Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1675 – The Dao of Slaughter

Chapter 1675 – The Dao of Slaughter

The Dao of Slaughter

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In Yang Lang and Mo Wuqing’s point of view, the reason that Jiang Chen could wield the Sun Divine Feather was because of the Fire of Sun in his body, which was also why he had earned the recognition of the divine feather. However, they couldn’t understand why he was able to exert such immense power from the divine feather. Even if he could display the divine feather’s power, the energy consumption each use was enormous. Given his current cultivation base, he could display its power once at most. This was akin to the time when Big Yellow exerted the power of the Immortal Execution Sword.

As a matter of fact, the thing that truly helped Jiang Chen wasn’t just the Fire of Sun, but also the Immortal Mark in his body.

With the Immortal Mark, he was able to exert the power of the Sun Divine Feather for innumerable times.

Zhang Yulang and Lu Sheng were killed. Two great geniuses of Ethereal Immortal Domain had fallen just like that. The scene had become silent all of a sudden. The remaining four half-step Immortal Venerables looked fearfully at Jiang Chen and at the Sun Divine Feather in his grip.

Jiang Chen stood in the void, his body was full of golden flames, seemingly like a peerless G.o.d of slaughter disdaining all sentient beings of the world. He looked around and spoke loudly, “I, Jiang Chen, don’t want to kill the innocent. I will give you all a chance to retreat now, go back to your respective sects until the inheritance of the Golden Clan disappears. Anyone who has the intention of breaking into the territory of the Golden Clan will be killed without question.”

Waves of Jiang Chen’s thunderous voice reached the ears of the crowd. He wanted everybody to know that he was absolutely not joking around. He hoped that the death of Zhang Yulang and Lu Sheng had rung the warning bell. If these people refused to stop, this place was bound to be washed by streams of blood.

The atmosphere turned dead silent, everyone’s eyes were on the Sun Divine Feather in Jiang Chen’s hands and the Golden Clan. Their eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fear. They saw how Jiang Chen killed Zhang Yulang and Lu Sheng clearly. It was impossible for them to be not afraid of him.

Nevertheless, the greed and desire in their eyes couldn’t be concealed. This was an opportunity that none of them wanted to miss.

“Even the Great Thousand Mirror and Sun Divine Feather have appeared. There should be unimaginable treasures inside the Golden Clan. Besides, the Golden Horizon only opened once every five years. Many of us won’t be eligible anymore to join the next expedition. The inheritance of the Golden Clan has been hidden for tens of thousands of years; today was its first apearing, and probably the only time it will emerge. If we don’t cherish this opportunity, we surely won’t have a second chance. Jiang Chen has already used the Sun Divine Feather twice. I don’t think he’s still able to use it for the third time. Given his ruthless behavior, if he’s still able to use the divine weapon, instead of standing there, he would have already launched a ma.s.sacre. So I think that he could no longer exert the power of the Sun Divine Feather. Let’s attack together. We must break into the territory of the Golden Clan!” someone amongst the crowd shouted.

He was a late Immortal Emperor. When Jiang Chen looked over and sensed the gloomy cold qi from him. Judging from the uniform he wore, Jiang Chen instantly recognized that he was from Corpse Yin Sect, the sect which Jiang Chen hated the most.

As soon as these words were spoken, the crowd was stirred once more. Numerous people began to unleash their killing intent and qi. They all thought that the man’s words were right.

“He’s right. Jiang Chen is a ruthless man. After obtaining the Sun Divine Feather, how can he let go of the chance of killing his enemies? He must have known that he couldn’t continue using the divine feather anymore. So he's trying to deter us with the death of Zhang Yulang and Lu Sheng. We almost fell for it.”

“He’s just a half-step Immortal Emperor. Even though he was able to kill two supreme experts with the help of the Sun Divine Feather, it’s impossible for him to continue using the power of the divine feather as not even an Immortal Venerable can do it.”

“He’s just trying to scare us. Don’t be afraid of him, everyone. It’s not easy for us to encounter the emergence of the Golden Clan. Once we miss it, we won’t have another chance.”


Most of their minds were clouded by their desire. Some of their eyes had already become as red as a wild beast.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. Once one’s mind was controlled by greed, one would no longer be different from a wild beast.

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a cold sneer. Icy cold light glinted his eyes. Cold killing intent poured out of his body. He would never forget the last words of Big Yellow – control the Sun Divine Feather and guard the bloodline of the Golden Clan. Now, it seemed like numerous people would have to die today.


This had become the will of Jiang Chen. Apart from killing, he had no other way. The Sun Divine Feather was trembling violently. His killing intent was getting thicker and thicker.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Suddenly, a buzzing sound was emitted from his innermost soul. His heart shook fiercely. He could feel a desolate killing intent coming from the depths of his soul. That’s right. That was a solid killing intent that came from nothingness and antiquity.

It’s the dragon transformation skill. This is a sign indicating its evolution.

Jiang Chen was overjoyed. The dragon transformation skill hadn’t evolved for a long time. This was precisely the obstacle that hindered him from advancing to the Immortal Emperor realm. Currently, the dragon transformation skill was showing signs of evolution once again. He was pretty familiar with the changes because this wasn’t his first time encountering it.

He knew that it was his intent to kill and firm belief that had triggered the metamorphosis of the technique once again. Presently, the ancient killing intent that came from the dragon transformation skill had merged with his body.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

The killing intent was majestic. He could almost see the ancient dragon of slaughter spiraling in his innermost soul. The eyes of the ma.s.sive ancient dragon showed no signs of emotion. Its existence seemed to represent a will and realm that was akin to the Dao of Slaughter.

That was right. It was the Dao of Slaughter. The dragon transformation skill was unmatched and one of a kind. Whoever cultivated the dragon transformation skill was bound to walk the path of constant ma.s.sacre. Today, Jiang Chen had triggered the Dao of Slaughter hidden in the dragon transformation skill due to an important matter in Golden Horizon, which he knew was the sign for the next transformation and the essence of a Great Dao.


Jiang Chen’s eyes went blood-red as he suddenly roared towards the sky. The dragon transformation skill didn’t evolve and advance immediately. Jiang Chen needed to use ma.s.sacre and determination to slowly stimulate the metamorphosis of the technique. Right now, his will was filled with killing.

Such type of killing wasn’t like killing the innocent. It was the killing intent of a Great Dao. There seemed to be a voice constantly telling Jiang Chen to kill his enemies or anyone who was detrimental to him. All of these people ahead wanted his life, in that case, he would have to kill all of them.

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