Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1426 – Immortal Emperor Expert

Chapter 1426 – Immortal Emperor Expert

Immortal Emperor Expert

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The Fire Qilin’s Divine Arm was too scary. Its extent of power was beyond Jiang Chen’s imagination. The divine arm was much more terrifying than some powerful Immortal Weapons. Just like now, the Immortal Weapon of Young Master Futian was blown away from his grip, and the power of the divine arm was unabated until it smashed heavily on Young Master Futian’s chest.


Young Master Futian was sent flying away. Blood ejected out from his body like a fountain. Even though the blow didn’t kill him, it had made him lose 90% of his combat strength.

After losing his combat strength, he was no longer capable of fighting Jiang Chen as the level of the two had become totally different.


Young Master Futian fell on the ground heavily, smas.h.i.+ng out a big pit. His face turned extremely unpleasant. He hadn’t been humiliated so badly not only in this region, but also in the entire Eastern Profound Domain. In his heart, fear had far outweighed his humiliation. That was the fear of death. He wasn’t a fool. He could naturally see that Jiang Chen was a man who wasn’t afraid of the Heavens and Earth. People like Jiang Chen always acted in a cruel manner and would kill decisively. It was most frightening to encounter such an enemy, because one’s status and ident.i.ty wouldn’t pose any threat to them.

Therefore, Young Master Futian escaped without hesitation. Now that he was severely injured by the Fire Qilin’s Divine Arm, he took out a golden talisman. He channelled a trace of divine senseinto it and the talisman turned into green smoke and disappeared.


In a matter of blinks, Jiang Chen emerged before Young Master Futian like a ghostly figure. The Heavenly Saint Sword was placed near Young Master Futian’s neck. It emanated killing intent with extreme coldness.

“Young Master Futian, do you know who she is?” Jiang Chen asked coldly.

“Who is she?”

Young Master Futian asked with curiosity. As a matter of fact, he was dying to know the answer to this question. Even if he die, he wanted to know the reason behind it, but there was one thing he was certain of—that girl must have a certain relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen. Otherwise, Jiang Chen would never burst such an irresistible anger when he saw the girl.

“He’s my wife. So do you know what mistakes you have made? You can use the means of Corpse Yin Sect to anyone and I won’t care about it at all, but if you use that dirty and despicable technique on my wife, then you will have to pay a hefty price for it, and the price of it is death.”

The coldness in Jiang Chen’s tone was to the extreme. At this moment, he was like a living G.o.d of Slaughter, the trial that was going to sentence Young Master Futian to death.

“Haha! So what even if she’s your wife, Jiang Chen! When I, Young Master Futian, spotted something I like, I will get it no matter what. Do you think you can kill me now after hurting me? I have already sent a message to my father. He will be here any minute. I have to admit that you are the most heaven defying genius I have ever met. Unfortunately, even if you can defeat me, you are absolutely no match for an Immortal Emperor. After offending an Immortal Emperor, you won’t find any safe place anymore in the entire Eastern Profound Domain!”

Young Master Futian burst into laughter. He didn’t seem to be afraid of Jiang Chen very much, as he didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would dare to kill him.

“Indeed, I’m not match for an Immortal Emperor, but I can guarantee that your dad will only see your corpse when he arrives.” Jiang Chen said, pulled his sword backwards and slashed right at Futian’s neck. Cold sword light radiated from it as it penetrated straight into the skin of Futian’s neck.


Young Master Futian was shocked. Jiang Chen’s action had scared him. He could already tell that this man was someone that couldn’t be threatened at all. Even if he used an Immortal Venerable to threaten Jiang Chen, it wouldn’t stop Jiang Chen from killing him.

“What else do you want to say?”

Jiang Chen’s tone lacked emotion, so cold it felt like the G.o.d of death.

“Jiang Chen, you won’t dare to kill me. I have already planted the soul seed in her body. If I die, her soul will crumble instantly and die along with me. You can try it if you don’t believe me. If I die, your wife won’t live as well.”

Young Master Futian gritted his teeth and spoke. Under normal circ.u.mstance, the seed of divine soul would never have a close connection with the master. Just like those girls that were controlled by Young Master Futian earlier on. Even though they were all controlled by the soul seed, they weren’t closely related to him. As long as Young Master Futian died, all of them would obtain freedom once more.

However, the soul of Young Master Futian was closely connected to the soul seed in Wu Ningzhu. So the consequences would be like what he said. If he died, Wu Ningzhu’s soul would be destroyed as well.

“I’m sorry, but your soul seed has already been isolated by me. As long as you die, your soul seed will disappear and won’t affect my wife in the slightest bit,” Jiang Chen said flatly.

He had already discovered this scenario before this. To him, a person who cultivated the Great Soul Derivation Technique, nothing could escape from his perception. Although Wu Ningzhu was a difficult case, it wasn’t a concern for Jiang Chen at all.

Just like what Young Master Futian had said, their souls were closely connected, but the existence of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had directly cut off the connection between him and Wu Ningzhu.

In other words, the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da and the outside world were two different worlds. No matter what kind of powerful means Young Master Futian had, he wouldn’t be able to control the people in the other world. Therefore, even if Futian died, Wu Ningzhu would never be affected the slightest bit.

“Impossible! How did you do it?”

Both of Young Master Futian’s eyes blazed. In fact, he had already expected this, because he no longer could sense the presence of Wu Ningzhu, like she had disappeared completely.

Although he didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could do it, he wanted very badly to know what kind of means Jiang Chen used to do so. At the same time, he wanted to get Jiang Chen talk and stall for time as much as he could until his father arrive.

“You won’t have the chance to know. Go to h.e.l.l, Young Master Futian.”

Jiang Chen would never give his opponent any chance. In front of him, all of Futian’s tricks were deemed useless, including stalling for time.

*Pu Chi!*

Jiang Chen’s sword stabbed through Young Master Futian’s skull decisively.


Young Master Futian made a final struggle. His eyes were full of reluctance, hate and disbelief, but all of these emotions were pointless. It could never make up for his sad and tragic end.

“Young Master Futian is dead. He has killed Young Master Futian. We are all finished!”

“Dammit! How can this man be so ferocious? How dare he kill even Young Master Futian? He’s a madman, a killing G.o.d! What to do now? What should we do now?”

“Death! We all are going to die. I regret coming to this social meeting today so much. This man is too strong. Not even the intermediate Immortal King Young Master Futian is his match, let alone us.”

The rest of them were already scared to death and their guts were about to break. Big Yellow alone was incredibly aggressive. He had killed plenty of them in this short window of time. Before the ma.s.sacre, there had been thirty of them, but now, half of them were killed and the death of Young Master Futian had put them in total despair.

The moment Young Master Futian died, the girls who had been under his control recovered their wits instantly. Everything that happened was absorbed into their eyes. When they saw Jiang Chen killed Young Master Futian and recalled the things that had happened to them within this period of time, tears trickled down their faces.

Some highly spirited girl let out a roar, then chose to commit suicide on the spot. Seeing this scene, Jiang Chen couldn’t help shaking his head. He could save these people from their sufferings, but he could not control what they would do after that.

In the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Wu Ningzhu had regained her senses as well. At first, she was in a daze. After seeing everything that was happening outside through the spatial zone of the PaG.o.da, and when she saw Jiang Chen killing the horrible Young Master, her emotions took control of her.

“Jiang Chen...”

Tears were flowing down her face like crazy, but there was nothing more blissful than this moment. After the despair and hopelessness, finally came the surprise. That man was already imprinted in her heart long ago. She knew that Jiang Chen would certainly appear to save her. During her most desperate moment, that moderately strong and a.s.suring silhouette was her greatest hope.

Being rescued by her beloved man from the sea of danger was sheer bliss. At least, it was a bliss to her.

“Tian Er.”

Just as this moment, a voice full of sadness and anger suddenly reverberated across the sky like a thunder. A moment later, a majestic middle-aged man appeared. After the appearance of this man, the entire sky above was enshrouded by an inexplicable pressure. The formation deployed by Big Yellow was instantly broken.

This was a powerful Immortal Emperor, a true emperor. In Eastern Profound Domain, an Immortal Emperor could be counted as a superior and true expert. The difference between an Immortal King and an Immortal Emperor was unimaginable. It was an insuperable gap.

Fu Kui was the city lord of Fu City and the father of Futian. He had great reputation in this region and a mighty Immortal Emperor that no one dared to offend.

Seeing his own son being stabbed through on the skull by someone’s sword, one could only imagine how angry he was now. He unleashed the aura of Immortal Emperor that no one could resist.

Even Jiang Chen’s facial expression had changed. He was merely a Golden Immortal and had an insurmountable gap against an Immortal Emperor. Plus, this was his first time seeing an Immortal Emperor. So he felt astounded as soon as he saw one.

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