Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1470 – More Powerful than Before

Chapter 1470 – More Powerful than Before

The emergence of the living corpse turned the atmosphere in the courtyard incomparably tense. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow didn’t dare show any negligence. Things that were unknown would usually draw fear out of people. If it was merely a walking corpse, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow might not care too much about it, however the living dead was wearing the uniform of Genius Prefecture. This indicated that the corpse was a disciple of Genius Prefecture who had once came here.

The legend of this valley was very sinister. Everyone who had entered here before were all killed, however no one knew why they died, because not one of those who entered had managed to come out alive.

This had created a big mystery. Were those disciples of Genius Prefecture killed by some mysterious force? What was that force that could refine a corpse and turn them into a killing weapon? Last night it was only a living corpse. According to the disciples of Genius Prefecture, there had been plenty of disciples that had been to this place before. In that case, Jiang Chen was almost sure that everyone who came here had ended up and turned into a walking corpse, he was clueless about where they were hiding, however.

“The walking corpses aren’t scary. What’s really scary is the force that was controlling them in the dark. Big Yellow, help me check around. See if you can find any clues. As there might be so many geniuses that had already been turned into a walking corpse, there must be a hideout. Find the hideout and let’s unveil the secrets here.”

Jiang Chen told Big Yellow. The light of the day had shone once again. Based on yesterday’s scene, they were certain that even though the valley had been dim all the time, the walking corpse wouldn’t appear during the day. Therefore, there was nothing to be afraid of during day time, which was the precise time for looking for clues.

In the following time, Big Yellow and Jiang Chen turned into two rays of light, constantly appearing in different locations in the valley. Their perceptions were extremely sharp. Jiang Chen had the Great Soul Derivation Technique while Big Yellow was endowed with the ability to hunt for treasures. That was why one of his strengths was discovering secrets.

An hour pa.s.sed by very quickly. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had almost searched the entire valley, but nothing was discovered. There wasn’t even a bit of spatial crack in this area.

“When the living corpse appeared last night, I was unaware of where he had come from.” Jiang Chen frowned and felt that this matter was far more complicated than he had imagined.

“It’s really weird here. What we can only do now is wait.”

Big Yellow shook his head, clueless.

“Big Yellow, you said that those people had been turned into walking corpses. So why didn’t they walk out of this valley and haunt Genius Prefecture?” Jiang Chen asked.

This had been puzzling him. If the living corpses were really controlled by some kind of power, why couldn’t they get out of the valley and cause chaos in Genius Prefecture?

“There should be some kind of taboo that keeps these living corpses from leaving the valley.”

Big Yellow guessed. Given the situation, this was the only logical guess.

Jiang Chen nodded, thinking that Big Yellow had a point. Since they couldn’t find any clue here, they could only wait. He had reason to believe that there would be another living corpse coming out tonight.

In the outer prefecture, a lot of disciples were discussing about Jiang Chen. They were discussing whether Jiang Chen was already dead. Some bold geniuses even approached the valley, but unfortunately, they couldn’t see a thing from a distance.

“Do you all think that Jiang Chen is dead by now? I still feel that he’s still alive.”

“Not necessarily. The valley is extremely sinister. Once someone entered that place, it will be very difficult for one to get out again. Jiang Chen won’t be an exception. What a pity to lose the genius of the generation.”

“I thought I heard noises from the valley.”

“Are you sure? Don’t frighten people. It must be you hallucinating.”


The more they discussed about Jiang Chen, the more scared they felt. Those few who approached the valley left hastily. They felt a creepy sensation after standing there for a long time, as if they were standing in front of a terrifying dark h.e.l.l.

It had been a long time since anyone came near to the valley. Normally, no one would think about that place. Now that someone had entered the valley, this month was destined to be bustling. Discussion of the matter could be heard everywhere in outer prefecture. Unless Jiang Chen could walk out of that place a month later, or else he would be considered dead.

Of course, everyone knew that there was almost zero chance for Jiang Chen to walk out of the valley alive. Such a thought was just unrealistic.

Putting away those generalizations, there was still a month’s worth of time in this matter. So people would still be stirred before the time limit.

The night would soon fall. The environment in the valley began to change once again – cold and gloomy, with the stench of decay.

Cold wind rustled. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow sat back to back on a big rock. Their eyes were incomparably brilliant, like those blinking stars in the night sky. Despite the darkness of the night, it still couldn’t block the light emitted from their eyes.


Suddenly, a cold wind flashed by, and then a white-clad shadow appeared without a trace. It was just like the previous night. It was another living corpse. His heart had already been dug out, leaving a hole in its chest.

Jiang Chen gasped and was astonished once more. His soul power and divine sense kept on scanning the surroundings. No vibration could escape from his senses. Nevertheless, he still couldn’t find the trail of the white shadow. The white shadow appeared so stealthily like it had been here the whole time.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help being startled by such a scene. He had lost all his sense of security the moment he was unable to locate the place where the enemy had come from.

“A late Immortal King living corpse. He’s a rank stronger than the one yesterday.” Big Yellow said as he looked at the dead man.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

The living corpse let out a harsh smile, then thrust his palm at Jiang Chen. It seemed that killing was the only action of the dead thing.

Jiang Chen’s response was also very quick. He immediately struck out a fist at the dead man’s sharp claws.


The two of them collided, creating a spark. The living corpse was pushed three steps back, however it didn’t seem to feel any pain at all. Once again, like a gust of wind, it lunged at Jiang Chen. Obviously, this living corpse had a main purpose – that was to kill people. They wanted to kill this human and dig out his heart.

“What a solid fles.h.!.+ This living corpse is exceedingly abnormal. After being refined and controlled by the unknown force, it has become even more terrifying than before.”

Jiang Chen was shocked. If he didn’t witness this himself, he would never believe it. The strength of this living corpse was simply unimaginable. What was even more terrifying was that the living corpse knew no pain. It was like a killing machine that could fight endlessly.

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