Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 200 – Two-Headed Black Crow

Chapter 200 – Two-Headed Black Crow

Chapter 200 – Two-Headed Black Crow


Just as Big Yellow finished performing his narcissistic speech, a huge object suddenly got in their way. It was a huge black crow with two heads. It was 3 meters tall, and it was fully covered with black scales. It seemed fierce, and can easily scare someone with its looks alone.


Black fog kept rising from the Black Crow’s body. A pair of evil eyes stared at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, it had decided them to be its prey.

“Big Yellow, didn’t you just say that all foul devils and demons were going to throw themselves underneath you feet just now?”

Jiang Chen would never let go of any opportunity to tease Big Yellow.

“d.a.m.n it, what kind of monster is this two headed black crow? This Inferno h.e.l.l is such a weird place! We’ve only been here for a short time, and we have already b.u.mped into three weird beings!”

Big Yellow felt like throwing up some blood. He wasn’t scared of the black crow at all. Although it was stronger than the Evil Devil and Nine Life Crystal Beast they previously fight, it was only at the Late Heavenly Core realm. It wasn’t Big Yellow’s match if they did fight.

What p.i.s.sed Big Yellow off was that this black crow had appeared immediately after he had delivered his narcissistic speech. It really didn’t show any respect to Big Yellow at all.

“Inferno h.e.l.l is indeed a special place, it even has someone that hasn’t been recording in the Book of Mysterious Beings. I can’t even tell the name of this double headed black crow.”

Jiang Chen inwardly let out a sigh. The devil and demon beasts in Inferno h.e.l.l were really unique, there were even some that Jiang Chen couldn’t recognize.

“I don’t care what kind of devil or demon beast this is, let master dog kill it first!”

Big Yellow’s fighting spirit rose tremendously. His head was glowing in a golden light, and in an instant, he turned into a beam of light as he forcefully rammed towards the black crow.


In a split second, the black crow flapped its wings and dodged Big Yellow’s attack.


Not only was Big Yellow shocked, even Jiang Chen felt surprised. Both of them were shock by the black crow’s speed. Jiang Chen knew how fast Big Yellow’s attack was, but this black crow was still able to completely dodge the attack.


After dodging the attack, with speed great as lightning, the black crow initiated a counter-attack towards Big Yellow. It was using its long and sharp beak to peck towards Big Yellow.

“Hmph! I don’t believe you’re actually faster than me!”

Big Yellow let out a cold snort. He had become angry by the fact that a demon beast the same level as him could actually dodge his attack. This really insulted his pride.

The black crow was extremely fast, but Big Yellow was even faster. In an instant, he turned his huge body and pointed his head towards the black crow.

When the black crow saw Big Yellow using his head to try and block its attack, a scornful look emerged in its eyes. It knew that its sharp beak could penetrate any tough objects, but this dog actually didn’t try to avoid it, and was using his head to block it. Wasn’t this an act of seeking death?


Too bad, the black crow’s expression changed immediately when its beak hit Big Yellow’s head. A metal clanging sound was heard when its powerful beak collided with Big Yellow’s head, and the scene of Big Yellow’s head being destroyed didn’t happen. Not only did the attack not hurt Big Yellow, it couldn’t even leave a mark on his head.


The double headed black crow let out a loud cry. An intense shock emerged in its eyes when it felt the pain in its beak.

Jiang Chen who was standing on the sidelines shook his head. This black crow was strong, and its sharp beak could be considered a magnificent weapon, but compared to Big Yellow’s head, it was still far away from being able to defeat him. Besides, although the black crow was overbearing, its cultivation level was still too low, it was only at the Late Heavenly Core realm. No matter how overbearing a demon beast or devil was, none would be Big Yellow’s match if they were in the same realm and stage as him.


When the black crow found out that Big Yellow’s body was indestructible, it immediately opened its mouth and spat out two lumps of black mist, which shot towards Big Yellow like two sharp swords.

“Big Yellow, be careful, that mist is poisonous.”

Jiang Chen could immediately tell the characteristics of the mist, it actually carried a deadly poison. The Double-Headed Black Crow was not an Evil Devil, but it did possess dark elements like the Evil Devil did, as well as some poisons within its body.


Big Yellow didn’t look scared at all. He opened up his mouth and spat out a golden colored energy beam, which dispersed the poisonous mist in an instant. Although some of it still touched his body, it was unable to affect Big Yellow at all.

Only now did Jiang Chen recall; when he first met Big Yellow, Jiang Chen had attacked with the Green h.e.l.lish Python’s poison, and it had no effect on this guy. Big Yellow was invincible against poison.

“Die for daddy now!”

Big Yellow was furious. With his pride, it brought him great shame to fight a black crow at the same level as himself.

A pair of light wings appeared on Big Yellow’s back, and it doubled his speed. In the blink of an eye, he sprinted up to the black crow. This time, the black crow was unable to dodge his attack. Big Yellow crushed its head with his mighty head in an instant.


The black crow cried out miserably. After that, it let out a weird melody toward the skies.

“Oh no, it is calling for help.”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed slightly, he didn’t want to get attacked by a huge flock of black crows. He immediately unleashed the True Dragon Palm and crushed the black crow into ashes.

Two black colored demon souls dropped out from the ashes. Jiang Chen extended his hand and grabbed both of them at the same time.

“The black crow has two heads, that must be why it has two demon souls in its body.. not bad.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Buddy, I almost killed it just now, why did you s.n.a.t.c.h away my prey?”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen with anger.

“Save your breath, let’s leave this place as quickly as possible. The black crow was calling for its mates just now. Before we know more about this place, I’d rather not get into too much trouble.”

Jiang Chen said.

Too bad, although he didn’t want to pursues trouble right now, trouble would still pursue him. Just as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were about to leave, noisy sounds could be heard from the woods in front of them. After that, a huge flock of black crows flew out like a storm and surrounded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“The f.u.c.k? How come there are so many double headed black crows?”

Big Yellow cursed out. There were at least 40 black crows surrounding them, and they were all at least at the Heavenly Core realm. Some of them were even at the peak Heavenly Core realm, which is stronger than the black crow they had just killed. The leading black crow had a body twice as big as the other black crows; it was a Divine Core beast.

Big Yellow’s face darkened. If it was any other ordinary demon beasts, it wouldn’t scare them no matter how many of them there were. However, the black crows were insanely fast, and the Divine Core black crow would be even faster. Surrounded by a huge group of black crows meant huge trouble for them.

“Big Yellow, let’s kill them quickly and leave this place. I’m these black crows live in a group, and their nests must be somewhere nearby. There might be some even stronger creatures here, and if we are trapped by hundreds, or even thousands of these black crows, we’ll be in deep s.h.i.+t.”

Jiang Chen strengthened his spirit as he told Big Yellow. These kinds of demon beasts who lived in groups were the most frightening. Once trapped by them, the attacks would be endless. Besides, these black crows were extremely fast, and they could even attack with poisonous mist. They were not easy to deal with.

Right at this moment, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow finally understood the frightening part about Inferno h.e.l.l, and why so many people became scared upon mentioning it. They had just arrived here not too long ago, and they had already b.u.mped into a large group of savage black crows. If it was just a single man who b.u.mped into this group of black crows, even if he was a Divine Core warrior, what awaited him was certain death.

“d.a.m.n it, these guys are extremely quick, it’s easier said than done to quickly kill them!”

Big Yellow felt somewhat depressed.

“These black crows are demon beasts of the dark elements, and you possess the purest Yang bloodline of all Divine Beasts, which is the perfect rival for them. As for me, I have powerful blood and qi, which is also powerful against them. I will burn them with my True Dragon Flames.”

Jiang Chen said. Right now, there were black crows everywhere, and in order to get out from here, or even kill these black crows, they had to use some ma.s.sive attacks.


The leading black crow cried out loudly. Immediately, all the black crows pointed their sharp beaks towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. They flapped their wings and rushed towards their targets.

“d.a.m.n you, com on, I’ll let you taste the mightiness of this master dog!”

Big Yellow finally became violent. A golden barrier appeared outside his body, and he suddenly sped towards the flock of black crows.


Big Yellow acted like a brutal ancient savage beast. His first charged cause three black crows to explode into blood mists.

“True Dragon Flames, burn them all!”

Jiang Chen shouted out loudly. He waved his hand and unleashed a sea of flames which immediately engulfed six black crows.

The black crows seemed like they had witnessed something really terrifying and b.u.mped into their natural enemies. All of them let out panicked cries. The black crows who were engulfed by the True Dragon Flames couldn’t resist the scorching heat, and were immediately burned to ashes.

“They really fear the True Dragon Flames!”

Jiang Chen was majestic like a dragon, he unleashed another sea of flames which covered another group of black crows. The black crows immediately struggled and rolled around within the flames, but they couldn’t escape. Soon, they were all killed by the intense flames.

The True Dragon Flame was the king of all beast flames. It was a fearful attack, and it was the biggest enemy of all dark element beings.


Looking at what was happening, the leading black crow let out a shrill cry once again. Immediately, all the other black crows, as if they had received a command, threw themselves at Jiang Chen without considered their own safety.

“Hmph! I’ll kill you all!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He unleashed the True Dragon Flames and covered all the black crows who were approaching. At the same time, the Divine Core black crow attacked Jiang Chen from behind.

The leading black crow was using its own peoples’ lives in order to tie Jiang Chen up, so it could launch a sneak attack from behind. If any other person had fallen into the trip, he would most likely be dead by now. But too bad, it was Jiang Chen whom they were trying to attack.

“Trying to sneak attack me? You lack the skills do to so! True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen had an indifferent expression. He was cultivating the Great Soul Derivation skill, and that made him sensitive to his surrounding. No one could successfully sneak attack him.


A blood red dragon claw descended from the skies and covered the leading black crow like a gigantic prison.


The leading black crow let out a loud cry. It pecked towards the True Dragon Balm with its sharp beak and poked a huge hole into it. This really showed how strong its beak was.

But Jiang Chen would never give it the chance to escape. In an instant, he unleashed the True Dragon Flames within the gigantic dragon claw.

Translated by XianXiaWorld