Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1424 – No Escape

Chapter 1424 – No Escape

No Escape

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Jiang Chen was very clear that these people had come together for the sole purpose of enjoying themselves, for the sake of each other’s interests. There was no such thing as loyalty in each of them. When it came to the critical juncture, no one would be willing to stand up for the young master, because no one would dare to joke around with one’s life.

“Do you all think that you can live by standing idly by? If I’m defeated, Jiang Chen will never let all of you too.” Young Master Futian said in an incomparably cold voice.

As soon as that remark came out, everybody was stirred. It was true that they were afraid of Jiang Chen, but what Young Master Futian said was absolutely true as well. They had witnessed Jiang Chen’s means, and knew that he was a truly ruthless man that was going to conduct a ma.s.sacre today. The strongest amongst them was Young Master Futian. So once Futian was defeated, Jiang Chen would definitely deal with all of them.

While thinking about this, someone had already summoned their mount, taken out their combat weapons. At this point, they could only try to fight back with their joint efforts. In fact, the reason they chose to do so was because they had confidence in their numbers, thinking that it wouldn’t be a problem for them to eliminate Jiang Chen. No matter how strong Jiang Chen was, he was only a late Golden Immortal.

“Futian’s right. None of you will be able to escape today. All of you will have to die. This has always been my way of doing things.”

The combat sword in Jiang Chen’s hand was flickering constantly, seeming extremely divine. If Futian was replaced by someone else, Jiang Chen might need to use his dragon-form to get rid of him. But under the incredible suppression, he had certainty that he could kill Futian without using his dragon form.

After all, Jiang Chen had just arrived in Eastern Profound Domain. It would be good if he was able to keep some of his trump cards in secret as that might play a crucial role in the future.

“This man is overly arrogant. With our joint efforts, I’m sure that we can get rid of him!”

Young Master Futian shouted loudly, and summoned his combat blade once more. At the same time, Huo Ying of Yellow Spring Sect was already ready to strike. A powerful sword emerged in his hand. He had suffered a serious injury while battling Big Yellow. That left infuriation and grievance inside of him. Additionally, he had the best relations.h.i.+p with Young Master Futian. Therefore, he was the first to stand out at this critical juncture.

More importantly, Huo Ying had a strong backer just like Young Master Futian, which was why he had an extraordinary sense of superiority. After all, both Yellow Spring Sect and Corpse Yin Sect were among the eleven major powers in Eastern Profound Domain. As a genius of Yellow Spring Sect, Huo Ying naturally had his own pride.

“Let’s kill him together!”

Every one of them was ready to strike. They strongly believed that as long as they attack together, Jiang Chen would never be a match for them. In addition, they believed that Young Master Futian had yet to exert his full power.

“I’m relieved to see that you all are full of fighting spirit.”

The corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile, then he turned into a ray of light with a swoosh without waiting for them to strike, although he wasn’t afraid even if they attacked together, Jiang Chen wasn’t a person who likes to waste time. Since he was going to conduct a ma.s.sacre today, he wouldn’t hesitate to do it.

*Pu Chi!*


A wail was heard. Jiang Chen acted so quickly that they had no chance of reacting. He had rushed into their formation. His long sword penetrated the chest of Huo Ying. Blazing flames burned Hou Ying’s body from the inside, burning away all his vital force.

“No, I’m a disciple of Yellow Spring Sect. You won’t dare to kill me. How can this……”

Huo Ying stared into Jiang Chen’s cold and devil-like eyes that were full of blood thirst. He couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him. Being a disciple of Yellow Spring Sect had always been his greatest pride. He had always believed that this ident.i.ty was enough for him to move unhindered across Eastern Profound Domain.

Unfortunately, he had encountered Jiang Chen today.

Feeling the vital force escaping from his body, he finally understood what despair truly was. Fear and despair were two entirely different things. What he was feeling right now was beyond fear. He was now in absolute despair.

“Even the people of Yellow Spring Sect will have to die after offending me.”

Jiang Chen pulled his sword out. He had killed Huo Ying of Yellow Spring Sect. This sent a fatal psychological blow to everyone around. Those who were about to attack suddenly lost their fighting spirit in an instant. Currently, they were just too frightened. They totally had no idea how Jiang Chen attacked as they couldn’t even see him clearly. Despite there were so many of them, Jiang Chen was still able to appear in their formation and kill an Immortal King expert. How else could they fight this battle?

*Pu Chi!* *Pu Chi!*

Jiang Chen didn’t care about their astonished look. He attacked once more in lighting speed, not giving the others the time to react. With a slash, two half-step Immortal King’s heads were severed. The flying heads still had the shocked look on their faces. Blood spurted out from their headless body like a fountain, staining the whole scene with its colour. This was the last colour that they saw in the Heavens and Earth.

Death and fear lingered in their hearts. Jiang Chen had destroyed their final line of psychological defence. They finally understood that their number didn’t mean victory. Even the intermediate Immortal King, Young Master Futian, couldn’t save them.

Jiang Chen was a devil king that thirsted for blood. He was ruthless, swift and ferocious, like a spectre that was irresistible.


An unknown person screamed, throwing the group into chaos. Only now did they realize that they could still escape. Then, they all began to flee. Most of them were Immortal King experts who had mastered the spatial force. They could get away by tearing open the spatial zone.

No one else cared about loyalty anymore. No one would choose to stay in this kind of place, because none of them was foolish. This was a meaningless battle. What awaited them was only blood and death.

“Not good. This place has been sealed. We can’t escape!”

“It’s the dog! I have no idea what kind of formation he used to lock this place. We have nowhere to run. We can only wait here till we die.”

“Dammit! These two are insane beings. Could it be that they really wanted to kill all of us here? Could it be that they aren’t afraid of offending someone even greater?”


Everyone’s facial expression changed dramatically, because they were horrified to find that they didn’t even have the chance to escape.

When a person lost his chance to escape, he would only be left with despair.


Big Yellow hovered in the sky above, shaking his head, laughing heartily.

The old liar was watching everything with his own eyes, but his expression remained composed. He continued to praise Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s style of actions in his heart. This kind of lawless behaviour and fearless personality suited his taste very much.

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