing him to even fight a Late Divine Core warrior.


At this moment, energy attacks were coming from all directions, dozens of Mid Divine Core warriors were attacking together, creating a gigantic combined attack. Colorful energy ripples could be seen everywhere, instantly swarming towards Jiang Chen.

At the same time, all the other men began swarming in and attacking Big Yellow, Tian Yishan and the others.

“Kaka, let’s kill them all!”

Big Yellow let out a hearty laugh. With his body covered in a golden light, he dashed forwards and jumped into the crowd, then he began violently das.h.i.+ng into the people in the crowd.


The Early Divine Core Big Yellow was simply invincible! Wherever his gigantic body pa.s.sed, men would fall to the ground and tumble around. With a head as hard as a diamond, he killed anyone who got in his way.

At his moment, blood mists were hovering around all over the scene, broken limbs were flying everywhere, blood splashed and flowed on the floor; blood was smeared across the entire stronghold’s ground!

“Brothers, let’s kill!”

Tian Yishan waved the sword in his hand, he became the first one to strike forwards.


Guan Yiyun, Yang Meng, and the rest of the men were laughing out loudly as well. Fighting a few hundred men with just a few men, a battle like this, perhaps they would only experience it once in their life. It was a battle where they were all in high spirits; their fighting spirits had been ignited by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.