Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 141 – Underground Energy Vein

Chapter 141 – Underground Energy Vein

Chapter 141 – Underground Energy Vein

The flames within Redsun Town had finally died out in the next morning. Almost half the houses and buildings had burned down, and mummified corpses could be seen everywhere. The townspeople had begun cleaning the place. Some of them who had lost their families and friends were crying their lungs out, and some of them couldn’t help but curse at the Blood Devils’ bodies and torture their already dead bodies, stabbing them with their swords to release their hatred. Even so, they were still filled with misery.

This was the hatred that came after seeing their families slaughtered and their homes destroyed, nothing could help resolve this.

Although they were sad and angry about what had happened to them, most of them felt grateful as most of the people had been saved. A great warrior had arrived just before the disaster had turned worse, and he killed all the Blood Devils and saved them from the slaughter.

At dawn, dozens of mummified corpses were placed in the center of the square. All of them had two holes in their necks, and none of them had a single drop of blood remaining in their body.

Underneath these corpses there was a huge pile of firewood. The Town Marshal and the remaining townspeople gathered around it, their faces filled with grief and hatred. Zhang Wei was holding a fire torch with a trembling hand.

“Town Marshal.”

Zhang Wei looked at the Town Marshal and asked for permission with a trembling voice. Redsun Town was a small, peaceful town, and never in history had something horrible like this happened before.

“Set it on fire.”

The Town Marshal closed his eyes in pain. Zhang Wei got permission, then he immediately threw the fire torch onto the firewood, igniting the piles of wood. In an instant, all the corpses were covered in flames. Popping sounds came from the flames, and the bright fire shone on the faces of the hateful and grieving townspeople. Some of them were crying and screaming, this was a sad moment. Jiang Chen who stood aside was also having some mixed emotions regarding this scene.

In the world of cultivation, the weak are prey to the strong, dog eats dog and devil take the hindmost. It was rare for him to witness a scene so full of humanity.

“Town Marshal, this is young master Jiang Chen from the Black Sect, it was he who saved us by killing those Blood Devils. He had promised to come to our town and help us, it’s all because of him that our town was saved.”

Zhang Wei looked at Jiang Chen and said.

Everyone had recovered from the grieving moment. They all stared at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, their expressions filled with respect and gratefulness. They had seen how strong this man and dog were, and they were truly shocked by their might.

Besides, what Zhang Wei said was correct. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, there wouldn’t just be a dozen of mummified corpses right now, the entire town might have gone down in h.e.l.l’s flames, and become a ghost town by now.

It was Jiang Chen who had saved their lives. Without Jiang Chen, there would be no tomorrow for them, and this was an unrepayable favor for all of them.

“Thank you for saving us, young master Jiang.”

The Town Marshal bowed deeply towards Jiang Chen, and so did the remaining few thousand townspeople. Jiang Chen had done them a great deed, and there was no way to repay it. They could only admire him like a savior.

“There’s no need to thank me for this, the reason I came here was to kill these Blood Devils.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand and said.

“No, young master Jiang has really done a great deed for all of us! There is no way we can repay such great help! My name is Zhang Zhen, and I’ll do whatever young master asks me to do from now!”

Town Marshal Zhang Zhen said with a serious expression.

“Old man, why are you just thanking him, can’t you show some grat.i.tude to your lord dog?”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but tease a bit.

Lord dog? Zhang Zhen was startled by Big Yellow’s words. Although he was grateful towards Big Yellow, asking him to address a dog as lord, that was really tough for him.

“That’s enough. What’s more important now is to let all townspeople settle down. Now that these Blood Devil have been killed, there will be even more coming, the threat is still great.”

Jiang Chen said.

Hearing this, the townspeople became nervous once again. What Jiang Chen said was right, these Blood Devils were cruel and brutal, and now that they had suffered a great loss in Redsun Town, they would definitely come back for revenge, and they would surely bring more forces for their next visit.

“The remaining houses in Redsun Town are more than enough to let our people rest, but, how can we defend ourselves when those Blood Devils strike again?”

Zhang Zhen furrowed his brows and asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay here for now.”

Initially, Jiang Chen had planned to go straight to Yellowstone City, but judging from what had happened, it wasn’t necessary any longer. Since these Blood Devil had appeared around Redstone Area, the Redsun Town had become their first target. Also, it had become their first major defeat, therefore, the town had become the primary target for the Blood Devil leaders. This had made Redsun Town potentially become the main battlefield in the war with the Blood Devils. This was what Jiang Chen wanted, having all Blood Devils coming to him was much easier than for him to search for them everywhere within Yellowstone.

Besides, once these Blood Devil decided that Redsun Town would be their target, the rest of the places in Yellowstone area would be much safer. Also, with those powerful clans residing in Yellowstone City, there was no need for him to worry about their safety.

The news that Jiang Chen was going to stay behind had made all townspeople happy. They had seen how mighty Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were last night. As long as this man and dog were here, they would be safe.

“Young master has done a great deed to our town. From now on, all Mortal Core warriors will fight alongside young master Jiang! We will fight these Blood Devils till the last drop of our blood, and we’ll obey all of young master Jiang’s commands!”

Zhang Zhen strengthened his spirit.

“We will fight alongside young master Jiang till the last drop of our blood!”

All the Mortal Core warriors in Redsun Town shouted at the same time, expressing their determination. All of them had just escaped death, and now, death wasn’t as scary as it previously was.

Under the lead of Zhang Wei and a few others, all the townspeople had settled down. Jiang Chen then followed Zhang Zhen and a few other old men from Redsun Town to the meeting hall.

Within the meeting hall, Jiang Chen sat in front of everyone. He looked calm, and his energy had become even stronger than previously. After absorbing two Early Heavenly Core devil orbs, he had managed to form another three Dragon Marks. Right now, there was a total of 90 Dragon Marks within his Qi Sea, and he was one step closer to the Heavenly Core realm.

“Zhang Zhen, please enlighten me regarding Yellowstone’s situation.”

Jiang Chen said.

“In the center of Yellowstone there is the Yellowstone City, which is ruled by the Yu family. The chief of the Yu family is a Mid Heavenly Core warrior. There are dozens of big and small towns surrounding Yellowstone City, and Redsun Town is a rather small and vulnerable town. We never expected that we would become the Blood Devils’ first target.”

Zhang Zhen said.

“Since I am here, I will protect Yellowstone’s safety.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. Right now, attracting the Blood Devils’ attention onto Redsun Town was a brilliant move for him, this had saved him a lot of trouble with fighting them.

Jiang Chen knew what he was doing, and he could imagine that in coming days, Redsun Town would become the target of the Blood Devils. Compared to Redsun Town, the other towns would only suffer minor attacks, therefore, Jiang Chen decided to stay in Redsun Town to fight the coming Blood Devils.

But at the same time, Jiang Chen wouldn’t just leave the other towns at risk, he wanted to accomplish this task perfectly. He wanted to remove every single Blood Devil in the Yellowstone area and prevent them from harming anyone in the future.

In order to bring peace back to Yellowstone, Jiang Chen alone was definitely not enough. After all, he was only one person, and he couldn’t be in many towns at the same time. Therefore, he had to get help from the Yu family.

“Zhang Zhen, send someone to Yellowstone City immediately, get the chief of the Yu family here to meet me. Just tell him I’m a disciple from the Black Sect, don’t mention my name.”

Right now, the people of Redsun Town were nervous and panicking. The Blood Devils might come at any time, and there was no way he could leave now. Initially, he asked Big Yellow to make the trip to Yellowstone City, but Big Yellow had told him he didn’t want to go, and had proposed the idea of asking Chief Yu to come here.

“Will do! Zhang Quan, you will go to the Yellowstone City’s Yu family, send them young master Jiang’s message!”

Zhang Zhen didn’t ask why Jiang Chen wanted the chief of the Yu family to come here, he just turned around and instructed an old man. This old man’s name was Zhang Quan, and he was a peak Mortal Core warrior. With his cultivation level, it would just take him two to three hours to reach Yellowstone City. Besides, Blood Devils only strike at night, and they wouldn’t come out during daytime. And even if he did b.u.mp into some, with his peak Mortal Core cultivation base, he could easily escape from them.

“I’ll leave right now.”

Zhang Quan cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen, then he turned around and left with big steps.

“Zhang Zhen, send your men and watch the perimeter of Redsun Town. The rest of you, just carry on with your own tasks.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand and signaled for everyone to leave.

“Young master Jiang, please have some rest here. We won’t disturb you unless those Blood Devils show up.”

After saying that, Zhang Zhen led all the other people and left. Redsun Town was still in a panicked state, and as the Town Marshal, there were a lot of things that he needed to attend to.

After everyone left, Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow and asked, “Big Yellow, why didn’t you want to go to Yellowstone City, and instead asked me to get the chief of the Yu family here?”

Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“You are Yellowstone’s savior, they should come to you, not the other way around. We are men with status!”

Big Yellow said while wagging his head. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but place his palm on his forehead while thinking to himself that only Big Yellow could come up with such reason. But, it was true that Jiang Chen wanted to meet the chief of the Yu family. The task of killing all Blood Devils would really require help from the Yu family.

“Why didn’t you want to go to Yellowstone City yourself?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Because, I found a treasure in Redsun Town.”

Big Yellow whispered to Jiang Chen, his eyes were glowing.

When Jiang Chen heard the word ‘treasure’, his eyes instantly lit up. This dog’s ability to sense treasure had no comparison. Besides, the treasures he found were definitely something precious. No wonder he didn’t want to leave this place, he had found a treasure!

“What treasure? Where is it?”

Jiang Chen eagerly asked.

“Look at your dumb face. Let me tell you, it is huge this time! If my senses aren’t lying to me, right underneath this town, there is an underground energy vein!”

Big Yellow Dog threw out explosive information.

“What? Energy vein?!”

Jiang Chen was shocked, no one else knew better than him what an energy vein meant. Only four energy veins had been found in the entire Qi Province, and they had created the four big sects.