Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1562 – The Death of Hei Kui

Chapter 1562 – The Death of Hei Kui

The Death of Hei Kui

It was already a little late to try escaping at this time. At least two of them would have to stay back. Of course, it would be somewhat unrealistic to capture all three of them. After all, at their level, they all had their own trump cards. Even if they couldn’t win the fight, they would have no trouble escaping at the critical moment.

However, Hei Kui would most certainly die. He had suffered heavy injuries, there was no chance to redeem his life. Moreover, Jiang Chen hated Corpse Yin Sect the most. The name of the sect alone made him feel uncomfortable. Even if such evil major force had nothing to do with Fu Kui, he would never mingle with them.


Jiang Chen’s speed was extremely fast, he got pa.s.s the blood demon king in an instant, ready to penetrate into the void to pursue Hei Kui. At the same time, Big Yellow charged at w.a.n.g Duo. At the front and back of w.a.n.g Duo stood Big Yellow and Yang Bufan, which had entirely sealed his escaping routes.

*Chi La!*

Seeing Jiang Chen rus.h.i.+ng over, Hei Kui was scared to death. Without neglect, he tore the void and went in. An Immortal Emperor would only need an instant to flee. Equipped with the amazing ability, they were able to vanish completely into the void from this place.

“Get the h.e.l.l out of there!”

Jiang Chen clamoured and tore the void using the Heavenly Saint Sword, then turned into a true dragon, and rushed into the interior of the void, forcing the fleeing Hei Kui out. As a matter of fact, if Hei Kui was on his top condition, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to force him out with this slash. After all, from the aspect of combat strength alone, Jiang Chen wasn’t as strong as Hei Kui.

Unfortunately, Hei Kui had suffered a backlash from the destruction of his corpse puppet and the powerful attack of the blood demon king, resulting in serious injuries, weakening his combat strength. He was no longer an opponent for Jiang Chen. Which explained why he was forced out by Jiang Chen’s slash.


Just as Hei Kui reemerged, the ferocious blood demon king lunged forward. The blood demon king was extremely ruthless. He had the height of a few dozen meters and was a complete giant in front of Hei Kui. He struck out two sharp claws that clamped at the shoulders of Hei Kui. Exerting an explosive strength from his arms once again, Hei Kui would be torn into two parts and would die instantly.

“Stop. Let me kill him.”

Jiang Chen hastily stopped the blood demon king. He could obtain the ident.i.ty brocade pouch by killing Hei Kui himself. So, if Hei Kui were to be killed by the blood demon king, Jiang Chen would get nothing, which was a huge loss because that was the ident.i.ty brocade pouch of an early Immortal Emperor.

The blood demon king who was packed with killing intent immediately stopped his action after hearing Jiang Chen’s words. At the same time, Jiang Chen’s speed was incredible. He appeared in front of Hei Kui in the blink of an eye with the indestructible Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand and stabbed through Hei Kui’s forehead.


Hei Kui screamed. He could feel tremendous danger at this moment. That was the threat of death, a sensation that he had never felt before. He didn’t want to die. Immense regrets appeared in his heart. If he hadn’t come here to kill Jiang Chen, given his capabilities, he wouldn’t have trouble staying in the Golden Horizon for a month and might obtain many treasures in this period. He might acquire the inheritance of some ancient expert that could boost his cultivation base by leaps and bounds the moment he got out, and rose to fame and became a superior figure.

However, everything was too late. The arrival of Jiang Chen’s sword shattered all of his wishes.

*Pu Chi!*

The Heavenly Saint Sword was icy cold and emotionless. It went straight through Hei Kui’s forehead with a Pu Chi sound. The blood looked like a scarlet setting sun that radiated a gloomy aura. Hei Kui’s body made a few twitches. His eyes slowly lost their vigour. An ident.i.ty brocade pouch flew out of his body and landed in Jiang Chen’s palm. This was the last thing Hei Kui would see before his death. The things that he had once regarded as his life now belongs to someone else’s.

The moment Hei Kui’s brocade pouch landed into Jiang Chen’s palm, Jiang Chen felt a mountain of luck falling into the ocean inside of him. Very quickly, the mountain of luck integrated with his, making his luck even more exuberant.


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but call out. Luck was the most precious thing of all. By obtaining someone else’s luck, he increased his pool of luck. This was something that could help him create the world. With such luck, he was destined to become a great figure in the future.

“Motherf*****! Even Hei Kui was killed.”

Ling Du who was fighting against the blood demon king, Lao Er, felt a pang of apprehension after witnessing the death of Hei Kui. Immediately, he struck out his most powerful attack, striking out countless light, forcing the blood demon king backwards. A brilliant spiritual talisman appeared in his hand. As the talisman burst, Ling Du vanished.

At this point, nothing was more important than fleeing. One step slower would result in a tragic death. Hei Kui was the living example. Therefore, without hesitation, Ling Du used his spiritual talisman to bring him a thousand miles away in an instant.

Ling Du was well aware that w.a.n.g Duo would also die for sure. It was absolutely his luck that he could escape.


Upon seeing Ling Du fleeing away, the two blood demon kings went berserk, bombarding at the spot where Ling Du had left, leaving a huge crater in the void. Despite the void being shattered to pieces, no sign of Ling Du was found.

“No need to chase them. Go and kill w.a.n.g Duo.”

Jiang Chen ordered coldly. It was within his expectation that Ling Du would escape. After all, Ling Du didn’t suffer the injuries Hei Kui had. Plus, he had the means to escape with his life. As such, it wasn’t unusual that he managed to escape from the scene.

w.a.n.g Duo, on the other hand, wouldn’t be so lucky. He was now surrounded by experts, plus the void was entirely sealed. Even if he had the ability, he wouldn’t be able to escape from this.

“F***ing dog! Scram!”

Hei Kui’s death and Ling Du’s escape happened in a just matter of seconds, but w.a.n.g Duo witnessed these scenes clearly. At this moment, his eyes turned blood-red. That wasn’t because of anger, but because of fear. It was really too terrifying. He was now completely terrified. Only now did he realized that his opponent had such an incredible force. Not only were there two unimaginable powerful evil creatures, but also the terrifying dog. That was to say, even without these two evil creatures, it was virtually impossible for them to eliminate Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan.

Now that his life was at risk, the only thing he could think of right now was to escape. A sharp blade materialized in his hand and he slashed it at Big Yellow. To him, Big Yellow was weakest amongst them. As long as he could repel Big Yellow, he could open a gap in the seal. Even if it was only a slim chance, he still wouldn’t miss it.

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