Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1645 – Golden Crow Bloodline

Chapter 1645 – Golden Crow Bloodline

Golden Crow Bloodline

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The moving fire soon reached the 40th step. Just as everyone expected, she had disappeared, totally engulfed by the flames, but the pool of life was still there.

They couldn’t see Wu Ningzhu’s figure on the stairs, as though she wasn’t there.

“Sister Ning!”

Jiang Chen shouted. Although this was within his expectation, he found it hard to accept the fact that Wu Ningzhu had vanished from his sight. He was completely caught off guard.

“Is she dead? It’s a pity. She failed eventually.”

“Ai! I knew it. The inheritance can’t be so easily obtained. Although the woman was impressive, she isn’t strong enough. She has already been burned to nothingness at the 40th step. She couldn’t move any further.”

“It’s really a pity. Although she’s dead, she’s respected by people. But since the descendant is dead, I’m afraid Empress Xiao Yao will select another one. I wonder if we will have the chance. But even if we have the chance, I don’t think I have the courage to step onto the fiery stairs, it’s too horrifying. I just can’t joke around with my life.


Countless people felt sorry for her. There were also plenty people who were taking pleasure in her misfortune, especially those from major powers that had grudges with Jiang Chen, each of their face was filled with joy. This was no doubt the outcome they had wanted to see.

“Jiang Chen, I suppose it isn’t pleasant at all to watch the one you love being burned to nothingness, not even her ashes was left.” Nanbei Chao spoke in a sneering tone.


As soon as his words fell, a strong killing intent burst out from Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san. They were going to lunged at Nanbei Chao.

“Don’t attack yet. Sister Ning isn’t dead yet. If she’s really dead, the pool of fire will vanish, the Xiao Yao Qin will disappear as well, and everything would have quieted down. Do you all really think that the Xiao Yao Qin will look for another descendant immediately after Wu Ningzhu dies? She will be reborn from the fire. As long as the flames are still there, she will never vanish. Her body will be reconstructed once more soon. When that time comes, she will have the complete bloodline of the Golden Crow in her body.”

Big Yellow gestured the two to stop. Others might not know the situation of Wu Ningzhu, but he knew it very clearly.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san regained their senses, and hastily looked at the fiery stairs and saw that the pool of flames was still burning as intensely as before. As long as the fire still existed, Wu Ningzhu’s will was still within the fire. This was the most critical stage in the rebirth.

Big Yellow’s words stirred up a trace of hope in them. Each pair of eyes stared unblinkingly at the sea of fire.

“Rising from the ashes like a phoenix? How ridiculous! Do you think everyone can be a phoenix? A chicken will always be a chicken. Even if it can reach the branch of the tree, it’s still not a phoenix. Jiang Chen, I reckon that your woman isn’t going to live. If you are feeling pain right now, why don’t you cry aloud? I would love to see it.” Nanbei Chao continued to speak coldly.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were blazing with fury. If it wasn’t for the safety of Wu Ningzhu, he would have rushed forward despite knowing that he was no match for him.

“Nanbei Chao, hasn’t anyone told you that you are abominable.” Jiang Chen spoke coldly. He secretly swore that he was going to get rid of Nanbei Chao sooner or later, for good.


Nanbei Chao harrumphed coldly. His eyes gazing at the fire stairs. He too wanted to see if Wu Ningzhu could be reborn from the fire. It was most comfortable for him to see Jiang Chen suffer before him.

Five minutes had pa.s.sed. There wasn’t a single motion from the fiery stairs. Jiang Chen and his comrades were burning with anxiety. If it wasn’t because the fire hadn’t disappeared, they would have lost their hope.

“Big Yellow, do you think Sister Ning can be reborn?” Han Yan asked with concern.

“It is either she rises from the ashes like a phoenix or plunge into an irrecoverable state. The pool of fire has yet to vanish and the Xiao Yao Qin is still suspended up there. So there’s still a high chance. Now, it all depends on Sister Ning’s willpower and luck. There’s nothing we can do. It’s either she survive or die.”

Every word of Big Yellow stung their hearts, but they understood it very well. What Big Yellow said was right. There could only be two possible outcomes. It was either she live or die. n.o.body could interfere or offer any help.

“Amitabha, I believe that Sister Ning will be able to get through this trial.” Tyrant put his palms together, as though praying for Wu Ningzhu.

“Look, a shadow has emerged within the sea of fire.”

Yang Bufan suddenly exclaimed. Countless of people were alarmed. In the rolling flames, there was indeed a shadow flickering inside. It was the shadow of a woman, slowly solidifying.

“It’s Sister Ning. It’s the shadow of Sister Ning. Sister Ning is still alive. Haha!” Han Yan laughed excitedly.

Finally, smiles emerged on their faces. This was the outcome that they antic.i.p.ated the most. The phoenix had successfully risen from the ashes.

“My goodness! She isn’t dead yet. Look, quickly! Her figure is constantly forming. I can sense that a very strong ancient bloodline is also forming within her. She is about to be reborn from the fire!”

“She has succeeded. How miraculous! She was completely disintegrated by the flames a moment ago, but now her body is reconstructing now. Could this be the rebirth from the fire in the legends?”

“What a powerful woman! She has made it. Not only will she get the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao, but also the bloodline of Golden Crow.”

“I know now. The rumor says that Empress Xiao Yao is a peerless ancient Sovereign of the Golden Clan. As the Golden Clan has been gone for a long time, the bloodline of Golden Crow could no longer be found. If this woman succeeds, she will be the last descendant of the Golden Clan with a complete bloodline.”


Everyone was shocked by her rebirth. Such a process required incredible perseverance, willpower, and luck.

Without a doubt, Wu Ningzhu possessed all of these traits.

In the sea of fire, her figure was gradually forming. In just a few minutes’ of time, her body was completely formed. The reborn Wu Ningzhu seemed a lot different from before. Previously she wore black clothes, now it was replaced by gold-red tight armor. There was a vague pair of wings fluttering behind her back. Her eyes sparkled. She looked amazingly beautiful.

“So beautiful.”

Lan Lingji and Hua Xiaoqian spoke at the same time. Both of them were considered unparalleled beauties of the generation, but they couldn’t deny Wu Ningzhu’s beauty, which was another kind of beauty that incorporated a trace of wildness.

“Haha! Sure enough, Sister Ning has inherited the bloodline of the Golden Crow. The Golden Crow is also the Divine Bird of the Sun with an extremely n.o.ble bloodline. Given Sister Ning’s looks, if the Golden Clan still exists, she definitely will be regarded as a saintess.” Big Yellow laughed aloud. The transformation in Wu Ningzhu was delighting.

“Look, Sister Ning’s qi is changing. Her cultivation base seems to be climbing!” Tyrant spoke hastily.

Currently, her qi was rising incessantly, about to break through to the Immortal Emperor realm.

“She has inherited the bloodline of the Golden Crow. Her cultivation base will naturally be boosted as well. The rebirth has brought her tremendous benefits. I estimate that her cultivation base will at least reach the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm,” said Big Yellow with a smile.

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