Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1612 – Unable to withstand even a single blow

Chapter 1612 – Unable to withstand even a single blow

Unable to withstand even a single blow

The iron staff was the symbol of Dragon s.h.i.+san. When the staff was launched, someone is certainly doomed to fall. Not even Jiang Chen could see what kind of materials were used to craft the iron staff. He only knew that the iron staff was born together with Dragon s.h.i.+san from the wondrous rock. He was certain that this iron staff was extremely rare and incomparably mystical. It radiated an ancient qi of divine weapon. No one could tell how much power and energy this strike had.

At this moment, everyone looked up to the sky, their gaze fell upon Dragon s.h.i.+san who was holding the iron staff. He just stood there, with his dark hair fluttering and his yellow robe rustling in the breeze, his overbearing qi soaring up to the sky. Despite the distance, they could already feel the terrifying energy waves unleashed from Dragon s.h.i.+san’s body.

“That’s very powerful. Who’s that man? Judging from his qi, he’s no weaker than Ye Peng. I wonder which major power is this monstrous genius from.”

“This man doesn’t look like a reckless person. The fact that he dares to fight Ye Peng indicates that he must have certain abilities. Maybe, he really has the ability to fight Ye Peng.”

“That’s hard to say. Ye Peng isn’t an ordinary person. He’s a supreme genius with a late Immortal Emperor cultivation base. His cultivation base is one level higher compared to that person. He’s also a genius of Immortal Court, endowed with excellent gifts, and a lot stronger compared to his peers. It’s already hard enough for him to find a worthy opponent among his peers, let alone opponents that were one grade lower than his cultivation base.

“Motherf***er! I reckon Ye Peng must be feeling envious. He is truly an ungrateful and shameless person. Despite the little monk saving his life, he still turnaround and threatened to kill them if they don’t give him the treasure.”

“That’s right. If it wasn’t for him, numerous people wouldn’t have died. My companion has also died tragically in the immortal vault after being crushed by the ancient Buddha. I really hope that Dragon s.h.i.+san can beat Ye Peng to death.”


Most of them were in discussion. The qi that was unleashed by Dragon s.h.i.+san made them think that Dragon s.h.i.+san could fight Ye Peng, but everyone knew that it wouldn’t be that easy to kill Ye Peng. After all, there was still a tremendous difference between the two of them in terms of their cultivation base. This was a gap that couldn’t be easily filled.

The powerful qi emitted from Dragon s.h.i.+san had surprised Ye Peng, but that didn’t make him put Dragon s.h.i.+san in his eyes. His ident.i.ty as the supreme genius of the Immortal Court had given him extraordinary confidence. He believed that it would be completely effortless for him to kill Dragon s.h.i.+san if he wanted.

“Brat, you failed to give me face when we were at the ancient temple. So I’ve sworn to kill you from that time. Since you have taken the initiative to stand out and welcome your death, I, Ye Peng, will surely fulfil your wish. After killing you, I will kill that monk. And, the Great Earth Immortal Milk will become mine eventually. All of your luck will also be mine.”

Ye Peng was incomparably arrogant. He wasted no time and attacked immediately. Both of his palms formed seals that unleashed infinite energy that formed a humongous mountain, smas.h.i.+ng at Dragon s.h.i.+san’s direction. This was a powerful immortal technique and an extremely terrifying attack. It seemed that Ye Peng was determined to kill Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“Go to h.e.l.l now!”

Ye Peng yelled. Immense energy had completely locked on Dragon s.h.i.+san. Under such a situation, the opponent wouldn’t be able to dodge and could only confront it head-on.

Ye Peng’s attack power was overpowering. After all, he was an unparalleled late Immortal Emperor genius. Just as he launched the strike, everyone’s eyes went wide. Lan Lingji’s face was full of concern. Dragon s.h.i.+san had rescued her life quite a few times. She naturally didn’t hope to see Dragon s.h.i.+san being injured.

In the scene, Dragon s.h.i.+san showed a relaxed look. That immense energy didn’t affect him at all.

Just as the energy palm was about to reach him, Dragon s.h.i.+san moved. He unhurriedly raised his iron staff and smashed at the giant palm.

*Hong Long……*

Violent energy spread across hundreds of miles. The barren mountains around were shattered. The energy palm that could crush everything appeared to be vulnerable, and was smashed into pieces.

*Deng…* *Deng…* *Deng…*

The wild residual energy waves gave Ye Peng a strong rebounding force. His facial expression changed dramatically. He was unable to control himself and was sent a dozen steps away before regaining his balance.


Ye Peng exclaimed, he couldn’t believe what had happened. The fact that he was defeated by a brat who had a lower cultivation base than him was unacceptable.

“Humph! Take this!”

Dragon s.h.i.+san began a counterattacked. He made a step, leaving a huge crater in the void, and appeared above Ye Peng in the blink of an eye. The iron staff in his hand turned into a gigantic pillar. Billions of rays of golden light became a huge net and enveloped Ye Peng.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

The iron staff was indestructible. With a rustling sound and unparalleled qi, it swung at Ye Peng’s head.

This strike contained all of Dragon s.h.i.+san’s energy. That terrifying qi of the immemorial battle spirit was just too fierce. Everyone’s countenance changed. No one could imagine how powerful this strike was and how much energy was carried in it.

Ye Peng’s expression changed dramatically. Before he could regain his senses from the previous shock, the second strike of Dragon s.h.i.+san had arrived. This gave him a strong sense of danger.

However, his reaction was still amazingly fast. A battle sword emerged in his hand in lighting speed and was swung at the iron staff.


Unfortunately, Ye Peng’s combat sword couldn’t even withstand the power of the iron staff and was bounded off from his grip. Boundless energy pressed against Ye Peng’s body, sending him away from the scene.

*Barf…* *Barf…*

Ye Peng sprawled on the ground. His body was trembling. His mouth didn’t stop spurting out blood which contained fragments of his internal organs. It only showed how strong the impact was. If he was replaced by an ordinary person, that strike would have turn him into a meat paste.


Dragon s.h.i.+san moved like shadow. He descended from the sky and stood in front of Ye Peng. His iron staff was placed next to Ye Peng’s head, sparkling.

“My G.o.d!”

Lan Lingji was shocked. Her pretty eyes were sparkling. She had never been so astounded before. Back when Dragon s.h.i.+san killed Hei Lang, she knew that Dragon s.h.i.+san was very powerful, but she didn’t think that his power would reach to such an extent. The incredible Ye Peng, the unparalleled genius of Immortal Court wasn’t even a match for him.

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