Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1462 – Hit him Anyway

Chapter 1462 – Hit him Anyway

Hit him Anyway

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*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

The supposedly silent outer prefecture had turned lively all of a sudden. During weekdays, the Registration Centre was the most boring and unattended place. Now, all the figures were heading for this place. Every one of them was a genius. They could clearly sense the erupting momentum of combat. They were all eager to find out who actually dared to infuriate Yang Ling and had the extreme guts to initiate a fight with him.

Very quickly, the outside of the Registration Centre was packed with people. Some of them stood hovering in the air, watching everything that happened in the courtyard.

“Who’s that dragon man? How did he get into a fight with Elder Yang?”

“That man should be using some kind of transformation technique, but his cultivation base seems to be only at the half-step Immortal King realm. Isn’t it courting death to fight a half-step Immortal Emperor at this level? It turns out that this is only the act of a fool.”

“That’s Dong Fei. Let ask him what happened earlier.”


Comments and remarks were everywhere, still figuring out what was going on. Moreover, the dragon man seemed very unfamiliar to them. They were sure that they had never seen him before. Someone pulled Dong Fei over and asked. “Dong Fei, who’s that man? How dare he fight Elder Yang?”

“He’s that Jiang Chen from King Fan Prefecture. He has come here for registration, but was put to trouble by Elder Yang who insisted on sending Jiang Chen to that courtyard in the valley. Jiang Chen was angered and scolded Elder Yang which then led to this scene. A fight is about to break out. This Jiang Chen is truly courageous and righteous. He gets into a fight straight away when he couldn’t agree with someone, regardless of who that person is.”

Dong Fei spoke softly. Anyone could discern his admiration for Jiang Chen in his tone. After all, he knew everything that had happened earlier. He believed that if Jiang Chen was replaced by someone, that person would certainly never dare to do such a thing, because this was totally getting one’s self killed.

“What? Jiang Chen? So he’s that Jiang Chen from King Fan Prefecture. No wonder he’s that arrogant.”

“Elder Yang belongs to the Crown Prince’s forces, that’s why he put Jiang Chen to trouble, but letting Jiang Chen stay in that valley is just too much.”

“Sure enough, he’s a man of arrogance. He finally opened my eyes today. Some said that this Jiang Chen has killed the late Immortal King Fu Wei. That is to say, this Elder Yang isn’t a match for Jiang Chen at all. Although he’s just at the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, everyone knows his ability pretty well. In a real right, he can even fight Fu Wei. I wonder if Jiang Chen dares to hit Elder yang, however. Of course, I would like to see how powerful this half-step Immortal King who could kill a late Immortal King monstrous genius is.”


Everyone’s curiosity was piqued. Every pair of eyes fell on Jiang Chen, immediately making him the focus of all. The battles in the King-Conferring Ceremony had been widely spread. This Jiang Chen had undoubtedly become the leading role of this. So when he finally emerged in Genius Prefecture today, he would naturally attract countless attention.

After knowing Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty and the whole situation from Dong Fei, everyone understood what was really going on right now. It was understandable that Yang Ling would put Jiang Chen into trouble. After all, Jiang Chen had disgraced the Crown Prince in the King-Conferring Ceremony in King Fan Prefecture, which then made the Crown Prince harbour an intense hatred for Jiang Chen. In addition, Jiang Chen’s talent was just too great, posing a tremendous potential threat to the Crown Prince. If Jiang Chen wasn’t eliminated as quickly as possible, the future threat he posed would be unimaginable.

It was imaginable that Yang Ling would make things difficult for Jiang Chen, but no one had ever thought that Jiang Chen would confront Yang Ling openly. If Jiang Chen could really beat Yang Ling, this matter would surely get big.

This battle seemed to be on the verge of breaking out. Both of Yang Ling’s eyes seemed to be about to spurt out fire.

“Jiang Chen, I will give you one last chance. Kill that dog, then kowtow before me!” Yang Ling clamoured loudly.

Since he was in front of so many people, he naturally had to show his demeanour as an elder. Today, he had to take good care of Jiang Chen. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have face anymore and would lose his foothold in Genius Prefecture.

Also, he was already prepared to kill Jiang Chen. He wouldn’t give Jiang Chen the slightest chance. He knew Jiang Chen’s power and that Jiang Chen could even kill the late Immortal King Fu Wei, however he was still confident that he could get rid of Jiang Chen, as he was a half-step Immortal Emperor. Although he wasn’t a true Immortal Emperor, one of his legs had already stepped into that realm.

As a matter of fact, Yang Ling didn’t understand what a real half-step Immortal Emperor was. Plus, since his advancement to the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, he had never been in any battle. Therefore, he still had no clue about this own combat strength. Such behaviour could be said to be a blind arrogance.

He didn’t understand it in his heart, but the others knew it pretty well. Yang Ling had the most unstable and shallow cultivation base. Putting Jiang Chen aside, even if Fu Wei and Yang Ling were to fight, Yang Ling would stand no chance at all.

“You really talk a lot. I hate people like you the most. It seems like I have to teach you a lesson today. Don’t even think that you can be all arrogant just because you are an elder. Don’t forget that this is the world of the strong. Don’t ever be so arrogant if you aren’t strong enough.”

Jiang Chen spoke and sent a slap at Yang Ling. He had to beat Yang Ling up today. Otherwise, he would never be able to vent his anger. Besides that, he wanted to grow strong in the outer prefecture and help King Fan recruit talents. He had to let others know that he wasn’t a person to be trifled with, or else the consequences would be detrimental. In which case, he would have to use this Yang Ling to establish his prestige.

Upon seeing that Jiang Chen dared to take the initiative to attack, Yang Ling showed a face of disbelief. This young man was truly audacious. He dared to disrespect and even hit an elder. This was simply intolerable.


A palm slapped heavily on Yang Ling’s face once more, and sent him spinning two rounds on the spot he stood.


Yang Ling exclaimed, slowly feeling the burning pain on his face and realizing that he had just been slapped in front of so many people. What surprised him more was that he was certain that he had defended the slap, but that didn’t seem to work by in the slightest. Jiang Chen’s palm had slapped his face precisely and unbiasedly.

What the h.e.l.l is going on? He was a half-step Immortal Emperor expert. How could he not avoid the slap of a half-step Immortal King?

Yang Ling was a little fl.u.s.tered. Despite being an old elder, he had been living comfortably and enjoyably. He lacked the experience in combat. The difference between him and a frenzied devil like Jiang Chen was absolutely significant. That was why he couldn’t dodge Jiang Chen’s palm.

Of course, that wasn’t a common thing to Yang Ling.

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