Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1597 2 – The Birth of the Monkey King

Chapter 1597 2 – The Birth of the Monkey King

The Birth of the Monkey King


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The twin brothers’ expression changed dramatically. Although they were arrogant, they weren’t fools. They knew that they had made a big mistake as soon as they saw the momentum of Jiang Chen’s attack. They knew that they had completely underestimated this Immortal King. The qi exploding from their opponent’s attack had transcended any one of them.


The majestic Qilin Arm approached one of the twins in the blink of an eye. In an instant, the man was completely enshrouded by the terrifying qi waves. Under such containment, the man had nowhere to run. The only thing he could do was to fight Jiang Chen head on.

Unfortunately, the man had been underestimating Jiang Chen from the beginning, he didn’t think that Jiang Chen would be this powerful. He was completely caught off guard by Jiang Chen. At this moment, he could only depend on his quick reaction. He lifted his fist and unleashed his combat strength to strike at the Qilin Divine Arm.

Upon seeing this, the corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a sneering smile, knowing how foolish it was to receive the Qilin Divine Arm head on. As a matter of fact, the opponent also knew that this was an idiotic way of fighting, but he was already left with no option at this point. If he didn’t make this move, he would only be waiting for his death.

In fact, such senseless resistance wouldn’t be able to change his fate.

*Hong Long……*

In the instant that his fist connected with Jiang Chen’s Qilin Divine Arm, a sound of bang was heard, the man’s arm was smashed to pieces, and then half of his body was blown away, leaving the other half of his body flying away and landed beside his brother with a puff. He wriggled a few times before losing his breath entirely. Then, a brocade pouch flew from his corpse and fell automatically into Jiang Chen’s hand.

“Second brother!”

The expression of the remaining one changed drastically. His eyes turned completely blood-red. It was just too quick. Everything happened too quickly. He hadn’t even have the time to react and his brother had already died a tragic death in the hands of their opponent.

As a matter of fact, these twins weren’t as incapable. They came from the same womb. The cooperation between the two of them had already reached perfection. Although they were both early Immortal Emperors, their joint combat strength was enough to fight an intermediate Immortal Emperor.

Unfortunately, they underestimated their opponent too much which led to such an outcome. The man hadn’t even had the chance to display his combat strength before being punched to death by Jiang Chen. It was undeniably a miserable death.

“You-you killed my brother!”

The elder brother stared at Jiang Chen with his big red eyes. Fury was burning inside of him. That was hate. The fact that the opponent killed his brother unsettled him.

“Since you and your brother love each other so much, go down and accompany your brother.”

Jiang Chen said and made another frenzied strike. It was the Qilin Divine Arm once again. It reached the remaining brother with the aura of destruction. He didn’t even know about the family or what domain the opponent was from. Anyone who wanted to seize his treasures was nothing more than an enemy. He didn’t care about the status and ident.i.ty of the enemy at all. Even if it was an expert from the Immortal Court who offended him would still have to die in the end.

There was a saying that said when the amount of debts grew to a certain point, the person wouldn’t be worried in acquiring more, or when there were too many lice, one wouldn’t feel itchy anymore. This was what’s going on to Jiang Chen right now. He already had too many enemies. He wasn’t concerned about a single Huang Family.

*Hong Long……*


Not long after, a tragic cry erupted once again in the ancient palace. The raging energy had overturned the ancient palace like a decayed wood. The ancient palace that had existed for countless of years had been fully destroyed. Jiang Chen walked out of it nonchalantly. As for the twins, they could no longer walk out as they had been permanently buried in this place, along with the palace.

To the brothers, this was certainly a tragedy. Given their perfect cooperation, they should’ve been able to survive well in Golden Horizon and would have the chance to obtain a lot of benefits. Unfortunately, they had come to offend the figure which they weren’t supposed to offend, and ended up losing their lives here.

There were thousands of geniuses in Golden Horizon. The death of these two geniuses was very common. Even if one had a great reputation outside, you would only be one of them on the wooden bridge. If you didn’t cross it properly, you would fall into the endless abyss.

In the remaining time, without the help and guidance of Dragon s.h.i.+san, Jiang Chen wandered aimlessly in the spatial zone. He didn’t expect to find any treasures as these things depended on luck. Despite that, he still headed towards a certain direction, the centre-most in the spatial zone, because he knew very well that as long as he reached the end of the spatial zone, he would be able to walk out of here, and go to the centre of the immortal vault where the Great Earth Immortal Milk was at.

Several hours later, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da shuddered suddenly. With his divine sense, he discovered that the non l.u.s.trous wondrous rock in the thirty-third level was trembling. After a while, countless rays of golden light rushed out of it.

“Little Chen, quickly let me out. Master Monkey is going to be born soon. Haha!”

Dragon s.h.i.+san’s voice came from the inside. He laughed, sounding incomparably excited. He had already comprehended the Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra. Although he had only just started comprehending it, it was already enough for him to leap out of the wondrous rock. After being contained in it for so long, he couldn’t help feeling excited about his birth.


Jiang Chen, too, was extremely excited. From subduing the wondrous rock to the birth of Dragon s.h.i.+san was a kind of accomplishment. Without neglect, Jiang Chen opened the paG.o.da and summoned the wondrous rock. He could almost imagine that the moment the monkey king was born would create an earth-shaking movement. If he let the rock stay inside, it would surely cause a ma.s.sive mess in the paG.o.da.


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