Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1660 – Walking at the Crevice of the Void

Chapter 1660 – Walking at the Crevice of the Void

Walking at the Crevice of the Void

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In the face of Zhang Yulang’s powerful attack, Jiang Chen’s expression began to become somewhat grim. In terms of cultivation base, he was absolutely no match for Zhang Yulang. There was still a huge gap between them. The greatest reliance Jiang Chen had in fighting Zhang Yulang was the Great Void Technique.

Currently, Zhang Yulang had gone berserk. The entire void was virtually sealed by him, making Jiang Chen take the battle seriously. However, Jiang Chen still didn’t fear him. He absolutely believed that the Great Void Technique would be able to deal with the opponent.

The attack contained a vast amount of energy. Although it wasn’t the most powerful attack of Zhang Yulang, the destruction it could cause was earth-shattering. It was a powerful attack from a half-step Immortal Venerable. And although he was merely a half-step Immortal Venerable, he was afraid that not even an early Immortal Venerable was a match for him.

That’s why Zhang Yulang went frenzied. If he couldn’t kill Jiang Chen, given his cultivation base, it would surely be a huge disgrace.

“Jiang Chen, I would like to see how you can avoid this.”

Zhang Yulang’s voice reverberated across the sky. He was determined to kill Jiang Chen to establish his prestige.

At this time, Jiang Chen shut his eyes completely. Then, he cast out the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Void Technique simultaneously, and realized that all the s.p.a.ces around him had been firmly locked by Zhang Yulang. There was no exit.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

However the Great Void Technique was no ordinary skill. The spatial force outside Jiang Chen’s body began to ripple, erupting a buzzing sound. He could feel an immense and mountainous energy around pressing hard against him.

“Great Void Technique. Invisible Escape.”

Jiang Chen said in an undertone. With a sway of his body, he disappeared once more, through the void sealed by Zhang Yulang, and into the crevice of s.p.a.ce. This was a very dangerous act. Not even a mighty Venerable would dare to step into the gap between the s.p.a.ces easily. Once he entered the turbulent air current, he would be forever trapped in there.

But Jiang Chen who cultivated the Great Void Technique didn’t hesitate to perform such an act. He had very strong senses of the spatial crevice, turbulent air current and spatial law, so he was able to accurately maintain stability in the spatial crevice, and eventually found the exit out of it.

*Hong Long……*

A huge area of void was destroyed. Even the golden barrier began to let out a buzzing sound, seemingly about to break at any moment. This was absolute destruction. Any living thing would die tragically within it. At this moment, everyone was holding their breath. Their widened eyes stared ahead. Most of them thought that Jiang Chen was certainly dead.

“I’m afraid he’s going to die for sure. Zhang Yulang has already locked everything around him. No matter how heaven-defying his techniques are, they’re useless in front of Zhang Yulang’s power. This is a destructive strike that can kill all living creatures. I wonder if Jiang Chen can walk out of this alive.”

“I don’t think he can. If he can really survive such an attack, then he will be overly heaven-defying!”

“Ai! What a pity! A peerless, monstrous genius has fallen just like that. It’s all because Jiang Chen was too arrogant. He didn’t even put a figure like Zhang Yulang in his eyes, and spoke wildly against the Immortal Court. He indeed lacks self-knowledge.”


Many of them began to sigh, feeling that Jiang Chen was bound to die. There was almost no possibility of survival in such a situation. Jiang Chen was only a half-step Immortal Emperor. If he could still survive under such a situation, then he would be truly heaven-defying.

But after sending out the attack, Zhang Yulang frowned once more. Others might not notice, but he could clearly feel that his attack didn’t kill Jiang Chen. This was what his intuition was telling him, which was often accurate given his cultivation base.

Just as everyone thought that Jiang Chen was dead, a hand was seen tearing a part of the void apart. A silhouette leisurely walked out of it. Who could it be if he wasn’t Jiang Chen?


Countless cries of surprise were heard. All of them were dumbfounded. Each of their eyes seemed as if they had seen a ghost. This was a miracle. No one knew how Jiang Chen did it. As a matter of fact, even Jiang Chen himself was a little surprised by the amazing power of the Great Void Technique. He was feeling incredibly good right now. He had confirmed that the technique was indeed an absolute means of protection.

“Zhang Yulang, so this is just how strong you are. Although you are powerful, your power is far from capable of killing me. Now it seems like if I leave now, you won’t be able to catch even a hair of mine,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

After succeeding in his escape, he felt even more confident and didn’t fear Zhang Yulang anymore.

“How did you do it?” Instead of launching another strike, Zhang Yulang asked curiously.

“Humph!” Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly, and didn’t bother to answer to Zhang Yulang’s question.

Coincidentally, the scene was seen by Han Yan, Yang Bufan, Tyrant and Grandmaster Hao Ran, who had just arrived. Each of their eyes widened with astonishment.

“What’s that amazing technique of that brat? His cultivation base hadn’t advanced, but his technique is far more powerful compared to his cultivation.” Grandmaster Hao Ran’s eyes turned big and round.

“He must have gotten some sort of ancient secret art and has succeeded in cultivating it within a short period of time. Senior Brother, miracles always happen to Jiang Chen. You don’t have to be too surprised even if you see something even more heaven-defying in the future,” said Tyrant with a smile.

“That’s right. We have already gotten used to it.” Han Yan approached them and shrugged.

“Incredible.” Grandmaster Haoran raised a thumbs up.

“Zhang Yulang has already advanced to the half-step Immortal Venerable realm. Geniuses like him are very terrifying. An earth-shattering battle will break out again the moment the doors of the Golden Clan are opened,” said Yang Bufan.

Having already advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm, if he walked out of the Golden Horizon now, he would immediately become the number one genius of Great Qian Empire. Plus, Jiang Chen had already helped him remove his obstacles – King Ping and the Crown Prince. From now on, the greatest prefecture in Great Qian Empire would be King Fan Prefecture.

“Jiang Chen, don’t you get complacent. I have yet to use my full strength. If I decided to kill you, you won’t have a chance no matter how great your means is,” said Zhang Yulang coldly.

“Is that so? Then try your best and see if you can really kill me.” Jiang Chen showed a cold sneer. He would never be affected by the enemy’s threat.

“You’ll see. The moment the doors of the Golden Clan are opened, I’m going to kill you myself.”

Zhang Yulang said, then moved to one side, no longer intending to fight Jiang Chen. He didn’t want to expose all of his trump cards yet. In his opinion, it wasn’t worth to use those against Jiang Chen. More experts would appear so it wasn’t a good idea to reveal his trump cards in advance.

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