Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1649 – Beating Up Nanbei Chao

Chapter 1649 – Beating Up Nanbei Chao

Beating Up Nanbei Chao

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Nanbei Chao immediately cast out the body of Monarch. He finally understood that he had looked down on these people who were also outstanding geniuses amongst their peers. Although every one of them, apart from Jiang Chen, wasn’t as talented as him, they were still beyond ordinary. Their joint attack could absolutely deal a certain damage to him.

Still, the one that shocked him the most was Jiang Chen. In his opinion, the harm that Jiang Chen dealt was the greatest, even greater than Dragon s.h.i.+san who was an immemorial battle spirit which he could defend against just by relying on his Monarch Technique. Although he was still able to suppress Jiang Chen now, however Jiang Chen was just half-step Immortal Emperor, two grades lower compared to him.

The scary part about Jiang Chen was his speed of growth. His growth was just too rapid. And that combat strength of his that could render people speechless made Nanbei Chao think that after Jiang Chen advance to the early Immortal Emperor, he would no longer be a match for Jiang Chen, and would in turn be suppressed by him. Undoubtedly, Nanbei Chao found it hard to accept this.

Nanbei Chao had always been unbeatable to his peers. He could even slaughter opponents that were a few grades higher than him. Across the entire Immortal World, he couldn’t find a worthy opponent that was of the same level as him except for Dragon s.h.i.+san. Jiang Chen, however, despite his low cultivation base, seemed able to turn the tables now. This indirectly indicated that Jiang Chen was stronger than him, and could surpa.s.s him in every aspect.


From above, Dragon Shsian’s iron staff smashed downwards violently. Nanbei Chao could sense an unprecedented pressure. He needed to divide a large part of his energy to deal with Dragon s.h.i.+san while focusing on the attacks of Jiang Chen and the rest at the same time. For an instant, it made him appear to be inferior compared to them.

*Hong Long……*

Finally, the infinite energy of both sides collided with each other. The entire sky was completely blasted apart. Countless large openings were ripped open in the sky. The destructive energy was too immense. The Qilin Divine Arm, True Dragon Palm, War Devil Body, Dao Light Buddha Body with supreme dharma seals of Buddha Sect, Battle Saint Technique of Dragon s.h.i.+san, the innate ability of Big Yellow, and the attacks of Yan Lang, Mo Wuqing and Lan Lingji, when all of these attacks combined together, the consequences that it caused was absolutely unimaginable. Even though Nanbei Chao was an omnipotent genius, he would be beaten up like a dog.


Under such fierce and powerful attacks, his Monarch Body finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He spurted out a mouthful of blood. His blond hair became s.h.a.ggy. His golden robe was torn and he was forced to cast out the Immortal Armour.

“Haha! Nanbei Chao, look at your pathetic look! Where are all your arrogance now?” Big Yellow laughed heartily at the sight of Nanbei Chao’s current state.

There were some people from afar that had yet to leave the scene and saw what happened just now. Each of them was dumbfounded, and left their mouths wide open.

“My Goodness! I can’t believe that the legendary reincarnation of Great Sovereign, Nanbei Chao, is being beaten up so badly.”

“This group of experts is too ferocious and incredibly powerful, especially that Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san. We’d better stay away from them in the future. Otherwise we wouldn’t know how we died.”

“They are a bunch of beasts. The present sight of Nanbei Chao is really pitiful now that he’s being surrounded by this bunch. His life may be in danger.”

“Don’t underestimate Nanbei Chao. His methods is not something we can imagine. Even if he can’t beat them, he shouldn’t have trouble running away.”


The atmosphere was filled with incredible astonishment. They would surely be blasted to pieces if any one of them got close to the battlefield.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you all violate my prestige of Monarch?! You all will die for sure!”

Nanbei Chao shouted loudly. Although he looked very fl.u.s.tered, his proud aura of Monarch had yet to falter.

“He’s really a person with the strongest sense of superiority that I have ever met.” Han Yan clamoured.

A peerless Devil Sword materialized in his hand. With a swing of the sword, the devil aura spread and rippled upto thousand miles away. At the same time, Jiang Chen and the rest sent out an even stronger attack. They had already made up their mind to crush Nanbei Chao’s sense of superiority even if they couldn’t kill him today.

*Hong Long……*

Light flashed inexorably across the sky. Each ray of light contained destructive energy and represented extinction. It was hard to imagine what kind of pressure would be placed on the one who was facing it.

Nanbei Chao’s body of Monarch had been distorted, throwing him off balance, however he had yet to suffer serious injuries. The Immortal Armour was an extremely powerful defence that could withstand tremendous destructive power. Without the armour, Nanbei Chao would surely suffer serious injuries.

However, it was enough for Jiang Chen and the others to feel proud that Nanbei Chao was forced to cast out the Immortal Armour.

“Jiang Chen, I, Nanbei Chao, will remember what happened today. Next time we meet, it will be the date of your death!”

Nanbei Chao bellowed, turned into a ray of golden light, rus.h.i.+ng past the inescapable defensive formation of Big Yellow and vanished in the sky.

None of them showed a look of regret at the escape of Nanbei Chao. Instead, they felt excited and delighted. They didn’t intend to keep Nanbei Chao here as they wouldn’t be able to stop someone like him from leaving. The reason they attacked was to beat Nanbei Chao up and completely crush his pride.

“Haha! Little Chen, it’s such a pleasure to beat Nanbei Chao up until he runs away with his tail tucked between his legs." Han Yan burst into a pleasant laughter.

“That man is overly terrifying. He is going to be a mortal malady. Sooner or later, he and I will have a life-and-death battle.”

Jiang Chen returned to his usual form. He had never underestimated Nanbei Chao. Whether it was in Saint Origin World or in the Immortal World, Nanbei Chao would always be the enemy whom Jiang Chen attached the most importance to. That was his fated enemy.

The bas.h.i.+ng of Nanbei Chao today was definitely a good thing to Jiang Chen. After all, he had vented all of his grievance which began to brew inside of him when he was hunted by Nanbei Chao for a few dozens of miles, including Nanbei Chao taking the initiative to mess things up, almost ruining the great fortune of Wu Ningzhu. After expressing out all of his anger, he felt a lot better. Regarding the killing of Nanbei Chao, it will be a matter for the future.

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