Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 202 – Consequences of Looking Down on the Master Dog

Chapter 202 – Consequences of Looking Down on the Master Dog

Chapter 202 – Consequences of Looking Down on the Master Dog

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow finally left the desolate area. Due to its flat terrain, they didn’t b.u.mp into any more demons or devils. The duo were travelling with extremely great speed, and they eventually found themselves a chilling and quiet valley.

“This place is filled with gloomy energies that can give people unpleasant moods. There are probably some demons or devils hiding somewhere here.”

Jiang Chen said.

“There are dangers everywhere in Inferno h.e.l.l, it is perfectly normal to b.u.mp into some strange things.”

Big Yellow nodded his head in agreement. After having spent some time here, he finally understood how dangerous this place was. Since their arrival, they had b.u.mped into three strange creatures; the Evil Devil, the Nine Life Crystal Beast, and the Double Headed Black Crow. They might even b.u.mp into weirder and rarer creatures soon. But, no matter how many incredible the demons and devils were, Big Yellow wouldn’t feel shocked anymore.

This was Inferno h.e.l.l. To any human cultivator, this place was just a deadly h.e.l.l. It was a place of brutality, life-threatening scenarios, darkness, bloodshed and slaughter, and in order to keep one’s life here, the person could only rely on his own strength. Without incredible strength, the place could kill the person at any time.

“Big Yellow, help my guard while I cultivate. I’ll need to absorb these two demon souls from the Black Crow. Once I do so, I’ll probably have 600 Dragon Marks, and increase my combat strength to an incredible level. When that time comes, unless it’s some Late Divine Core warrior that personally strikes, I’ll be invincible.”

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. To him, the Mid Divine Core demon souls would provide great help. The combination of two demon souls could at least form 150 new Dragon Marks, and that combined with the existing 450 Dragon Marks, he would have a total of 600 Dragon Marks.

The combat strength he would get from 600 Dragon Marks was incredibly frightening. Jiang Chen was able to kill a Mid Divine Core warrior with his current strength and terrifying abilities, so if reached 600 Dragon Marks, the level of his mightiness would be beyond anyone’s imagination.

“d.a.m.n it! Every time, you ask daddy to ask to guard you while cultivating! When are you going to guard me while I cultivate?”

Big Yellow curled his lips. In his mind, he was still willing to guard Jiang Chen while he was cultivating.

“Next time you go to sleep, I’ll guard you for three days and three nights.”

Jiang Chen immediately promised with a serious expression. Soon after, he found a quiet place and immediately started absorbing the demon souls. With his current cultivation level, he couldn’t go too fast when absorbing Mid Divine Core demon souls. It would probably take him at least an hour to completely absorb the two demon soul. If it was an Early Divine Core demon soul, he would be able to absorb it in just a few minutes.

The True Dragon Flames burst out and covered both demon souls. Soon after, the dark energies emitting from the were completely gone, and both demon souls turned into the purest energy forms. Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen swallowed both demon souls.


Ma.s.sive amounts of pure energy erupted from both demon souls and penetrated into all parts of Jiang Chen’s body. With the Dragon Transformation skill leading the energy, the pure energies son entered his Qi Sea and started forming into new Dragon Marks which circulated around the Heavenly Core.

Jiang Chen’s combat strength would increase whenever a new Dragon Mark was formed, and this was the most frightening part of the Dragon Transformation skill. It didn’t have any requirements for breaking through. The Dragon Marks represented strength, and each Dragon Mark was equal to 10,000 jins of force. When the number of Dragon Marks increased to a great number, the total force it provided would be truly mighty. Also, when Jiang Chen cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill to its highest realm, his combat strength would reach the absolute peak. [1]

After half an hour, Jiang Chen had leisurely absorbed one of the demon souls, and his energy had increase by a lot. Because of this, his rising energy had attracted some uninvited trouble.


Load roars came from not far away and sounded out throughout the entire valley. After that, two ma.s.sive creatures appeared not far away from Big Yellow, two gigantic lions. Each of them had a bot between 12 to 15 meters tall, which made them look like a small hill, and their energies were really frightening.

Both lions looked identical, gray stone fragments could be seen all over their bodies. On top of their heads, there was a long stone horn which glowed dimly. The eyes of these lions were the same color as their stone, but they carried a fierce look.

“d.a.m.n it, Twin Stonerock Lions, and both of them are Early Divine Core monsters. The Inferno h.e.l.l really does have all kinds of creatures.”

Big Yellow immediately cursed out loudly. He knew about the Twin Stonerock Lions, demon beasts like these were rare to the outside world. But, in this place, he just b.u.mped into two of them.

This kind of twin demon beast were incredibly vicious, their minds were linked, and once they entered a fight, they could achieve absolute perfect teamwork. The combat strength of the two Twin Stonerock Lions was not as simple as one plus one.


When the Twin Stone Lions saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, they immediately walked towards them while roaring fiercely.

“d.a.m.n it, these pets won’t be easy to deal with. Too bad, daddy’s powerful innate abilities won’t fully awaken until I’ve broken through to the Divine Core realm. If they had, these two would be nothing in front of the master dog!”

Big Yellow felt somewhat depressed. He was a mighty existence, a Divine Beast who possessed the Dragon Horse bloodline. But now, he was actually being bullied by two lions, and this really p.i.s.sed him off. However, what made him even more furious was that, aside from his treasure hunting innate ability, his most powerful strength was his head. The powerful innate abilities in his bloodline would only awaken upon breaking through to the Divine Core realm.

But in the next second, Big Yellow’s eyes lit up, and he blinked with a cunning look in his eyes, “I am certainly unable to handle two of them at the same time, but if I can take out one of them quickly, I might stand a chance. Let dog master pretend I am afraid of them at first, I’ll make them put down their guards.”

Big Yellow was very intellectual. After having followed Jiang Chen for so long, he had learned a lot of crafty actions, and he had gained a lot of combat experienced. He could be considered an experienced warrior now.

In an instant, Big Yellow took a step back. His body trembled, and his eyes were filled with fear as he stared at the Twin Stonerock Lions.

Indeed, when the two lions saw how Big Yellow acted, looks of disdain immediately emerged on their faces. They looked at each other, then one of them said, “Jiejie, so this one is just a coward. Dealing with a c.r.a.ppy dog like this, there is no need for both of us to strike at the same time. You just stand here and watch, I’ll go skin the dog now.”

Hearing what they said, Big Yellow tripped on his feet and almost fell down onto the ground. The fury in his eyes seemed like it was going to shoot out. He, as n.o.ble descendant of the Dragon Horse specie, not only was his bloodline incredibly prestigious, he also had a mighty and majestic body. How dare the b.a.s.t.a.r.d in front of him say he was a c.r.a.ppy dog, this was really unbearable. Big Yellow made up mind, he was going to teach this lion a good lesson later on.

The stone lion still had the same smile of disdain on its face. It was looking down at Big Yellow as it walked step by step towards him. It had just found out that the big yellow dog in front only had a cultivation base at the Late Heavenly Core realm. Therefore, he didn’t take him seriously.

“Puppy dog, stand there and don’t move, let me kill you by stepping on you.”

The stone lion said.

Hearing this, Big Yellow couldn’t bear it any longer. How dare this stone lion ask him to stand there and let it kill him? This was an insult, it was outrageous! Besides, only Yan Chenyu was allowed to call him puppy dog!

The stone lion really raised his feet and stepped towards Big Yellow.

“f.u.c.k you!! How dare you look down on this master dog?!! I’ll let you know the mightiness of master dog!”

Big Yellow gnashed his teeth with anger. Flames of fury were dancing in his eyes, and his head begun glowing in a golden light. In an instant, he turned into a sharp arrow as he rammed towards the huge feet of the stone lion.

Bang! Slas.h.!.+

Following a loud bang sound, Big Yellow pierced through the stone lion’s foot, causing a huge hole to appear, and blood to splash all over the place.


The stone lion let out a horrible cry. The injury on its foot caused its ma.s.sive body to tilt forwards uncontrollably. It had never expected this situation, the stone lion hadn’t taken Big Yellow seriously, and that’s why it hadn’t covered its foot with Yuan energy just now. This was the same as having no defense at all. Under such circ.u.mstances, no matter how strong it was, it couldn’t withstand Big Yellow’s destructive head blow.

The stone lion was falling down, and everything was going according to Big Yellow’s plan. He wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to kill it, so with his extraordinary head, Big Yellow forcefully pierced towards the falling stone lion.

“How dare you look down on this master dog?! I’ll let you die a glorious way!”

Big Yellow’s head rammed into the stone lion’s head. Similarly to the previous time, it was without any protection. Also, due to Big Yellow’s extremely high speed, only a fraction of time had pa.s.sed since the stone lion had its foot penetrated until now. That’s why it didn’t have any time to protect itself.

Stone fragments flew around, the gigantic stone lion’s head had been crushed by Big Yellow, and its huge body fell down onto the ground. It died on the spot.

Big Yellow descended next to the body from the skies. Laughing heavily towards the skies, he said, “Kakaka! I’m the invincible master dog!”

Big Yellow felt incredibly proud of himself, and an incomparable narcissistic expression emerged on his face. He felt as if he was the most talented being in this world. Under his crafty plan, an Early Divine Core stone lion had been killed without wasting too much of his effort.

“This was strategic, this was intellectual, this was charismatic, this was the master dog, me!”

Big Yellow turned around and wiggled his b.u.t.t in front of the dead stone lion while portraying an extremely prideful expression.

On the other side, the other stone lion who was getting ready to watch a good show immediately became startled. It was stunned by what happened, and it kept staring at the narcissistic big yellow dog in front of it with its stone eye. It didn’t know how this dog was so strong. After all, this dog had actually pretended to be afraid. This was ridiculous.


The stone lion became extremely angry. Its own brother was dead, and the corpse wasn’t even intact, because it had been shattered by this dog’s head. It was such a miserable way of dying.

“Kaka, fool made of stone, you and your brother are both idiots! How dare you look down on this master dog?! This is the consequences of your actions, the master dog is the ultimate existence in this world, those who have the audacity to look down upon me… Let this be their example!”

Big Yellow became completely excited. He had killed one of the stone lions, and there was only one left. He wasn’t scared off just dealing with one stone lion.



1 - It’s implying that the Saint realm is the highest realm here.

Translated by Ares (grandlation.com)

Translated by XianXiaWorld