Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 198 – Inferno Hell’s Evil Devil and Nine Life Crystal Beast

Chapter 198 – Inferno Hell’s Evil Devil and Nine Life Crystal Beast

Chapter 198 – Inferno h.e.l.l’s Evil Devil and Nine Life Crystal Beast

The first unknown object that fell onto the monster was Jiang Chen. After him, it was Big Yellow. When the duo came out from the dimensional tunnel, they were pushed around by the dimensional turbulence and were squeezed out from the tunnel. The force pushed them tremendously, giving them no chance at controlling their bodies.

“The f.u.c.k, what is this?”

Big Yellow was laying on the floor when he was shot out, that’s why his head was facing downwards and he could see the monster below him immediately. In an instant, his head start glowing in a golden light, then he forcefully rammed towards the monster’s head.


Blood splashed everywhere, the monster’s head exploded into a mess.

The most miserable thing in this world must be this monster. If it could still stand up and say something, it would definitely both its eyes woukd tear up. No, it would its single eye would tear and cry, “Oh heavens and earth, what have I done wrong to deserve this?”

Not only was it hit by something unknown without having the time to react, but it was immediately hit a second time as well. Fine, it could still bear it, but now, they even took away its life by crus.h.i.+ng its head. What happened to this world?

Big Yellow fell onto the ground, rolled, and then stood up, then he walked up to Jiang Chen and looked at the monster who was lying on the ground.

“What is this thing? It looks so ugly! Still, this master dog is the most handsome being in this world!”

No matter where Big Yellow went, he just couldn’t get rid of his narcissistic character.

“Big Yellow, it was you who killed it by ramming into its head.”

Even Jiang Chen felt speechless. What a miserable way to die.

“It scared me just now, so I couldn’t help it, that’s why I crashed into it with my head. But, I never thought it would be so weak!”

Big Yellow licked his lips.

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and said, “Look at this poor fellow, it was only an Early Heavenly Core monster, how could it defend itself from your dog head? Not only this, based on the suddenness of the situation just now, it was killed by you before it even had the time to react, you’re brutal!”

Big Yellow’s head could even penetrate Firethorn Savage, let alone this tiny Early Heavenly Core monster. That’s why it was instantly killed by Big Yellow.

“It was his unlucky day.”

Big Yellow nodded his head. After that, he looked around and said, “I don’t think our look is any good either. Why does this d.a.m.n abyss feel so ghastly? There is gray fog everywhere! Luckily, this fog can’t hurt us.”

Jiang Chen’s expression became serious, and he looked around as well.

“I think that all places in Inferno h.e.l.l are like this. They shouldn’t be a sun or moon here. It looks like an individual parallel dimension. However, the environment here is really bad.”

Jiang Chen did expect such a bad environment in Inferno h.e.l.l. If this place was a paradise, no one would fear it so much. Only a foul environment like this could deserve the name Inferno h.e.l.l.

“What is this monster? It doesn’t look like a demon beast, I think it’s a rare creature.”

Big Yellow turned around and threw and examining look at the dead monster, but he couldn’t tell anything about it.

“I saw what it looked like just now. It only had one eye, one mouth, and one nose. The energy coming from it was not demon energy, but a s.h.i.+vering devil energy. So, I think it’s a devil. I know that there is a kind of devil with a weird look, they are extremely ferocious, and the only have one eye, one nose and one gigantic mouth. They are also the devils of all sins. I think it’s called the Evil Devil. If my guess is correct, this is an Evil Devil.”

Jiang Chen carefully examined the monster. Indeed, it was an Evil Devil. In his past life, he had dealt with a lot of devils, but he had never seen something like this before. However, he did know some ancient legends about it.

“You even know about this?”

Big Yellow widened his eyes as he looked at Jiang Chen.

“Of course I know about it! Devils aren’t easy to deal with. According to the legends, this kind of devil has a really strong body and incredible muscles, and its most powerful weapon is its vertical eye which can unleash a mystical light that can cause damage directly to one’s soul. It is extremely frightening. However, according to legends, these Evil Devils only exist in the ancient eras, and should be extinct by now. I never expected to see one still here. Looks like this Inferno h.e.l.l is pretty amazing.

Jiang Chen sighed inwardly. He was told by Guo Shan that the Inferno h.e.l.l had suddenly appeared one hundred years ago, and it was all because he had swung his sword towards the heavens, damaging all dimensional s.p.a.ces in Saint Origin in the process, which caused all these strange dimension and beings to appear.

“You consider this a strong body and incredible muscles? Do you still remember the legend properly?”

Big Yellow snorted.

“d.a.m.n it, no matter how strong it is, how can it be compared to you? Even Firethorn Savage couldn’t withstand your dog head!”

Jiang Chen really wished he could step on Big Yellow’s face right now. Not only was this guy incredibly narcissistic, his sarcastic remarks angered him as well.

“You’re right! I, the master dog, have a copper head and iron bones! Even if the ancestor of this Evil Devil was here, it wouldn’t be able to withstand a single head slam from this master dog!”

In an instant, Big Yellow became narcissistic again.

“Inferno h.e.l.l is indeed an extraordinary place. The air is filled with devil energy, and there’s also all sorts of demon energies. I supposed there are all kinds of devils and demons here. Besides, since even the Evil Devil could be found here, I think we’ll most likely find the Earthly Demon here as well.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. The existence of Evil Devil allowed him to see new light. The main reason why he came here was to hunt for the Earthly Demon, and if there was no Earthly Demon here, the trip would be a waste of time.

Big Yellow walked towards the Evil Devil. Using his hooves, he forcefully kicked it and retrieved its devil soul.

“Buddy, since you’re able to absorb any demon soul, I wonder if you can absorb this devil soul?”

Big Yellow said as he threw the devil soul directly towards Jiang Chen.

“The skill I am cultivating allows me to absorb any bloodline in this world. If I can absorb a demon soul, I don’t see any problem with me absorbing devil soul. Besides, I now have the True Dragon Flames, which is the king of all beast flames, and it’s capable of burning down anything in this world. It’s the perfect enemy for all evil beings, I’ll be able to burn off all evil and impurities within this devil soul, and turn it into the purest energy which I can immediately absorb.”

After saying this, Jiang Chen shot out a sheet of flames from his palm, covering the entire devil soul. After that, cracking sound came out from the devil soul, and in an instant, the devil soul was completely purified and turned into a glowing energy object.

“What a freak!”

Although he already knew how abnormally insane Jiang Chen was, Big Yellow still rolled his eyes in shock. Doesn’t matter if it was a demon soul or a devil soul, none of them could be absorbed by a human being, because they contained too much non-human elemental impurities. Absorbing it by force would seriously impact the person’s cultivation, and it could even make them enter a state of psychosis.

Jiang Chen forcefully clenched his fist. Followed by a cracking sound, the devil soul shattered. It turned into bright sparks which all entered Jiang Chen’s body.

“An Early Heavenly Core devil, it’s really weak, and it doesn’t have any more effect on me. If we b.u.mp into any more devils later on, we’ll still gather their devil souls, as I think it will be able to help Brother Yan.”

After saying that, he shot out a ball of True Dragon Flames and burned the body to ashes.


Right at this moment, a loud roar sounded out from somewhere not far away from where they stood. It sounded deep, and a little hoa.r.s.e, which made it extremely awful. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow immediately turned around and looked into the direction. In an instant, they saw a monster which was glowing brightly appearing not far away from them, and it was slowly walking towards them.

The monster was obviously attracted by the smell of blood.

“What kind of monster is this?”

Big Yellow was startled. The monster wasn’t tall, it was just a little bit taller than an average human. The body didn’t look very muscular either, but it gave them an overbearing impression. This monster had a transparent body which looked like a crystal, and it didn’t have any facial figures. No nose, no ears, and no mouth. Right in the middle of its face, there was a crystal eye, which kept staring at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

The monster roared out once again. It didn’t have a mouth, but it could still roar loudly. The roar sounded like it came from its body, and it was enough to send s.h.i.+vers down most people’s spines. If any normal man saw this strange monster, he would definitely be scared to the limits and flee immediately.

But Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn’t move at all. With their judgment, they easily found out the cultivation level of this monster; it was only a Mid Heavenly Core monster. Although it was considered pretty strong, it couldn’t pose any threat to either of them.

“Buddy, can you tell me what kind of monster this is?2

Big Yellow asked.

“I once read a book called the ‘Book of Mysterious Beings’. I recorded all sorts of monster and demons from the ancient era until now. There is a monster called the Nine Life Crystal Beast, and this kind of beast is transparent like a crystal, and has only one eye, no other facial features. It’s a powerful monster, and it very difficult to deal with, because as the name implies, it has nine lives. You have to kill it nine times before it dies.”

Jiang Chen said.

“d.a.m.n it, buddy, why does it seem like you know everything?”

Big Yellow felt really depressed. He had followed Jiang Chen for such a long time, but it felt like there was nothing that Jiang Chen didn’t know.

“If I told you I am a reincarnated Saint, would you believe me?”

Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow with a smile on his face.

“I believe! Even if you were to say you are a f.u.c.king reincarnated immortal, I would still believe you!”

Big Yellow nodded his head. If this was said by some other person, Big Yellow would definitely look at him as if he was an idiot, he would then turn around and leave. But since it was told by Jiang Chen, Big Yellow did partly believe in him, because no 16 year old should know so much.

The Nine Life Crystal Beast roared out once again. It didn’t feel surprised when looking at the human in front of it. Obviously, it had seen quite a lot of humans in Inferno h.e.l.lo. Besides, this Nine Life Crystal Beast had a clear hostility towards humans. It carried an extreme killing intention as it quickly sprinted towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Since this guy is seeking his death, let’s see if it really has nine lives, just like you said.”

Big Yellow was laughing out loudly in excitement. In an instant, he dashed towards the crystal beast.

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