Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1460 – The Old Man that Needed Beatings

Chapter 1460 – The Old Man that Needed Beatings

The Old Man that Needed Beatings

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The courtyard of the Registration Centre wasn’t huge. It was only half the size of the genius’ courtyard, however it looked extremely delicate and had a pretty good environment. The gates of the courtyard was widely open. According to what Dong Fei said, there was only one elder in the whole building for no extra labours were needed.

Each year, the Genius Prefecture would recruit outstanding disciples from various sects for two days. Those two days would be the busiest in the Registration Centre. Apart from that, the Registration Centre was mostly idle and had basically nothing going on. So it was a lackadaisical position to be in charge of this place.

Under the lead of Dong Fei, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow arrived at the gates of the courtyard, and walked into it without hesitation. This cozy courtyard were filled with the twitters of birds and the fragrance of flowers. Its scenery and landscape was extremely elegant. The moment they entered the courtyard, they instantly saw a fifty plus years old elder lounging on a large rattan chair, chewing something in his mouth, and fanning the golden fan in his hand rhythmically.

“This old man sure has a leisurely life. No doubt, this is the most leisurely position in the Genius Prefecture.” Big Yellow said with envy.

“Half-step Immortal Emperor cultivation base. But his Qi isn’t stable. He must have used some kind of medicines to force his advancement. Such a half-step Immortal Emperor is vulnerable to any blow, however this is also understandable. After all, when one has become old, one’s potentials would have been already expended. It’s already considered not bad that he had reached such a realm, however he also wouldn’t have a chance to break through to the Immortal Emperor realm anymore for the rest of his life,” Jiang Chen said in a low tone.

With his sharp eyesight, he was able to see through the depths of the old man at one glance.

Although the old man was only at the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, he was only a little stronger than a late Immortal King expert. Additionally, his foundation was very shaky because his advancement was forced by medicines and pills.

When an old man like him could reach such an extent, he should already be grateful enough; it was also a good fortune for him to be able to get an idle position in Genius Prefecture.

“Brother Jiang, even so, this Elder Yang isn’t a person to be trifled with, because his surname is Yang. He’s one of the distant relatives of the royal family of Great Qian Empire. Also, it’s impossible for an ordinary person to get an idle job in the Genius Prefecture.” Dong Fei explained.

“I see.”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow seemed enlightened, they now understood why this Elder Yang could enjoy so pleasantly in Genius Prefecture despite his cultivation base. It turned out that he was related to the Yang Family. That meant that the rules didn’t apply to him because the entire Genius Prefecture belonged to the Yang Family.

“He’s called Yang Ling, a follower of the Crown Prince. He was merely a peak-late Immortal King before this. But with the help of the Crown Prince, he had advanced to the half-step Immortal Emperor realm.” Dong Fei spoke.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but knit his brows. He didn’t have any good feelings for the people of the Crown Prince. He wouldn’t put this Yang Ling in his eyes, however. Anyway, he had just come here to register. Once the registration was done, he had basically nothing else to do with the old man.

Despite noticing that someone was approaching, Yang Ling’s eyes were still shut. He then said lazily: “Who’s twittering over there, and affecting the rest of this elder?”

Dong Fei hastily took a step forward and saluted Yang Ling. “Elder Yang, there’s a new disciple coming here for the registration.”

Jiang Chen didn’t care about Yang Ling, but Dong Fei wouldn’t dare show any neglect. Putting aside the Crown Prince and Yang Family, his low cultivation base was a clear sign that he couldn’t afford to offend Yang Ling. No matter what kind of ways Yang Ling had used to advanced, Yang Ling was still a true half-step Immortal Emperor, whereas Dong Fei was only an intermediate Immortal King. Dong Fei stood no chance at all in a fight against Yang Ling.

Knowing that some new disciple had come, Yang Ling opened his eyes reluctantly. His eyes fell on Jiang Chen, but when he noticed that Jiang Chen was merely a half-step Immortal King expert, he frowned immediately.

“What’s going on here? A half-step Immortal King coming here for registration? Is it a mistake?” Yang Ling said.

“Elder Yang, there’s no mistake. He’s Jiang Chen. The Jiang Chen of King Fan Prefecture. He has already brought his ident.i.ty jade token.” Dong Fei said.

“Jiang Chen.” Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s name, Yang Ling’s eyes flickered coldly. Dong Fei perhaps couldn’t sense it, but Jiang Chen could sense it clearly.

“This is my ident.i.ty jade token. Please help a.s.sign me to my accommodation, elder.”

Jiang Chen took out his ident.i.ty jade token and handed it to Yang Ling. Yang Ling continued to lounge at the chair, fanning his holding fan, his mouth showed a trace of a smile, but didn’t seem to bother about the token in Jiang Chen’s hands.

Upon seeing this scene, Jiang Chen was extremely irritated. Despite his politeness towards the old man, the old man still decided to turn a blind eye to it. However, Jiang Chen also heard that Yang Ling was a man of the Crown Prince, so he had already antic.i.p.ated that some trouble would occur even in a small place like this.

“This new disciple isn’t polite at all. Don’t you see that this elder is resting? Wait till this elder is done resting. Only then will this elder handle your things.” Yang Ling said plainly, obviously making things hard for Jiang Chen.

“It’s true that elder is busy resting, but this disciple is busy with my cultivation. I hope that elder can settle this urgent procedure as soon as possible.”

Jiang Chen held back his urge to slap the old man and spoke as kindly as he could.

“Why aren’t you sensible at all? Have you already learned how to contradict your elders even before coming here? Alright, this elder will settle it for you right now. Straight up over there until the end is a valley. There’s a northern courtyard in the valley. The environment over there is very quiet. That will be your place of cultivation. Off you go.” Yang Ling said impatiently.

Jiang Chen looked at where Yang Ling pointed and saw a valley at the end after a row of endless courtyards. The valley seemed to have been separated from the region of courtyards.

Dong Fei’s eyes widened and spoke. “Elder, that’s an obsolete place. There’s no connection of spiritual vein from below. It’s not a place of cultivation at all.”


Before Dong Fei could finish speaking, Yang Ling slapped the armrest of the rattan chair.

“Dong Fei, who do you think you are? How dare you give your remarks in front of me? Are you seeking death?” Yang Ling seemed extremely infuriated.

“Elder Yang, I think you’d better check the Qi of the ident.i.ty jade token and search for my cultivation place which has already been arranged.” Jiang Chen continued to speak. His patience was nearing its limit.

“Check it for what? You will go to wherever I arrange you to go. Get lost.” Yang Ling waved his fan, showing a face that needed beatings.

“Brother Jiang, that isn’t a place you can go. That’s the forbidden place of Genius Prefecture. All these years, those who went there died. No one knows what’s hiding in the valley. Although it hasn’t been clearly marked as a forbidden place, no one had ever dared to go there anymore.” Dong Fei spoke.

After listening to this, Big Yellow couldn’t stand it anymore. He snapped.

“You mother*cker old b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What’s your f*cking arrogance all about? Are you deliberately looking for trouble?” Big Yellow cursed unscrupulously.

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