Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1578 – Disregarding Each Other’s Face

Chapter 1578 – Disregarding Each Other’s Face

Disregarding Each Other’s Face

The Eye of Heaven was the unfounded divine eye in the legends. This kind of peerless divine art had always been categorized as inheritance. This made Nanbei Chao worthy of being called an unparalleled genius with incredible luck. Nothing could escape from the gaze of the Eye of Heaven. Even the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da wouldn’t be able to conceal itself in front of it.

Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed entirely. He had really thought that he could use the paG.o.da to escape this crisis. But now, with Nanbei Chao using the Eye of Heaven, the paG.o.da would soon be discovered.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Under dazzling light of the Eye of Heaven, the void began to tremble slightly. The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da emerged visibly under the s.h.i.+ne of the light.

“Jiang Chen, don’t hide anymore. My Eye of Heaven has already found you. Under my Eye of Heaven, all concealing techniques are futile.”

Nanbei Chao shouted loudly. His momentum rolled like tidal waves, rattling the air current in the void.

Jiang Chen tore open the door of the paG.o.da and stepped out. Since he had already been discovered, there was no need to hide anymore, because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape from the gaze of the Eye of Heaven.

Walking out from the paG.o.da, his expression was grim, but his injuries had mostly healed. After all, the temporal rule in the thirty-third level was quite terrifying. Although only a dozen minutes had pa.s.sed outside, it was sufficient for Jiang Chen to recover his injuries, but due to his injuries being rather severe, it wasn’t an easy task for him to fully recover.

“Jiang Chen, like I said, you can’t escape. Those that I want to kill will only have one outcome – death. But I’m very intrigued by this treasure of yours. I have to use my Eye of Heaven just to find it. If you give me your treasure, I will grant you a quick death, to save you the pain and torture of flesh and soul.”

Nanbei Chao spoke in a lofty manner, a complete monarch-like tone. In front of a Monarch, every being was like an insect. Every human was the lowest existence. However, Nanbei Chao was incomparably interested in the mysterious treasure of Jiang Chen. A treasure that could only be discovered by using the Eye of Heaven was destined to be extraordinary. Additionally, he could only discover the surface of the treasure even with the Eye of Heaven. He couldn’t see through the interior of it. Such a situation absolutely wasn’t because the Eye of Heaven was incapable, but due to the divinity of Jiang Chen’s treasure. It was so divine that not even the Eye of Heaven could see through it.

“That treasure is created by and is the treasure of the Heavens and Earth. Only those with tremendous luck can control and possess it. You’re not worthy of such a treasure at all.” Jiang Chen said sneeringly.

His words had undoubtedly raised Nanbei Chao’s fury to another level. Not worthy of such treasure at all? How dare he say such words? There were only a few things in this world that couldn’t match him. No one had ever dared to disdain and humiliate him. Jiang Chen was the first, and he swore that Jiang Chen would be the last person to do so. Anyone who looked down on him would only end up very tragically.

“You dare to say that I’m not worthy of the treasure? In the Heavens and Earth, things that intrigue me should feel honoured. And how dare you say that your luck is more vigorous than mine? What a ridiculous joke? You are going to be killed by me now. All of your luck will become mine. In front of me, you are destined to be an insect. I wonder who gave you such confidence to speak arrogantly in front of me.”

Nanbei Chao laughed as he felt that what Jiang Chen said was too funny. Although he could discern that Jiang Chen’s luck wasn’t as good as his, Jiang Chen’s luck wasn’t inferior and had exceeded the vast majority of monstrous geniuses. By killing Jiang Chen today, he would be able to absorb Jiang Chen’s luck, in that case, he would become truly invincible in the world, and his Monarch Heaven Art would reach its perfection.

As a matter of fact, there was another fact that Nanbei Chao refused to confess – the reason he had to kill Jiang Chen was because he felt the terror of Jiang Chen in his innermost soul. No Immortal King had gotten entangled with him for so long and to such an extent. What astounded him even more was Jiang Chen’s recovery speed, which had reached a shocking point. Before Jiang Chen vanished, he had suffered a severe injury, but in just a dozen minutes, most of his injuries had already been healed. Nanbei Chao had to admit that not even he could heal so rapidly. So these heaven defying means had drawn fear and even envy out of Nanbei Chao.

“Nanbei Chao, who do you think this is?”

Jiang Chen said, thrust his hand to the paG.o.da and grabbed the Fire Qilin out of it.

The current Fire Qilin was in a complete state of exhaustion. After his essence of bloodline was extracted, he had become an ordinary demonic beast. The divine beast bloodline in his body was gone, so his body would naturally shrivel up after a period of time.


The Fire Qilin realised that he had appeared in the outside world, he came to his senses and immediately let out a deafening roar as though he was venting out all the emotion he had been nursing in the confined s.p.a.ce.

“Fire Qilin!”

Upon seeing the Fire Qilin, Nanbei Chao’s body trembled. An even stronger fury rushed out of his body. It seemed like he had found the right person today. Not only has this person killed his two clones, but was also the culprit behind the disappearance of the Fire Qilin. Any one of these crimes was enough to give Jiang Chen a death sentence.


When the Fire Qilin saw Nanbei Chao, he shouted in surprise. His st.u.r.dy body struggled intensely in Jiang Chen’s grip as if he just saw his saviour. After being held prisoner by Jiang Chen for so long, he felt very depressed and was about to go crazy at any time. Seeing Nanbei Chao now rejuvenated him entirely.

“Master? No wonder. You sure are a lucky person, Nanbei Chao. Even a divine beast like the Fire Qilin is willing to follow you. Unfortunately, his essence of bloodline has already been extracted by me. Now, he can’t even be considered as a divine beast anymore. Right, I remember that your clone in Saint Origin World also had a White Tiger with him, but he was also killed by me and I also absorbed his bloodline. Therefore, Nanbei Chao, my presence is destined to be your bane. Meeting me is your misfortune.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

He wasn’t very surprised by the fact that Nanbei Chao was the master of the Fire Qilin. After all, a figure like Nanbei Chao was full of legendary qualities and was the reincarnation of a mighty Great Sovereign. Anything was likely to happen on him. Back in Saint Origin World, Nanbei Chao’s clone had the White Tiger as his mount, but was later killed by Jiang Chen.

From his clones to the White Tiger and to the Fire Qilin, one had to say that Jiang Chen was the unbeatable rival of Nanbei Chao. The path of the all-powerful Nanbei Chao, the one who walked the Monarch Path, had changed and was filled with pieces of bad luck during his encounters with Jiang Chen.

This was fate. If there isn’t a Jiang Chen in this world, Nanbei Chao would be destined to become an earth-shattering figure. So it seemed as if Jiang Chen had come to this world to stop Nanbei Chao.

“You are going to die even after speaking so much. Every single thing you did already gave me sufficient reason to kill you, today.”

Nanbei Chao’s fury had reached an irrepressible point. He had never hated a person so much and had never wanted to kill a person so badly. Right now, he was utterly convinced that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was his fated enemy. He was glad to encounter Jiang Chen at this time, as he could get rid of the root of all obstacles for good. In his point of view, he felt that his luck was definitely greater than Jiang Chen.

“Nanbei Chao, if you dare to move a step forward, I will instantly kill the Fire Qilin. The Fire Qilin is Nanbei Family’s symbol of luck. I suppose you don’t want to watch him die. The higher ups of your Nanbei Family are going to blame you for the death of this beast.”

Jiang Chen said and clamped his dragon claw tightly on the skull of the Fire Qilin. As long as he exerted a little strength, the Fire Qilin would die instantly.

“Save me, master.”

The Fire Qilin felt a s.h.i.+ver of fear down his body. He had dealt with Jiang Chen before, so he had known Jiang Chen’s character and style of conduct. Jiang Chen was a very ruthless enemy and would never joke about killing him.

“Humph! Using a trash to blackmail me? Fire Qilin has already lost his divine beast bloodline. He’s no longer qualified to follow me and represent the luck of Nanbei Family. What you said about the blaming part is ridiculous. In Nanbei Family, there’s only I, who has the right to blame and punish. I’m the biggest symbol of luck of Nanbei Family. Jiang Chen, I forgot to tell you that I will never be threatened by anyone. If you are thinking of using the Fire Qilin to threaten me, you have miscalculated your plan.”

Nanbei Chao harrumphed coldly. His cold eyes were emotionless. The Fire Qilin that had lost his divine beast bloodline was no longer worthy of being Nanbei Chao’s mount.

“Jiang Chen, die now.”

Nanbei Chao said and struck out the Palm of Great Sovereign once more, tearing the void apart and charged at Jiang Chen. He had never been lenient to his enemies. Even if the Fire Qilin was held hostage by the enemy, he still wouldn’t hold anything back.

“See that Fire Qilin? Your master don’t even care about your life. Despite being the saint beast of Heavens and Earth, your end is just a tragedy.”

Jiang Chen spoke disdainfully. He initially thought that Nanbei Chao would at least have some concerns about his mount, the saint beast of Nanbei Family. That would give Jiang Chen the chance to escape, but he had never thought that Nanbei Chao would be so heartless. Knowing the Fire Qilin was no longer useful to him, Nanbei Chao abandoned him like a trash, completely disregarding its life.

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