Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 210 – Demon Taming Lock

Chapter 210 – Demon Taming Lock

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Chapter 210 – Demon Taming Lock

Jiang Chen didn’t answer Yang Shuo’s question. The blood dripping from his longsword was the best answer to the question.

“So you are Yang Shuo?”

Jiang Chen asked as he threw an examining look onto Yang Shuo.

“Young master, this guy is really strong, and not easy to deal with. Even I am no match for him.”

Liu Kui said with a sigh. He had a frightened expression on his face, and he was unable to pull himself out from his panicked state. He had never seen a young Heavenly Core man who possessed so much combat strength. This had gone beyond his knowledge and imagination.

“Hmph! You’re courting death by killing so many of my men. I don’t care who you are, today I will torture and kill you.”

Yang Shuo let out a cold snort. It wasn’t easy to cultivate a group of men in Inferno City. All these men had pledged loyalty to him and worked under his command. He would always send them to hunt for monsters in the depths of Inferno h.e.l.l, and he would be able to get a share of their harvest. Put it this way, as long as he had a group of men working for him, he would be able to enjoy good wealth and benefits without doing anything himself.

Now, all his men had been killed in such a short period of time. This was no different than destroying his only source of income. Of course, Yang Shuo had become extremely angry.

“Yang Shuo, a genius from the Jian Province’s Myriad Sword Sect, your strength is quite sold. But too bad, you’ve offended someone you shouldn’t have; you hurt my friend. Today, I’ll bring my friend justice, and that’s the reason why I want to kill everyone in this stronghold, including you. Yang Shuo, remember, my name if Jiang Chen. If you don’t remember it now, you won’t have the opportunity later on.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. He felt extremely confident, as he possessed 600 Dragon Marks. So, he didn't really worry when facing a genius like Yang Shuo.

“Haha, I think you’re referring to Guan Yiyun and those other men. Since you’re here to get yourself killed, I’ll fulfill your wish; all of you are going to die today. Let me see how strong you, Tian Yishan’s help is.”

Yang Shuo burst into laughter.

“If that’s the case, attack now.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. He casually put away the longsword and remained standing in the same spot.

“There is no need for me to personally attack you. Shamanic Fire Ape, come out now!”

Yang Shuo suddenly shouted out loudly. A round-shaped lock which glowed in a dark light appeared in his hand. There were numerous mystical symbols carved onto the lock itself, and if examined carefully, the symbols were actually patterns which resembled demon beasts.


The black colored lock dinged. Followed by the dinging sound, a ground-shaking roar suddenly sounded out from the depths of the stronghold. After that, a flaming figure suddenly appeared above the skies.

It was a powerful fire ape, and its entire body was emitting a flaming red light. The fire ape was over 10 meters tall, and it looked like a tall paG.o.da. When the fire ape saw Yang Shuo, an intense hatred emerged in its eyes. But when it saw the black lock in his hand, the intense hatred was turned into fear and meekness.

The fire ape let out an angry roar as it descended from the skies. It slammed into the ground with ma.s.sive force, causing an explosion to sound out, the entire strong hold to shake, and countless cracks to appear on the ground. It unleashed a tremendous demonic energy combined with scorching flames, enough to send fear deep into one’s heart.

“Brother Jiang, be careful, this is a Shamanic Fire Ape, and it has reached the Mid Divine Core realm. I don’t know how Yang Shuo managed to make this Shamanic Fire Ape obey his command. Also, all the other demon beasts, they are all controlled by Yang Shuo.”

Tian Yishan’s expression changed, and without any hesitation, he explained to Jiang Chen. Normally, demon beasts all had violent tempers, and considered humans their mortal enemies, even more so for demon beasts who had broken through to the Divine Core realm. All of them had their own prides and dignities, and they would rather die than be controlled by a human. This Shamanic Fire Ape had reached the Mid Divine Core realm, but it was still willing to be controlled by Yang Shuo, confusing other.

“It’s because of the black lock in that guy’s hand. It actually has an energy that can make all demons submit to its command. Even I feel uncomfortable when facing it.”

Big Yellow said. He looked at the black lock which was held in Yang Shuo’s hand, al although he didn’t fear it as much as the Shamanic Fire Ape did, he still felt hatred towards the thing.

“That’s the Demon Taming Lock, it’s an item that’s really difficult to me. I never thought this Yang Shuo would actually own one. No wonder why he’s able to make those demon beasts obey his command. Obviously, this Shamanic Fire Ape is controlled by the Demon Taming Lock and are unable to reject Yang Shuo’s command.”

Jiang Chen said. His eyes lit up as he looked at the Demon Taming Lock, this kind of item was extremely rare and precious. If he was able to obtain this Demon Taming Lock, the advantages he would gain would be huge.

“Brother Jiang, what should we do now?

Tian Yishan looked extremely worried.

“Hmph! Don’t worry, I’ll just killed this Shamanic Fire Ape and get its demon soul, after that, I’ll kill Yang Shuo and get his Demon Taming Lock.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. A grin appeared on his face, because in his mind, Yang Shuo was just a small obstacle in his path towards the ultimate goal. Everything Yang Shuo had done and obtained, it would all belong to Jiang Chen in the end.

“What a boaster. Jiang Chen, you’re just a Heavenly Core warrior, and you’re not even close to approaching the Divine Core realm. I really want to see what you have in order to deal with a Mid Divine Core Shamanic Fire Ape.”

Yang Shuo was extremely aggressive. He raised the Demon Taming Lock in his hand and waved it towards the Shamanic Fire Ape, then he gave out an order, “Shamanic Fire Ape, kill this man for me.”

Yang Shuo pointed at Jiang Chen.


The Shamanic Fire Ape was furious, and flames were shooting out from its eyes. As a Divine Core demon beast, it had its own pride and dignity, that’s why it felt extremely enraged upon being controlled by a young human man. However, because of the Demon Taming Lock, it was forced to obey Yang Shuo’s command. The appearance of Jiang Chen had given it a target to release its anger on. It wanted to channel all its anger and killing intent toward Jiang Chen.


The Shamanic Fire Ape punched a huge hole in the ground, then it jumped about 30 meters into the air, forcefully throwing its majestic body which was covered in scorching flames toward Jiang Chen.

Tian Yishan’s expression changed dramatically. With his cultivation level, he could only handle ordinary Mid Divine Core warriors, but he was no match for the Shamanic Fire Ape. A brutal opponent like this was really frightening.

“You guys move aside, let me handle it.”

Jiang Chen had a calm look in his eyes. The Shamanic Fire Ape was much more difficult to handle than the Double Headed Black Crow. However, Jiang Chen wasn’t the same as he was when he dealt with those black crows either. 600 Dragon Marks were more than enough for him to handle this ape.

“Six Profound Solar Fingers!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. He forcefully pointed his finger, like a sword. In an instant, five sky piercing fingers shot towards the Shamanic Fire Ape. Along the way, all five fingers merged into one, which gave it a tremendous increase in power.

“Die for me now!”

The Shamanic Fire Ape let out shrill cries, all of its fur was standing up, and countless golden colored light beams shot out from its body and flew towards the solar finger. There were even some explosive flames mixed in with the beams used to counter-attack.


At this moment, the skies seemed to be falling, and the ground seemed to be breaking apart. The explosive flames and energy ripples swept across the place, and the entire stronghold was covered by the powerful explosion. But surprisingly, not even a single building in this stronghold had been damaged.

It was as if all the building in Inferno City were protected by an invisible force, so no one was able to cause even the slightest damage to them.

Such violent ripples could be sensed by half the population in Inferno City. However, the people were still calm. Here, combat and slaughter happened every single day, it was just too normal.

The brutal Shamanic Fire Ape was forced back nearly 4 meters by the impact. Its face carried a shocked expression; it had never expected that a Heavenly Core human could possess such tremendous combat strength, and be able to force it back with just a single strike. This was simply unimaginable.

But, there was only one thought in the furious Shamanic Fire Ape’s mind, and that was killing this young man in front of it to release its anger. Therefore, it leapt at Jiang Chen once again.

“I still can’t unleash the sixth solar finger. If I could, there would be no way for this Shamanic Fire Ape to withstand it at all.”

Jiang Chen sighed. The Six Profound Solar Fingers came from the mighty Nine Celestial Solar Energies. He knew how powerful this skill could be, if he was able to unleash its sixth finger, there was no way this Shamanic Fire Ape would be his match.

“Buddy, this Shamanic Fire Ape is a brutal being, so why don’t you fight brutality with brutality?”

Big Yellow said. He felt so anxious right now, if he was a Divine Core demon beast now, if he could get his powerful innate abilities to awaken, he would have already jumped into the fight.

“Fine, I’ll confront brutality with brutality. Let’s see how far this Shamanic Fire Ape can go.”

Jiang Chen let out a loud shout, then the Firethorn Combat Armor appeared on his body. The armor glowed brightly in a golden color, and there were countless razor sharp thorns standing on the armor’s surface, which looked devastating.

Jiang Chen forcefully stomped the ground, then he flew high up into the sky. Using the Firethorn Combat Armor as a weapon, he rammed into the Shamanic Fire Ape. This was a truly brutal way of attacking.

“What kind of combat skill is this? It actually combines offense and defense! Where did this guy come from, why is he so powerful?”

Witnessing Jiang Chen unleashed the Six Profound Solar Fingers, forcing the Shamanic Fire Ape back, and now even unleas.h.i.+ng the mighty Firethorn Combat Armor, the arrogant Yang Shuo couldn’t help but feel shocked. Although he thought of himself as a peerless genius, he was convinced that if he was at the same cultivation level as Jiang Chen, there was no way he would be able to match his combat strength. To be frank, if he was at the same cultivation level as Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen would be able to kill him in an instant.

“Brother Jiang has really shocked me. I left the Qi Province two years ago, but I had never expected that such a glorious, peerless genius would appear! His appearance is really good fortune for the Black Sect!”

The shocked expression on Tian Yishan’s face was getting thicker and thicker. Jiang Chen’s mightiness had completely stunned him.


Under the few shocked gazes, Jiang Chen who was wearing the Firethorn Combat Armor crashed into the brutal Shamanic Fire Ape. The ma.s.sive collision produced a large amount of sparks in the air.