Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1453(1) – half-step Immortal King

Chapter 1453(1) – half-step Immortal King

half-step Immortal King

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Fu Wei’s combat sword was a mighty King Grade Immortal Weapon that was a lot scarier compared to Qu Shuangting’s. Lines of patterns were engraved on the surface of the metal. The divine light radiating from it indicated the might of the sword.

Both of his eyes went blood-red, he went ballistic. The blow that he had received today was just too great. Apart from his brother’s vengeance, this battle had also dealt him a serious blow. All of his pride was violently crushed and destroyed before Jiang Chen.

Anger, frustration, hate, all the negative emotions were channelled into the combat sword. Fu Wei was certain to kill Jiang Chen. If he didn’t eliminate Jiang Chen, he felt that he wouldn’t have the face to continue with his life anymore.


The combat sword let out a deafening sword cry, the sword Qi alone had already ripped the void apart. It locked onto Jiang Chen’s Qi, slas.h.i.+ng at Jiang Chen’s direction. The power of this blow encompa.s.sed all of Fu Wei’s strength. Its power to kill was even scarier than the Three Palms in One.

Unfortunately, the current Jiang Chen was already more powerful than before. Just a 20 000 increase in dragon marks had made it even more difficult for Fu Wei to kill Jiang Chen. His wish wouldn’t come true even if he was now using an incredible combat sword.


Almost as soon as Fu Wei’s combat sword rushed out, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword surged forward. His sword directly turned into a scornful heavenly dragon. The boundless flames that it carried seemed as if it wanted to burn half of the world.

Two soaring combat swords collided, producing huge fiery waves. The entire battlefield was enveloped by violent flames, making the entire scene seem incomparably explosive and horrifying.

This was Fu Wei’s greatest attack, while Jiang Chen didn’t even use his full-fledge attack. So the result was almost imaginable. Although 20 000 dragon marks had already been condensed in Jiang Chen’s body, he was still no match for Fu Wei. Under the fierce impact, Jiang Chen was sent flying away once more, however he came to a halt at the boundary of the light barrier just like before instead of being sent out of the battle zone.


Jiang Chen continued to spurt out blood, seemingly incredibly miserable, and his Heavenly Saint Sword had fallen to the ground, thumping incessantly.

If one judged based on this scene, then Jiang Chen had already lost the battle and he had lost miserably, however none of them on the scene could laugh, including Fu Wei, everyone understood that wounding Jiang Chen and killing Jiang Chen were two different things. They were well aware that the tremendous medicinal power of the Snow-Jade King Ginseng still remained on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had failed in this round of exchange because he had placed most of his concentration on advancing. He couldn’t spare much of his effort to deal with Fu Wei.

Despite all of that, Fu Wei still couldn’t kill Jiang Chen. All he could do was injure his opponent. This wasn’t the first time it happened. At most, Jiang Chen spurted out a few more mouthfuls of blood as compared to before, it wouldn’t take long for Jiang Chen to recover from it, however. This kind of abnormal recovery speed astounded all of them.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The number of dragon marks continued to climb. During the time when Jiang Chen took that attack, another 10 000 dragon marks was condensed in Jiang Chen’s body, reaching the total of 1 030 000, only needing 20 000 more to reach the half-step Immortal King realm.

The Snow-Jade King Ginseng also had healing property. When this combined with the wood spiritual Qi, the recovery of Jiang Chen’s injuries had become incomparably simple.

“How could this happen?”

Fu Wei felt the urge to spurt out blood, he obviously noticed the growing strength of Jiang Chen. This was too much of a blow for him. Before he came to King Fan Prefecture, he had never thought that such a scene would ever take place. To him, such a scene didn’t even appear in his dream.

“Crown Prince, this Jiang Chen is too powerful. It seems like Fu Wei is going to be finished,” someone in the Crown Prince’s side whispered.

Crown Prince nodded. Given his discerning eyes, he could naturally tell the status of the battle. Fu Wei had already displayed all of his techniques. First, it was the Raksha Palm, and then the final strike of the combat sword. These skills had eaten up an enormous amount of Fu Wei’s energy. Although Jiang Chen continued to be injured, his strength was undoubtedly rising. At this rate, anyone could already tell the outcome.

At this time, Crown Prince felt somewhat glad that he had given up the opportunity to Fu Wei, instead of letting his genius fight the battle. Otherwise, he would probably lose the third match as well. From then on, he would feel so ashamed that he wouldn’t dare to lift his head anymore in front of King Ping.

Currently, King Ping was the one who would lose face for Crown Prince.

On the other side, King Ping’s face didn’t seem very good as well. Despite his subtlety and shrewdness, astonishment was stirring like tides in his heart. Just like Crown Prince, he felt deeply threatened. With such powerful monstrous genius by King Fan’s side, it wouldn’t be a good thing for them in one way or another, even if Jiang Chen was merely a late Golden Immortal or a half-step Immortal King.