Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1680 – Severed into Two

Chapter 1680 – Severed into Two

Severed into Two

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As a matter of fact, Nanbei Chao was feeling pretty aggrieved right now. There was nothing in this world that could make him feel afraid and shrink back. Due to him breaking through to the late Immortal Emperor realm, he had arrived here late. He had already planned to conquer the territory of the Golden Clan and obtain all of the clan’s treasures, however, faced with reality right now, his plan seemed very far-fetched.

The one Nanbei Chao hated the most was undoubtedly Jiang Chen. As a dignified reincarnation of a Great Sovereign, he was gifted with extraordinary abilities and was an unrivaled genius of the world who put no one in his eyes, but Jiang Chen seemed to be the biggest rival in his life. He would be in trouble every time he encountered Jiang Chen. No matter how strong or how great his status was, nothing good happens every time he met Jiang Chen.

Putting aside the clone that he sent to Saint Origin World, he was already powerful enough that he almost killed the mighty Mo Wuqing when he first met Jiang Chen on the Broken Edge Cliff. After pursuing Jiang Chen for a few dozen miles and successfully cornering him, a monkey named Dragon s.h.i.+san emerged out of nowhere and injured his Eye of Heaven with the Fiery Golden Eyes.

In their second encounter, during the time when the Xiao Yao Qin emerged, he wanted to stop Wu Ningzhu and tried to exploit the others to kill Jiang Chen, but to no avail. In the end, he was besieged by Jiang Chen and his comrades, and was beaten up pretty badly.

Lastly, in their third encounter, as soon as he arrived at the scene with high spirits and confidence, he was shocked to find out that Jiang Chen had gotten the Sun Divine Feather, and had killed five half-step Immortal Venerables. That took away all of his courage to fight. It was like he had only come here to show his face, and had to leave before he had the time to even see how the golden doors look like.

Really, was there anything that was more aggrieving than this?

Nanbei Chao cursed inwardly, he felt like crying but had no tears.

“Nanbei Chao, why are you in such a hurry to leave when you’ve just arrived?”

Jiang Chen shouted, casting the Great Void Technique, appearing in front of Nanbei Chao in a blink. He had sealed the route of Nanbei Chao with the Sun Divine Feather. Both of them were fated enemies and wanted so badly to get rid of each other. So it was impossible for either of them to let go of any chance to kill their opponent.

Now that Jiang Chen was controlling the Sun Divine Feather, when would he have the chance in the future if he didn’t kill Nanbei Chao now? He initially felt slightly disappointed that Nanbei Chao wasn’t present. Now that Nanbei Chao had delivered himself to him, how could Jiang Chen let him go away?

“Jiang Chen, you really think that you can kill me?” Nanbei Chao spoke coldly.

“I’ll just try and see.” Jiang Chen shrugged. His killing intent had completely locked on Nanbei Chao.

“Jiang Chen, don’t you get all over yourself. Without the Sun Divine Feather, you are nothing, I can even crush you with only a finger.”

Nanbei Chao was infuriated. He seldom got angry, but now he was furious as the situation was incredibly stifling. The opponent’s cultivation base was clearly much weaker than him, but this opponent had become his biggest threat, waving the divine feather casually and looking at him as though he was the prey. This gave him the urge to spurt out blood.

“Too bad that I have the Sun Divine Feather. That’s why I can be all over myself. If you aren’t satisfied with it, then come and kill me,” said Jiang Chen in a strange tone.

After hearing this, numerous people rolled their eyes crazily. These words were just too brazen!

“d.a.m.n! I had never thought that this Jiang Chen is this shameless! If I were Nanbei Chao, I would have been extremely p.i.s.sed off!” Grandmaster Hao Ran blurted.

One would really be put in a quandary if he encountered Jiang Chen.

“Senior Brother, only now did you know that he’s that shameless? It seems like the time you spent with him is far too short.”

Tyrant chuckled. He understood Jiang Chen much more than Grandmaster Hao Ran, and the one standing in front of Jiang Chen right now wasn’t a stranger, but Nanbei Chao. Even if Jiang Chen couldn’t kill Nanbei Chao, he would definitely infuriate Nanbei Chao totally.

“You are courting death!”

Nanbei Chao was utterly angered, and struck out a palm at Jiang Chen. He could no longer stand it. Even if Jiang Chen had the Sun Divine Feather, he would still attack.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. The Sun Divine Feather in his hand trembled and cast out a ray of flaming light, destroying Nanbei Chao’s attack in an instant. Then, the Sun Divine Feather turned into a very sharp golden blade and was slashed at Nanbei Chao with lightning speed.


Sensing the danger of the divine feather, Nanbei Chao’s facial expression changed dramatically. Even if he was mentally prepared, he had never expected the power of the Sun Divine Feather to be this great. Its power had reached the extent where he couldn’t bear it. At this point, he finally understood how Zhang Yulang, Xia Xiaotian, and the others were killed.

The Immortal Armour instantly coated his body. He cast the Monarch Heaven Art to its fullest power, and unexpectedly broke away from the seal of the Sun Divine Feather and escaped frantically.


Unfortunately, he was still a little slow. The Sun Divine Feather had cut his body. The Immortal Armour crumbled and was burned.

“Jiang Chen, you have destroyed my Immortal Amour!” Nanbei Chao spurted out a mouthful of blood. His tone was full of fury.

As a matter of fact, this wasn’t Jiang Chen’s first time destroying his Immortal Armour. Back in Saint Origin World, Jiang Chen had once damaged the Immortal Armour of his clone.

After that, he continued to flee without delay. Everyone had to admit that they were surprised by the scene. Countless people raised their thumbs up secretly for Nanbei Chao because he had resisted a blow from the Sun Divine Feather. This fact alone indicated that he was a lot stronger compared to Zhang Yulang and the others.

Unfortunately, the fall of this peerless genius was inevitable today. Those who understood Jiang Chen’s means and the relations.h.i.+p between him and Nanbei Chao were certain that he would never let Nanbei Chao go.

“You have nowhere to go.”

Right enough, Jiang Chen circulated the Great Void Technique and caught up with Nanbei Chao in a blink of an eye, and then slashed the divine feather again, which acted like an unparalleled divine light, slas.h.i.+ng the void in half before hitting Nanbei Chao.


At last, Nanbei Chao let out a bitter cry. His entire person was slashed in half by the Sun Divine Feather. The scene was horrifying. Grief was plastered on the faces of every genius of Nanbei Family. The death of Nanbei Chao was equivalent to the loss of a pillar in Nanbei Family. The loss of this was just too great.

Seeing Nanbei Chao being cut into two by the Sun Divine Feather, almost everyone thought that he was dead, except for Jiang Chen who was frowning at where Nanbei Chao died. Instead of his body being incinerated by the Fire of Sun like Zhang Yulang and the rest of the geniuses, Nanbei Chao’s body vanished out of sight.

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