Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1430 – The Royal Family that Lacked Kinship

Chapter 1430 – The Royal Family that Lacked Kinship

The Royal Family that Lacked Kins.h.i.+p

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After listening to what Old Man Bai Weng said, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t help laughing. They couldn’t believe that Yang Bufan had such a great origin. The ident.i.ty of a prince of Great Qian Empire was just too honourable.

But after learning about Yang Bufan’s true ident.i.ty, Jiang Chen’s admiration for Yang Bufan increased once more. A dignified prince and a ma.s.sive empire…how prestigious was that! In this empire, Yang Bufan could have endless top grade cultivation resources, but he had abandoned it all and decided to venture into the h.e.l.l-like Evil Abyss.

That was the inborn pride that came from his bones. Or it should be said that he wanted to strive for recognition. Sometimes, people lived only to strive for approval and recognition. However, across the entire Eastern Profound Domain, he was afraid that only Yang Bufan was the one who could give up all that he has to pursue a new starting point.

Jiang Chen had no idea what had caused the conflict between Yang Bufan and the Emperor, but now it seemed like Yang Bufan had earned his vindication. The most important thing was that a genius who never used a bit of the cultivation resources of the empire for ten years and returned with a cultivation base that surpa.s.sed all of those who had. This was what made him a true genius.

That perseverance was beyond ordinary. This should be the fact that changed the Emperor’s att.i.tude towards Yang Bufan, and made him crown Yang Bufan as king. This showed the affection the Emperor had for his son.

“Do you know that there are so many princes in Great Qian Empire, but only a few can be crowned as king? King Fan has risen to fame recently. There will be a King-Conferring Ceremony in half a month’s time. It will be the most important day for King Fan. King Fan has always admired you and looked forward to you, attending the ceremony. I can already imagine how excited he will be the moment he sees you there,” Old Man Bai Weng said.

His words had so many praises for King Fan that even a fool could tell. Of course, someone like King Fan was definitely ent.i.tled to be praised. Also, based on what Old Man Bai Weng had said, anyone who could be crowned as king at such a young age was going to be praised a lot.

“It seems like the result of the Evil Abyss had a great influence on him and it was fortuitous that he could advance from early Immortal King realm to a half-step Immortal Emperor.” Big Yellow said.

He remembered that Yang Bufan was still a late Immortal King when Yang Bufan left. It hadn’t been very long, but Yang Bufan already made it to the half-step Immortal Emperor. This wasn’t a step that could be made so easily. Plenty of experts had stopped at this level for the rest of their lives, having not even an inch of improvement. Yang Bufan on the other hand had broken through it with no problem.

“Naturally. Once Brother Yang’s ten years of acc.u.mulation in the Evil Abyss erupted, it became irresistible. Not just half-step Immortal Emperor, even the true Immortal Emperor realm isn’t far away for him to reach.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. He had long seen that Yang Bufan wasn’t an ordinary expert, because no mediocre person could be an Evil Lord in the Evil Abyss.

“Little Brother, this old man knew that King Fan went to a place called Evil Abyss. I heard that it was like h.e.l.l, but King Fan never mentioned anything that happened in that place. This old man really wants to know what King Fan has gone through that changed him so much. Can Little Brother explain it to me?”

Old Man Bai Weng spoke. He was very impressed by someone like King Fan. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s ability, he also began to regard Jiang Chen as an important figure. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so courteous and polite to Jiang Chen.

He was a dignified Immortal Emperor. A Golden Immortal was nothing in his eyes. If the person was an ordinary Golden Immortal, he was afraid that he wouldn’t even converse with that person as that was absolutely unnecessary. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, was different. Given his experienced eye sight, he could see that Jiang Chen was a peerless genius and would have immeasurable future, just like King Fan. As such, it was common and inevitable that they would surpa.s.s him one day.

“Okay. Let me tell you about it.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Yang Bufan didn’t tell him because he didn’t think it was necessary, and he wasn’t a man who liked boasting. A truly matured man was often stable and composed.

However, Jiang Chen could lavish praise on Yang Bufan with his mouth. Now that Yang Bufan had become King Fan, he knew that the more his deeds were known, the more people around him would admire him. That would certainly make Yang Bufan’s force more cohesive. As a royal prince, the compet.i.tion was imaginable. Although Yang Bufan might look fresh and bright on the surface, he was afraid that the coming days wouldn’t be very relaxing for him.

Jiang Chen told everything that happened in Evil Abyss to Old Man Bai Weng using divine sense. He didn’t say anything that was overly boastful, all of the things he said were the truth. The name of Evil Lord was famous in numerous regions and it was a symbol in Evil Abyss.

After hearing Jiang Chen’s explanation, Old Man Bai Weng’s eyes were glittering with brilliance. His admiration and respect for Yang Bufan seemed to have multiplied.

“That year, King Fan was merely an immature and impulsive young man. That was why the Emperor didn’t stop him when he chose to leave, and didn’t make any attempts to search for him. Sure enough, ten years of time has shaped a decent character in him. The current King Fan has become matured and composed, and will surely achieve great things in the future.”

Old Man Bai Weng nodded. After listening to King Fan’s story, he finally understood that Yang Bufan’s achievements today was no accident.

“Little Brother, do you know that a major power like Great Qian Empire had very intense internal compet.i.tion? Especially in the royal family. The reason they compete against one another in the royal family is to stabilize their own forces. King Fan was crowned as king as soon as he returned. This will surely make many people jealous of him secretly. Not only that, but also the major powers that had been enemies of our empire won’t be happy to see an unparalleled genius emerging in their enemy’s empire. I’m afraid that there are bound to be troubles during the day of King-Conferring Ceremony.”

Old Man Bai Weng spoke. Since King Fan had regarded Jiang Chen highly, he, too, regarded Jiang Chen as an insider and told Jiang Chen everything he needed to know.

Jiang Chen nodded. He could already imagine the compet.i.tion within Great Qian Empire. This empire wasn’t much different from Martial Saint Dynasty at that time. That was why some said that royal family had no kins.h.i.+p, especially amongst the children of the king. They regarded one another like foe and form cliques of their own.

Many of them had forgotten Yang Bufan when he was gone for a dozen years, but now that he was back and received the status and honour that many princes had dreamt of, how could the other princes not be jealous of him? And those royal highnesses wouldn’t want to see the rise of such a powerful compet.i.tor.

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