Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1485 – Venerable Wangqing, Xiao Wangqing

Chapter 1485 – Venerable Wangqing, Xiao Wangqing

Venerable w.a.n.gqing, Xiao w.a.n.gqing

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The moment the huge hand covered them, they immediately felt relieved. They felt that the enormous hand had instantly cut off the incoming storm of the devil ape, allowing them to regain their movement.

Someone had saved them. This was the first thought that came to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s mind. Is there another person in this spatial zone? The one who saved them could directly disconnect the devouring ability of the devil ape. This indicated that his strength wouldn’t be any weaker than the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape. He must be at least a Peak Venerable, infinitely close to the half-step Sovereign realm, a high and mighty existence. They couldn’t believe that they would actually meet two of such existences today.

But no matter who the person was and why he saved them, it was surely a great thing to the both of them.

*Hong Long......*

The devouring storm was shattered by the enormous palm. The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape was forced a dozen meters back. It only showed how strong that person was. At least, he was still out of Jiang Chen’s reach.

*Hua La……*

The void crumbled. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow saw the sky and the sun once more. Both of their bodies were shaken by the stormy waves, but soon, a gentle force fell on them, aiding them in stabilizing themselves. When they both regained their senses, they saw that an old man had appeared next to them.

When Jiang Chen and Big Yellow registered the face of the old man, their mouths went wide, unable to speak a word.

“You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are truly bold to have intruded this place.”

The old man sounded slightly angry, but his eyes were filled with admiration.

“Old…old liar...”

Jiang Chen exclaimed. This old man wore shabby clothes and seemed filthy. Who could he be if he wasn’t the old liar?

After killing Young Master Futian, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were taken away by Old Man Bai Weng, totally forgetting the whereabouts of the old liar. Originally, they had only regarded the old liar as a pa.s.ser-by, after that, they had basically forgotten him. The thought of him saving their lives today didn’t even cross their minds.

That day, although they could feel that the old liar was no ordinary man, they couldn’t have believed that this old liar could be this terrifying even if they racked their brains.

“Who is it? How dare you stop me?”

The devil ape was infuriated. A wave of monstrous demonic force was unleashed from his body. His food was s.n.a.t.c.hed right before it reached his mouth. That had made the ape incredibly angry.

The devil ape’s demonic force was overwhelming. He fixed his solemn eyes at the old liar. Obviously, he had realized the fearsomeness of the old liar and was absolutely not easy to deal with.

“Who are you? How do you know this place? What’s your relations.h.i.+p with Yang Junlong?” The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape asked.

“Heaven Devouring Devil Ape, that year, you were detained by Yang Junlong. It has been 300 years, but your temperament is still so brutal. It seems like Yang Junglong had made a wrong decision by sparing your life.” The old liar spoke. All of his carefree disposition was replaced by the demeanour of a superior expert.

“Shut up. If it wasn’t because of that son of a b*tch Yang Junlong setting me up that year, do you think he could trap me? He only used this natural prison to contain me, he was absolutely not qualified to kill me, however.”

The devil ape was incomparably angry. Mentioning the name of Yang Junlong always angered him.

“It seems like this natural prison is not bad. In that case, you should just continue staying here.” The old liar chuckled, then wrapped his Qi around Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. “Let’s go.”


Just as the old liar’s words faded, the devil ape blocked their path. Ma.s.sive demonic Qi had occupied the entire spatial zone.

“They are mine. Have you asked for my permission before taking them away? I don’t care who you are. If you leave now, I will forget about everything that happened just now. Or else, I will finish you off after refining the two of them.”

The Heaven Devouring Devil Ape said mercilessly. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were his last hope. He had already waited for three hundred years for this chance to come, so if this hope was taken away just like this, he was afraid that he would surely cough out blood.

“Haha! Do you think you are qualified enough to stop me from taking them? This prison had been specially modified by Yang Junlong. It will only stop you from leaving, not others.”

The old liar laughed loudly, bursting out all the dazzling aura of a Venerable that forced people to avert their eyes.


The Devil Ape roared furiously. He struck out his sharp claw abruptly. The tip of the claw was three feet long. The void was directly ripped apart. If one was caught by those claws, one would absolutely be torn apart.

“You two, get out of the way.”

The old liar pushed Jiang Chen and Big Yellow away, then a long sword appeared in his hand with a clang. The instant the long sword appeared, the entire void turned very cold. The sword was full of ruthlessness. Each swing left a lasting appeal of Great Dao. This was a mighty Venerable Weapon endowed with spirituality.

*Chi La!*

The old liar’s sword was just too quick. Not just quick, but also had a trace of an indescribable aura radiating from it, causing the atmosphere to turn gloomy and dreary. While the old liar was sending out the sword strikes, his eyes were as deep as an indifferent abyss that was filled with incomparable sadness.

The long sword easily cut through the void, colliding with the sharp claw of the devil ape. The indestructible sword left a gash on the ape. Blood gushed out from it.

Upon seeing the sword, the devil ape seemed to have thought of something. His facial expression changed immediately.

“The w.a.n.gqing (Indifferent) Sword. You are the Venerable w.a.n.gqing, Xiao w.a.n.gqing?”

The devil ape exclaimed. The name Venerable w.a.n.gqing was very famous during that year. Xiao w.a.n.gqing was a person everyone knew.

“It seems my reputation isn’t weak. There’s still people who remembers me.” The old liar smiled.

“Xiao w.a.n.gqing, they said that you have slash off your sentiments that year, forgetting about the whole world, but eventually failed to break through to the Sovereign realm and died because of that. I had never expected that you are still alive and had turned into what you are.”

The devil ape continued to study the old liar’s body from top to bottom. Despite his arrogance, he couldn’t put his mind away from the w.a.n.gqing Sword.

“Forgetting everything about the world? I can’t do it after all.”

The old liar shook his head. A trace of bitterness overflowed the corner of his mouth. His eyes became extremely deep. That was the expression that had experienced a series of vicissitudes. He was a man with his own story.

Later, the old liar slowly withdrew his sword, rolled his sleeve. An invisible wind wrapped around Jiang Chen and Big Yellow before they vanished. This time, the devil ape didn’t stop them, because he knew that there was no way he could stop Xiao w.a.n.gqing if Xiao w.a.n.gqing insisted on bringing the two away.

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