Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 176 – The Powerful Firethorn Savage

Chapter 176 – The Powerful Firethorn Savage

Chapter 176 – The Powerful Firethorn Savage

The entire Misty Mountain had become restless. Sector two was filled with devastating energy all over, and the ma.s.sive energy of Divine Core warriors was completely unleashed. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were crazily fleeing, and the three men were chasing closely behind them.

The Green Sanctuary Sect was the biggest sect in the Qian Province, and they sat high above all else. What happened today had never happened before. They had suffered a great loss, and if they couldn’t kill the young man and dog, the Green Sanctuary Sect’s reputation would be affected, and they wouldn’t be able to keep their number one position within the Qian Province any longer.

“Kaka, these three old fools are so clumsy! Fat chance they’ll be able to catch up with us!”

While flying with great speed, Big Yellow was laughing out heartily. Both he and Jiang Chen were both incredibly fast and strong. With their full speed, perhaps only a Late Divine Core warrior could catch up with them.

Big Yellow’s words were clearly heard by the three old men behind him. They almost threw up some blood. All of them were real Divine Core warrior, but this dog described them as clumsy. This was something they couldn’t bear at all.

“Sect Elder Liu, this dog is really wicked!”

An old man gnashed his teeth in anger.

“I’m going to skin that dog alive, then I’ll bake him into some roasted meat!”

The Mid Divine Core Sect Elder was also gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger. His name was Liu Hong, and he was one of the top men from the Green Sanctuary Sect. His status in the Green Sanctuary Sect was similar to Fan Zhong Tang’s position in the Black Sect.

“Where did this young man come from? He is an abnormal monster with incredibly powerful combat strength! He just killed an Early Divine Core warrior with his Mid Heavenly Core cultivation base, this is extremely rare!”

“Also, they are really fast, even we can’t catch up with them!”

Both Early Divine Core Sect Elders looked at each other with amazed expressions.

“I don’t care who he is, I have to kill him today no matter what! The dignity of the Green Sanctuary Sect can’t be challenged by any outsider! My sword, come out!”

Liu Hong shouted out loudly. A golden combat sword instantly appeared, and under his control, the sword expanded and became about 3 meters long. The trio all appeared close to the sword and started injecting their Yuan energy into it. In an instant, with the help of the sword, their speed increased by a lot. Soon after, the gap between them and Jiang Chen became smaller.

“d.a.m.n it, these old fools do have some decent abilities. Buddy, speed up, let’s ditch them!”

A pair of bright wings suddenly appeared on Big Yellow’s back, and his speed increased. On the other side, a pair of blood wings appeared on Jiang Chen’s back as well, and combined with the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft, Jiang Chen’s speed equalled Big Yellow’s. Once again, the distance between them and the three old men became larger.

“d.a.m.n it, hurry and chase up!”

Liu Hong was furious, he tried his best to catch up with them.

“f.u.c.k, I feel like wanting to fight that old man now!”

Big Yellow said while feeling slightly depressed. But, he knew that with his and Jiang Chen’s current combat strength, there was no way they could defeat a Mid Divine Core warrior. Under such circ.u.mstances, the only option for them was to run.

“Hmph! Be patient, we have plenty of time in the future. Let’s ditch them for now.”

Jiang Chen snorted.

“Looks like it won’t be easy to ditch them, that old fool has locked down our energies.”

Big Yellow said.

“Let’s enter sector three, I’m sure they won’t have the courage to follow us since it’s the Firethorn Savage’s territory.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Don’t tell me you are going to find that Firethorn Savage right now. This is no different than committing suicide.”

Big Yellow said with a depressed expression.

“We can take this opportunity to check out the Firethorn Savage, then we’ll find a way to deal with it.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were blinking brightly. In order to deal with the Firethorn Savage, they couldn’t use any force, they had to use their intelligence to handle it. But, since they had just come to Misty Mountain, and were being chased by the Green Sanctuary Sect, Jiang Chen just took this as an opportunity to enter the third sector to check out the Firethorn Savage’s situation.

All of them moved with extreme speed. Soon, they arrived at the border of the third sector. Jiang Chen could clearly sense that the natural energy here was much richer than the other places. The mist that was hovering around here was also thicker.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow went straight into sector three.

Behind them, Liu Hong and the other two old men had also come to the border, but they stopped.

“That guy entered the third sector, what should we do now?”

One of the old men asked.

“We have an agreement with the Firethorn Savage, no men from the Green Sanctuary Sect can step into the third sector. Provoking the Firethorn Savage is no fun thing, and this guy has no idea how dangerous it is to enter the third sector. Once he provokes the Firethorn Savage, his life will end.”

Liu Hong sneered.

“Since he is certainly going to die in there, maybe we should just return now.”

Another Sect Elder said.

“No, we’ll wait here without giving that guy any chance to come out. The training of the outer circle disciples and the inner circle disciples will take another seven days. After seven days, we’ll leave with them, and if that guy still hasn’t come out by then, that means he has been killed by the Firethorn Savage and won’t come out again. n.o.body can stay in sector three unharmed for more than seven days.”

Liu Hong said with a confident look.

“Alright, that young man will die. It’s so ridiculous that he has caused such a huge loss to the Green Sanctuary Sect.”

Another old man gnashed his in with anger.

“You guys go inform those disciples, ask them to guard all exits of Misty Mountain, have them release a signal immediately upon seeing that young man or the dog. They are now fish in a pond, and there is a powerful Firethorn Savage right ahead of them. I’ll see how they’ll deal with this.”

Liu Hong’s face carried an insidious expression, he was determined to kill Jiang Chen.

“Fine, we’ll go now.”

Both men left after saying that.

At the same time Jiang Chen and Big Yellow entered the third sector, the had descended from the skies and hidden all their energy and breathing, then they slowly walked deeper into the area.

“Big Yellow, don’t forget to hide your breath and energy, don’t fight any demon beasts along the way. We’ll have to avoid all fights until we find the base of the Firethorn Savage and check out the situation.”

Jiang Chen reminded.

“I understand.”

Big Yellow lowered his voice, but his face was filled with excitement. Big Yellow was unable to hold his excitement when doing something as big as this.

Their walking speed wasn’t slow, and they soon came to the center of the third sector. Due to them hiding their energy and breathing, they didn’t alert any demon beasts along the way. Besides, there weren’t many demon beasts residing in the third sector. With the king of Misty Mountain, the Firethorn Savage residing here, not many demon beasts dared stay close in the third sector.

Along the way, Jiang Chen had seen a lot of strange flowers and weird plants. There were even some rare herbs. He simply picked them up and put them into his storage ring.

“The Misty Mountain really is a rich land, no wonder the Green Sanctuary Sect doesn’t want to give it up, and even went so far to make an agreement with the Firethorn Savage. Big Yellow, use your innate ability and try to sense if there are any treasures nearby.”

Jiang Chen said as he looked at Big Yellow.

“Treasure your big head! You think that treasure is something that you can find anywhere?”

Big Yellow gazed at Jiang Chen helplessly. If there were any treasure nearby, Big Yellow would be able to sense it in an instant.

While walking in a narrow valley, Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up. He saw within a crack not far away, there was a purple colored orchid growing. Under the sunlight’s reflection, it was s.h.i.+ning in a purple glow.

“A Violet Ying Orchid, haha, I never expected there would be a Violet Ying Orchid here! What a lucky day!”

Jiang Chen was excited. Although this purple colored flower was only the size of his palm, it had blossomed with nine petals and had a thick root. Obviously, it had reached its matured state.

“This Violet Ying Orchid is one of the main ingredients for the Profound Six Solar Pill! I couldn’t find it in the Black Sect, and I never expected to find it here.”

Without saying much more, Jiang Chen picked the flower up. In his memory, a total of 49 herbs were required to concoct the Profound Six Solar Pill- Guo Shan basically had all of them except for this Violet Ying Orchid.

“I never thought you would be such a lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Big Yellow turned his nose up towards Jiang Chen.

“Go away, this is my lucky day. As a dog, you wouldn’t know anything about this.”

Jiang Chen slapped Big Yellow’s head, causing it to produce a loud sound resembling metals colliding.

“Ruff ruff ruff!! I am not a dog!”

Big Yellow bared his teeth.

“d.a.m.ned dog, lower your voice, don’t alert the Firethorn Savage, d.a.m.n it.”

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow. They were in the deepest area of the third sector, and they needed to act carefully as to not attract the Firethorn Savage’s attention.

The man and dog continued their journey. Suddenly, a violent roar sounded out not far away from them.


The roar was extremely loud and deep, and it carried the power of the king of all beasts. With its roar, it could make all beasts in the mountain submit to it.

“It’s the Firethorn Savage.”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exclaimed.

“The roar came from in front of us. Just from the sound alone I can tell how frightening this Firethorn Savage is. Let’s go over and check it out. Remember, don’t make a noise.”

Jiang Chen said.

In front of them there was a small hill, and the Firethorn Savage’s roar came from there. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow carefully climbed up to the middle of the hill without making any noise, then they both extended their heads upwards. In an instant, they saw a ma.s.sive object lying not too far away from them.

In the middle of the hill there was a neat, small field. Behind it there was a huge cave. Right now, a huge and majestic demon beast lying in the center of the field.

The beast was over 6 meters tall even when it was lying on the floor. His body was fully covered with golden scale, and underneath the sunlight’s s.h.i.+ne, it was reflecting a bright glow.

This was the Firethorn Savage. It had an ugly face with two obviously sharp fangs in its mouth. Right now, the Firethorn Savage was lying motionlessly on the floor with both its eyes shut. It seemed like it was in the middle of enjoying its sun bath.

But Jiang Chen knew that this Firethorn Savage was actually in the middle of cultivation. It was absorbing the pure Yang energy that was being emitted from the sun. This was the innate ability of the Firethorn Savage.

Ordinary demon beasts would be able to transform into human form when they broke through to the Heavenly Core realm, but it would be more difficult for the demon beasts that were above the average. Taking the Firethorn Savage as an example, its cultivation level had reached the peak of the Mid Divine Core realm, but it was still unable to transform into human form. It probably needed to break through to the Combat Soul realm, or perhaps the Demon King realm before being able to transform.

As for a Divine Beast such as Big Yellow, his transformation would be even harder. He might need to break through to the Demon Saint realm before he could have the possibility of transforming into human form. The Demon Saint realm was equal to the humans’ Saint realm.

The Firethorn Savage was in his cultivation mode, and he had no idea that that there were two uninvited guests watching him from close by. Right at this moment, if he scanned the area with its Divine Sense, he would discover Jiang Chen and Big Yellow immediately. However, this Firethorn Savage would never expect that anyone would dare intrude the third sector and come so close to it.

Translated by XianXiaWorld