Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 206 – Master Dog will get Angry

Chapter 206 – Master Dog will get Angry

Earthly Demon Beast > Earth Devil


Chapter 206 – Master Dog will get Angry

After receiving help from Jiang Chen’s Revival Pill, Tian Yishan’s injuries had recovered a lot. At least, he was much stronger than before. Of course, it would still take him some time to fully recover.

Two men and a dog flew up into the skies. Under Tian Yishan’s guidance, the flew towards Inferno City.

“Inferno City is located in the center of Inferno h.e.l.l, we won’t b.u.mp into too many powerful demons or devils if we fly in this direction. Unless we’re unlucky and b.u.mp into some demon beasts that lives in huge groups, the real danger of Inferno h.e.l.l is in the deepest parts of Inferno h.e.l.l, which is located on the other side of Inferno City.”

Tian Yishan said. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow immediately looked at each other, it seemed like they had pretty bad luck, as they had b.u.mped into a huge group of demon beasts right after arriving.

“Since there aren’t many powerful demon beasts along the way, let’s speed up and rush to Inferno City.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Alright. Yang Shuo is a mean and cruel guy, he knows many insane torture techniques. The longer junior disciple Guan is with them, the more he will suffer from torture, and his life might end at any time.”

Tian Yishan seemed worried. He and Guan Yiyun were both from the Black Sect, and after spending some time together, they had built up a good relations.h.i.+p. Tian Yishan was a man who cherished friends.h.i.+p, that’s why he worried so much about Guan Yiyun’s safety after he had been captured by their enemies.

“Are there many groups in Inferno City?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, there are all sorts of groups in there. Many people group together in an alliance. Besides, Inferno City is a huge place, and with our strength, we were only able to find a place to stay around its perimeter. There is no way for us to stay inside the city. I heard there is a Combat Soul warrior residing within the city. There are often days where trading is going on in the city, and it’s only during these days that Inferno City will be in peace. It’s a rule set by the Combat Soul warrior, so n.o.body dares attack and rob during these trading days.”

Tian Yishan said.

“Combat Soul warrior.”

Jiang Chen felt surprised, he didn’t expect the Inferno h.e.l.l had such a huge attraction that even a Combat Soul warrior was here, the more Tian Yishan explained, the greater interest he had to this Inferno City.

Jiang Chen was here, the chaotic Inferno h.e.l.l would definitely become even more chaotic. Jiang Chen’s arrival was the same as a devil incarnate descending from the skies.

“Since the doorway to Inferno h.e.l.l only opens up once a year, it’ll make more and more people come to Inferno City. Besides, there are many people who doesn’t want to leave Inferno h.e.l.l when the doorway opens, and they’re mostly the vicious men who were exiled to this place. Without powerful strength, they would be killed immediately upon leaving this place. New people come here every day, and people die every day as well.”

Tian Yishan said.

Jiang Chen understood the situation. Although people from the Qi Province feared Inferno h.e.l.l, there were still millions of people across all 28 provinces in the Eastern Continent. Countless people were exiled to this place, and numerous people came here to improve their cultivation. Compared to the other powerful provinces, the Qi Province was the weakest, doesn’t matter if you judge from population, or strength.

Those powerful sects in the other biggest provinces would send their disciple to Inferno h.e.l.l to seek more strength while experiencing life and death situation. If you were able to leave Inferno h.e.l.l alive, you would definitely become a powerful man. But if you were killed, it was just your destiny.

“When is the next time the doorway opens?”

Jiang Chen asked. He didn’t want to stay here for too long. Yan Chenyu and Han Yan were still waiting for him to return, and he would leave this place immediately upon reaching his goal.

“Another three months.”

Tian Yishan said.

Jiang Chen nodded his months, three months was considered a short amount of time. He was here for the Earth Devil, but he had yet to receive any news about this demon.

When thinking about the Earth Devil, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Tian, do you know if there are any Earth Devils in Inferno h.e.l.l?”

“Earth Devil?”

Tian Yishan was startled, but he immediately though about something, and his expression changed, “There is a mighty monster king living in the deepest part of Inferno h.e.l.l, and it calls itself the Earth Devil. I heard that this being is a legendary existence, and even the fiercest devil has to obey its commands. It’s very frightening, but I’ve never seen it before. Of course, with my strength, it would be able to kill me with nothing but a breath if I b.u.mped into it.”

“That’s it, that must be the Earth Devil. The Earth Devil is an Earth element devil, and it possesses the purest devil source. Considering the fact that it’s a royal descendant of the royal devil, its bloodline is extremely n.o.ble. That’s why no matter how fierce a devil is, it’ll have to obey its command. Brother Tian, do you know what cultivation realm this Earth Devil has reached?”

Jiang Chen seemed excited. Finally, he had received new about the Earth Devil.

“This creature you’re looking for is the king of Inferno h.e.l.l, and it’s at the Combat Soul realm. Jiang Chen, don’t tell me you’re looking for this devil? I hope you can give up this idea.”

Tian Yishan warned.

“What? Combat Soul realm?!”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow shouted out in shock at the same time, and both their faces darkened. They never expected this Earth Devil to be so powerful. There was no way for them to defeat an Earth Devil at the Combat Soul realm. Dealing with an Earth Devil was completely different than dealing with Firethorn Savage; when faced with an extremely powerful creature, no crafty plots of strategies would work. No matter how strong a Heavenly Core warrior was, there was no way for him to deal with a Combat Soul opponent. This was a fact that no one doubted.

“Buddy, what should we do now? I think our plan has been ruined.”

Big Yellow said.

“No matter what, this is considered good news for us. As long as there is an Earth Devil here, it is good news. As for how we’re going to kill it… we’ll need to come up with a plan along the way. Don’t forget, we were in the same situation when we decided to kill Firethorn Savage.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

“That’s because we set up a trap using the Green Sanctuary Sect. Who are we going to frame this time? Besides, I don’t think there is anyone here who are actually stronger than this Earth Devil.”

Big Yellow rolled his eyes.

“Let’s proceed to Inferno City and rescue Guan Yiyun. We’ll talk about the Earth Devil after that. Since we’ve come to Inferno h.e.l.l, we’ll have to utilize the environment to push our cultivation to new boundaries. Big Yellow, you’ll have to work harder as well, it’s very difficult to survive in this place when you’re just a Heavenly Core beast.”

Jiang Chen said. It wasn’t until he came to Inferno h.e.l.l that he realized how small the Qi Province was. In the Qi Province, a Divine Core warrior was a man who sat on a high throne, and a peak Divine Core warrior was like an immortal existence. But in all other big provinces, although Divine Core did have a somewhat prestigious status, their numbers were far greater than the Qi Province.

“Heavens! Brother Jiang, don’t tell me your purpose for coming here was the Earth Devil?”

Tian Yishan was stunned. This was simply an impossible mission, the Earth Devil was simply too powerful. A Combat Soul Earth Devil, even the Combat Soul warrior in Inferno City wouldn’t be its match at all.

“That’s right, I need the Earth Devil’s demon soul to save a friend. Let’s not talk about this right now, we need to get to Inferno City as quickly as possible.”

Jiang Chen said.

Along the way, the trio b.u.mped into some demons and devils, but none of them could withstand more than a single blow from Jiang Chen, and all of them were killed on the spot. Tian Yishan was really surprised by Jiang Chen’s strength, he had never seen a Heavenly Core warrior that could be so powerful. If he hadn’t witnessed it by himself, he never would have believed it, even if he was beaten to death.

Jiang Chen had also gone through all three storage rings that he had taken from the three men had previously killed. There were pills, demons souls, devils souls, and even some crystal cores stored within. All these things were great for Jiang Chen.

“Looks like we need to rob more people in future.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

Inferno City was located right in the center of Inferno h.e.l.l. It was a huge city which covered more than a few hundred miles in circ.u.mference. It looked like a historical city with dolled colors, scars and marks everywhere. It was the remains of time, which proved that Inferno City had been around for a long period of time. At least, it had been here since the discovery of Inferno h.e.l.l.

“Jiang Chen, cultivators are forbidden from flying in the city. Let’s descend here.”

Tian Yishan said as they floated outside the city.


Jiang Chen nodded his head. The trio landed on the ground and walked towards Inferno City’s main gate.

Inferno City’s main gate was actually a huge breach on the city wall, and it didn’t fit the standards of a city gate. Big Yellow looked through the main gate, then his expression became a focused one, and his ears stood up.

“Big Yellow, what did you discover?”

Jiang Chen hurriedly asked through his Divine Sense. There was only reason why this dog behaved like this, and that was when he sensed some treasure.

“There are hidden treasures in this city, I can sense it.”

Big Yellow’s tail begun wagging.

“What is it?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure there are some treasures here! I was thinking about why those demons and devils don’t attack Inferno City, there must be some reason behind it, and perhaps it’s related to this hidden treasure.”

Big Yellow said.

“Looks like there really is a treasure here.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up.

“Don’t get too excited so early, the treasure is hidden right in the center of Inferno City. With out current strength and abilities, there’s no way we can go there.”

Big Yellow dampened Jiang Chen’s enthusiasm.

“Stop right there.”

Right at this moment, four middle-aged men leapt out from hiding, blocking Jiang Chen’s path.

“You two, hand over all your belongings now! If not, don’t blame us for attacking you!”

A man with a ferocious scar on his face threatened them.

Looking at this, Jiang Chen burst out into laughter. Pretty good luck for them to b.u.mp into some robbers right as they arrive in the city. These four men had pretty strong cultivation bases, all of them were Early Divine Core warriors. However, trying to rob Jiang Chen with those mere cultivation bases, it was a funny joke.

“Brother Jiang, welcome to the chaotic Inferno City. There are people who group together and hide outside the main gate, and when they see someone with weaker cultivation bases than themselves, or the ones who come here for the first time, they will strike and rob them. These men are really smart, the know about all the alliances, and their strengths, in details. They know who can be offended and who can’t be offended like the back of their palm.”

Tian Yishan said.

“Interesting, it seems they consider me a newcomer. Since they want to rob us, we won’t have to be polite with them.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder, then he looked at Big Yellow. Big Yellow instantly understood what he wanted, so he took a step forwards and said, “You four! Hand over all your belongings to us! If not, this master dog will get angry!”