Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 187 – Astonishing Accomplishment

Chapter 187 – Astonishing Accomplishment

Chapter 187 – Astonis.h.i.+ng Accomplishment

The scorching flames were dancing around happily. The air seemed to be on the verge of burning out. Even though Jiang Chen was controlling the flames, as well as covering the flames with a certain amount of his Yuan energy, the True Dragon Flame was too mighty. It had raised the temperature of the furnace room in an instant, causing a blazing airflow to float around in the furnace room.

Jiang Chen had a calm expression. His black hair was fluttering backwards, and his eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vigor like a pair of dark gemstones. With all his focus, he kept staring at the sea of flames in front of him. Within the flames, all 48 herbs were floating in different positions, and were being burned with different temperatures that suited them individually.

If Guo Shan was here, even though he already knew about Jiang Chen’s ability, he would be laying on the floor due to extreme shock. Purifying 48 herbs compared to 5 herbs simultaneously were two completely different things. This was because each herb had its own smelting point in purification, only when the heat reached a certain point would it be purified and the impurities would disappear. If the temperature wasn’t high enough, then the impurities wouldn’t be completely burnt off, and if the temperature was too high, then it would burn some of the herb’s essence.

Therefore, in the purification process, it required the alchemist to have a very precise control of the flame. The alchemist needed to focus with all his attention, and use his soul energy to sense the smelting point of each herb, and control the temperature of the flame to that point. Only then would he be able to get rid of all impurities while keeping all of the essence.

There are no doubts about this being a very difficult step in alchemy. Therefore, when ordinary alchemist concocted pills, they would use a furnace to help control the temperature of the flame. Besides, since each herb had its own smelting point, the alchemist would need to purify them one at a time, or purify herbs with the same smelting point at the same time. If two herbs with different smelting points were purified at the same time, it would usually result in impurities remaining or essence being burned off, which then makes the pill low quality.

Even the alchemists with rich experience might at most purify a few herbs together at once. The fact that Jiang Chen is able to purify dozens of herbs together at once was simply astounding. Only the renowned alchemists had the courage to do so, and none of them would be able to do it so leisurely.

However, this was Jiang Chen, he was once a mighty Saint rank alchemist. Along with the Great Soul Derivation skill that gives him an excellent perception and precise control, he also had the True Dragon Flames. He truly possesses a G.o.dly prowess when it came to concocting pills.

Purifying dozens of herbs at the same time was not something easily accomplished. Jiang Chen needed to find over 40 smelting points in these herbs and burn them at the same time; this step had taken him nearly three hours.

“It took me nearly three hours. If I was in my prime, I would be able to do it in minutes.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. If what he said was heard by Guo Shan, or any other alchemist, they might have thrown up all their blood and try to attack Jiang Chen. His words dealt a huge blow to all alchemists. His words could make every single alchemist in this world feel ashamed.

Put aside other alchemists and just use Guo Shan as an example; if he wanted to purify all 48 herbs, it might have taken him at least 4-5 days. As for Firethorn Savage’s demon soul, he might need even longer. And then there was the last step which was merging all the ingredients. Without at least half a month, it was simply impossible for him to concoct the Profound Six Solar Pill.

“Next, I’ll need to refine Firethorn Savage’s demon soul. I’ll melt it down to liquid, then I’ll merge everything together and produce the pill.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. With the control of his Yuan energy, 48 purified herb essences glowed colorfully. All of them looked like droplets of crystal as they floated at one corner within the flame.

Jiang Chen flipped his palm and retrieved the golden colored Firethorn Savage’s demon soul from his storage ring, then he threw the fist-sized demon soul into the sea of flames. His True Dragon Flame transformed into dozens of fiery dragons which immediately surrounded the demon soul.


Jiang Chen let out a shout, then he adjusted the True Dragon Flame’s temperature to its maximum, then he begun to burn Firethorn Savage’s demon soul.

Firethorn Savage’s demon soul contained a ma.s.sive amount of energy essence, and it couldn’t be wasted. Aside from that, it also contained pure yang energy within, which was the source of Firethorn Savage’s strength.

Actually, the demon soul only contained the demon’s essence, so there was no need for it to be purified at all. What Jiang Chen was doing now was melting it down to liquid form so that he could merge it with the other ingredients.

Melting down Firethorn Savage’s demon soul was some extremely difficult. Not only was it difficult because of its durability, Jiang Chen also need to make sure that the source energy contained within was not wasted, and that would require him to be extra careful while melting it. He couldn’t afford to make a single mistake.

Outside the furnace room, Guo Shan and Big Yellow were sitting face to face next to a stone table. This time, Guo Shan was generous enough to serve the best wine he had brewed with some herbs to Big Yellow. In his mind, Jiang Chen would need some days to concoct the pill this time, so he could use that time for find out more about what happened during their trip to Misty Mountain from Big Yellow.

“Old man Guo Shan, you finally show some hospitality and serve this master dog with some fine wine, not bad. After following this master dog for some time, you have learnt from me and found out how to do things correctly.”

Big Yellow held a jade wine gla.s.s with his paws. He drank the fine wine as he held his head up high.

“That’s enough, I can’t even shut your mouth with this fine wine. I think the day where you stop being so narcissistic is the day when the sun rises from the west! Hurry, tell daddy all the detail about your trip to Misty Mountain!”

Guo Shan immediately stopped Big Yellow from talking further. When this dog’s narcissistic side is awakened, the heavens would walk and the ground would fly. He was one mighty bragger.

When Guo Shan mentioned Misty Mountain, Big Yellow immediately became excited. He began talking nonstop, and his saliva splashed everywhere, including Guo Shan’s face and head. He was confused about whether or not it was Big Yellow’s saliva or some wine.

Guo Shan furrowed his brows, he began feeling regret about his decision to chat with Big Yellow. If it wasn’t for him really wanting to know the details about what happened in Misty Mountain, he might have flipped the table and walked away, without ever sitting down together with Big Yellow to drink again.

Within the furnace room, it took Jiang Chen an entire day before he finally melted down Firethorn Savage’s demon soul. He had some sweat dripping down from his forehead. If it was any other alchemist, he might already be laying on the floor in exhaustion.

“Now, the next step, merging all ingredients and producing the pill, the most crucial step.”

Jiang Chen’s expression changed into a serious one; even he dared not show any neglect right now. Finally, Jiang Chen begun the last step of the process; merging.

Qian Province, Green Sanctuary Sect.

Liu Hong and the other Sect Elders returned from the Qi Province, and they were now meeting with Qing Styx.

“How was it? Did you guys find out anything?”

Qing Styx’s combat strength had almost fully recovered. He opened his eyes and looked at Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders.

“Sect Chief, we’ve found something, that’s why we returned to report it to you. We’ll wait for Sect Chief’s orders.”

Liu Hong said.

“Why? Did that young guy have some sort of troublesome background?”

Qing Styx furrowed his brows. With Liu Hong’s temper, he didn’t kill Jiang Chen straightaway, but instead returned to the Green Sanctuary Sect. This proved that the young man had a troublesome background. At least, the background was not something Liu Hong could afford to offend.

“That’s right, that Jiang Chen isn’t from the Qian Province, he is from the Qi Province, and he is very famous within the Qi Province. When we arrived in the Qi Province, every single person we asked knew his name.”

Li Hong said with mixed feelings. The trip to the Qi Province was to find out about Jiang Chen had gone unexpectedly smooth. He had thought he would need to go through the entire Qi Province to find Jiang Chen, he had never expected that Jiang Chen was so famous that every single person he asked knew about him.

Indeed, Jiang Chen was a man whom everyone in the Qi Province knew about. Besides, the place where Liu Hong had gone was the Yellowstone area, where Jiang Chen was wors.h.i.+pped like an immortal, and even a three year old kid idolized him.

“Tell me about it.”

Qing Styx said.

“The young man is a disciple of the Black Sect, and he made his debut in the Qi Province compet.i.tion. He also has a fight agreement with the Burning Sky Pavilion’s Nan Bei Chao in one year. He recently became famous in the Qi Province after killing all Blood Devils and Lord Blood Moon. He even killed Liang Xiao from the Heavenly Sword Sect. I heard that this man’s cultivation speed is extremely fast, and Daoist Black favors him; that’s why we didn’t strike, and instead came back to report. We need Sect Chief to decide on this matter.”

Liu Hong told Qing Styx about everything he had learned in the Qi Province.

“Nan Bei Chao is a rare peerless genius, and I think the Martial Saint Dynasty has already noticed him. There’s no doubt he is going to join them in the future. This Jiang Chen is really brave to make a one-year fight agreement with him.”

Qing Styx nodded his head. He wasn’t too surprised about Jiang Chen, a genius like him was surely known by many.

“Sect Chief, since Jiang Chen is from the Black Sect, what should we do now?”

Liu Hong asked. The overall strength of the Black Sect was similar to the Green Sanctuary Sect. Besides, if the Green Sanctuary Sect really sent someone to kill Jiang Chen in the Qi Province, there wouldn’t be many advantages for them, as the place wasn’t their territory.

“Let’s wait, we can’t afford to offend the Black Sect right now. The Qi Province is after all not our territory. Just let that young man off for now. I’ll fully recover tomorrow, then I’ll proceed to Misty Mountain and kill that Firethorn Savage. If I can obtain his demon soul, I’ll be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm. When that time comes, the Black Sect will be nothing.

Qing Styx said. However, he did not expect that what awaited him tomorrow when he arrived at Misty Mountain was just a dead Firethorn Savage, and his decision of letting Jiang Chen off for now would be unreal.

“Alright, we’ll follow Sect Chief’s orders.”

Liu Hong cupped his fist towards Qing Styx. Although he hates Jiang Chen to the maximum, he also understood that going to the Black Sect to kill Jiang Chen was basically impossible. Therefore, what he could do now was just follow Qing Styx’s orders.

Black Sect, Guo Shan’s mountain peak!

Late evening, energy ripples suddenly came out from the furnace room which had been quiet for an entire day. Guo Shan and Big Yellow raised their brows at the same time.

“These ripples… Don’t tell me he successfully concocted the pill?”

Guo Shan said with a hint of disbelief. Only one and a half day had pa.s.sed, and if Jiang Chen had really concocted the Profound Six Solar Pill in one and a half days, that would be a really astonis.h.i.+ng accomplishment.


The door of the furnace room was pushed open, and Jiang Chen who was wearing white clothes walked out from the room with a bright smile on his face, and a golden colored pill floating in his palm.

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