Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1482 – Heaven Devouring Devil Ape

Chapter 1482 – Heaven Devouring Devil Ape

Heaven Devouring Devil Ape

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Both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow fixed their eyes at the empty tunnel, which drifted in the air and showed no signs of vanis.h.i.+ng. This indicated that the tunnel was specially prepared for Jiang Chen, waiting for him to enter.

“I guess that there must be some reason that made the hidden force can’t come out of it. It explained why it could only use those living corpses to do the killings, however it didn’t expect to face setbacks after setbacks when dealing with you. There are probably even stronger living corpses being controlled inside, but I estimate that your performance have already alerted that hidden force. That was why it wanted to attract you in and deal with you itself,” Big Yellow said. Given his wisdom, it wasn’t hard for him to know all of these.

Jiang Chen nodded. Apparently, he had the same thought as Big Yellow. This was also what that made him hesitate. He was considering whether they should get in or not.

“So, what now? Do you want to go in?”

Big Yellow asked, looking at Jiang Chen with expectant eyes. As long as Jiang Chen nodded his head, he would go in straight away. There must be danger inside, but there is nowhere in the Heavens and the Earth where Big Yellow wouldn’t dare go.


Light shone from Jiang Chen’s eyes. He had already gone through so much in his past life. What he knew the least ever since he cultivated the dragon transformation skill was to retreat. There was a subconscious in his innermost soul that guided him forward continuously with indomitable will. Additionally, he went through many tribulations in life and he had never been afraid of it.

The unknown was always the most attractive thing. For the sake of this valley, Jiang Chen took the initiative to venture in. It had already been half a month. Currently, the secret was just right before his eyes. As long as he stepped into the tunnel, he could uncover everything. Furthermore, it wasn’t Jiang Chen’s personality to back away because of fear.

If outsiders knew the action that Jiang Chen and Big Yellow took, they would definitely roll their eyes in a melancholic way. These two idiots really had no idea what was going on. This was clearly a stupid move. Having the life to go in didn’t mean that they could walk out of here alive as well.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exchanged a glance, then smiled. One man and one dog turned into two rays of light, flying into the illusory tunnel and vanished. As soon as two of them went into the tunnel, the tunnel disappeared, like it had never been there before.


After Jiang Chen and Big Yellow went into the tunnel, they only felt that the s.p.a.ce distorted very badly, but such distortion only lasted for a moment. When they both regained their senses, they had appeared in another spatial zone.

In front of them was an enormous palace with a door that was closely shut behind. That was to say, both of them had gone directly into the palace. They were shocked to find that this black palace wasn’t built of raw materials.

It was built out of energy. The whole palace was created by intertwining all the terrifying energy together. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were well-versed in formation. They could feel that there was an incredibly abstruse formation existing in it. It was an extremely ancient formation. Plus, the formation was incomparably mysterious. It had completely integrated with the energy. Someone who wasn’t particularly proficient in the formation field wouldn’t be able to discover the existence of the formation.

“What’s this place?” Jiang Chen felt puzzled.

“This is a different spatial zone. Judging from its structure, it’s created by at least a late Immortal Venerable expert. I had never thought that there is such a s.p.a.ce in Genius Prefecture. The one who made this spatial zone must be a supreme expert.”

Big Yellow said with astonishment. Jiang Chen too, was somewhat surprised. It was imaginable how terrifying a late Immortal Venerable expert was. It was an existence close to half-step Sovereign realm. He was afraid that they couldn’t even find a late Immortal Venerable expert in the entire Eastern Profound Domain, let alone a half-step Sovereign.

According to what Big Yellow said, this spatial zone was built by some expert of at least late Immortal Venerable realm, or even a half-step Sovereign. No wonder no experts in Genius Prefecture could discover this secret.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

Suddenly, a sinister laugh reverberated through to every corner of the palace. Even Jiang Chen couldn’t tell the source of the laughter, because it was so ubiquitous.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

The laughter got louder and louder. It was filled with devil essence. It turned into traces of sound waves that flowed into people’s soul, terrifying. Despite the disposition of Big Yellow and Jiang Chen, they were still influenced by the laughter, because it sounded as if thousands of devils were laughing at the same time.

“This laughter is so enchanting that I somehow can’t resist it.”

Jiang Chen said, then spurted out a mouthful of blood. His face turned somewhat pale. Big Yellow seemed very fine. His eyes constantly scanned the surroundings as he turned a deaf ear to the laughter.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help raising a thumbs up for Big Yellow. This dog sure isn’t simple. He did have tremendous secrets inside of him.


All of a sudden, the laughter stopped. A murmur was heard from nowhere. “I didn’t expect there would still be surprises. This dog can actually resist my devil sound. Not bad, not bad.”

Someone spoke in a very hoa.r.s.e voice, like it hadn’t spoken for a very long time.

“Show yourself. What are you hiding yourself for?” Big Yellow said.


As soon as Big Yellow’s voice faded, a black light flickered in front of the palace. An enormous throne appeared. The surface of the throne was engraved with plenty of patterns. One glance at it and anyone could tell that it was a peerless Immortal Weapon. On the throne sat an ape with a black-furred body. Its fur was as sharp as a weapon. It seemed incomparably st.u.r.dy, with a pair of glittering black eyes. A glance from him gave people the feeling of falling into h.e.l.l.

They couldn’t determine the cultivation base of the devil ape, but it was conceivable how powerful he was.

Upon seeing this devil ape, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow finally understood what the mark in the room represented.

The ape radiated unsurpa.s.sed power. There was no doubt about it. Jiang Chen had a feeling that his opponent could kill him with just a glance. If this ape really wanted him dead, it only needed to lift its finger.

“Heaven Devouring Devil Ape! There’s actually a Heaven Devouring Devil Ape hidden here.” Big Yellow almost exclaimed.

“Brat, you have truly amazed me for killing so many of my puppets.”

The devil ape didn’t seem to be ready to kill Jiang Chen at the moment. His eyes were studying Jiang Chen from top to bottom with great interest. His tone was casual, but Jiang Chen didn’t think that this was a talkative individual. Maybe it was because he had stayed here for too long and hadn’t seen any living people and had spoken for a very long time. So it would like to have a few more words before going into real business.

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