Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1653 – The Eyesore

Chapter 1653 – The Eyesore

The Eyesore

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It is very difficult to survive in a plight of death. The Life Symbol Art of the Battle Saint Technique could allow one to live even if one had only ten percent chance of surviving. The Battling Symbol Art and Exterminating Symbol Art were enough to deal with enemies, and the Life Symbol Art would be reserved for himself. The reason Dragon s.h.i.+san was excited was not only because he had acquired a secret survival art, but also the importance of this art to Battle Saint Technique.

No one knew his feeling about the Battle Saint Technique. As a descendant of the Battle Clan, this was his greatest pride. Without the Life Symbol Art, he wouldn’t be able to cast the perfect technique. Now that he had gotten the art, it made his Battle Saint Technique complete. It was a symbol and also a meaning. The feeling he had right now was totally different from Jiang Chen’s when he got the Great Void Technique.

He sat cross-legged in front of the huge green rock. His Fiery Golden Eyes pierced through everything, thoroughly comprehending the profound meaning of the Life Symbol Art, he wanted to brand all the trails of the art in his mind, making it a part of him just like the Battling Symbol Art and Exterminating Symbol Art.

Similar to Jiang Chen’s Great Void Technique, it wasn’t an easy process. Dragon s.h.i.+san’s eyes gradually became entranced. He lost track of time and everything.

Another two months pa.s.sed in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Adding the previous eight months, Jiang Chen had been in seclusion for ten months, which was equivalent to ten days outside. At this point, the expedition of the Golden Horizon was approaching its end.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes and shook helplessly. During this period of time, he never stopped trying to break through the barrier but to no avail.

“The dragon transformation skill hasn’t evolved for a long time. It seems like it isn’t my foundation that’s blocking. It’s the dragon transformation skill.”

Jiang Chen muttered. He was now facing his biggest bottleneck ever. Every time, evolution would bring him tremendous benefits. These techniques—True Dragon Palm, True Dragon Fire, Azure Dragon Five Steps, Five Elemental Battle Dragon Seal, Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da—were all incredible skills acquired during the evolution of the dragon transformation skill. Ever since he ascended to the Immortal World, his dragon transformation skill hadn’t truly evolved. Therefore, this became a barrier to his advancement to the Immortal Emperor realm.

In these ten months of seclusion, he clearly felt that the dragon transformation skill wasn’t showing any signs of evolution. It was these things that were keeping him from advancing. He was almost certain that the benefits were no longer useful to him regardless of how great it was. Unless his dragon transformation skill advanced, otherwise, he might not have the chance to advance to the Immortal Emperor realm.

As a matter of fact, he did expect such a situation. After all, the evolution of the dragon transformation skill would always bring him enormous benefits every time. If he could depend on this skill to break through to Immortal Emperor realm, it would undoubtedly be perfect.

However it was absolutely not easy for his dragon transformation skill to achieve evolution. He needed great enlightenment and certain opportunity to achieve this. Despite having gone to seclusion for ten months, the skill didn’t show any signs of evolution. It only showed that the opportunity hadn’t arrived yet.

Therefore, he wasn’t in a hurry as it was no use; it was different from cultivation. Each evolution of the dragon transformation skill needed great opportunity. He had no doubt about it. After all, he had experienced this evolution several times before.

I can’t continue this seclusion. I need to search for an opportunity, the opportunity to evolve the dragon transformation skill. Ten days have pa.s.sed outside. The expedition of the Golden Horizon is going to end soon. I’m afraid that the doors of the Golden Clan will be opened soon.

Jiang Chen tidied his clothes and walked out of the paG.o.da.

Let’s have a test on the Great Void Technique.

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth curled into a smile. With his divine sense, the spatial force around him began to tremble. His body vanished in a flash and when he reappeared, he was ten thousand miles away.

Traveling ten thousand miles in an instant. Even if there are seals and formations in the vicinity, it can’t stop the technique. Truly terrifying. With this technique, I’m afraid not even an Immortal Venerable can kill me.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help feeling exhilarated. Although he had only mastered the early stage of the Great Void Technique, it was already enough for him. Given his current abilities, it was incredibly hard for anyone to kill him.

The Great Void Technique had undoubtedly given him another way to save his life. It was even more useful than the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. After all, he could only hide within the paG.o.da. If he encountered an expert that could sense the qi of the paG.o.da, hiding inside the paG.o.da would be totally useless. Just like when he was pursued by Nanbei Chao whose Eye of Heaven could see through everything, even with the help of the paG.o.da, it was still impossible for Jiang Chen to escape Nanbei Chao. The Great Void Technique, on the other hand, could allow him to flee instantly, and noticeably.

If Jiang Chen had the Great Void Technique back then, he wouldn’t be that fl.u.s.tered.


The place where Jiang Chen emerged was still a barren land. As the Golden Horizon was very big, there were barren lands everywhere. Just as he was about to use the Great Void Technique to travel again, he heard a burst of noise from the valley ahead.

“Haha! I have finally advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm.”

An incomparably excited voice rang from the valley. Upon hearing the familiar voice, he flew towards it without hesitation.

His speed was extremely fast, reaching the top of the valley very soon and saw a man laughing heartily and excitedly below. When he saw the face of the man, he immediately displayed a sneering smile.

This man wasn’t a stranger, he was precisely King Ping.

Ever since Jiang Chen came to Golden Horizon, Jiang Chen had never met King Ping before. King Ping had never shown up even after the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao emerged. Now, it seemed like he must have gotten some sort of benefits and had hidden in this desolate place to break through his cultivation realm. One had to say that he was quite unfortunate to encounter Jiang Chen right after advancing to the late Immortal Emperor realm.

“Congratulations on advancing to the late Immortal Emperor realm, King Ping.”

Jiang Chen spoke in a crisp voice. He stepped into the void and appeared near King Ping. Since he had encountered King Ping, there was no reason for him to miss this opportunity. He had reason to believe that it had something to do with King Ping why Yang Bufan was besieged twice.

“Jiang Chen!”

King Ping was clearly stupefied when he saw Jiang Chen, however he regained his composure back when he sensed that Jiang Chen only had a half-step Immortal Emperor realm cultivation base. Now that he had advanced to late Immortal Emperor realm, he would never put Jiang Chen in his eyes. Of course, this was because he had been in seclusion all the while and was still clueless about the emergence of the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao. If he knew about it, it was afraid that he would never get himself entangled with Jiang Chen.

“That’s true. I’m still very much alive until now. You’re surprised, aren’t you?” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Jiang Chen, I don’t understand what you mean. Being geniuses of Great Qian Empire, we should stay united. Don’t you think so?” King Ping returned the smile.

“King Ping, you are certainly very subtle. You can still pretend as if nothing happened even at this point. In my opinion, your face must be shamelessly thick. You have tried to kill me and King Fan twice with the help of other people. I, Jiang Chen, am not going to forget this score,” said Jiang Chen coldly.

Although he and King Ping were both people of Great Qian Empire, figures like King Ping were even scarier compared to their enemies. He was sinister and full of plots that one could never expect. It wasn’t delightful to be together with such a person in the same group. Jiang Chen dislike these this kinds of people. His approach on handling such people was rather simple.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, it seems like you aren’t stupid at all. That’s right. I’m indeed very surprised that you are still alive until now. Those people are truly a bunch of trash. However, you really shouldn’t have come here today. You should have avoided me so that you can live longer. Now that I have advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm, I have already become a first-cla.s.s genius in the Immortal World. Could it be that you aren’t afraid of me killing you by coming here today? Or you are confident enough that you can fight me with just your half-step Immortal Emperor cultivation base.”

King Ping harrumphed coldly. Since his plot had been unveiled, there was no need for him to keep pretending. Or else he would be looked upon as an idiot.

“Hehe! Do you think that being a late Immortal Emperor is very powerful? The score between you and me must be settled today. In my eyes, your cultivation base is no different from an intermediate Immortal Emperor.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. The arrogance of King Ping was indeed a very funny thing. Given Jiang Chen’s current strength, he was enough to fight late Immortal Emperors. Also, King Ping had just advanced, his cultivation base wasn’t stable yet. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had already cultivated the early stage of the Great Void Technique which gave him enough confidence to kill King Ping. The elimination of this threat would certainly ease his future worries.

If both the Crown Prince and King Ping died in this expedition, there wouldn’t be any young kings in Great Qian Empire who would dare to oppose Yang Bufan anymore. So, killing King Ping would also help Yang Bufan eliminate trouble.

“Jiang Chen, you are still as proud as always. Let me tell you this, Great Qian Empire is mine. Yang Bufan won’t have a share of it. After killing you today, I will go and kill Yang Bufan. I will never let you all have the chance to leave Golden Horizon alive.”

King Ping’s killing intent spread across the void. Each wave of killing intent blew like a cyclone, cutting the void apart. His eyes revealed malicious expression. Killing Jiang Chen had always been the thing that he wanted to do the most. Jiang Chen had become his eyesore ever since King Fan’s King-Conferring Ceremony.

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