Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1550 – Ripe Blood Dragon Frui

Chapter 1550 – Ripe Blood Dragon Frui

Ripe Blood Dragon Fruit

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

Jiang Chen brought Wu Ningzhu along, and followed Big Yellow. Yang Bufan and the others also followed suit and quickly caught up with them. In the face of unknown danger, unity was extremely important.

Big Yellow, who had been hurtling forward, came to a sudden halt. His eyes were fixed at the front. Jiang Chen and the others caught up with him and asked: “What’s wrong, Big Yellow?”

“What do you all think that is?” Big Yellow said.

The others s.h.i.+fted their gaze towards where Big Yellow was looking. At the border of the valley were two incomparably st.u.r.dy great demons staring back at them with vicious eyes. In the eyes of these two demons, they were uninvited guests.

The demons stood with two strong legs. They were more than 3 meters tall. Their bodies were covered with blood-red scales. There was a tail grown on their backs that was also covered in blood-red scales, glowing with blood-red light that radiated the feeling of invulnerability. But what was truly shocking was the demon’s upper body, which had four arms. Each arm was packed with explosive energy.

Their blood-red scales seemed incomparably ferocious. Sharp tusks were revealed on their faces. Their tusks and vicious eyes were truly blood-red, everything from top to the bottom of their bodies. There was also a blood-red light constantly glowing from their bodies. It was imaginable that the blood light that Jiang Chen’s group saw from afar came from these great demons’ bodies.

“What are these monsters?” Dong Fei asked curiously.

“Having intermediate Immortal King cultivation bases and combat strength, these two evil creatures are neither strong nor weak. .” w.a.n.g Ye said.

Given their eyesight, they could naturally discern the cultivation base and strength of these two great demons at first glance. Precisely because of this that they were astonished. The Golden Horizon seemed to be even more terrifying than they had imagined. They were now facing two great demons with intermediate Immortal King cultivation base. Before this, they had encountered the flying toads and Miasma Cathaya. So logically, they had concluded that most of the evil creatures here were living in groups. Furthermore, judging from the magnitude of the blood light they saw in the sky above the valley, these two must not be the only evil creatures that radiated that kind of light.

That was to say, there might be more demons that were radiating blood-red light in this valley. There might also be demons stronger than these two. Such a situation couldn’t help but make them worry. Although they still didn’t know what existed here, instinct told them that even if there was a precious treasure here, it wasn’t going to be easy to obtain it.

“This is a kind of blood demon. The blood Qi in their bodies is exuberant, but because they were born in a different environment – the ancient battlefield which is evil by nature – their thoughts and souls had been bewitched. Their nature became ferocious and bloodthirsty, and they are far more powerful than the average demonic beasts, a very difficult opponent to deal with.”

Big Yellow explained. He had all the knowledge and was able to tell the origin of the blood demon at first glance.

“However I sense that the blood Qi that flows in their bodies is very pure. They shouldn’t be devil creatures.” Yang Bufan asked, clearly puzzled.

“This is precisely the purpose of why we are here. Blood demon is a kind of terrifying evil creature. Their souls have completely been bewitched. You all have to remember that all the evil creatures that are born in the Golden Horizon are devils, a machine that only knows how to kill. Its ferocious nature couldn’t be altered. Furthermore, the reason their bodies contained such vigorous blood Qi is because they have been absorbing the aura of a fruit named Blood Dragon Fruit throughout the yeasr,” Big Yellow said.

“Blood Dragon Fruit?”

Everyone was stunned. It seemed like it was their first time hearing about this type of fruit. Even the alchemist, Jiang Chen, also only heard it for the first time.

“The Blood Dragon Fruit is an extremely rare fruit. It’s an extremely precious treasure. Not only does the fruit grow in harsh conditions, it’s also extremely difficult for the fruit to mature as it will take a long time. It seems that we are having a good luck. There happens to be a Blood Dragon Fruit Tree here. According to the records, a Blood Dragon Fruit Tree will take three hundred years to produce nine Blood Dragon Fruits. These blood demons in front are a.s.sociated with the Blood Dragon Fruit Tree. In other words, this Blood Dragon Fruit Tree is the main reason why such blood demons were born. Due to these blood demons having been absorbing the blood Qi emitted by the Blood Dragon Fruit and its essence throughout the years, they have become incredibly strong. I clearly see that the blood Qi here is thicker and more vigorous compared to the time when we first discovered it. This only shows that the Blood Dragon Fruit is not far away,” Big Yellow spoke.

After hearing these words, everyone’s expression changed. Yang Bufan raised a thumbs up for Big Yellow. This dog was omnipotent. He knew everything from the Miasma Cathaya to the Blood Dragon Fruit, like he had memorized an entire library.

At this point, no one doubted Big Yellow anymore. Each of them was filled with admiration. They looked at Jiang Chen once again, and felt that this team was undeniably strong.

“These blood demons have reached such a terrifying extent just by relying on the blood Qi and essence of the Blood Dragon Fruit Tree. This showed that the Blood Dragon Fruit is really a rare treasure. We are truly lucky to encounter such such a treasure after just arriving in Golden Horizon,” Liang Qiao said with a smile.

“Don’t celebrate too early. It will be considered not bad if you can still live when you encounter the mighty blood demon king.”

Big Yellow darted a glare at Liang Qiao. Those who were hated by Big Yellow better not voice out his opinion in front of him.

“It seems that we all have to be more careful.” Yang Bufan said.

*Swish…* *Swish…* *Swish…*

As soon as Yang Bufan finished speaking, a blood-red light shot up to the sky from the valley. Upon closer inspection, there were precisely nine rays of light. Despite the distance, they could already feel the intense blood Qi radiating from the light pillars. That was the Qi of purest Yang.

“What’s that?” w.a.n.g Ye shrieked.

“It seems like we have come here on the right time. The Blood Dragon Fruit is about to ripen. A powerful blood light will shot out from it before it ripens, but this will take half an hour. So we only have half an hour to seize the Blood Dragon Fruits from these blood demons. Otherwise, once the Blood Dragon Fruits ripen, the fruits will be divided amongst the blood demons. At that time, a horrifying blood demon king will be born and we won’t be able to walk out of here alive.”

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled. His clear understanding of the blood demons and Blood Dragon Fruit was impressive.

But now wasn’t the time to admire Big Yellow. They needed to seize the Blood Dragon Fruits. Fortunately, they still had half an hour, but it was imaginable that a battle was inevitable. The blood demons had guarded the Blood Dragon Fruits for so long. They definitely wouldn’t take away their eyes from it. If someone were to rob their fruits of labour, it was conceivable how infuriated they would become.

*Roar!* *Roar!*

Just as the nine rays of blood light pillars soared up to the sky, the two blood demons let out roars all of a sudden. Hostile aura and blood Qi surged out from their bodies, blotting out the sky like tidal waves. The two of them had gone completely mad. In their point of view, these people were obviously here to rob their Blood Dragon Fruits. They were their enemies.

The roars of the blood demons were resounding. Apart from expressing their fury and killing intent, they were also sending out signals to their kind that a group of uninvited guests had come.

After a while, the two blood demons lunged at Jiang Chen and his comrades. Big Yellow laughed pleasantly, seeming to be already prepared to attack.

“Let’s deal with them.”

Jiang Chen took the initiative to attack. Today, he was bound to have some ma.s.sacre. These blood demons were evil by nature, which meant they were devils, precisely the best nourishment for the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. He naturally wouldn’t miss out such a great opportunity.

To Yang Bufan and the others, the Blood Dragon Fruit was a treasure, but to Jiang Chen, everything here was a treasure, even the body of the blood demons was a huge treasure to him. This was a valley that he couldn’t expect to find elsewhere. Putting aside the fact that there was an even more powerful blood demon king in this place, these two blood demons were first-rate nourishment that he could refine and absorb.

Also, at this point, he no longer had to hide his own strength.

*Hong Long……*

The terrifying True Dragon Palm was struck out. An enormous blood-red dragon claw spread over like a huge net, enveloping the two powerful blood demons.

Although the blood demons were strong, they were only intermediate Immortal Kings. They were no match for Jiang Chen at all. It was simply too easy for Jiang Chen to kill them. He could even crush them with a finger.


The two blood demons roared hoa.r.s.ely, and wailed. No matter how intensely they struggled, they couldn’t break free from Jiang Chen’s huge claw. A terrifying pressure was exerted by the dragon claws. The incomparably st.u.r.dy blood demons were instantly crushed to pieces and died on the spot.

A gash of opening was torn open on the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The blood and Qi essence of the two blood demons were sucked away by the paG.o.da in a blink. But since these two blood demons weren’t considered very strong, it didn’t have a huge impact on the paG.o.da. It would still require an enormous amount of energy for the thirty-sixth level to solidify.

According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, he would surely obtain tremendous improvement if the thirty-sixth level of the paG.o.da was fully condensed. Approximately ten thousand dragon marks would be added in his body. At that time, the number of dragon marks in his body would be 1 140 000, only needing ten thousand more to advance to the intermediate Immortal King realm.

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