Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1614 – Increase in Combat Strength

Chapter 1614 – Increase in Combat Strength

Increase in Combat Strength

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*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The qi emitted from the Great Earth Immortal Milk buzzed. The void was filled with strong medicinal aroma. Even Jiang Chen’s eyes couldn’t help but blaze with pa.s.sion. This was an unparalleled medicine that was way better compared to the Blood Dragon Fruit.

“It deserves to be called the legendary Great Earth Immortal Milk. The qi emitted from it is really intoxicating. If an ordinary person is able to absorb a huge breath of qi from the Great Earth Immortal Milk, that person’s physique will definitely undergo immediate changes.” Lan Lingji spoke with surprise.

“Each of us will refine one drop to boost our combat strength. The remaining ones will be kept by Tyrant for future use,” Jiang Chen said.

Regarding a treasure like the Great Earth Immortal Milk, one drop was enough for one person. It would only be wasteful if they consume more. Given their current cultivation base, they wouldn’t be able to digest that much. Such unparalleled divine medicine would surely have great use in the future.

“Little Chen, I have received the relic of the Buddha Venerable. So the Great Earth Immortal Milk is of no use for me for the time being. You should keep it. When we reunite with Big Yellow and Sister Ning, you can give it to them.”

Tyrant pushed his hand towards Jiang Chen. Such an act changed Lan Lingji’s countenance. The way she looked at Tyrant had also changed. One should know that this was the Great Earth Immortal Milk, a supreme treasure that was sought by millions. Its value couldn’t be measured. Despite that, Tyrant had gifted nine drops to others without even blinking. How much resolution would one need to do this?

“Sister Lingji, don’t feel surprised. Their fellows.h.i.+p often involve lives. So they won’t think twice to hand their life to the other, let alone several drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san said with a smile. He admired life-and-death brothers such as them the most. It was rare to see such friends.h.i.+p in this cruel world.

Lan Lingji nodded, but the astonishment on her face didn’t disappear. As the high and mighty saint girl of Exquisite Paradise, she only paid homage to her own master who was an Immortal Venerable. She wouldn’t understand the relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and Tyrant.

“Okay, I won’t be polite then.”

Jiang Chen took the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk without hesitation. In fact, there was nothing to be courteous about between brothers, and what Tyrant said was right. The relic of the ancient Buddha Venerable was an unparalleled treasure that was enough for Tyrant to refine for a period of time.

Therefore, despite the preciousness of the Great Earth Immortal Milk, it didn’t have much effect to the current Tyrant. It would be better if it was given to Jiang Chen and the rest.

“Miss Lan, you and monkey take one drop each.”

Jiang Chen swept his finger and two drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk flew outwards and stopped in front of Lan Lingji and Dragon s.h.i.+san.

Lan Lingji took the Great Earth Immortal Milk. Her face revealed a hint of excitement.

“Thank you, Young Master Jiang.”

Lan Lingji expressed her thanks. She knew that he could’ve given her nothing as she didn’t contribute even a little bit of effort in helping to get the Great Earth Immortal Milk. After all, such a precious treasure shouldn’t be given so casually. However, Jiang Chen had given her one without a second thought. He had basically regarded her as one of his allies. She had no doubt that she was going to befriend these three individuals.

“Don’t need to be polite Sister Lingji. We are family from now on.” Dragon s.h.i.+san didn’t forget to express his affection for her.

Lan Lingji’s face slightly blushed. She could naturally feel the affection of Dragon s.h.i.+san and she didn’t seem to dislike it.

“In my opinion, let’s use the Great Earth Immortal Milk to improve our cultivation base first before going to other places. Miss Lan, I can see that your cultivation base has already reached the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm and is very stable. If you refine this drop and are lucky enough, you will straightaway advance to the late Immortal Emperor realm.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“That’s true. There should be no problem for me in breaking through to the late Immortal Emperor realm.”

Lan Lingji said, feeling extremely confident in herself. The urgent matter right now was to improve her cultivation base. The incident that happened in the immortal vault had dealt a great blow to her. At the same time, it made her deeply aware of her shortcomings. An intermediate Immortal Emperor could never ensure her own safety. Crisis might befall her at any time.

“You two go ahead and refine it first. Tyrant and I will keep a lookout.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san kept the Great Earth Immortal Milk and decided not to refine it for the time being. As he had just been born not long ago, his body was still packed with energy. Just like Tyrant, he didn’t need the Great Earth Immortal Milk to improve his cultivation base. Or it should be said that given his current condition, even if he refined the Great Earth Immortal Milk now, it wouldn’t bring any improvement on his cultivation base, which would really be a waste.

Jiang Chen and Lan Lingji looked for a clean place and began refining the Great Earth Immortal Milk. As a matter of fact, it was most suitable to refine the Great Earth Immortal Milk in the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da, but this had been the biggest secret of Jiang Chen. He could never reveal it to an outsider so easily. After all, he hadn’t known Lan Lingji long enough for him to do so.

Once the secret about the thirty-third level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was was spread, it would definitely bring disaster to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had always been rough when it comes to refining treasures. Regardless of the energy-packed within the Great Earth Immortal Milk, he swallowed it in a gulp. His strong physique and the circulation of his dragon transformation skill were enough to withstand the energy of the Great Earth Immortal Milk. The instant the Great Earth Immortal Milk entered his body, the energy burst and rolled and rushed towards all his limbs and bones. Taking Jiang Chen as the centre, a huge amount of energy wave was formed and spread across a dozen miles.

Under the crazy circulation of the dragon transformation skill, new dragon marks began to condense. Currently, the number of dragon marks in his Qi Sea was exactly 1 200 000, the threshold required to step into the late Immortal King realm. The energy from this drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk wouldn’t have trouble helping Jiang Chen condensing out 40 000 new dragon marks. That was to say, after refining this drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk, the number of dragon marks inside his body would reach a total of 1 240 000, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation base to the peak of late Immortal King realm, leaving him only a step from the half-step Immortal Emperor realm.

Although the increase of 40 000 dragon marks wouldn’t help him break through to the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, his combat strength would be raised to another level. This was what he wanted to see the most.

The craziness of the dragon transformation skill allowed Jiang Chen to speedily refine the treasure. On the other side, Lan Lingji too, wasn’t slow in her refinement. As the saint girl of Exquisite Paradise, she naturally had a certain amount of skill. Moreover, her qi was growing pretty rapidly, seemingly about to break through to the next realm soon. To her, this was a great opportunity.

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