Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1451 – King Fan’s Generosity

Chapter 1451 – King Fan’s Generosity

King Fan’s Generosity

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The scene turned restless once again. At this time, even the enemies were looking at Jiang Chen with respectful eyes. Although he had failed to overpower his opponent in this battle, it was still not something that an ordinary expert could achieve. When a late Golden Immortal could sustain such an intense fight with a late Immortal King genius, it could no longer be described as exceptional.

Just like Fu Wei, no one had ever imagined that Jiang Chen would last for so long. The Raksha Three Palms wasn’t able to kill Jiang Chen. It couldn’t be said that Fu Wei wasn’t powerful enough, but Jiang Chen was just too abnormal.

“I have no idea where this man came from. He’s too much of a threat. If I can’t use such a man, then he has to be eliminated as soon as possible.”

King Ping’s eyes glittered. He was no longer as calm as before. Not only him, but also all of the experts at Crown Prince’s side. While they admired Jiang Chen, they also felt deeply threatened by Jiang Chen. This was a potential and subtle threat. Everyone on the scene was a genius and there weren’t many people that could impress them, however Jiang Chen’s emergence had absolutely messed up their common sense. They suddenly felt that none of the holy sons and daughter of the eleven major powers could be compared to Jiang Chen in terms of talent. Perhaps only those who were in the legendary Immortal Heaven would be such heaven defying.

Both Crown Prince and King Ping knew the situation very well. As they and Yang Bufan were enemies, they wouldn’t want to see such a terrifying genius existing in Yang Bufan’s side.

Despite all of that, Jiang Chen still wasn’t an opponent for Fu Wei. He had already suffered heavy injuries whereas Fu Wei was still at his top form. At this rate, the outcome of the battle was already predictable – Jiang Chen would die eventually for sure.

“Jiang Chen, I have to admit that my brother didn’t die in your hands for no reason, but I will have to exact my vengeance on you. You are no match for me. I’ll kill you now by using an even more horrifying skill. There’s still a technique on Raksha Three Palms, called ‘three palms in one’, which launches the sum of the power of the three palms. No matter how capable you are, it would be impossible for a late Golden immortal like you to defend against such an attack,” Fu Wei said.

He had never known why his brother had died in the hands of a Golden Immortal, but after battling against Jiang Chen today, he finally understood why. Given Futian’s cultivation base, he died with a solid reason.

“Wait a minute.”

Just at this time, a voice sounded. It came from Yang Bufan. His face was incomparably solemn. He cared about this battle more than anyone else, not only for his own reputation, but even more about Jiang Chen’s life.

Everybody turned to King Fan, not knowing why he had called for a pause at this time. Could it be that he wanted Jiang Chen to concede defeat?”

Almost all of them had the same a.s.sumptions. After all, anyone could already tell that there was no way for Jiang Chen to turn the situation around. At this rate, it would certainly cost Jiang Chen his life.

Nevertheless, Yang Bufan had made an extremely startling move.

Under the gaze of countless people, he took out an item – the Snow-Jade King Ginseng. There was no doubt about it. It was the item that was gifted by Yang Zanqing not long ago.

“Brother, take it.”

Yang Bufan looked at the ginseng and threw it into the light barrier. Such a move had put everyone in a daze. Who would have thought that Yang Bufan would give away such a precious item to Jiang Chen? Who would be generous enough to do that?

“My Goodness! This King Fan is absolutely generous! He actually gave the Snow-Jade King Ginseng to that man. That was the gift from the Master of Prefecture!”

“What kind of person is this Jiang Chen? How did he earn such treatment from King Fan? The Snow-Jade King Ginseng is a Venerable Grade Spiritual Herb. It is considered a treasure even for Yang Zanqing. This treasure could certainly help King Fan break through the Immortal Emperor realm in the future, but now, he gave it to another person.”

“Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. I would surely not take such a treasure out if it had been me. However, this only showed how much importance King Fan has attached to Jiang Chen.”


No one wasn’t surprised. Even Crown Prince and King Ping’s countenance had changed. If it was them, they would never give away the Snow-Jade King Ginseng to anyone.

The people at King Fan’s side were also startled, at the same time, they couldn’t help but shake their heads secretly, feeling that what their master just did was truly generous. They had no complaints in following this type of leader.

Jiang Chen took the Snow-Jade King Ginseng, his face, too, revealed amazement, he had never thought that Yang Bufan would gift him the Snow-Jade King Ginseng at this time. After all, this spiritual herb was just too precious. He knew that Yang Bufan not only did it for the sake of the battle, but also wanted to protect his life and let him rise to fame after today’s battle, thus raising King Fan’s reputation as well.

“Hurry up and refine it. My future is in your hands now. Don’t disappoint me.” Yang Bufan whispered through divine sense.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. Although Yang Bufan said that this was for the sake of his reputation and future, Jiang Chen knew very well that Yang Bufan wasn’t a man that desired power, or else he wouldn’t have left the Great Qian Empire and went to the Evil Abyss that year.

Even if it was only for the sake of prestige, who would be willing to exchange it with a Snow-Jade King Ginseng? Jiang Chen believed that if he was replaced by another person, Yang Bufan would never let go of this spiritual herb.

As such, Jiang Chen wouldn’t decline the offer. What he needed to do now was to use the spiritual herb to advance to the half-step Immortal King realm, then get rid of Fu Wei, turning today’s King-Conferring Ceremony a famous story on everybody’s lips in Great Qian Empire.

“King Fan sure is generous. Everyone will envy the person who gets the Venerable Grade Snow-Jade King Ginseng, but this is just a last-minute preparation before war. No matter how rare and magical the herb is, it won’t be able to boost one’s cultivation base within a short period of time. As such, Jiang Chen’s outcome will still be the same. It’s such a waste to give him such a spiritual herb.” King Ping shook his head.

The people in Crown Prince’s side smiled. Yang Bufan’s intention was obvious. The fact that he was willing to give away the Snow-Jade King Ginseng was to let Jiang Chen boost his cultivation base within a short period of time. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be easy for one person to advance so quickly even with the help of a mystical herb, and Fu Wei would definitely not give Jiang Chen such a chance.

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