Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1548 – The Poisonous Miasma of the Dense Fores

Chapter 1548 – The Poisonous Miasma of the Dense Fores

The Poisonous Miasma of the Dense Forest

The scene was too spectacular. Not only Dong Fei and the others were astounded, even Yang Bufan was petrified by it. Such a scene was simply too astonis.h.i.+ng, Jiang Chen’s flames were overpowering. It had burnt not only the flying toads, but also the venom the toads excreted to nothingness, not even a single residue was left behind. They simply wouldn’t believe this if they didn’t witness it with their eyes.

This kind of situation made everyone heave a sigh of relief. Everyone’s gaze towards Jiang Chen were filled with respect. They no longer feared the extremely horrifying flying toads. As long as Jiang Chen was here, it wouldn’t matter anymore how many flying toads were advancing towards them.

*Hua la……*

Several minutes later, all the flying toads dispersed and vanished without a trace. Jiang Chen withdrew his fierce flames and the daylight reappeared in the sky. It was just that the area was ruined. Large acre of plants were annihilated. The unpleasant burnt odour lingered in the air.

Nevertheless, the crisis was finally over. This time, Jiang Chen’s flames had killed countless flying toads. Even if there were more, it was afraid that they wouldn’t dare to show up again.

“Amazing. Senior Brother Jiang is really too terrifying. He has eliminated all the flying toads by himself, making all flying toads not dare to cause us trouble anymore.”

Dong Fei’s eyes shot out a cold light. His impression of Jiang Chen was raised by another notch.

“That’s right. Jiang Chen’s means is indeed amazing. I have to admit that.”

A half-step Immortal Emperor genius spoke. He was called w.a.n.g Ye, a well-known existence in the outer prefecture. Before this, he had been in seclusion. He had only recently heard about Jiang Chen. Today was his first time meeting and working together with Jiang Chen. Initially, he still had some doubts with this so-called heaven defying disciple, Jiang Chen, but after the incident just now, he clearly witnessed the power of Jiang Chen and felt fortunate that he had such a monstrous genius by his side.

Imagine what kind of scene it would’ve been if there had been no Jiang Chen. Even if they were able to get out of that crisis, they would surely suffer lots of damage and injuries even if they didn’t die after that. No one knew how many flying toads were there. Those evil creates were vicious by nature, and there were so many of them that they blotted out the sky above. It would be difficult to escape from such a siege.

“Senior Brother Jiang really has powerful means. Today I have finally seen it. If it wasn’t for Brother Jiang just now, I really have no idea how we would be able to escape that danger.”

Another half-step Immortal Emperor spoke, also impressed by Jiang Chen’s performance.

Liang Qiao didn’t speak, however he was staring at Jiang Chen in a weird way.

“We are all allies. There’s no need to be polite. Let’s keep going. There are many kinds of evil creatures in the Golden Horizon. We have only encountered the flying toads. I’m afraid that there are even more horrifying existences the deeper we go,” Jiang Chen said.

He totally didn’t put the matter just now in his heart. He was unable to find any sense of accomplishment by just killing all of those flying toads, because it was too easy and effortless for him.

“Let’s go.”

Yang Bufan waved. The corner of his mouth showed a slight smile. He had known Jiang Chen for a long time compared to the rest of his subordinates. Regarding the growth of Jiang Chen, even he would have to give a thumbs up to Jiang Chen. When he first saw Jiang Chen in Evil Abyss, Jiang Chen was merely a Divine Core expert. How long had it been since Jiang Chen advanced to this terrifying extent; strong enough to kill even an Immortal Emperor? If he hadn’t witnessed this himself, he would never believe that there was actually such a heaven defying genius in the world. To innumerable geniuses, Jiang Chen’s existence was like slapping their faces. Who else would dare to call himself a genius before Jiang Chen?

They proceeded forward. After the encounter with the flying toads, everyone became extra careful and alert. Despite the fact that there were numerous fortunes in Golden Horizon, there were even more dangers. It was possible to die at anytime, anywhere. Every step one made required caution. No joke was allowed in such a place.

This ancient battlefield had existed for countless years which had given birth to all sorts of evil creatures, and they all had one thing in common, their ferociousness and thirst for blood.

They had encountered numerous evil creatures along the way, but with the previous experience, they knew that as long as these evil creatures didn’t attack them, they wouldn’t deliberately provoke these creatures, because none of them was easy to deal with.

Yang Bufan slightly released his Qi, which could radiate some kind of pressure and deterrence towards those evil creatures. All the evil creatures here had extremely high spiritual intelligence. They would also be on high alert in the face of these human opponents. Being oppressed by Yang Bufan’s Qi, most of them didn’t dare to attack which had saved Jiang Chen and his comrades some troubles.

As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen felt a bit greedy when he saw these evil creatures. He began to regret being with these people. If he was alone, he would certainly conduct a ma.s.sacre in this forest. There was basically no evil creature that he was afraid of. To others, perhaps these evil creatures were all horrifying existences, but in Jiang Chen’s eyes, all these creatures here were his nourishment, the requisite for advancing the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Since the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da reached the thirty-fifth level, it had basically stopped there, as there was no large supply of energy.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was a supreme divine item. Only by condensing the ninety-nine levels of the paG.o.da could its power be fully exerted. Now, it was only at the thirty-fifth level, which was still too far away from ninety-ninth level. The difference was sky and earth.

Furthermore, each advancement of the paG.o.da was similar to Jiang Chen’s advancement. The further it advanced, the more energy it needed. It was like an unquenchable bottomless hole. Jiang Chen had spent lots of efforts just to reach the thirty-fifth level. So he was well aware that the process of advancing to the ninety-ninth level was very difficult. Thinking about it made his scalp numb.

However, now that Yang Bufan and the others geniuses were by his side, he couldn’t disclose this method. Firstly, he didn’t want to cause them too much trouble. Secondly, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was his biggest secret. He didn’t want any outsider to know. After all, the scene of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da absorbing devil’s flesh and essence was too overwhelming. If this was spread out, it would probably bring him loads of unnecessary trouble.

It wasn’t long before they arrived in a valley. Similarly, ahead was a big land of plants, but these plants seemed very different. The other thickets grew a variety of plants, but the thicket ahead grew plants that were the same kind.

It was a plant that had no name. It was neither big nor small. It was approximately 6 meters in height, and had thick and dense branches. There were also many leaves on those branches. It was just that those leaves were silver in colour. One could clearly see that there were lines of clear veins on the surface of the leaves. And these veins constantly emitted some sort of silver air.

“What kind of plant is this? Why do I sense some kind of danger?”

Yuan Ye said with a frown. The others, too, looked grim. Clearly, they could also feel that these plants weren’t just ordinary plants. After all, they were powerful experts. Their perceptive abilities were incomparably sharp.

“This is an ancient plant named Miasma Cathaya. This type of plant is very terrifying. It had already been extinct a long time ago. I had never thought that it will appear in this place.” Big Yellow’s tone sounded somewhat serious.

As soon as his words went out, everyone’s eyes fell upon him. They had never thought that this dog who usually looked like a rascal would know something even a plant as rare as this.

“What’s Miasma Cathaya? What’s so scary about it?” Yang Bufan asked curiously.

“Miasma Cathaya is similar to poison. The scariest thing about them is their leaves. This type of plant grow in one big patch. Their leaves will continuously emit a type of poisonous air which is even more poisonous than the venom of the flying toads earlier. It’s also called the Poisonous Yama. The poisonous air emitted from it can corrode everything, including our Immortal Qi defence s.h.i.+eld. Even a powerful Immortal Emperor will most likely die once such a poison invaded his body.”

Big Yellow certainly knew everything. He told every piece of information about the Miasma Cathaya to the others.

Upon hearing this, everyone gasped. Looking at this big patch of Miasma Cathaya, their scalp began to feel numb.

“It’s too horrifying. Let’s not walk through these miasma bushes.”

Yuan Ye couldn’t help but speak. This was just too scary. Even with their cultivation base and boldness, they couldn’t help feeling scared standing there.

“Not to worry. The poisonous air of Miasma Cathaya won’t drift out. It will only exist where the Miasma Cathaya is. No wind will be able to blow them away. The treasure is just ahead of this. As long as we cross this jungle of Miasma Cathaya, we will be able to obtain the treasure.” Big Yellow said.

“We can choose to go around it, or fly over it.” Yang Bufan suggested.

“It’s no use. Where those Miasma Cathaya existed, the poison will contaminate even the air above the plant. So we can’t travel in air. We can only walk through it to see the benefits.” Big Yellow shook his head.

“Walk straight through it? What kind of joke is this? The area of Miasma Cathaya was at least a hundred miles large. I’m afraid that we will all die of poison before we can even get past them.”

Liang Qiao said, feeling that what Big Yellow said was a complete bullsh*t. This was clearly a joke. Knowing the terror of the poisonous air, pa.s.sing through them was no different than seeking death.

“You can leave if you don’t want to go. No one asked you to follow us. Master Dog hates you.”

Big Yellow glared at Liang Qiao, feeling disgusted by this person. Big Yellow was definitely a straightforward person. When he hated someone, he would say it in front of the person. If that man was reluctant to go, he could just get lost.

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