Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1472 – One Versus Eigh

Chapter 1472 – One Versus Eigh

One Versus Eight

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Just as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow predicted. After the second living corpse was annihilated, the night was surprisingly calm with no more signs of the other living corpses. Even during the day time, the valley was quiet.

Of course, such quietness didn’t make Jiang Chen and Big Yellow relaxed. They were constantly on alert. If they were replaced by some ordinary experts, they were afraid that those experts wouldn’t only feel tensed, but their spirits would have also broken down.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn’t speak for a day. They no longer had to guess the secret here because it was pointless. It was already certain that there was an evil existence in this place. Jiang Chen was now waiting expectantly for the night to come, antic.i.p.ating those living corpses to appear again.

Only Jiang Chen could antic.i.p.ate those dead things under such an environment. Any genius who was put in his position would be scared to death by now.

The night fell very soon. This was his third day in the valley. He seemed to have adapted himself to the gloomy environment. After all, he had experienced more things that were worse than this.

In the middle of the night, just like the two previous cases, with a howl of the cold wind, the living corpse emerged. But this time, it was no longer one. There were eight of them, eight living corpses! All of them were at the peak of late Immortal King realm. Each wore the uniform of Genius Prefecture.

The things that they had in common were their expression and their empty left chests. Only a little bit of vital force was left inside of them that could sustain and turn them into killing machines. The absence of a half-step Immortal Emperor disappointed Jiang Chen a little, but there was still one thing that astounded him and Big Yellow. After experiencing two days of encounter, both of them had spread across their divine sense to every corner, to every inch of the s.p.a.ce before midnight. Despite that, they still had no idea where and how these eight living corpses had come from. The corpses left no traces and trails behind. They appeared as the wind blew, as though they had been concealing themselves in the wind.

This made it extremely difficult for the two of them to unveil the secret of the valley. It had rendered them feeling helpless. Since they couldn’t find anything, they might as well give it up.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

The eight living corpses let out a gloomy and cold laugh. They had besieged Jiang Chen and Big Yellow the moment they appeared.

“It looks like it’s time for Master Dog to show off his fists and kicks.” Big Yellow shook his head. His body was full of combat intent.

Although these living corpses were late Immortal Kings, they relied only on their speed and physical strength in combat. Thus, Big Yellow wasn’t afraid of them. Whether it was speed or physical strength, he wouldn’t be worse than any of them.

“Big Yellow, just go to one side and watch. Let me deal with them. I want to use these eight b.a.s.t.a.r.ds to refine my body,” Jiang Chen said.

Although he had expected to fight a half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse, he still couldn’t deny that these eight living corpses were very good for refining his body. If there was really a half-step Immortal Emperor, he would surely need to use his dragon-form to fight the opponent.


Big Yellow who was already prepared to fight turned into a ray of golden light, rushed out of the encirclement of the living corpses and stood on a big rock not far away with an expectant look. These living corpses were no doubt terrifying, but he was also incomparably confident in Jiang Chen. It was nonsense that these living corpses wanted to take Jiang Chen’s life.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

Jiang Chen clenched his fists, instantly producing cracking sounds. He was ready for the fight, or it should be said that he had been ready for a long time. This time, he would neither use his flames nor combat techniques, only his own physique to fight these eight living corpses.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

The living corpses smiled incessantly, then they all lunged at Jiang Chen at the same time. Their speed was too fast, so fast that it shocked Jiang Chen.

“Come on!”

Jiang Chen roared, turned into a ray of light and sent out countless punches as he collided with the eight living corpses.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

The void was immediately shattered. The sharp claws of the living corpses were terrifying. They could pierce through the void. The consequence of being caught by those claws was hard to imagine.

Big Yellow’s eyes were dazzled by the constant sparks created from the battle and the white colour from the living corpses and Jiang Chen’s robe. If someone were to show up here at this time, he would certainly be shocked to find out that the battle was like a whirlpool or a floating whirlwind. Countless white shadows continued to collide with each other. It was hard to tell who was who.

*Chi La!*

A living corpse clawed at Jiang Chen’s body, leaving a gash on his skin. Blood flowed out from the wound.

“Haha! Nice!”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter and felt excited instead after suffering an injury. In truth, he hadn’t felt so excited for a long time. Battling one living corpse and battling eight living corpses were two completely different things. These living corpses were unbelievably fast. That was why Jiang Chen was injured even with his capability.

However, such an injury was nothing to him. It was only an external injury, at best. The moment the corpse Qi entered his body from the wounds, it was instantly incinerated before it could even affect him.

With the protection of the wood spiritual Qi, such an injury was like scratching an itch on his body.

The stench of the blood seemed to stir up the excitement of the living corpses. They lunged frenziedly at Jiang Chen. Their goal was very simple – that was to get rid of this human.

Jiang Chen also moved at maximum speed. Though he could cast out shadows of him to deal with these enemies, he had chosen to only use his physical strength and speed in combat. At first, he lost the upper hand, but gradually, he was gaining it.

Nevertheless, he had to admit that these living corpses were truly powerful. From the beginning until now, there had been three or four gashes made on his body, but that didn’t concern him at all. His eyes glittered. All of his focus had been put in the battle. This kind of exciting pleasure fascinated him, it made him hard to extricate himself from it.

This battle had turned the scene of the sky and earth chaotic. There was no tyrannical Immortal Qi, weapons and combat techniques. It was a pure physical battle. This area of spatial zone had been destroyed.

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