Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1422 – Bloodbath in the Manor (2)

Chapter 1422 – Bloodbath in the Manor (2)

Bloodbath in the Manor (2)

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“Sister Ning...” Jiang Chen called out gently.

Wu Ningzhu lifted her head slowly and stared at Jiang Chen with blank eyes, but beyond her eyes were full of complicated expressions. Jiang Chen had no idea if Wu Ningzhu could still recognize him at this moment, but he could feel the struggle and resistance in her innermost soul; sadly, he could do nothing to alleviate her suffering.

Seeing Wu Ningzhu in such a condition pained Jiang Chen’s heart, but at the same time, he felt fortunate. He was glad that he wasn’t too late to meet her and lucky that he came to this manor and joined today’s social meeting. Otherwise, once the full-moon night arrived, the consequences would be unimaginable and was not something Jiang Chen or Wu Ningzhu herself could bear.

Jiang Chen began to thank the old liar. If it wasn’t for the old liar, Jiang Chen would never be able to reach this place.

“Jiang Chen, you are truly seeking death!”

Young Master Futian raged. No one had ever dared to treat him in such a way. He vowed that he would shred Jiang Chen to a million pieces today.


An unparalleled wave of strong Qi burst out of Futian’s body. His movement was so fast that he appeared behind Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye. His palm was radiating a creepy black light. His palm seemed to have no vital force, like a Death G.o.d’s palm. It charged forward at Jiang Chen’s back ferociously. Young Master Futian was an intermediate Immortal King expert. The outcome would be inconceivable if this strike hit the opponent.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong Young Master Futian was, he had encountered a hard obstacle today. Jiang Chen wasn’t someone he could easily deal with. If it was before, perhaps Jiang Chen would still put this young master in his eyes, but now, such an expert was no longer a worthy opponent of Jiang Chen. In front of Jiang Chen, this opponent was worse than even a fart.

With him being a late Golden Immortal now, even if he didn’t use his dragon form, he was still more than capable to deal with any ordinary Immortal King. If he used his dragon form, killing an intermediate Immortal King would be effortless. But dealing with a genius like Futian, Jiang Chen still needed to use his dragon form.

However, the truth was that Jiang Chen didn’t need to exert the dragon transformation to deal with Young Master Futian. Jiang Chen himself had tremendous suppressive effect on the techniques of Corpse Yin Sect. Just like when he fought the demonic devils of Evil Clan, he suppressed all of their combat strength so much so that they couldn’t exert their full power. Currently, apart from Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire, he also had the Fire Qilin’s Saint Fire. Under such suppression, it was already considered a fortune if Young Master Futian was able to exert half of his combat strength.

Regarding Young Master Futian’s attack, Jiang Chen waved out the True Dragon Palm without even looking at the incoming attack. The horrifying blood-red dragon claw that was enshrouded by three types of flames thrust forward at the gruesome Death G.o.d’s palm of Futian.

*Hong Long……*

Violent energy spread out. The entire courtyard was ruined. This was the exchange of blows of Immortal Kings. It caused even the void to tear apart. If it wasn’t because of Young Master Futian’s control, the blow would have destroyed the entire manor.

Under such a fierce impact, Futian’s body couldn’t help but tremble. His expression darkened intensely. He looked at Jiang Chen with eyes full of astonishment and disbelief.

“Impossible. This son of a b*tch is only a late Golden Immortal. How can he be so powerful? Also, his attack has enormous suppressive effect on me, making me not able to exert my full strength.”

Young Master Futian couldn’t help but be shocked. Despite his pride, he had to admit that Jiang Chen was the scariest genius he had ever seen. Although he wasn’t afraid of Jiang Chen, he had never seen a late Golden Immortal genius that had such a powerful combat strength.

Jiang Chen totally ignored Young Master Futian’s astonishment. He grabbed Wu Ningzhu with both hands and then opened the doors of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. “Sister Ning, I will personally kill him for you, and everyone here. Everyone who disrespected you should die.”

His tone was flat. But hidden behind his tone was a tide of fury. The G.o.d of Killing was going to pa.s.s judgment once more, and this place was destined to be washed with blood today.

After keeping Wu Ningzhu in the paG.o.da, he could now settle his score with Futian.

Initially, he didn’t intend to start any conflicts with Young Master Futian. After all, the tyranny in this place had nothing to do with him, but it was no longer that simple now. Futian had provoked him and stirred his wrath, which would only bring Futian one outcome.

There were some mistakes that would require the price of one’s life.

At this time, the entire atmosphere of the courtyard had totally changed. The venue had turned into a battlefield filled with the stench of blood. Everyone stood behind Young Master Futian, opposite of them were Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, this man and dog are just too horrifying.

Nothing much should be said about Big Yellow as he had already killed two experts at the very beginning, and even Huo Ying was no match for him. Right now, the white-robed young man was the one who had truly attracted their attention. They couldn’t believe that an insignificant late Golden Immortal would be able to fight Young Master Futian and not be suppressed if they didn’t see it themselves.

The old liar quickly ran away from the battlefield and watched in a far distance, but there wasn’t any fear on his face. His eyes were deep and composed, like the battle between Immortal Kings couldn’t seem to stir his emotions.

But when he looked at Jiang Chen, his eyes had an unconcealed praising expression. Obviously, Jiang Chen’s performance not only had gone beyond Young Master Futian’s expectation, but also the old liar’s antic.i.p.ation. There were countless geniuses in Eastern Profound Domain and only Jiang Chen could light up his eyes for real.

“Jiang Chen, where did you keep her?”

When Young Master Futian saw Wu Ningzhu being kept by Jiang Chen, his eyes blazed with fury, because Wu Ningzhu was just too important to him. He had yet to touch such an unparalleled beauty even after capturing her. Initially he wanted to use her to improve his cultivation. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen had taken her away from him.

What shocked him the most was that he was unable to sense the existence of Wu Ningzhu anymore. Since he had planted a seed of divine soul in her innermost soul, he could control and sense her presence at any time, but now, after she was hidden by Jiang Chen, he couldn’t detect the slightest bit of Wu Ningzhu’s Qi. How could he ever accept this?

To Futian, the loss would be too great if he lost Wu Ningzhu, as she was his greatest treasure.

“Young Master Futian. You have made an unforgivable mistake. I really didn’t want to deal with you, but you have given me a compelling reason to get rid of you. Now, a sharp blade was suspended on top of your head, and is going to fall on you in no time.”

The angrier Jiang Chen was, the calmer his tone sounds. Only people who knew him knew what kind of scary things would happen after this.

“Jiang Chen, you are courting death! No one has ever dared to attack me at this place. You are the first. No one in this region dared to offend Young Master Futian!”

Someone shouted aloud. Those people from behind were obviously still loyal to Young Master Futian. Even at this critical juncture, they still decided to stand beside Young Master Futian.

As a matter of fact, they absolutely didn’t have such a sense of loyalty. It was just that in their point of view, given Young Master Futian’s means, he would certainly be able to kill Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. Therefore, they only put up a pretence that would help them build a good rapport with Young Master Futian in the coming days.

“Big Yellow, seal this place. Today, we are going to wash this manor with blood. No one here should leave this place alive. All of them will have to die.”

Jiang Chen spoke to Big Yellow. He would never have the slightest guilt or kindness while killing this kind of people.


Big Yellow replied, then turned into a light ray and rushed into the sky above the manor. As he was proficient in various types of profound formations and with his current cultivation base, sealing this place was an incomparably easy thing.

The thought of Young Master Futian hurting Wu Ningzhu infuriated Big Yellow and Jiang Chen. At the same time, Big Yellow felt excited. He was about to do something great not long after arriving in Eastern Profound Domain. He liked this kind of stimulation. Along the way, he and Jiang Chen had always been experiencing excitement and pa.s.sion non-stop.

Whatever they did was out of righteousness. Even though Young Master Futian was very powerful and influential, he would still face a similar outcome by provoking them.

“Come and attack now. All of you will have to die today.”

Jiang Chen gently took out his Heavenly Saint Sword. The top of the sword was coated with a layer of flames burning intensely, producing crackling sound in the air.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, you are overly arrogant. You are just a puny little Golden Immortal. I have no idea where you got all these confidence from.”

Young Master Futian snorted coldly. Although Jiang Chen had displayed his strength, Futian still didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes, as he was still incomparably confident in his combat strength.

“Corpse Puppet!”

Young Master Futian clamoured. Two ghostly silhouettes emerged all of a sudden. Both of them had unkempt hair. They were the puppets created by Young Master Futian using the techniques of Corpse Yin Sect. Each corpse puppet was a mighty intermediate Immortal King.

With the two corpse puppets and Young Master Futian, there are now three intermediate Immortal Kings on the scene. This had given those people behind Futian an incomparable confidence. They had seen the power of the corpse puppets of Corpse Yin Sect before. Those things were killing machines that didn’t know pain. Whoever faced them was really unlucky.

They believed that these two corpse puppets would be enough to shred Jiang Chen to pieces.

“Kill him!”

Young Master Futian harrumphed coldly. The two puppets roared hoa.r.s.ely, lifted their dull-looking sharp claws and thrust at Jiang Chen. They moved extremely fast, leaving a trail of shadows behind.

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