Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1651 – Great Void Technique

Chapter 1651 – Great Void Technique

After listening to what Jiang Chen had said, Big Yellow chuckled. “You can burn as much as you please. If your flames can burn off this tattered scroll, I’ll consider you G.o.dly.”

Big Yellow’s confidence made Jiang Chen suddenly think that the scroll must be some sort of a rare treasure. If it was just an ordinary scroll, any normal fire would be able to burn it down to ashes.

Scorching flames spurted out from Jiang Chen’s hands, instantly wrapping the scroll. The result was the same as what Big Yellow said. Despite being burned so violently in the flames, the scroll showed no signs of disintegrating. Instead, some dramatic changes were taking place to the scroll.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow widened their eyes, and stared unblinkingly at the burning scroll: They saw golden light radiating out from it, slowly turning into a brand-new dazzling scroll. A tremendous spatial qi was released from it.

“Quick, open the scroll and look at what’s inside,” Big Yellow spoke hastily. His tone was full of antic.i.p.ation.

Jiang Chen kept the flames and shot out his divine sense onto the golden scroll. As the scroll flipped open, more golden light shone. Shadows of mysterious-looking characters appeared in front of him one after another. Each character was full of strong spatial qi, as though it was existing in a boundless spatial zone.

This light was already sufficient to create an illusory world. This showed how magical this light was.

It went without saying that this scroll was some good stuff. Jiang Chen hurriedly cast his eyes on the scroll. On the topmost of the scroll, he saw three big words written with powerful technique – Great Void Technique!

Below it were lines of incantations. Each word carried an ancient qi as though they had been branded on it. Jiang Chen was totally absorbed to it with just a glance.

“Great Void Technique. It’s an ancient mysterious art.”

Jiang Chen was shocked. He wouldn’t have thought that there would be such a peerless divine technique in this barren sand dune. If it wasn’t for Big Yellow, he wouldn’t have given this dune a second glance even if he walked over it.

“Brat, you have gotten an invaluable item. It is the Great Void Technique left by the Void Sovereign. I never thought it was buried here. The Void Sovereign must have a really good heart.

Big Yellow was exhilarated. The value of the Great Void Technique was priceless. It was virtually equivalent to the legacy of a Great Sovereign.

“Void Sovereign?”

It was Jiang Chen’s first time hearing the name of the Great Sovereign, but it wasn’t hard to know from Big Yellow’s tone that the Sovereign had to be some terrific figure.

“The Void Sovereign, Immortal Execution King and Zang Xian Great Sovereign are on par with one another, and were the figures of their time. Void Sovereign used only the Great Void Technique to establish his world-cla.s.s prestige. To put it bluntly, this technique is the most precious thing left by Void Sovereign. What I didn’t think of was that this dude actually buried such a treasure here so casually. It’s your heaven-defying luck that allowed you to find it.”

Big Yellow sighed. His tone was full of admiration at the mention of Void Sovereign.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help being filled with deep veneration. The thing left behind by an ancient Sovereign was naturally no ordinary stuff, except the Void Sovereign’s actions were entirely different from the other sovereigns. Take Empress Xiao Yao for example, the inheritance she left shook the whole Golden Horizon, whereas the Great Void Technique of Void Sovereign was buried beneath some inconspicuous place without a single barrier or defensive seal.

However, the more casual it was, the more it indicated how detached Void Sovereign’s disposition was. He had left behind his inheritance to the predestined descendant. Getting this treasure was a matter of fate. Unfortunately, no one had ever noticed this hill of dune for tens of thousands of years, not until Jiang Chen came across it. This showed that he was fated to have it.

His eyes once again fell upon the incantations on the scroll. Big Yellow’s words could no longer enter his ears. He was completely absorbed by the mysterious and profound words. Even with his eyesight, he couldn’t deny the mystical power of the technique.

Based on the introduction above, the secret technique had two parts. One was used for escape and the other was used for attack. Once one successfully cultivated the Great Void Technique, one could also truly master the spatial law. There was no place in the world where one couldn’t go. One step could bring the person millions of miles away across the void. Even if one was besieged by thousands of experts, one could flee unrestrainedly, putting the enemies in a daze.

When one had mastered such a magical escaping technique, it would become a life-saving technique where one could travel to anywhere in the world.

Besides that, the Great Void Technique also had another terrifying technique—its illusion. While dealing with the enemy, one could create an illusion that could make the enemy lost in it. Combined with Jiang Chen’s Great Illusion Realm, the impact on the enemy would be unimaginable.

Ever since he ascended to the Immortal World, he seldom used the Great Illusion Realm. Although the heart sutra was ancient, it had limited impact on immortal experts. Plus, if he failed, he might suffer great backlash and damage.

However, this scenario would become less likely with the Great Void Technique, a mighty secret art left by the Void Sovereign. The illusion created by the technique was scary enough. If it was integrated with the Great Illusion Realm, its effect on the enemy would surely be inconceivable.

“Sure enough, the Great Void Technique is profound and unfathomable. It can even be called a rare treasure that is worth more than an immortal vault,” said Jiang Chen.

Frankly speaking, getting such an ancient secret art made his trip not in vain. This secret technique was definitely the greatest benefit he had gotten, and was even more precious than the Fire of Sun.

Jiang Chen had too many enemies and they were everywhere. In Eastern Profound Domain alone, he had offended seven of the eleven major powers. Without a technique that could save his life, it might be difficult for him to mingle around in the Immortal World.

“I think you shouldn’t think about creating a new technique yet. It’s a better to spend some time cultivating the Great Void Technique. You have too many enemies, and most of them are pretty powerful. If you succeed in cultivating this technique, it will be equivalent to acquiring a technique that can protect your life. At that time, you can go anywhere you want,” said Big Yellow with a smile.

The importance of the Great Void Technique was obvious to Jiang Chen without Big Yellow’s reminder. It was more important compared to creating a new technique.

Particularly when the doors of the Golden Clan were about to be opened. All the geniuses would be gathered at that place. Only G.o.d knew how many intense fights would break out. Also, no one knew what kind of danger existed in the inheritance of the mysterious Golden Clan. With the Great Void technique, all of these could be solved.

“You are right. I will go into seclusion in the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da to cultivate this technique. It’ll be good enough if I’m able to enter the early stage of the technique before the doors of the Golden Clan opened,” said Jiang Chen.

With the dragon transformation skill as the foundation, cultivating became easier regardless of what that technique was, however he was also a man who knew his limitations. Knowing that such a formidable technique was difficult to cultivate, he didn’t expect to master it completely. It was already great enough if he could reach the early stage of the technique. At least, it would suffice in Golden Horizon.

“It just happened that I also needed time to digest the three drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk. After that, my cultivation base would surely advance once more, reaching the late Immortal Emperor realm. At that time, no ordinary half-step Immortal Venerable will be a match for me.”

Big Yellow spoke confidently. This dog’s progress could never be judged by common sense. His speed of growth was too quick. Not even Jiang Chen could catch up to him.

Without hesitation, both of them went into the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da in a flash. Now that Jiang Chen already had the scroll of the Great Void Technique, he couldn’t wait to cultivate it. The other benefits in Golden Horizon no longer interested him. The moment he finished the cultivation, he would wait for the doors to open.

One had to say that the spatial zone in the thirty-third level was most suitable for cultivation. The temporal rule of 30 times made it an invaluable place. As the cultivation of the Great Void Technique couldn’t be completed in one night, this place seemed like it had been specially designed for Jiang Chen.

Big Yellow simply found a spot, laid down and went snoring. How enviable!

Jiang Chen sat cross-legged on the floor; his divine sense began to sweep across the scroll. The Void Sovereign didn’t leave any marks that belonged to him. Not even a trace of a soul was attached to it. That was to say, this piece of scroll had no owner. Whoever got it could cultivate it directly, even without the recognition of the Void Sovereign.

Of course, a heaven-defying Great Sovereign technique like this wasn’t meant for everyone. He was afraid that ordinary experts wouldn’t be able to understand it. Each incantation required a few years of research.

In order to cultivate such a technique, one needed luck, opportunity, destiny, fortune, talent, and foundation. Each of these was indispensable.

Jiang Chen circulated the dragon transformation skill. The incantations on the scroll suddenly flowed inside his heart like a clear stream. He shut his eyes and began comprehending each word. He had already mastered the spatial law, which was the basic condition to cultivate the Great Void Technique. What he needed to do next was to slowly comprehend the meaning within the technique.